NanoPhoto of the Day – It’s Fly!


All your base (sugars) belong to us!

Spring has sprung which means it’s bug-time here in the Southeastern U.S. Everything from bees, wasps, and hornets to freaking fire ants (which brings new life to the term ‘ankle biter’) and termites which chew on homes here faster than Rosie can hoover up donuts.

Just last year I my home was being snacked upon by carpenter bees. What’s a carpenter bee? I didn’t know until last year myself that these little industrious suckers drill into your home like sailors on shore leave after a six month EastPac cruise.

I’m not kidding. There I am working away in the old home office when I see cascading dust raining from my roof past my window. But wait, it’s not dust. It’s freaking sawdust! What the hell?!

Of course the regular bug guy doesn’t handle getting rid of carpenter bees so I have to call in an expert. They know their bees over at Rid-A-Critter I’ll tell you. A couple hundred of bucks lighter but no more buzzing bastards drilling holes in my roofline either.

The original Money Pit was fairly odd (and the remake awful) but the premise is sound I can affirm.

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