Apple TV an alternative delivery platform?

So you may have heard recently that the creators of South Park partnered with Microsoft to deliver an episode in HD since Comedy Central doesn’t broadcast in HD on the Xbox live platform. Think of it as the HD 360 (xbox 360 that is) network.

Sidebar: I worked at a video game magazine in another lifetime whereby we were in the final stages of delivering customized content through the Xbox Live portal. The deal went south when the publishing entity tanked but that is another story. Back to our thread…

What intrigues me is whether Apple has a dark horse strategy of infiltrating our living rooms to be able to offer up a content delivery system bypassing the very channel they are connecting through (cable tv)? That is VERY interesting to think about.

Consider the alt platform for game distribution called Steam via the fine folks over at Valve. I have been a Steam user for years and it works remarkably well. Not too long ago they began offering casual games content for download in addition to the hardcore PC offerings which I initially thought odd but even the guys over at Penny-Arcade have their casual gaming lust.

I wish Apple well and am considering purchasing one of these beasts but of course that means I gotta have one of these. What’s $70,000 anyway nowadays?

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