Coke Zero … Them Zeros is Dollars

According to the WSJ, Coca-Cola has finally had a successful line extension launch in many years – well 20 years to be exact (Diet Coke was launched 20 years ago).


They have sold 100 million case units in the last 18 months. The last few times I tried to buy a 12-pack, most stores were out – I just figured the bottlers were stopping the plant run because the taster wasn’t sure if he tasting Diet Coke with Lemon or Diet Coke with Lime?

If you haven’t tried, it’s a good Diet soda – if you’re like me who wants the caffeine but can do without the calories of regular Coke … while clearly no one will mistake it for the pure tablespoons of sugar in regular Coke, it’s doesn’t taste too fake nor is too fake sweet.

The ads have been bad bad and while these make no sense – at least they weren’t as bad as the first batch (no link – no person should see those).

Anyway, if you’re confused as to what the difference between Coke Zero & Diet Coke?

Coke Zero is based on the Coke Classic formula while Diet Coke is based on “New Coke.”

Coke Zero is a blend of artificial sweetner so it’s a less metallic tasting though to be extra confusing, Diet Coke is available in its old artificial sweetner flavor/taste AND a Splenda version.

(BTW, the can jpg above is the old design – too confusing with Diet Coke, new one is black. Apparently no one told Coke PR).

So to recap just the Coke family from Coca Cola

Coke Classic
Coke Zero
Cherry Coke
Diet Cherry Coke

New Coke (dead)
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Caffeine Free (um, isn’t this just brown colored soda water?)
Diet Coke Splenda
Diet Coke with Lemon
Diet Coke with Lime

Coca Cola Blak (Coke with Coffee – tastes exactly like if you mixed in some Coffee concentrate with a Coke)

C2 (Half Coke, Half Diet Coke Splenda) – I think they finally plugged the plug.

And Fanta, Fresca, and another hundred variants … and yes, TAB is still available and around in old taste and and as a crappy TAB Energy drink – well crappy in the sense if you like carbonated robitusin but without any of the narcata.


Though of course, you want the pink jpg wallpaper.

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