Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect (2008 Winter Update)

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874 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect (2008 Winter Update)

  1. roger

    thanks for this list.
    I would mattel would put up this list.

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  3. Phil

    Oh Chasquido! What a great list! Thanks!

  4. croukie

    Have seen Doc Hudson in the movie with red rims as well.

  5. Sam

    How offen does this web site get updated? I’m a collector of 1:55 single editions (supercharged) in the UK and was wondering if there are any schedules for the upcoming releases.

    (METROXING COMMENT: I tried to update it as soon as I hear new info. Upcoming ones are discussed here. Note, however, my info only pertains to the US releases, I’m not sure if they are in sync with the UK. If you would like to add anything, let me know.)

  6. Kingston Clyde

    Wow!! You’ve assembled an incredibly comprehensive CARS resource. As a CARS 1:55 fan and collector in Canada I’m anxious to see Rusty and Dusty RustEze and Mia & Tia. Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Bo

    I have the Tounge Mcqueen , but it has a mispaint on it. Where the tounge is sticking out it has the headlight paint on it. So on the tounge it has a headlight with a 95 in it. I was wondering if you thought this would be worth anything?

    (METROXING: If you haven’t opened it, there are people who buy error CARS – do a search on Ebay for ERROR MATTEL PIXAR CARS (or some variant of that) and see what others are selling for – you can decide if you want to sell it now or later down the line).

  8. Dan

    on another website i found that there might be a posibility for 2 more characters the Gas Guzzler RV and the GoodYear Blimp, can anyone confirm That?

    (METROXING: Check out our SEALED CASES post for an update on 2007 and yes, both Gas Guzzler RV & the LIghtyear Blimp are included).

  9. Ryan&Mia's Mamma

    I am a CARS collector for my son and also for myself and we both want the Peterbilt Truck that McQueen mistakes for Mack in the movie.. heard any rumblings about Mattel releasing that one? Thanks for the list!

    (METROXING: Yea, that was a great scene … haven’t heard anything yet but we should get news for the upcoming holiday season in the next month or so …)

  10. John

    You can find the Piston Cup 500 Track set with 4 cars only at Toys R Us. They sell it exclusively online and at the stores.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the heads up – it was announced as something different so it was listed above but I have corrected in the listing to reflect the current name – Piston Cup 500 Track … and you’re right, it’s still available in the stores & online).

  11. matt

    Hey man, just wanted to check – maybe I missed it in the list up there but on the back of the 2nd series/supercharged 2 packs, one of the 7 listed is a pack of the ‘customs’ gang that includes DJ & Wingo (there are 2 others in the pic), yet you don’t have them listed. Is this an international/non U.S. thing?

    (METROXING: In wave 2, there was a SNOT ROD & BOOST “re-release,” I only listed it once if it’s a repeat from Wave 1 … but you’re right, there was no 2-pack with Wingo or DJ in the US … the closest would the Target exclusive 3-pack “Tunerz.”)


    I have seen potograghs of all the cars & playsets
    realy realy realy need Ferari Hydralic Ramone
    And other cars like that. Already have Lightning McQueen Doc Boost Snot rod Wingo DJ Red Stanley Ramone PURPLEN GOLD GREEN Flo
    Luigi Guido And others need Dinoco 500 All of wave 3 exept Tex & Dinoco chick. Looking forward to Lightyear blimp & Mrs the king Wave 4

  13. nigdef

    i’m trying to assemble a near complet collection with my son of one of everything (not concerned about packaging) but are having a real hard time rying to track down the ferrari has it ever been released in the uk as the cars toys only seemed to have just hit us with the dvd release of the movie over here don’t really recall them being about as much with the cinema release my main supplie is woolworths as most other places don’t seem to be as well stocked any advice is good advice

    (METROXING: If the UK releases are in sync with the US releases (just a little later), you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the Ferrari in theory – it’s listed as part of every box coming out in the next few months here in the US – while they aren’t plentiful yet on the shelves, it doesn’t look like it’s very limited. If you can find a seller willing to ship cheap int’l – the prices aren’t that high anymore – especially with the huge drop in the value of the dollar …)

  14. charley

    ive found heaps of ferrari and the other releases from his run quite readily here in new zealand. only one ive struggled to find is nitroade. finally found one yesterday, and searching for months!

    the current new releases shouldnt far away in the uk. i love tex and rpm 64. awesome styling. we have them at kmart, and walmart/target type stores. have you tried there? our supermarkets dont have the diecasts.

  15. My grandson says that he has seen a Mack with a button that you push and a Lightning comes rolling out Have you heard of such a Mack?

    (METROXING: It’s apparently a Disney Store exclusive. Similar to the Mattel Mack, but not the same. I haven’t seen it yet and it doesn’t appear to be available online yet – but of course, anyone under the age of 9 knows πŸ™‚ )

  16. mike hogerson

    very good!!!!

  17. sims parker

    I found flo with porsche tires on the front.

  18. charley

    itd be nice to find something like this on the shelves! very neat idea, using the promotors as carriages [rust-eze, htb, dinoco etc] some of the custom sets are awesome! id love to know how they do… very hard to avoid buying some of them!

    (METROXING: Wow, that is a cool custom! 90% of it is of course being to repaint or create decals … and the other 10% is the ability to use something called “sculpty” which is a clay like substance but requires no baking (most hobby & craft stores sell it) for molding it to modify the original store bought figure/car … so if you’re good with your hands, give it a try.)

  19. M. Parker

    Stop paying those crazy prices on the internet go to Wal-Mart an buy pixar cars.I found all the cars i have payed 3/7 dollars.Its a little work but it is worth it if your a real collect.39.00$ for Yeti i do not think so!!!

  20. Hollie

    Hello, im finding it really hard at the momment to find some of the new releases here in the UK, i have found dinoco chick the ferrari and hydraulic ramone but i wondered if Tex dinoco, bling bling mcqueen, rpm and tounge mcqueen have been released here yet?

  21. M. Parker

    Yes,they have go to,toywiz or click on pixar cars an you should find what your looking for.Try RPM diecast cars

    (METROXING: does not directly sell the Pixar Cars but be sure and look at the NEW/USED pricing on the lower right. Smaller sellers and retailers are listing most CARS at much lower prices. does sell individual ones online but check shipping costs).

  22. M. Parker

    AMAZON.COM.UK yeti tongue mcqueen bling bling mcqueen ect.

  23. Bach

    My Flo’s cafe looks a lot different then the one pictured above. The top of mine does come off but I do not have the ramp that sheriff is sitting on. My Flo’s cafe was bought brand new from the store. I also noticed all of the details in the cafe part are all different also. Nothing is the same color or put in the same place. What is this all about?

    (METROXING: Since I missed out on Flo’s, I just grabbed a photo online from a store – I checked with someone else, the photo is a pre-production model – they probably omitted the ramp for two reasons a) to save on costs and b) make it more in line with the movie).

  24. charley

    im loving the look of the packs shown at comic con! specially the one with the race cars in it.

  25. xavier aguilar

    do anyone knows about ths withe car with the Mac logo on it, im a mac fan an a cars fan too, me and my son (3 y o) will tanks 4 the info!!!
    HI!! from mexico.

    (METROXING: If you look closely at the Comic Con photos, you’ll spot him – Mattel only announced that the Piston Cup Racers would be out in a multi-pack (first one shown is 7 cars). He’s not in the first box so we don’t know when that will be but presumably before the year ends – I’ll be in line also! πŸ™‚ )

  26. jameson chorao

    My son and I have been collecting the 1:55 diecast cars for about a year. Just recently, we’ve been finding lots of cars we never could before-like Fillmore and Sarge at Toys R Us. And Guido, Luigi and Tractor at Target. What’s the deal? Did Mattel start making more? Anyway, my son Jameson and I are very impressed with your website. Mom

    (METROXING: If you’ll look around, you’ll see the link for our followup blog post on what’s coming/sealed cases and that gives you a breakdown of what’s arriving in stores as we speak – looks like “T” SHIPMENTS are heading to the stores now.)

  27. Hollie

    Will the Toys R Us exclusives be available in the UK as i cant see them on the website?

    (METROXING: US Website? Here’s a link to the 2 McQueen’s, or you mean it’s not on the UK site – that’s hard to say as most company’s overseas opertions are another division and while TRU is large in the US, not sure about their status in the UK – in terms of getting rights to exclusives just like there are no more Woolworth’s left in the US while in the UK, it’s still large enough to lock up exclusives.)

  28. Ryan&Mia's Mamma

    I’ve noticed a Supercharged version of Flo’s Cafe on ebay in the last few days… I’ve never seen this one before. What gives? Is this a re-release?

    (METROXING: It looks like the rumors are TRUE. Especially since the original Flo’s was NOT a “Supercharged” item and featured the desert background. Flo’s looks like the rarity of a playset returning – hopefully they made it enough quantity this time. The eBay listing I saw was Canada so it might’ve hit their stores first?)

  29. charley

    im wondering about the rollin bowlin set. where in the movie does it actually ‘take place”? ive just read an online blurb that says “features bowling alley sounds as heard in Radiator Springs.” and its got me wondering?

    i love the blue mater they put with it! might have to buy one.

    the big mack set with bessie has just been released here in new zealand. retailing at $99 and our walmart type store. he says two phrases and has two truck noises. havent opened the box, so dont know what bessie looks like. if i can get a second cheap, ill open it.

    (METROXING: The only two possible instances that the bowling alley might be featured would be a) in the flashback scene as Sally is reminscing to Lightning after their drive and b) after Lightning returns as champ and the city of Radiator Springs is bustling (Mike Schumacher shows up) … but if there are any bowling sounds, it would be pretty faint and in the background – I guess I’ll have to cue up the movie to verify. The rollin’ bowling’ mater now features the “rusted” Mater so it’s kind of hard to find – you might actually find a loose used one – otherwise, you can look around on eBay for the BJ warehouse set. The Big Mack with Bessie is a cute set though note, Bessie is made of plastic and at least in the prototype, way out of scale – I think it’s around $35 here in the US so, road trip?)

