The Art of Your DNA


It was tough resisting temptation to write a lurid headline using the phrase “DNA” and hanging on the walls but I resisted – damn this aging into respectability πŸ˜‰

For $300+, DNA11 will take your DNA and make it into art … or your fingerprints … so you can stare and ponder your existence here on Earth and if you ever have to submit it into evidence, it’ll be so much nicer than just a microslide in monochrome. Or if you ever need to get cloned, they know exactly where to find your encoded essence … okay, that might be a stretch ..


And of course, the perfect wedding or holiday gift … well, that’s what it says on the website so it must be true. Oh, they mean a photo of THEIR DNA and not yours … oh, okay – much better.

(please make your own Bil Clinton joke here)

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