Your iPod Is Only As Smart As What You Put In It …


Have you ever thought as you’re driving to work – man, I wish I knew more about the Fundamentals of Biology or how to speak French or hear Martin Luther King Jr’s, speech in its entirety, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” … or hear some classic novel without paying $19.99 … well, say no more and start listening.

Sure, you can simply click on PODCAST in iTunes but sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart with its one line truncated description or maybe you’d rather download a few now and listen first before committing to subscribing …


Classics or in the public domain via LibriVox, searchabale catalog from LibriVox here.

Or a nicely designed site: THOUGHTAUDIO.

Poetry (links).

Including the Bible.

Or the 100 Most Memorable Speeches.


The FSI Language Courses paid for with our tax dollars. Or nice links by Open Culture.


UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Harvard Extension, or Princeton’s University Channel – well, my ipod went there … or a break listing of 145 classes online via Productivity501.

The story behind those MoMa paintings? Wine? SF Chronicle Writers on News & Everything Else …

Or how to write good šŸ™‚



Nature Around the World, Buddha Machine loops (scroll down)?

Or in space, there’s not much screaming but lots of radio waves

Or random sounds all around.


Perfectly legal … that is if you like your favorite songs performed by your TEXT TO SPEECH synthesizer utility?

Public domain music from WWI (Right hand side – click on year), or from a few years later.

The best place to start to smarten up your ipod and maybe even yourself šŸ™‚ is at OPEN CULTURE – here, you’ll find a thousand links. And of course at PODCASTS iTunes. Enjoy!

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