  30. yesi

    Thanks for all the helpful info. I collect these cars for my son which is crazy for all of them(2yrs oyd) For those who just buy them to play with I go to KB Toys and pre pay for them and when they arrive they call me and save what’s on my list. (even the hard to find) I am not in inthe hurry to have them all but I will have them!

  31. charley

    thanks for that! do you know how much they retailed at originally? [rollin bowlin]

    i just cant get enough of your site… im here at least once a day, looking for updates.

    does anyone here know how many different eye positions there were on the mcdonalds cars? ive got 4 different eyes for doc, fillmore and luigi, so im hoping theres only 4. info on them seems impossible to find… all i get is the muddy/clean mcqueen, and the three ramones.

  32. Hollie

    I just looked at flos cafe on e-bay and it seems the new supercharged version of flos v8 cafe which was being sold from the USA is a Toys R Us exclusive. Hopefully this means that mattel are re-releasing it.

    (METROXING: It looks like the rumors are TRUE. Especially since the original Flo’s was NOT a β€œSupercharged” item and featured the desert background. Flo’s looks like the rarity of a playset returning – hopefully they made it enough quantity this time. The eBay listing I saw was Canada so it might’ve hit their stores first?)

  33. Mattel has just issued a product recall for one of their Cars products namely Sarge with product numbers of H6414 M1253 K5925 L6294 L4051. This is due to excessive lead paint. If I don’t intend to open the itme, do you think itis wise to keep the item? For more info check out

    (METROXING – In case you missed it, it’s the last line of the post – we added it this morning or the full blog post. If you are in the Philippines, the recall might not extend to you – all depends on Mattel so you might not have many options. I think the only real concern is with kids who tend to put things in their mouth or chew on it. If you have it open on a shelf – as an adult, there’s not much danger to your health. Of course, will you pass that toy along to your kids and does your grandkid put it in his mouth? So, to be safe, it’s better either just to throw it away if you are outside the recall zone or perhaps a relative here in the US can mail it back for you.)

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  36. Kirsten

    I wanted to know when these cars will be available in Canada? I have most of the cars as I go to Wal-mart everyday and also check out zellers. It would be nice if matell had things posted also. Are there going to be anymore Maters released. Thank you

    (METROXING: I think Canada receives the int’l boxes so it’s slightly different. There’s no logical pattern but also because the current boxes also contains many of the same older ones, unless you go every few days, it’s hard to tell if the new ones just got picked clean … of course, right now – most US stoares have pulled ALL singles, not just Sarge – you can check our SEALED BOXES post to see what’s next and for 2007).

  37. when will the cars be put back on the shelves? Everywhere i go, all the stores havetaken them down. Do you have a time table?

    (METROXING: Heard contradictory things – some people have heard they’re shipping everything they had back to Mattel to get new stuff – which I guess is good – though I’m not sure what Mattel has lying around. Technically, they were only supposed to pull Sarge so Mattel might be negotiating with them. The stores will only let the pegs stay empty for so long …)

  38. wendy carrington

    Does anyone know the SKU number for Flos’s V8 Cafe from Toys R Us?


    (METROXING: It’s either 52-2172 or 529-173 – hope one is the correct one. Looks like there is 4 Flo’s to a box – some stores report receiving 2 boxes. Good luck!)

  39. wendy carrington

    Thank you. I am trying to get one for my four and two year old son. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.


  40. Hollie

    Has anyone in the Uk found either a Yeti or Tex dinoco yet as people seem to be selling loads of Uk ones on e-bay and i keep searching but keep having no luck?

  41. wendy carrington

    I think I could get you a Tex. Could you get a Tongue McQueen. We could consider it an even trade. I would be happy to make even trades with anyone that needs a car that I can get easily.


  42. Hollie

    Thankyou for the great offer i have sent an e-mail to your address.

  43. Mandy

    Any news on a New Release of Sarge cars? I am not looking forward to paying ebay prices come christmas time if replacements are not made and shipped!

  44. galaia2004

    Great information on the site. I just wanted to add some UK specific details regarding some of the cars/products that are available. I have been buying these for my son and so far have managed to get all cars including up to Tex/RPM/Ferrari.

    I have so far managed to buy all these without paying the silly eBay prices, although it may depend where you live, these cars are available in shops, although I have noticed the newer ones do get purchased fairly quickly.

    The best stores to try does vary from week to week. I used to get a lot from TRU but our local store has not had any of the newer cars (Ferrari, Bling, Tex etc) from what I have seen. I have found the newer ones in both Woolworths and our local Toymaster stockist. Do not just rely on what is on the shelf though as on several occasions I have asked for any others and they have been stored out in the storeroom. The Entertainer also seems to have a good selection when I am there but there isn’t one local for to know which of the newer cars they are getting in.

    The multipack cars seem to be available in different stockists. I have found the four-packs (e.g. Shopkeepers) available in Toymaster, and the three-packs (e.g. Tractor Tippin’) available only in Argos.

    Since the Sarge recall I have found that TRU have taken all of the single cars off the shelf (I was told this was due to them needing to have new barcodes) so not sure when they will be back out. Other stores (Toymaster/Woolworths) still have stock on the shelves but no new deliveries in the past week where I live.

    My guess is that the UK deliveries are about a month behind the US releases. I have yet to find a Yeti or Bug-Face McQueen though but these should be available soon hopefully.

    As for the playsets we managed to pick up the three UK available ones (Ramones/Curio/Casa)fairly cheaply recently at ELC (Β£10-Β£12 each) as they were clearing out and appear to be getting no more new cars or playsets in. I am still looking for a Flo’s V8 Cafe although I have e-mailed TRU in the UK this week and they are not expecting any. I understand this playset was not available in the UK as it failed to meet EU safety standards (I have been told due to lead in the mechanics – not the paint) but not sure if this is something that has been addressed in the re-release in the US. Looks like I’m going to have to resort to eBay to try and get a good deal on getting this one…

    Some other US toys have made it to the UK in the past few weeks – notbaly the large Dinoco Helicopter, the large Red, and the Mack playset. I want to mention the Dinoco Helicopter as Argos are doing a good package that also includes McQueen and Sally cars (as part of the package) – for Β£17.99.

    There are also a couple of ‘exclusives’ that I have only found in certain UK shops. The Disney Store has a Cars Playmat which ‘supposedly’ depicts Radiator Springs (for Β£6), and the Mack Transporter (with car transporter ) including Sally and Doc is available in Tesco Extra stores (for just under Β£10).

    I was surprised to see on the new releases how many appeared to be Wal-Mart exclusives… although hopefully as Wal-Mart now owns the Asda stores in the UK these will also appear over here (let’s hope so anyway!).

    Hope this is useful to those of you in the UK. Please let me know of you know of any other products that are available.

    (METROXING: Great update! Glad to hear most products available overseas and reasonably priced.)

  45. Mandy

    Great trip to TRU !!!!! Ferrari, Tex,Bug mcqueen and dirt track mcq. !!!!! It has been so looooooong since I have seen any “new” cars in Ohio!!!!

  46. charley

    any idea when the factory sealed set will go on sale on the hotwheels site? and where should i look on that site?

    not sure if ive posted this here yet, but heres a price list of nz items [in nz dollars]

    single car: $10-$15 [$15 for desert scene]
    movie moments $18-$20
    dinoco talking chopper $50
    small mack playset $30 [bachelor pad]
    large mack set w/bessie $100
    casa della tyres/ramones $50 each
    talking lightning mcqueen $70
    talking red $50 [i think]
    talking blue mater $50
    pullbax $10
    rip stick $15 [i think]
    lightning storm mcqueen $60
    fast talking lightning mcqueen $70-$80 [w/buttons on back for “steering”]

    (METROXING: No date on the Mattel set. Some people have speculated it’s been pushed back from the Sarge recall. You can sign up for the email portion and you’ll get an email as to the date & time in the US when it goes on sale online. If the price is reasonable, you can sign up for the Collector’s cLub ($30 USD, I think) in order to qualify to get in the queue – it’s usually a pretty quick sellout … though my guess is the set will be several hundred dollars so perhaps not but Hot Wheels collectors seem to have plenty of time AND money).

  47. galaia2004

    It looks as though Toys R Us now have the single cars back on display in the UK. Our local store now have some out but only the usual ones of McQueen, Mater, Sally etc, so nothing new.

    In the current Argos catalogue they are advertising the 3-pack sets (e.g. Tractor Tippin’) but also suggest there will be new sets coming with an image of the Buzz Lightyear car, so perhaps there will be a 3-pack of Buzz, Woody and Hamm. If this does happen there may be others as well… have to wait and see what comes out (perhaps Mike, Sulley and Yeti as well?). I believe these sets were Target exclusives in the US, and to my knowledge only available from Argos in the UK.

    And I thought that ALL of the Ramone paint finishes would have been done now (with Ghostlight coming soon), but when I was watching the film the other night did I really see in the final race he has a lightning strike (similar to McQueen) along his side…. maybe one for next year. πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Yes, the three packs were Target only but there was no three pack of Buzz, Woody and Hamm in the US … though they have pretty much repackaged every other combo πŸ™‚ )

  48. Hollie

    Just wanted to say that if anyone in the UK is struggling with finding Tex, RPM, Bling bling mcqueen and Tongue mcqueen; Martins a local newsagents seems to have the boxes that have these in. This is what the shop is called in the south-west but it is called something different in different areas. I was really suprised when i was looking through the shelf and box to find these as Toys R Us, Woolworths and The disney store down here do not stock them.

  49. Joy

    Hi please can people tell me where to get all the new cars. They are on ebay, but I can’t find them anywhere else~~hate paying ebay prices. New cars meaning…….yeti, tia and mia, all those new sets that are out. And even the racing fans cars? where do people get them???

