I Won’t Drink To That … Enviga


“The drink proven to burn calories – Enviga – hits the U.S. market”

I’m too lazy to type or even copy the long-length claim from Coca-Cola so you can read the press release yourself.

The drink contains calcium, caffeine, and green tea extracts (which apprently contains the calorie burning ingredient).

I drank a can of it along with a giant burger, fries and then took a nap (or I was watching golf, I’m not exactly sure). My educated guess is I’m no thinner than I was 45 minute ago. I suppose if you only drank this, it might work – where is Nicole Richie when you need her?


It tastes exactly like you think it would. It’s a GREEN TEA soda with some artificial sweetner taste. As someone who drink gallons of Coke Zero & previously Diet Coke, I’m pretty much used to the tinny taste of artificial sweeter so it wasn’t horrible but it’s not exactly refreshing – and the burning more calories than what you would ingest thing … sounds completely trust-worthy … yes, I’m posting this from a Western Union office in Nigeria, why do you ask?

It feels no more energizing than a regular can of Coke – and no jitters unlike some other “energy” drinks.

I also tried the PEACH flavor – as expected, it didn’t add anything. The GREEN TEA (plain) is as noted – a green tea soda. I still have the BERRY one to try.

So, not the worst soda I’ve ever drank but not anything I’d willingly buy again.

This isn’t new but if you want the cheapest “energy” drink around – it’s Coke’s Vault.


(I’m going by the fact you can get 12 cans when regular Coke goes on sale). It’s basically Diet Sprite with an aspirin in it – so it’s really nothing but instead of having to buy aspirin (for the caffeine) to drop into your Diet Sprite, Coca Cola has done the heavy lifting of a caffeine tablet – ain’t technology grand … so if you enjoy Diet Sprite and want an extra load of caffeine, boy have we got a drink for you.

Again, not for me.

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