Speedtest your web connection

If you are like me and have a high speed cable connection, you often wonder if you are getting what you pay for regarding speed of connection.

Here are my results from using Speedtest.net:

Past Results Summary

IP Address:
Internet Provider:
Total Tests Taken:
Fastest Download:
14357 kb/s
Fastest Upload:
717 kb/s
Average Download:
6928 kb/s
Average Upload:
663 kb/s
I had been paying $57 per month for the privilege of gaining high speed internet access from the bloated corpse that was Adelphia. Comcast finally has taken over the Adelphia accounts in my area. (I need to burn another dial up modem on the Cat-5 altar later).
What is startling is that when I asked Comcast how fast of a connection I can get and what does it cost they replied that my price per month would DROP $5 per month (to $52 which is still ugly) while tripling the upload and download speeds Adelphia was delivering. I guess it wasn’t just the Rigas family horking the coffers that led to the fall of Adelphia.
Two other cable modem speed test sites that have worked pretty well for me:
dslreports.com/stest – one of the better ones to use imo.

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