    (METROXING: It’s a little tough right now as the recall embargo is just ending but not in any discernable pattern across the country. Target is scheduled for 9/30 so wait a few more weeks before over-paying on eBay).

  50. Chuck

    I just bought my little guy Mia & Tia, Mr. and Mrs. The King, and Yeti at a West Michigan Meijer store. I took the only Mr. and Mrs. The King, but there were other Mia/Tias and about 5 more Yetis, plus all our old standard pals. They also had new-style packages of BOTH Luigi/Guido sets (Tractor and Ferrari-style).

    (METROXING: That’s interesting about the Luigi set …).

  51. galaia2004

    In the UK, one of our local stores got some new boxes of single cars in last week. Same set of cars as the previous release (Bling Bling, Tex, Tongue, RPM, Dinoco Chick and some Lizzie’s for those looking!) All cars had new barcodes stickers on the back, presumably due to the Sarge recall.

    These also had ‘promotional’ stickers on with codes to claim, a free book (1 code), collectors car (6 codes) and carry case (12 codes). Details of the promotion can be found at

    I don’t believe it is necessary to enter a code for the free book. The webpage listed on the T&C page, doesn’t appear to ask for a code!

    I’ve no idea what the collectors car is yet as there are no details, but I’m guessing this could possibly be one that is a store exclusive in the US. The car is not available until 1st October, and after entering the codes on the site I simply got a message stating details would be e-mailed on how to claim the car but a day later there is still no e-mail… (I’m going to call them about this when I get a chance).

    Can anyone in the US let me know the availability of Flo’s V8 Cafe in the TRU stores? I have relatives visiting NY later this month and wondered what chance they might have of picking one up. Also great to hear that the new cars are available as I will be asking them to look out for these as well!

    (METROXING: Interesting news. No such promo in the US … the book offer is something Disney has in the US. It works like the record club deals – get a book free, agree to preview or decide if you x number of books throughtout the year … as for FLo’s availability, it’s hit or miss – there’s one TRU about an hour away from me with at least 12 of them but the one closest to me has zero but NYC does have the flagship TRU in Times Square – if anyone will get them … plus the HQ is in NJ so I would think the NY area stores would look the nicest … hope that helps. It’s $29.99 USD – converted to pounds, it’s practically free πŸ™‚ )

  52. Wendy Carrington

    I found two Flo’s just sitting on the shelf smiling at me about 3 weeks ago. I bought both for my sons. I have been about 3 times since I bought those. The last time I went, there was another one on the shelf. I am willing to try to get you one, if you are interested in trying to help me find Yeti, RPM, and any of the new ones. I would only charge the cost of the cafe and shipping. I truly believe that parents have to help each other.


  53. Wendy Carrington

    I forgot to put in the post above that I found them at my local TRU.


  54. Wendy Carrington

    There is one at my TRU right now if someone needs it.


  55. Alli


    Your TRU is carrying Cars die cast? The TRUs by me removed ALL the single die cast Cars when the Sarge recall came through; and they have yet to restock. It’s frustrating as they were the only ones who carried the new cars – Tex, RPM, BlingBling McQueen, etc.

    Where are you?

    Alli in NY

  56. Wendy Carrington

    I live in Arlington, Texas. Our TRU removed every single die cast car for several weeks, but they put them back out about two weeks ago. I still can’t find RPM or Yeti. I bought Tongue McQueen, but I have to buy him in a movie moment pack with a plain McQueen.


  57. Gervart

    I live in uk and bought the case U that includes: bob cutlass,
    dale Jr, bug face mcqueen, andretti and cartrip from months ago.
    as it only recently came out they sent me and email saying they had sent it. im not sure where their priorities lie, whether its US customers first or not i don’t know as i haven’t recieved them (nearly after 3 weeks since it shipped).
    So just a warning as these guys are quite slow at delivering the goods 😦

  58. Gervart

    any idea on the release of the piston cup racers btw? i hope i dont have to buy a box including the ones i already have!

    oh and does anybody have any links to pics of chick’s pit crew chief?

    (METROXING: No word yet but the first example does show a couple repeats, you’re right – hopefully, the ratio of new to old is like 7 to 1. I can live with getting another McQueen but I hope they don’t get carried away with too many repeats. We updated and added a 2008 post – we’ll get around to screen grabs when we get a chance).

  59. Jay

    can anyone tell me the newest disney pixar cars in the U.K please

  60. Hollie

    Jay- Hi, i went into the disney store yesterday and they said the delivery of cars last thursday had some new cars in, including:
    Tex Dinoco
    Tongue mcqueen
    Bling bling mcqueen
    RPM 64
    Hydraulic ramone
    Also some local newsagents stock them in the south-west and they have all these aswell, its called Martins down here but not sure about the rest of the UK.
    Hope this helps

  61. galaia2004

    Jay – I just want to confirm that I’ve only seen the cars up to those listed by Hollie in the UK as well. I’m expecting (and hoping) that we will start to see Yeti, Cruisin Ramone and Bug-Mouth McQueen within the next month. Any others of course would be nice!

    Hollie – many thanks for the information on Martins. I would never have thought to look there but a couple of local stores (in south east) have the cars stocked. None of the new releases like you found but at least another store to check out.

  62. charley

    uk members: you guys are getting what ive got so far over here in new zealand. finally had some of the 8 part cases actually taken from the boxes and put on pegs, but nothing new.

  63. Jay

    thanks for the info Hollie, galaia2004
    I did get all the cars listed

  64. Ty

    Has anyone else found the Blimp, TJ Hummer, Ghostlight Ramone or Cactus McQueen yet at Wal-mart? The way I understand is you can only get these at Wal-mart right now & they are all over e-bay. I have had not luck yet. Also I’m in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, so if anyone has seen these around, please let me know.

    Thank you!

    (METROXING: The Wal Mart pallet (some people have found in DVD sections, others in front of store and others in toys section) is not supposed to go up until Tuesday the 25th or the 29th but surprise, some Wal mart employees can’t read πŸ™‚ so look all the store, apparently it’s a 4-sided display so … none here at all in Northern Cal … I’ll let you know.)

  65. Mandy

    The walmart ad that will be dated for the week of the 30th will have the walmart exclusive cars displayed in it. Like cactus mcqueen for example. Hopefully all stores will have thier displays up!

    (METROXING: Thanks for the date confirmation!)

  66. Matt

    I just wanted to point out that all three of the vehicles that come with the Mega Mack Playtown (Lighting, Doc, and Bessie) are completely plastic. I know you mentioned that Bessie was all plastic, but I didn’t see any mention of Lightning and Doc being plastic too.

    I was disappointed to find that they are not die cast when I bought this playset for my son.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update, I’ll add that as a notation.)

  67. Chrissy

    My mom went to WalMart this morning and they had the movie along with the Blimp, JT, Ghostlight Ramone and Cactus Mcqueen. They have the big display up with the movie and other CARS merchandising.

  68. I wish we had an equivelant to wal mart here in Australia

  69. Brush

    Anyone found the Halloween versions in stores? I’m assuming Target like the Easter eggs??? I know of Cruisin McQueen, Purple Ramone, and Hudson Hornet.

    (METROXING: They might have sold out – they arrived early and yes, just 3).

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  71. charley new zealand

    just looking at your photo of the mountain challenge set, who is the car marked 16? it looks like one of the new releases [andretti perhaps?] but its hard to tell.

    i recently acquired a mountain challenge, and have to say, it is one of the best kids toys ive seen in ages! great fun!!

    (METROXING: I think it’s actually a pre production from even before the original release – great eye! Never noticed it before. I don’t see a listing for #16 anywhere, that back silver area looks like an exposed engine – maybe a Hot Wheels repainted?)

  72. Chuck

    Confirmation on the arrival of the new exclusive Wal-Mart characters (Lightyear Blimp, TJ the Green Hummer, Ghostlight Ramone, and Cactus McQueen). Ramone seems to be the rarest, but he’s still in decent numbers. Don’t seem to be any noticable updates to the regular line, though.

    In addition, you may be interested to note that all four of the Wal-Mart characters have kids’ book tie-ins, with a story for each. All four now also appear on what I assume are exclusive Wal-Mart kids apparel. Maybe the second round (Kori Turbowitz, Chick’s Pit Crew, the Biplane, and the Pace Car) will have similar tie-ins?

    The four-sided displays themselves feature all the exclusive characters on the lower corners, PLUS a Wal-Mart Semi-Truck decked out a la Mack! That would be a nice addition!

    (METROXING: I’ve actually heard the ratio is McQueen 50% and Ramone 20% with the other two plsitting the rest – hard to tell because the 5 Wal Mart’s closest to me has ZERO of the new CARS – 144 to each store or about 700+ GONE in DAYS! I’m sure there are 250 happy kids … or er, 248 happy eBay sellers πŸ™‚ 😦 )

  73. charley new zealand

    chuck, what does the walmart truck look like? does it look like mack [with eyes etc] but with walmart on the back as opposed to mcqueen?

    (METROXING: It’s kind of a mythical thing … I think sometime during first release of CARS, there was a Wal Mart advertising circular featuring CARS and Mac was pulling a Wal Mart trailer … since then people have been waiting …)

  74. charley new zealand

    ahhh, ok. thanks for that. that would be nice…

  75. Chuck

    It’s not Mack, it’s a CARS-style Wal-Mart truck with eyes, etc. In other words, an as-yet unseen semi (unless he was sleeping at the truck stop).


  76. Jesse

    the above links are both good. I got my shipping confirmation from kohls today.

  77. I just found your website tonight, I went to KB toys for the shipment, and got bob cutlas, which i had no idea was coming out. I typed his name and got your website. What im wondering is, is there a website or place i can go and buy the cars that are coming out. I have over 80% of the cars so far, i search 3 towns every weekend for the cars, but Im deploying to iraq real soon, and want to keep up on the collection for my son.

