Coolest little bizcard-like photos will make you say “Moo!”

I stumbled across a very cool site on the web called Moo ( where they offer to print your photos onto small cards akin to about one half (horizontally) of a standard business card. Their site is very user friendly and they make it very easy for you by tying in their service to your Flickr account. They also have similar arrangements for printing our images from your Habbo, SecondLife, Bebo, or your Fotolog accounts (as well as straight uploads).

I tried a sample set of 100 random images uploaded to my Flickr account (sorry they’re not for public viewing yet) and I just got back my package from their UK location. Total cost for 100 cards shipped via Airpost is just $20 U.S. Sweet!

There is already a small fanatical following building for these with artists willing to trade their Moos for one of yours.

The finished stock is really nice as well with a smooth finish. The card stock is very heavy and has a nice snap to it when flicked with your fingers (don’t you love getting a well made and well designed business card?). There is room on the back to add a few lines of text ( I used my gmail account address and a photo of a guy kicking another guy in the nuts on a Japanese bag of foolin’).

The Moos even use as much recycled paper and packaging as they can. I highly recommend this site (full disclosure – I don’t get zip from this endorsement). I plan to upload some creative graphics and text and use them in a snail mail campaign for my next sales effort. They are that good.

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