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I Won’t Drink To That … Enviga


“The drink proven to burn calories – Enviga – hits the U.S. market”

I’m too lazy to type or even copy the long-length claim from Coca-Cola so you can read the press release yourself.

The drink contains calcium, caffeine, and green tea extracts (which apprently contains the calorie burning ingredient).

I drank a can of it along with a giant burger, fries and then took a nap (or I was watching golf, I’m not exactly sure). My educated guess is I’m no thinner than I was 45 minute ago. I suppose if you only drank this, it might work – where is Nicole Richie when you need her?


It tastes exactly like you think it would. It’s a GREEN TEA soda with some artificial sweetner taste. As someone who drink gallons of Coke Zero & previously Diet Coke, I’m pretty much used to the tinny taste of artificial sweeter so it wasn’t horrible but it’s not exactly refreshing – and the burning more calories than what you would ingest thing … sounds completely trust-worthy … yes, I’m posting this from a Western Union office in Nigeria, why do you ask?

It feels no more energizing than a regular can of Coke – and no jitters unlike some other “energy” drinks.

I also tried the PEACH flavor – as expected, it didn’t add anything. The GREEN TEA (plain) is as noted – a green tea soda. I still have the BERRY one to try.

So, not the worst soda I’ve ever drank but not anything I’d willingly buy again.

This isn’t new but if you want the cheapest “energy” drink around – it’s Coke’s Vault.


(I’m going by the fact you can get 12 cans when regular Coke goes on sale). It’s basically Diet Sprite with an aspirin in it – so it’s really nothing but instead of having to buy aspirin (for the caffeine) to drop into your Diet Sprite, Coca Cola has done the heavy lifting of a caffeine tablet – ain’t technology grand … so if you enjoy Diet Sprite and want an extra load of caffeine, boy have we got a drink for you.

Again, not for me.

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From the Milky Way to an Atom … Now, That’s Nano


If you really want to feel nano, here’s an illustration to make you feel nano …

Or from Nikon, a flash movie showing you in a scale our Milky Way to an atom. There’s music & the narration which you might want to turn down & off and wait out the opening intro – then click on the scale numbers underneath.

After that, you will probably need this Nano with Tony Robbins on it to pep you up a bit …


Or better yet, this will make me feel much more significant again.


It’s the Maserati (now owned by Ferrari) GranTurismo – if we go in together, we could get a deal … or we’ll get an extra espresso …

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NanoPhoto of the Day – Adhesive Dreams


Today’s NanoPhoto instantly makes sense once you know what it is…

Velcro! Yep. Otherwise known as hook-and-loop material (sans copyright) and it is very interesting to see at the nano-level exactly how this wonder material works. Of course there is always duct tape which should be placed in every boy’s crib at birth. You can see how much some guys have taken to it by checking out the Duct Tape Guys.

Too old school? Then you can always go back to the shelf for some Krazy Glue or some Super Glue which is actually also used to close wounds. Who was the guinea pig for that trial?

I was always a personal fan of Duco Cement but you have to be a bit more patient with that stuff.  Goop was great for a cheap fix of a sneaker blow out.

I have used Gorilla Glue for some projects but that stuff foams up more than what pops up downstream on the Cuyahoga River beyond that stanky old Sonoco plant.

You couldn’t beat Testor’s for putting together one of these babies:


But for pure, unadulterated adhesive power I gotta go with those new type of band-aids that are clear and are marketed as 100% waterproof. Trying to get one of these little bastards off your flesh is worse than trying to get off one of those chinese finger traps that your older brother tricked you into putting onto your fingers.

My daughter screamed bloody murder when I thought I could just yank one of them off of her shin.  It may have had Barney as a decoration but it should have been the Marquis de Sade.  I thought she was just being a whiner but she wasn’t. I think I tore some flesh off getting even after soaking her in the tub for an hour. Waterproof? Believe it!  People proof too.

I put one on myself just to be certain that she wasn’t being overly dramatic. She wasn’t. It took me 10 minutes of careful prodding, pulling, dosing of alcohol (both straight on the dang band-aid and vodka for me) to get it off.  It hurt.  A lot.

If you want to go swimming and need to keep a wound dry, by all means put one of these on. But you have been warned, it ain’t coming off without a fight like what the Spartans gave to da Persians.