    (METROXING: Unfortunately, there’s no way just to buy them like a normal item – most of the new ones get scooped up & go on eBay – though a month or two later, if you haven’t gotten them yet, they usually drop in price to normal retail (for instance, RPM diecast sells “new” ones at $14.99 to $24.99 but 6 months later, there are some selling for $1 … or if you go to Amazon and click on “used,” even though they aren’t used but rather small retailers … the shipping might not be worth it but you can decide -as some as priced at $2 to $3 – again, older ones … the other course is to buy sealed boxes and maybe sell off the extras? While it does cost more, on the other hand, you will be saving in gas & time though of course, not as exciting of a treasure hunt … what’s coming next & in 2008? Check this post of ours. Good luck with your collection and your next months overseas …)

  78. renea

    kaesy – What cars are you looking for and where do you live? In the Hudson, Wisconsin area there are the new ones – TJ, Lightyear, Cactus and some others. They are selling at the Walmarts in Hudson and New Richmond for $2.97.

  79. Jacki E

    I live in Berlin, NJ and our Walmart had the four new ones on 9/30. I took a chance and went early. I got all of them and could’ve had plenty. I am collecting them as toys not a money thing. I think it’s a shame how people are selling them on ebay and what not for crazy prices. Or should I say the people buying them are crazy! I do, however love your website. I have made it a game to check almost everyday with my boys. Then we hit the stores. Just the other day we found Bling Bling at K-mart! Now we have all the released cars THAT I KNOW OF.

    (METROXING: Our checklist is here – if you’re opening them, then click on the last tab to see an alphabetized list).

  80. Dave E

    Metroxing — Please pass my email to Kaesy, I will help him with collecting CARS while he is deployed.

    (METROXING: Sent off – hope his email is good or if sees this note, he can email me at metroxing (at) and I can try again – thank you for being so gracious).

  81. Stephanie

    I was browsing online and saw that on Target’s site, the 8 pc. Dinoco 400 set is available online only for $34.99. You have is listed as $29.99 in stores…interesting and annoying change. Also, was wondering if you had or have a link to a picture inventory list of sorts? Wondering what this “young mater” is because I can’t seem to see a picture of it anywhere yet it supposidly exists…

    (METROXING: Yes, they are charging $5 more to buy it online – plus you have to pay for shipping (Target does occasionally run free shipping specials) – I should point out that no exclusive Target CARS exclusive seems to very exclusive in that months and months later, they are still on the shelves so I wouldn’t go all out just yet – I would also imagine some people are holding out because only 3 of the $29/$35 set are “new” CARS and Octane Gain will get a separate release with the Pit Stop launcher so in essence, you are paying $29 for 2 CARS that are “exclusive” now BUT may or may not get released in yet another racer set …

    As for Mater, ‘Brand New Mater’ is the BLUE MATER with a hood that you see most everywhere. If you look above at this post to see the WAVE 2 & 3 cards, you’ll see him at the bottom. If you refering to Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater – scroll down further in this post to see him out of the card and in a card – or this link at TRU. the main difference between Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater & Brand New Mater is the black logo on the door. Note, this is “inaccurate” as Mater never appears in the movie bowling and never with the black logo – even in a flashback – however, Mattel has seen fit to release this version in a BJ box set from 2006, a Mater Rollin’ Bowlin’ Game and the very limited 500 sets-only “Mattel Factory Set 2006.”)

  82. John Files

    I read these posts and I see a lot of parents buying these cars for their kids. I have three boys who are happy with the 8 cars characters I have bought for them. Are there any other adults on this board who are obsessed with collecting these cars like I am? I thought I was up do date on my collection until I saw the Dinoco 400 set on Ebay. What a FUN hobby!!! My boys could care less.

    (METROXING: Well, I can’t speak for others but I’m hooked as an adult. πŸ™‚ They did a great job of capturing the personality of the CARS, it doesn’t hurt that Mattel through benign cluelessness, outright cluelesness and general cluelessness has turned what should be a simple endeavor into work that ironically gets us all riled up and feverishly skidding to exit stops in nowheresville because we see a giant blue & white sign, a giraffe or a giant bulleyes just off the freeway … and as we step blinking into the harsh lights of the stores – try and determine if one needs to out-race the toddling 4-year old boy to the toys section or if the really, really, really fat guy is an eBay collector and whether you should step on his oxygen hose … or maybe that’s just me πŸ˜‰ )

  83. galaia2004

    I thought it would be worth mentioning that I found the Movie Doubles packs in a local TRU in the UK yesterday. They had the McQueen/Tongue McQueen and Mater/New Mater packs – the Ramone and Doc packs were listed on the back of the packaging though.

    They had international packaging so I would assume they are available in other stores in the international market. There were no TRU Exclusive stickers on them but I am assuming that they are only available in TRU (as they were in the US).

    Okay, so the cars have already been released as singles in the UK but at least it shows there are still new releases coming over! πŸ™‚

  84. galaia2004

    I had an e-mail today from TRU (US) to say that the Flo’s V8 cafe is now available to order online again. I thought the usual price is $29.99 but the website seems to be offering it for $19.99.

    Hopefully this is useful information for anyone who is currently looking to get hold of one.

  85. John F.

    Happy to report that I picked up a Ghostlight Ramone today! Now I’m on the hunt for pace car and Barney the airplane.

    ~hopelessly addicted.

  86. Jay

    hi, galaia2004
    are you buying Flo’s V8 cafe from TRU (US) and getting it posted to U.K. or are you just putting this up for info?? because I want to get one or two of them.

  87. galaia2004


    I’m just putting this up for info. You will have to check but I’m not sure if the TRU US website will allow for deliveries to be sent to the UK. I tried this a while back with no success but they may have changed their policy now.

    I was lucky to be able to get relatives to pick me up a Flo’s V8 Cafe from the US when they were on holiday a couple of weeks back.

  88. Michael

    I was reading about the Mattel β€œ2006 Factory Sealed Case”. Have the other 498 cases already been sold on the hotwheels clollectors website?

    (METROXING: No, it might’ve been delayed due to the Sarge recall).

  89. Kristen

    Love the site! Thanks so much for the info. My son LOVES cars and we started buying everything before the movie came out. Everything they make in cars is in his room. However I missed the first Walmart release and will not pay ebay prices for something my son wants to play with. I am determined not to miss out on the second one but is anyone really sure of the second release date?
    I go in every morning and look and talked to some people and all they would tell me is that they have been ordered and they are waiting for them to come in…

    (METROXING: Depending on where you live, you can try and ask an employee with a scanner and try one of these codes to see if they help … Pace Car 0-27084-57435-7, Barney 0-27084-57439-5, Kori 0-27084-57436-4 and Bruiser 0-27084-57437-1. Your mileage may vary πŸ™‚ )

  90. John F.

    I was in Wal-Mart last night. I spoke to an ICS (inventory control specialist) who said that the warehouses have been shipping all of their older cars cases first. I said the same things have been out on the shelves for the last two months (boost, Sally/Cruisin McQueen, Lizzie, Sherriff) He said once in awhile he will get a case of the newer cars but for the most part, they are clearing out the older ones to make room for the new releases. Does this sound right? Thanks!

    (METROXING: That’s interesting. It’s hard for me to tell the whole story being out here on the West Coast since we only have like 15 WM’s spread out over 10 million people here in NoCal while I have been in the Midwest and swear I’ve seen 10 WM within a 30 minute drive in a city with no more than 800,000 people but what you’re saying makes sense as people still seem interested – there are no stores where even “pegwarmers” stay around all that long. They don’t sell as fast as the new or the 4 exclusives but people are still getting onboard so I’m sure Mattel worked out a deal with WM and gave them a extra discount or rebate to sell off everything and then starting fresh since the holiday buying season doesn’t begin in earnest until November …)

  91. Mitch

    I have a question about the Buzz LY car character. Is his helmet supposed to come off? I just opened a brand new one and the helmet is not connected. I assume it is broken but want to confirm.

    (METROXING: No, it was actually designed that way, I think along the lines when Woody opened the shield in the original TS to prove he didn’t really need it – no on a strange planet – same here. It just rests on the back piece. Some parents have glued it on but it’s just normally supposed to rest on the back piece).

  92. galaia2004

    Hi there – just wanted to mention of couple of things for the UK buyers that read these pages:

    At the moment Woolworths stores have 25% off ALL Cars toys. The Mega Mack Playset for example that retails at Β£39.99 is currently Β£29.99. They also have Lightning Storm McQueen, the usual Mack Playset, and a range of the die-cast cars all reduced. I’m not sure though how long this offer is going to last.

    Also on I have found some good prices for the Movie Moment double packs. They have the Mike/Sulley and Buzz/Woody packs at Β£2.99 each (which is half price). They also have new-ish cars such as Dinoco Chick and Hydraulic (Red) Ramone at normal price (Β£2.99). Be sure to check that the supplier is Amazon, and spend over Β£15 to get free delivery.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the heads up, I added to our “buying guide” post – thanks!)

  93. to Quote Metroxing “try and determine if one needs to out-race the toddling 4-year old boy” when I first started collecting these some 7 year old raced to the back but i did not have the heart to beat him since his mom was there even though he did cut in front of the seasoned collectors. I have 3 kids and after I get 3 of a car I keep 2 (one open in my hutch display and one unopened) they all debate which car they want and I divide up an open set between them. My 3 yr old will sit on my lap and watch me dig through Ebay for as long as I want!! In fact it is his favorite pass time now.

    (METROXING: eBay is looking for a new ad campaign … πŸ™‚ )

  94. Brush

    TRU’s website is now listing Dale and Mario (and I assume Cutlass and Cartrip shortly), but they are ‘temporarily unavailable’. They closed our Mervyn’s up here in the NW last year 😦

    Also, I had a local Wal Mart punch in the scan number for the pace car and it showed they had a bunch on hand, but the manager said they hadn’t received them yet or they’d be on the floor. So I’d expect some Wal Mart’s to get the new wave in very soon. Thanks for the great info as always.

