Managing, Marketing to the Millennial & Y Generation


It’s a whole new world for managers & marketers. Just as Gen Xers are so not like the Baby Boomers, neither are the current and next generation in terms of marketing & managing them.

From the CoCo Times:

“This is a different kind of worker,” said consultant Bruce Tulgan, “They are not going to come in and figure it out and keep their heads down and their mouths shut.”

Having grown up online with instant messaging, they type as easily as they talk. They are impatient with long explanations.

They want immediate rewards. They are willing to do grunt work if it’s clear what they get in return and how their job relates to the bigger picture.

Programmed by their parents for success before they learned to walk, they expect deeply involved bosses. They are used to being told they are winners even when they lose.

“They see themselves as extremely valuable on Day One,” Tulgan said.”

An interesting and thoughtful place to start is with MILLENNIALS RISING by Neil Howe & William Strauss. There are some major presumptions they make that are not necessarily 100% supported by their research but then what is these days – but it’s a useful path they’ve blazed for marketers & managers.

Of course, what’s a book without a whole cottage industry behind it: LifeCourse Associates. You can download a few interesting presentations and white papers.

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