Grindhouse – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Guess the MPAA backed down and gave it an R – I’m all for adults watching whatever adults wanna watch but maybe it’s time for a new rating system – LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE got an R-rating for goober sake … In Grindhouse, apparently ‘a man eats a baby.’ Again, I’m not for censorship but perhaps the R-rating is just a wee bit broad? Besides that NC-17 is very stigmatizing. Perhaps it’s time to make it all very innocuous.

R – for some swearing, some sex or ‘adult/mature’ content like LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE or comedies like STRIPES (UNCUT). All in harmless fun.

R2 – for sex, nudity and sexuality like DREAMERS or SEX & LUCIA.

R3 – for violence, bloodshed with or without sex – movies like GRINDHOUSE, DEVIL REJECTS or SAW.

This way, there’s no hard line between an R and a NC-17 that just screams of taboo. Having it all R-ratings makes it innocuous – just a number after the R-rating and changes nothing except make it easier to understand that Grindhouse is not Little Miss Sunshine.

So, let’s enjoy Grindhouse like adults that we are. It got an R-rating and it’s apparently over 3 hours long so let the bloodletting begin!


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