  95. John F.

    Ok, so I talked to that ICS guy last night as I was expecting a shipment of the “new(er)” cars. All he got in was the Ferrari Guido and Luigi, Flo and Ramone McQ and Sally. Oh, and I saw the original Guido, Luigi and Tractor movie moments pack which I have NEVER seen in person. I told him to get real with me and asked what the deal was. He said that they have the newer cases but he’s been instructed to stock the older stuff first and then release the new cars towards the end of the month. He told me not to bother with my nightly hunts until November. Hmmm, interesting.

    (METROXING: Doesn’t sound implausible … since they know we’ll make all the extra trips just to be absolutely, positively, absolutely, postively sure 😦 … and maybe pick up some pork rinds, oreo cakester and aloe … or maybe that’s just me πŸ˜‰ )

  96. Hollie

    Great news for people in the Uk, T R U has got Tex dinoco and RPM listed on its website but they are all out of stock at the moment, looks as though they are finally here!

  97. Phil

    My Son and I were playing with is Mack Playset and I noticed that his telephone has a phone number listed on it. The number is 626 568 7788.

    I called it and it asked for a PIN number. Anyone have any idea what this phone number leads to?

    (METROXING: Humm, sounds interesting … Google says it’s in Pasadena somewhere … try the UPC? … Mattel is in El Segundo – about 50 miles away (and during commute hours – about 2.5 hours away 😦 )

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  99. Marvie100

    You’re missing the Toys ‘R Us Exclusive Supercharged: Movie Moments Cardbacks. They feature a slide-out on the front which changes scenes between the two featured cars.

    The ones I can remember are Doc Hudson, and Fabulous Hudson Hornet (RR), and Tongue McQueen, and Lightning McQueen. There are a few others, but I’d have to look again to remember them.

    (METROXING: They’re in the post – one of the last items listed above the comments – right above the Dinoco 400 photo).

  100. tina

    Hi I had my girl at wal mart in hickory nc check the numbers for Pace car, Barney, Kori, and Bruiser are going to be getting them in with-in the next 2 week’s plus she said with them is flea and flick, rusty and dusty , dale jr, and mia and tia which I already have mia and tia I had to order because I had to have them there so cute! Just thought I would let anyone who wanted to know have the heads up!!!

  101. doug

    I have a question about the 4 exclusives that ones the release on 10/14/07 I live in hollywood california in my closes walmart is in crenshaw and martin luther king and i go every day since 10/13/07 so my question is are they going to be ship to the store… let me know thanks…

    (METROXING: Now, people are saying 2 weeks – unlike the first set, apparently there is no ship/on-sale date so as soon as a store gets it – they can put it out. Judging from eBay listings, there’s still not very very many WM’s with them and there’s zero pattern because some store in GA have it, some in TN and others in Oregon, Michigan & some even in the Inland Empire … so … I’m sure WM likes you stopping by everyday and buying something – eventually they’ll actually have the CARS you want. In one of our commenst thread, I posted the UPC numbers – in theory, a WM store clerk will look up in their inventory system but as I mentioned before, in the CA WM’s – good luck finding an employee AND one with a scanner gun πŸ˜‰ )

  102. Bill

    Tina.. You happen to be in one of the worst towns in NC for Ebay scalpers. There are ruthless poachers that work at the local Target and TRU along with a local man who “scalps” for a living. No kidding thats ALL he does. Hope you have good luck. These people make it hard in this area for those with children and grandchildren as well as pure collectors that enjoy Cars. Patience will prevail. Don’t get ripped off. Mattel is making plenty for everyone…at retail price!

  103. doug

    Thanks for answering my question now i would like to ask you something else what would be the quickiest way to find Mario Andretti & Darrell Walltrip i been looking for them everywhere And also in different cities could you please give me a tip of where to look for them.
    Thanks for your time.

    (METROXING: Unless you absolutely have to have it now – I think in a few more weeks, most stores should be stocked but in case you missed this post, as long as people can buy it on the shelves for $3.29 and put it on eBay and sell it in 3 days for $20-$30, there’s not much incentive to leave it on a shelf for “scalpers.” Both cars are included in the first Mattel shipments for 2008 which should be in stores anyday now (yes, to Mattel, it’s 2008).

  104. Kristen

    Just to let everyone know that a walmart here in So Cal had the Barney airplane in yesterday…
    I got there too late. First person in bought all 30 of them, but at least we got something in finally!

  105. I got addicted to the collecting craze not too long after the movie came out. The cars are pretty much impossible to find in most stores in Chicago, Target has a lot of the coomon ones and usually no hard to find cars.

    Today, my wife and I walked in and I noticed they had three Piston Cup 400 sets so I decided to pick one up. I could have bought all three but I’m too lazy to sell them for $10 over retail, plus I really don’t need the money.

    I got every car I have except for the single Boost and Snot Rod from eBay. I bought the original “desert” card 16 singles and the four Movie moments from a single seller. Considering each car is about 3-4 dollars, I paid $150 for the whole set, which saved a lot of headaches.

    When the Supercharged cars came out, I picked up whatever new cars were added a few at a time and the Movie Moments were prettty easy to find.

    I just bought 14 more cars on one auction for $70 which to me wasnt bad at all. I then bought the extra four Wal-Mart exclusives that weren’t with the 14, then, I bought the Junior, Cartrip, Andretti, Cutlass set of four, which were $46 for all four.

    Then I picked up 3 of the TRU Doubles for $8 and $4.50 shipping??? I got the fourth for $7 by itself.

    The only thing I was missing was the Mia / Tia & King / Mrs. The King Movie Moments so I did a buy it now for $24.

    This completes the collection (so far) and I will continue to buy them in bulk from scalpers only because it’s easy. I do have a sealed case of the first wave desert cards that contains a Sarge and Lizzie. Those two were impossible to find when they first came out.

    The entire collection is going on display in our theater and I managed to pick up some rare Cars items like a set of specially numbered projectionists cards that tell them how to adjust all aspects of lighting, sound, and screen format for the Cars release night. Someone sold me a pin from the Cars Preview at the Lowes Motor Speedway that only the people who attended could get thier hands on for $5.

    I can post some pics if anyone wants to see the collection so far.

  106. Steve

    The key is find a emp. with a gun. Get in good with them and hope they can hold it for you. I am here in the I.E. of so, cal and some WM say they will not get them for 2 weeks (jerk emps dont even check the gun) I found most say they are on the way. I got to WM to late yesterday and some jerk went and got all the new ex out and left the 4 boxes of the 1st 4 ex. Why can’t they just take one and let other peeps get some. Yeah I am a little peeved.

  107. Bill

    STEVE don’t be peeved. As long as people (see Noel) are willing to let the scalpers scalp, true collectors will have to put up with this. Just be patient. If you don’t have to be the first on the block to have it, Ebay prices will fall and then you can find what you want. At Retail!!! Some folks scalp for a living, Some of us work a real job. If you suspect employee poachers at WM, TRU, or Target don’t report it to the store Mgr. Contact corporate. They will follow up!

  108. You can’t stop these people without a real job from going to Wal-Mart and buying every single Cars die-cast when the stores open. This is true for any hot item like the Wii etc….

    I would rather pay a premium than visiting 20 stores looking for Pixar die-casts. It sucks that people are so greedy and selfish that buy up everything the store has but what else can you do?

    By the way, Barney Stormin showed up today, you can hardly call it a die cast as it’s 80% plastic. I think the blimp is plastic too, we will see.

    (METROXING: Yea, I’m not against a guy making a reasonable profit on selling anything on eBay but as long as people are willing to pay $12 to $35 (with shipping) for something selling for @$3 … people who probably never saw the movie nor even buy diecasts are blindly buying and eBaying it … and yes, the blimp is all plastic … personally, since I’m not exactly excited about blimps and planes, it’s no big deal to me but the fact TJ is about 90% plastic bothers me a lot more for a “diecast” – hopefully we won’t get too many more all-plastic CARS).

  109. Noel

    By the way, Bill is right about contacting corporate for just about any company, there are self admitted employees from Wal-Mart selling cases of cars on eBay.

    Although I don’t think it’s against store policy for employee to buy a case of any item, they may stop them from doing it in the future.

    The days of walking into stores and finding the hot items are pretty much over, look at trading cards and WoW. People sell thier XBOX Live accounts for $20,000. I’ve seen individual cards go for $500-600. I’m not a player but a freind of mine is, he showed me some of the rediculous auctions.

    I dont think paying double for a $4 item is so bad, although I paid triple in some cases. The Pixar Cars die-cast has sort of a cult following, and there seems to be people near every single store that know this and are running to the the aisles when the doors open.

    I havent seen any rediculous pricing for and of the Cars die casts, unless someone can give me an example of a person paying $50 or something like that for a single vehicle.

    (METROXING: During the crazed feverish Crusin’ McQueen frenzy, one sold for $150 USD and I saw Flo’s listed at $250 … I didn’t see if it sold at that price but I did see one sell for $180 … and people seemingly very happily paid $40 for the first 4 WM CARS just a few weeks ago that were $12.88 retail … a month ago, Dale Jr. were selling for $35-$40 on eBay & Amazon’s β€œother” sellers).

  110. Rick

    Has anyone noticed there are no original mater cars at these stores. I have been looking for an original mater and have not seen one for months. did they stop making him?

    (METROXING: Mater is still available and will be through 2008 – plenty around where I live in NoCal).

