And So It Begins …

Our last blog was a little too restrictive on the migratory range of the extinct Mylodon – okay, just kidding – but we’ve changed to ‘everything under the Sun,’ which is also tough because it’s hard to know here to begin. All I have to do is write two paragraphs a day …


Alright – I’ll try again … We might as well start off on a high intellectual note.

The brilliance of the internet is how little effort it takes on our part to learn something new … how about a brilliant and stylishly designed FLASH movie of the History of Religion? Or why by looking at the “conquerors” through history of the Middle East, there are clearly no easy solutions? (also from Maps Of …

Or if you prefer to learn with your eyes closed, free mp3 files on the history of the Byzantine Empire through the study of twelve of its greatest rulers?

“Mr. Lars Brownworth teaches History at The Stony Brook School on Long Island, New York. His passion for Byzantine history has taken him on travels from the furthest reaches of the Byzantine Empire right into Constantinople, (present day Istanbul) the very heart of Byzantium. He has traveled and studied Byzantine history extensively and produced this lecture series giving us this concise overview. “

Presented by (also available as podcasts for auto loading and syncing with your iPod).

Of course, I’ll get to those sites as soon as I clear 10,000 pounds … fiendishly simplistic and yet so damn addictive …


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