Tudors – To Your Door(s)


Showtime’s Tudors is coming in a couple of days and it looks great so far – heaving bosoms, disrobing (for both teams) – some jostling, beheading and even some naked sweaty wrestling (alas, it’s two guys) but everything is brightly lit – highly recommended … but hey, the thing hasn’t actually aired yet … how could you have seen it?

Secret critic screening? Um, yea …

Welcome to Television: New Style!

Sure, you could wait until Sunday when it airs on Showtime. How quaint & common of you.

Or like me, you could rent the exclusive DVD from Blockbuster.com (sorry, not in stores).

Or if you have Comcast or one of the other cable companies with VOD, check your VOD listings – even in HD, better than a DVD (in theory).

Special Interactive on the DISH Network plus free HD preview on Channel 101: DirecTV.

If you are okay with watching it online, you can watch for FREE at Showtime’s website.

Or if you want some extras including the first two episodes also free – check out BRIGHTCOVE.

Or some other places you might heard of online – Yahoo, Microsoft’s MSN, CBS’s Innertube, MeeVee, TV.com, and Hollywood.com.

But wait there’s more, Netflix “On Demand” – for those with a PC – Netflix WATCH (now). Just click and watch.

There are even official clips posted on something called YouTube.

Or some free podcasts on iTunes.

So, it’s on:

Cable TV
Cable VOD
Satellite Interactive
Telco IPTV
Blockbuster.com DVD
CBS Innertube
Yahoo TV

What, no mobile version? Damn, I so wanted to see this.

Clearly Showtime would like you to watch.

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