  111. Mara

    Does anyone know when the stores, Walmart, Target, TRU usually stock the new cars? I was in one Walmart last Saturday and another Walmart on Sunday in Northern California and both had a few Cactus McQueen’s. I rechecked them on Tuesday. One had a bunch of the first four exclusives, as well as Tongue etc. No Yeti, Dale, Bob, Darrell or Mario though. Also no new movie moments. The other Walmart had the first four exclusives as well as a few hidden Kori Turbowitzs on the bottom shelf of a pallet, but no others in sight. I thought they were Sally at first until I noticed the color was more turquoise. I left the rest for people like me to hopefully find and be excited that they found a car they need after months of nothing. They also had a few Tongue and Ferrari etc., but no Yeti or movie moments. They had some cars in the normal shelf area. Then they had some on a pallet in an aisle, the other side had some sort of Barbie items, it wasn’t labeled for Cars. I seem to go into the stores before the have stocked the shelves or after they have stocked them and they have been nearly cleaned out (I can usually find a Ferrari or something that was needed but not anymore, so I know new stuff was in and I missed it). I will be rechecking on Friday and Monday.

    (METROXING: In theory non-24/7 WM’s stock at night but the closest WM to me is short staffed so they stocked in the morning – not that that means anything if the employees “buy” up all the stock).

  112. Todd

    I know its been discussed. But, it’s very frustrating going to the stores everyday and not finding anything. Then going on Ebay and see some guy selling the 2nd Walmart wave (Kori, Barney,etc) for $30 plus $10 shipping. And he has(had) 15 sets. Which means he came in and bought everyone. I know its supply and demand. But, Mattel and the stores should know how popular these are and either release more or fix the case counts to include more of the new releases. Right now a case has 1 of each of the new cars.

  113. Brush

    I feel the pain as well. Last night I ran to Wal-Mart for some milk and checked the toys for Cars. A near middle-aged guy was loading up his cart with Andretti, etc. and I couldn’t believe it. My kids love these things and it’s tough to watch some weirdo in the middle of the night stocking up for his next auction. I swear I thought he was going to ask if I wanted to pay him $5 + s/h right there in the store. It just seems odd.

    I guess we should take solice to know that these things will be out more and more as the weeks pass. I see RPM, Tex, etc all over now. The only way to slow down the auction people is to stop buying them that way.

    On a side note, I wonder if Mattel thinks Oregon/Washington is part of Canada because we seem behind on the Cars line as well (unless middle-aged shelf stalker and his minions are just really fast at scooping anything new).

    Better days ahead πŸ™‚

  114. Mara

    The employees at the stores in NorCal aren’t much help either. They don’t seem to know when they get them in or when they stock the shelves. They also don’t like to check the back for you either. Basically they say if they have it then it is out on the shelves already.

  115. John F.

    What should I have done?

    I made a WM run last night and encountered an older man with 5 cases of cars. He was digging through them and had about 20 of the newer releases plus a few Dale Jr’s, A Cartrip, Yeti and a Mario. I spoke to a Manager but he told me there was nothing he could do. I am going to call the corporate office like previously posted but what, if anything should I have said to this guy? According to the Manager, he’s in 7 nights a week. This would explain why it’s so hard to get ahold of these little cars.


  116. Noel

    That’s pretty much what I suspected John, I’ve never seen it happen but you can see when somebody went through every one of them and left them all over the place. I think the same person hits every store around here. If I went to local stores to complete the collection, it would take forever to get every car which is precisely why I get them from FleaBay. I would loved to have tracked them all down myself but I simply don’t have the time.

    I’m just glad I started collecting right at the beginning. My wife thinks I’m insane but my kids just like looking at the cars in the packaging. I’ve given then extras to open and play with.

    If anyone is looking for a pretty cheap way to store your die-casts and display them at the same time, IKEA sells a really nice six foot tall 15″ x 15″glass case with four shelves, a hinged door and an option for a light kit on top for $59.

  117. Del

    Does anyone know a place that has acrylic cases for displaying single packages, groups of four, eight or more maybe? Maybe Noel’s display case is a better option. Any way we can see how it looks Noel?

    (METROXING: I’ve actually eyed Noel’s suggestion at IKEA and it is a great suggestion at the best price … Johnny LIghtning sells display cases that hold 6 cars (they also sell larger ones) but it seems kind of spendy at around $6 – even before we hit the 70 CARS mark and I’m not sure CARS like Red (the Fire Engine) will fit … since it’s really made for 1:64 cars … there are other companies that sell plastic cases for a wall but not much cheaper than the JL versions though if you only have wall space as the IKEA case requires floor space, that might be your only option. Right now, I just have them on a bookcase (Ikea $39? I think πŸ™‚ ) but it might be time to switch to Noel’s suggestion … my only reason for not upgrading is I figured I would need to buy two as I’m sure to accidentially smash the glass while trying to put it together πŸ™‚ ).

  118. Del

    With regards to those of you frustrated with the hoarders, i feel your pain. In the beginning i was actually one of those who drove around to all the stores within a 15 mile radius and found zero. During my ‘must have now’ phase 5 months ago i went and bought RPM#64, Bling Bling McQueen, Hydraulic Ramone for $6 on Craigslist. It was the only time i paid more than the $2.79 at WM. Now, you can find the same ones at WM, Target, and TRU. Moral of the story is that it eventually shows up.

  119. Bill

    For those of you not having much luck with Dale, Bob, Mario and Darrell Mattel has shipped a limited number of U cases to WM stores. Our local WM received 1 Wed. and another nearby store showed 1 case in transit, which is probably a U case. Mattel has cancelled the V & W cases. Shipments should get back on track when the HWM1054-A cases ship out. These A cases are not scheduled to have a Dale but more won’t be far behind. U cases are scheduled to be the last of the pre-recall cases to be released. Everything should start to flow a little better in Nov. Different WM locations stock at different times depending on staffing situations. Don’t get crazy like the scalpers. You will eventually find what your looking for.

    (METROXING: This sounds sane and rationale – we’ll have none of that around here! πŸ™‚ just kidding!).

  120. doug

    does any body know where I could find the kissing version of flow and Ramone let me know, thank you very much for your help you guys are great…

    (METROXING: Since, they are not as many on the shelf now, you might try eBay – prices should be pretty reasonable – most include a photo – just be sure and ask to confirm that the photo in the auction is of the item – a lot of sellers are lazy and just grab another photo).

  121. Noel

    Hey guys, what I’ll do is upload a pic of the glass case to my website and post a link unless I can just add a markup tag and put the image directly in the post. Does the furom support HTML markup and what is the image tag?


    (METROXING: Unfortunately WordPress Comments are HTML for us, the admins only but I have updated the HOW TO COLLECT post with your great suggestion & some other options – thanks for the Ikea link).

  122. Brush

    I found both versions of flo and ramone at Target months ago. I think it is completely random.

    Our WM’s got a few T cases finally, so I got one Dale Jr and a Cutlass. So yes, they are coming. A month ago I couldn’t find a Yeti, Tex, RPM, etc because scalpers were eating them up. Now they are all over. Soon we’ll be complaining how there are so many Cartrip’s out there and we can’t find a turquoise ramone (I think he’s been every other color, right?) πŸ˜‰

  123. Noel

    Please disregard the last post, I found it (the glass case) on IKEA’s website, the one shown has lighter wood for the top and bottom, I bought the dark brown / black version.

    (METROXING: I have updated the HOW TO COLLECT post with your great suggestion & some other options – thanks for the Ikea link).

  124. Dean

    So my count on individually different CARS released or to be released is 109 (110 w/ the FHH red wheels) singles, 19 individuals released in “movie moments” only (PT Flea, Mrs. The King, etc.) and 1 from playsets only (Rollin’ Bowling’ Mater…not counting Mack). That’s some cake ($$)!

    I won’t address the packaging issue for COMPLETISTS. Holy cow! And who thinks when the Wal-Mart exclusive eight are released by other retailers they’ll come with the traditional blue nametag instead of the Wal-Mart red? That’ll be three Al Ofts please.

    On the other hand I have found all eight Wal-Mart releases and 4 Toys ‘R’ Us Movie Moments exclusives here in Santa Clarita, CA. VERY Well stocked shelves. Have 49 of the 120 individuals so far – packaged one way or another or multiple times (two of each actually – one for the boy and one for dad πŸ™‚

    No cases thank you. Enjoying the hunt…

    (METROXING: If you follow out checklist on EDITGRID, you can choose how you want to collect – the numbers reflect some CARS that are probably not actually out on the shelves like Rusty & Dusty but you get an idea of what your target shoudl be for the next few weeks … good luck!)

  125. Dean

    Ah geez, two from playsets…I forgot Bessie.

    “So we’re gonna hitch you up to sweet Bessie and you’re gonna pull her nice”

    Well, just another one to find.

    (METROXING: As a purist, the criteria for this line is:

    a) in scale (okay, mostly in scale – no diecast line is 100% accurate)
    b) anything released on a card or in a set with other CARS (so Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater makes the cut with the BJ box set).
    c) mostly metal

    Now, the blimp misses on two of the criteria but it was released on a CARD so it’s in.

    The front cab portion of Mack makes the cut unofficially.

    To me, Bessie (from the Mack playset) and Frank the Combine (from the Tractor Tipping Game) do not since they miss on all three criteria). If they even hit one of the criteria, I might let make a judgment call but zero for three is zero. IMHO).

  126. Noel

    I was wondering what you guys thought of all these “custom” Pixar Cars on eBay. It’s seems rediculous to me that someone would pay $50+ for a die cast that was opened, painted (badly in some cases) had the packaging altered with a cutout over the original, then badly “sealed” and to top it off, the have the Custom names in the wrong font.

    I think one of the first ones I saw way back when was a Mater painted blue and a custom made hood was attached, of course they later released the Brand New Mater complete with two headlights and a hood.

    The Frank knockoffs are OK as the character was actually in the movie and they seem to look pretty good, plus they are scaled nicely but a Black LM with fangs …… and people are lining up to pay for these. Maybe it’s just me but the variations are bordering on rediculous, a Taxi LM, a pirate version, a Secret Service car? Monster truck Maters, Ramones, and LM’s.

