Adobe Flash … Now With DRM …


Who exactly asked for FLASH with DRM?

Adobe new “Adobe Media Player” (AMP) apparently can play regular flavored FLASH plus what lawyers have apparently been eagerly awaiting for … yes, TA-DA! FLASH with DRM! … because we all like a little crap with our crap …

“Content protection. Yes, it’s DRM (for the first time attached to Flash Video), and it comes in two flavors. The first is identity-based, which is akin to how the iTunes Store does things (e.g., you’re locked to a single copy of the content). The second type is called “content integrity protection,” which ensures that the content and the associated branding and advertisements come as a connected unit and can’t be separated. I wasn’t provided with specifics on how either protection scheme will be implemented, so it’s something to keep an eye on as the product gets closer to release.”

BUT WAIT, There’s More!

“Ads, ads, ads. Producers will have the ability to add overlays to video content (“bugs,” tickers, or other such integrated advertising), provide ads before and/or after the selected content, and feature banner ads inline with the media.

Measurement. Anonymous tracking stats on which clips are being viewed and which ads are being clicked on will be available to the content producers. This isn’t exactly a radical shift from the way things are now on the Web, though it is novel to have such stats available from a desktop app in this particular context.”


READ MORE at Creative Mac.

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