Can old cola become new cola?


So the makers of Jolt cola – you might remember it’s tagline “All the sugar, twice the caffeine” – have repackaged the old school drink and hope to snag the masses. It ain’t kiddin’ about its tagline either. Jolt has more than twice the caffeine as Mountain Dew which gives me a headache. The energy drinks make my head feel like it’s in a vice which ain’t a lot of fun. Dang, lousy chemical reactions.

Their target is probably 14-24 or some such for the category known as energy drinks / smart drinks. The sales of which are rising faster CEO pay packages.

You’ve seen the tiny little cans of the stuff like Red Bull (the category maker), Bawls (gamer geek fave), Rockstar (not to be confused with the makers of GTA), Amp, Full Throttle, Crunk (drink yo hip-hop), Fuze, Hype, MDX (not linked to the rapper/actor but I am sure he wishes), Monster Energy, etc.

Many of these are faves for ravers (does anybody actually ‘rave’ anymore?) to mix with alcohol (although that is a stated no-no from these manufacturers they know where a lot of their bread is getting buttered and it ain’t in the school cafeteria).

Of course, you might buy into getting Jolt if you saw it’s snappy alternative packaging designed to look like battery terminals like here:


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