    (METROXING: While I don’t check every custom, most of the ones I’ve seen look decent but yea, personally, I would not pay over $20 for a diecast (custom or not) but that’s just me. I think I’d be more inclined if the line had ended after 30 CARS and there might be one or two I’d want like the Apple CAR or the guy who used to do the pit crew and tractor trailer set – those would’ve been nice complements to my CARS collection IF THEY HAD STOPPED AT 30 but now, who knows where this will end? Now, if you love Bessie or Frank, it’s more likely we’ll never see those since retailers would not be particularly anxious to carry a $20-$30 combine or street paver (what Mattel would have to sell it for in scale) though Mattel might offer it online as a collector’s item … the bottom line is that some customs are art or close enough so it’s fun and whimsical to own essentially a one-of-a-kind … but yea, just like people can randomly set up shop at your local tourist attraction and call themselves an artist, you can too on eBay … so look and shop carefully but if you have to have it, you have to have it πŸ™‚ ).

  127. Hollie

    Hello, im getting a bit worried as i have heard that the cars may not be coming over to europe anymore once the new cardbacks come out ‘the world of cars’. Has anyone heard any different as we have only just got Tex dinoco and RPM in the Uk?

    (METROXING: Someone left a note saying they called Mattel and Mattel said they were cutting back on int’l shipments but then someone else reported seeing new items so I’m not sure …).

  128. Matt

    Hello All,

    I have recently come across this web-site, and find it a solice to see all the fans like myself, who find themselves on a never ending quest for the holy grail. Fortunately, I have been able to add to my collection by finding the cars at the local box stores either via luck, or by patience. Only missing the Andretti, Cartrip, and the two new movie moments. I,like many others have perused Overpriced-bay just to keep up on what is coming out. However, since finding this site, I don’t think that will be necessary anymore.
    I am posting a comment, to inquire into the general public thoughts as to how to get some of these cars out to those who need them. i.e. coasts, and especially our international friends. I live in the Midwest, and fortunately, have four 24/7 Walmarts within 15 miles of my house. Also have two TRU in the area, but these have been hit and miss.
    I want to know how to get cars to the people that need them, without them getting gouged, especially in light of the fact that Christmas is coming up. I also want to make sure that cars are getting to those who don’t have them, rather than to the E-hoarders, who only try to drive the prices up on people who have no way of getting these cars due to Mattel’s slow process of distribution.
    Like I said above, I have access to quite a few cars, except for case U, which does not seem to have hit the Midwest yet. Last week, saw my first Cutlas and Earnhardt, and bought one each for me and my son, as well as two for a woman in my neighborhood who has been looking for her kids for Christmas.
    I have never bought or sold on ebay, and don’t have a paypal account, but can arrange for one. I also don’t have the means to go hoarde, but am concerned after looking at all the post here that people can’t get what they need. Any thoughts as to how I can help. I can generally get the individual cards for 2.97 – 4.99, and the movie moments for 7.88 – 10.99. Also have access to Target exclusives. Would be willing to arrange for sale for cars, but don’t know how to proceed. Would do ebay, with a buy-it now tag for a price a $1.00 or so above cost, but would be afraid that the scalpers would snatch this up, and prevent what I am trying to get accomplished. If we could set something up, maybe we can drive these stupid prices down, and more importantly, get cars to those who need.
    Please post suggesstions……

  129. Noel

    I like your idea Matt, but even if something was able to be set up let’s say even here, eventually somebody (scalpers) would figure it out and the car you just sold for $1.00 over retail would end up on eBay.

    A trade network however would be more fair because you would be getting something of equal value (to you) for the one you traded. The problem is monitoring something like this and making sure people don’t keep yours and send you nothing.

  130. kalvin1703

    Just to let you know, the link on this page to order the Target Exclusive Dinoco 400 set now has the correct photo including the Orange colour Octain Gain instead of the incorrect yellow colour.

  131. galaia2004

    I’ll be honest, I can’t understand why people pay these silly prices on eBay for items. Maybe they get trapped in a bidding war, or maybe they have far too much expendable income to bother about it. There seems to be a lot of people out there willing to pay ridiculous prices for these items.

    I’ll admit I did buy the first four Walmart exclusives on eBay the other week, but as there is no word when (or if!) they are likely to be released in the UK I looked for a good price – I paid $22+$10 postage which for me means Β£4 per car (including postage from US to the UK). I was very happy with that as they would be Β£3 each if they were available here in the UK.

    I still look out for the others and hope to get a similar price on the other four Walmart cars but not seen anything close to that price yet. It is good that they are being sold as a set of four though as it keeps the postage lower, rather than buying then individually (and I have no idea how these people calculate the postage to the UK as there is such a wide range of prices!) I’m not even looking too much for the others (Dale, Darrell, Cutlass) as they still seem to be going for silly prices.

    On a slightly different note about the ‘scalpers’, I had a good chat with a woman who was working in a department store here in the UK about eBay prices, and the fact that essentially these cars are for kids. What she tends to do with new stock is only put out some of the cars and let people ask if there are particular ones they are after, then she can look out in the storeroom, Of course she would only give them the car they were after and not the whole box!! (And I guess if they looked liked scalpers she would say they didn’t have any!)

    I like Matt’s idea of working out some network of selling the cars, although as already mentioned not sure how this would work out. My feeling would be for people to get in contact with each other on here and sell on to new ‘friends’. As a UK buyer I doubt there is much I could offer up for trade for the newer cars other than money!

    I guess the search continues… (and here’s hoping that there are more cars due out in the UK!)

  132. Todd

    If you see any extra Dale, Cutlass, Mario and Cartrips let me know. I check a Target & Walmart often and a TRU when I can. But, their is a lady who hits these stores every morning and scoops them up if she sees them. My son is a big Dale Jr fan.


  133. Steve

    I was just at a Merv. and I saw 2 Dales. If I needed them I would have got another one. Keep looking. You will find Dale. I am going nuts trying to get Bob.

  134. Mara

    I just found Yeti at a NorCal Walmart. This one had a new shipment in of the Yeti/Tongue/Tex etc boxes. I found at least three Yetis but bought only one. It has been months of searching for this one. I also was at a KMart. The just got in at least 6 boxes of the Q box which has Tongue but no Yeti. A very helpful employee opened a few for me, but they had none that I needed. I was hoping for Dale/Bob/Mario and Darrell. Still no more of the 2nd WM exclusives, only found the Kori last week and haven’t seen any of the others. Hopefully Dale/Mario etc will be in the next round. I am still waiting for those 4 to show up as well as the movie moments. I am definitetly holding out because the stores are starting to get a lot more Cars in, especially with the Christmas selling season starting next week.

  135. Mara

    By the way, has anyone found Dale/Bob/Mario/Darrell/Mia & Tia or Mr and Mrs The King at Target in NorCal? They had newer cars when I was there last, but nothing that new.

    (METROXING: Not much in CoCo where I am …)

  136. Bill

    What you suggest would be great for us true collectors , especially those of us who live in areas where EBay scalpers and store employee poachers are a real problem. But this would have to be done in a way that scalpers could not take advantage of. Definitely worth some more thought. I am in the SE with 8 WM within a 30 mile radius. Our closest WM put out 1 U case last Wed. then 2 T cases last night. None of the second 4 WM exc. yet but the store shows 540 Cars on order as do the other area stores. There seems to be very little pattern right now. There is some positive news. One of the areas worst scalpers was recently banned from the local Target after a nasty comfrontation with a Mgr. Everyone be patient as Mattel has plans to increase the number of new releases per case in 08. Collecting should be fun, (albeit expensive at times), not stressful.

  137. Todd


    Thanks for the info. Just curious….
    -Where did you hear that they will be increasing the new releases per case?
    -And do you know what happened with the scalper? It must be pretty bad to get banned.

    (METROXING: What’s coming next?, just click on the link – that’s what we’re here for and free πŸ™‚ )

  138. Todd

    Another question. Has anyone seen that guy on ebay who is selling a list of current and upcoming cars? That lady who snatches up the cars got it. She said he sends you updates of what cars are coming out and which cases.

    (METROXING: No need to pay for it – want a free checklist, or what’s coming next, just click on the links – that’s what we’re here for and free πŸ™‚ )

  139. Kristen

    I wanted to let you all know that if you find a walmart employee in the toys section or a nice manager they might hold some in the back for you when they get them in. My son and I go in every morning and check and they hold them in the back for me to go through for the ones that I still need. (which is the new 4 walmart ones and the Mrs. King) They also told me that they have started to punch holes with a hole punch through some of the packages so that people that just want them for their kids to play with will be able to get them since it is no longer in MINT condition and ebayers wont buy them. It is actually a great idea and it is only in a few just to give people like us a chance!
    I would also like to post a picture of the way that I am keeping my sons cars safe. He opens and plays with them and we kept them in a rubbermaid until I realized that with all the money I have been spending, I should come up with something better. Anyone who is interested in what to get email me and I will walk you through what I did or send a picture to help you out. But it is only for opened cars.

  140. Mara

    I want to know how the online dealers or ebayers get cases before the stores do. I understand that they are probably ordering direct from the Mattel, but so are the stores and in greater volume. So why do they get first dibs? Why aren’t the same cases appearing in stores at the same time?

    (METROXING: If you live near where the freight gets offloaded from ships (here at Terminal Island in Long Beach for the West Coast), you can simply go down to the docks and pick up your freight (you do have to order in large enough quantity) – that pretty much explains 99% of the instances where a “small” seller can get items onto eBay faster than anyone else. For retailers, the containers generally have to go to a warehouse where the shipments are broken down and re-distributed. Only in some rare instance would an entire container get placed on the back of a semi and driven directly to the store. So, there is a lag depending on the store and the distance from the loading docks … and of course, the laziness, incompotence or just plain randomness of what gets put out once it arrives at the backroom. During the holidays, it is like a dozen UPS trucks threw up – you will literally have thousands of boxes arriving – managers try and figure what items are seasonal or being promoed that week and get those out – plus any high margin items are sorted out. Unfortunately, toys don’t always make the cut. I think the whole WM exclusive pallet thing is indicative of how smooth/un-smooth the process is …).