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Widgetize Your Home Page and Be Blessed

If you knew about widgets before Konfabulator was sucked into the Yahoo vortex, bonus points for you!  If you are new to the game, it is not too late to enjoy the benefits of setting up widgets on your home page.  For example, do you find yourself logging into Flickr and then opening up another tab for your Gmail while you open up several more web tabs (thank you Mozilla) to troll the newsnets for sales gold while keeping five other apps open to do your job like your CRM, Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and whatevertheheckelse?  Well, widget aggregator sites are for you!

I was going to post a lengthy post about two widget aggregator sites like Netvibes and Yourminis, but this post is too dang good to not simply post a direct link to it as well: and be mostly done with it.

That link is where you’ll see screen shots of Yourminis and Netvibes pages which saves me the hassle of grabbing screenshots of my own setups and does a spot-on job of explaining both the benefits and the pitfalls (analysis to paralysis anyone?) of getting widgetized.

The Yahoo/Konfabulator widget engine SDK can also be grabbed for working up your own too by going here.

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NanoPhoto of the Day – Hikers Surprise



Believe it or not, this sucka is a wood tick! It’s a good thing that God has a sense of humor or he would have made these Kong sized.

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Tudors – To Your Door(s)


Showtime’s Tudors is coming in a couple of days and it looks great so far – heaving bosoms, disrobing (for both teams) – some jostling, beheading and even some naked sweaty wrestling (alas, it’s two guys) but everything is brightly lit – highly recommended … but hey, the thing hasn’t actually aired yet … how could you have seen it?

Secret critic screening? Um, yea …

Welcome to Television: New Style!

Sure, you could wait until Sunday when it airs on Showtime. How quaint & common of you.

Or like me, you could rent the exclusive DVD from (sorry, not in stores).

Or if you have Comcast or one of the other cable companies with VOD, check your VOD listings – even in HD, better than a DVD (in theory).

Special Interactive on the DISH Network plus free HD preview on Channel 101: DirecTV.

If you are okay with watching it online, you can watch for FREE at Showtime’s website.

Or if you want some extras including the first two episodes also free – check out BRIGHTCOVE.

Or some other places you might heard of online – Yahoo, Microsoft’s MSN, CBS’s Innertube, MeeVee,, and

But wait there’s more, Netflix “On Demand” – for those with a PC – Netflix WATCH (now). Just click and watch.

There are even official clips posted on something called YouTube.

Or some free podcasts on iTunes.

So, it’s on:

Cable TV
Cable VOD
Satellite Interactive
CBS Innertube
Yahoo TV

What, no mobile version? Damn, I so wanted to see this.

Clearly Showtime would like you to watch.

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NanoPhoto of the Day


Das a small boot! This small submarine is 4 millimeters long and about 65 millimeters in diameter. Freaking small. This photo was magnified 17x. Precursors to these little dudes being injected into your body, preprogrammed, to fight viruses? Let’s hope so (and hope that Putin doesn’t shift his attention to nanotech).

Yesterday’s NanoPhoto of the Day answer: A cross section of a human capillary. The red discs shown are red blood cells. Very cool! All photos for NanoPhoto of the Day are from the amazing Eye of Science web site.

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24 or 29.97 Frames a Second? Bwhahahaha


How about 7,300 frames a second?

Phantom High-Speed Cameras – they are not kidding around – amazing stuff – you turning a key is suddenly all cool and artistic. All the videos are cool – my personal favorite – the car explosion.

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DVD Film School #1: The Worst of the Last 40 Years


This will be an on-going series on how you can make up your film school education just by watching DVD’s. I’m going to randomly declare 1967 as the cut-off point between the “classic” age of the studio system and the beginning of the “modern” age of film-making. Of course, the studio system was already pretty much dead by the early 1960’s but it didn’t officially end until about 1972. The studio system was of course an era where up & coming actors & directors were signed to long term contracts and the studios simply slotted you into films depending on your talent, looks and ultimately – their whim. They could loan you out to other studios or place you in some state of exile if they thought you were not being obedient enough. The upside is actors got a steady paycheck and if you had talent, your roles would get bigger and bigger like any other 9 to 5 job … and of course, you could always blame the powers to be of not recognizing your talents. The downside is you were really an indentured servant and if they thought you didn’t look like a star, you had very few opportunities to prove it.

As the system started to close down, of course, actors were free to do anything but as with total freedom, that meant no steady paycheck and you had to go out and sell yourself at every audition. Same with directors and cinematography and nearly all the craft’s people like makeup, costume, art direction, etc … (other than studios with a working studio lot and sound-stages that also had TV projects).

So, why start with the worst? It’s as good of a place to start as any.



CONTINUE READING after the jump.

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NanoPhoto of the Day


Email your guesses as to just what this is…

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