I’ll Pee On It, Eat It & Pedal My Trouble Away … Underwater

Yea, some headlines write themselves.

A guy named Lloyd is building this 16-foot storage shed and dropping it into a lake. The BioSub Project.


His plan? Irrigate oxygen producing algae with his urine and then when he’s hungry, eat the algae … out of air? He’s gonna literally jump on his bike and pedal to produce it – though can he create more oxygen than expunging Co2 while he’s pedaling? Guess we’ll find out – he’ll be webcamed.

So get ready to text – “Dude is Down! Dude is down in his own urine algae, hoist up the Lego house! Mofo”

If this is Day 1 of Global Warming, sign me up to go search for Earth 2.0.


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