The Evil of Acronyms or How Some Amway Distributors Got The Karmic Boomerang

So P&G wins a case against some boneheaded Amway Distributors (see: lying sack of weasels willing to lie to their dying grandmothers to place another brick in their crumbling, stunted pyramids) for spreading rumors about P&G being part of the Church of Satan.  It took 12 years of litigation which means that both entities have entirely too much money to fight over something that could have been taken care of “outside”.

Don’t you miss those days?  As terrifying as fighting was back in grade school, it was always amazing to this writer that your arch enemy would invariably become one of your best friends after you knucklepopped ™ his face in.

As a blog writer, I read other bloggers work. ’nuff said. One of these is Lydia Loizides who is quite astute but what got my attention was her affiliation as a trustee of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).  Now, this is where evil acronyms come into this thread, or more accurately, a reverse evil acronym.  You see, if you reverse NATAS and you get the word satan.

Coincidence? Feed the web squirrels another nut, Martha !

If that reverse acronym has any base in fact, then I don’t even want to go to Singapore or should I say Satanland?  Hmmm….?  Does anyone wonder about these things besides us?

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