  141. Todd

    Where is the link to the those 2 display cases shown above? The gas pump one is great.

    (METROXING: If you follow the link to our HOW TO COLLECT post, it’s there or for you can click here).

  142. tina

    the guy you are talking about that got banned from target I wonder if it is the same scalper that I know of? I’m not sure if I should really go into name’s on here but do you know if his name starts with a C? And specking of target I found the dinco 400 I was so happy and so was my son I wanted to save them for Christmas but the little turkey saw them before I did I wasn’t even looking for it because I thought there was like no way I could find it yet in this area especially

  143. Noel

    Did anyone else notice that rims on the Andretti die-cast are (completely) the wrong color? Instead of red, they are a light golden brown.

    The pictures of the pre release show red ones (ugh).

  144. Noel

    In an earlier post, I mentioned a set of cards that were given to projectionists in the theaters that were showing the Cars premier.

    I scanned them and uploaded them to imageshack if anyone wants to see them. Here are the links.

    TIZMANIAN: Wow! That is very cool! Thanks so much for the scans and sharing with all of TwoADay’s readers. I wondered what those things looked like and now I know.

  145. Alexis Stead

    I love this site…I check it every morning! I am from so cal and have been trying to get dale, cartrip, andretti and cutlass for weeks! I read that someone picked some up from mervyns so i just went and found dale..thanks steve! By the way, does anyone know if WM in so cal released the new 4 yet? I have had sick kids for days and was unable to check for the last few days!

    (METROXING: Doesn’t seem like it – haven’t heard reports from SoCal but someone from Fresno has seen them … though should you be going outside these next few days 😦 ).

  146. Harry B

    Hi, I live in Oz and have collected all the cars up until the wave with Bling McQueen, Tex, Ferarri etc.
    Cuz i don’t have any money, my mum buys me cars, but she says she’ll only buy the ones that are in my local shops (which means i won’t get any Walmart exlusives)
    And I was just wondering if any of the new wave cars (like fred and bob cutless etc) will be released in Australia.
    Thanks for your time

    (METROXING: The WM CARS are all scheduled to be released next year as part of the “regular” series. As for international shipments, we’ve heard lots of different things and we’re not sure if it applies everywhere or if it’s all correct. It wouldn’t hurt to call Mattel in AUS and see what they have to say and put in your opinion).

  147. Harry B

    Are you sure Barny Stormin’ is a Walmart exclusive. Because I walked into Target the other day and saw a man buying Barney, yet there are no Walmarts in Oz. Unless of course he came from another countrie and just thought of walking around in a store with it.

  148. charley new zealand

    harry, i think the walmart exlcusives will be released for general release next year.
    i am lucky in that a friend in the USA managed to score them and the TRU ones for me, so thats awesome.

  149. Harry B

    Thanks Charlie.
    I just found out what the Mack that can send McQueen flying out of him, it’s called ‘Lightning McQueen Cars Runaway Racer’. I found it on the Cars website, it’s at this link

    Hope this helps

  150. tina

    Harry B and Charlie

    The Mack truck you are talking about just to let you know the Lightning Mcqueen is plastic in the set!!!

  151. Todd

    Talk about a tease. The Toys R Us website has the Dale and Mario cars listed..but out of stock. So I put my email address down to be notified when it was going to be in stock. I was online a few minutes ago when I got an email saying Mario was in stock. I immediately followed the link to the item and it was still not in stock. 😦

    (METROXING: I can top that 😦 … I’ve actually put things into my basket, gone to check out and it was gone … son of a *************** ).

  152. renee

    I was just wondering where to buy the new cars because I know alot of the new ones have been exclusives. I just found the dinoco 400 yesterday by chance in Target,but it of course is a Target exclusive. How do you know where to look for each of the new cars?

    (METROXING: Well, this crazy hot, hot line is like no other – managing to sustain a near frenzy level for new releases for well over 16 months and NO END in sight! We have put together a little buying guide that might be of use and what to expect in the next few months and in 2008 … a Checklist? Check.- hope that helps!)

  153. Bill

    Now if this Target would get rid of its employee poachers, customers might actually get to buy some NEW Cars in the valley.

  154. Steve

    Alexis Stead
    I have not seen the 2nd set of 4 but I have talked to some WM EMPS who have seen them. Now that I think of it my friend saw the pace car last week. Where in So Ca are you? I want to win the car lottery again its been awhile.

  155. Noel

    I just went to Wal-Mart and to my surprise they actually had a Ghostlight Ramone, the Ferarri, and Cactus McQueen in stock.

    The rest were common cars you can find just about anywhere. If you guys are serious about trading cars, I’ll start picking up any of the hard to find ones for anyone who wants them or would like to trade.

    I am going to Target on the way home to see what they have. If there are Dinoco 400 sets, I’ll grab a couple for anyone who is having a hard time getting them. The reason why I went to Wal-Mart is they sometimes have Wii’s. Today they did, and they only allow one per day per customer. I thought it would be a good idea to grab one now before I’m forced to pay eBay prices with the holidays coming.

    Too bad they wont stop scaplers from buying cart fulls of die-casts.

  156. Brush

    One of our local Wal-Marts finally received the second set of exclusives. The interesting thing is they’ve started putting green price tag stickers on all of the packs. My kids open a set and we keep one un-opened. I like the idea of stopping scalpers, but not at the expense of the collectors that don’t hoard everything once they hit the shelves.

    Now just waiting for the U boxes to start here in OR/WA. If the second set of WM exclusives are here, they should be everywhere this week I’d bet.

  157. Rich

    My mom was shopping near Philadelphia and asked a toys r us clerk about the new cars (bob, dale,etc.) The clerk chuckled and said, “Oh, the dealers get those cases before they even get out onto the floor. They take the whole case and don’t even open it up before they leave.” I had worked at that toys r us many years ago and I know there were policies against things like that happening. So I asked a friend of mine (whose sister is a TRU manager) about it and she said that her sister won’t allow her employees to sell unopened cases, but she knows that there are other stores that do it.

    It’s hard to be patient as the holidays are arriving and many of us are remembering what it was like last year. Hang in there, my mom went to her local Wal-Mart and found Bob, Dale, Darrell, and Mario.

    Definitely talk to store managers. My brother found out that a Wal-Mart manager decided to put the new cars in his office when they open the cases and he puts a set of the four out on the floor every few hours so scalpers can’t scoop them all up.

  158. Alexis

    Steve…I live in the Whittier area of so cal…a little far from you I think! I have decided to start going to wm every morning before work so I don’t miss the second wave of cars…I just lucked into a second set of mia/tia and king/mrs king and couldn’t resist buying them just because I felt lucky enough to find them, even though I really don’t need them…pretty sad, I know! I have the fever though πŸ™‚

  159. Harry B

    I wwnt to TRU today and found Bob, Darrell, Bug faced McQueen and Dinoco Helicopter (plastic)
    I kind of think Mattel are over doing themself with all these cars, but thats just my opinion

  160. Harry B

    I wen’t to a few stores looking for Red rimmed HH but could only find white ones.
    Is this a stocking error, or something else?

    (METROXING: They must be cleaning out the back room …).

  161. Harry B

    Thanks for the tip. Do you think it would be worth buying or should i leave it?

  162. charley new zealand

    you are welcome, harry.

    im loving that runaway mcqueen set… how does it work? does anyone know? bit expensive for me right now, darn it. but ive got 2 macks, dont really need 3!

  163. Harry B

    I love it too.
    I think it works simalar to the hotwheels turbo balster, where you push the car into the blaster platform (where on the other side is a large spring)so when you push the car onto the platform it pushes the spring back, and when you push the button, it releases the spring send the car flying.

  164. Lisa M


    In stores here we have hundreds of orginal cars on the the shelfs but none of new realised ones was only able to buy rpm64 the other day for my son. Is there any good websites anyne can recommend to buy from, and ship to UK?

    (METROXING: The problem is that most larger retailer stores are usually only granted limited distribution rights (generally limited to the US) and while someone like Mattel is not really going to punish WM, the hassles of filing out customs and taxes, etc … is generally enough also to dissaude them. RPM should not be too difficult to find – have you tried Amazon or Amazon UK and the “smaller” sellers? Other than eBay? Hope that helps).

  165. tina


    I did not keep it I took it back my son did not like it eighter, But it’s up to you you could alway’s get it keep your reciept and if you dont like it return it they had no problem taken mine back after I opened it I just told them that I thought the cars were diecast and they weren’t! I got it a target

  166. Todd

    I am bummed. Again I missed a Walmart shipment of the new cars (Cartrip, Mario). But, I went to TRU and of course it was picked clean. But, I looked on the shelf and found a Dale Jr! πŸ™‚

  167. Noel

    Target was picked clean too. Almost every single car was a Boost. They had pegs loaded with Mike / Sulley and Buzz / Woody Movie Moments and nothing else.

  168. Noel

    One more thing, the Rusty and Dusty MM packs just started popping up, I noticed there is now a Luigi / Ferrari set as well. I’m waiting until the holidays are over to buy them or hopefully find them at an actual store.

    (METROXING: Yea, if previous MM sets are any indication, we should be AWASH with them in a few months).

  169. Todd

    I have a question for those here. I have Curio shop that I gave my son months ago. It’s open, but not damaged. He hardly plays with the sets, just the cars. Well I was on Ebay and I noticed the set sells for a lot of money. An open one like mine is already at $70 with 30 minutes left. So I have two questions. First question…Is their any rumors of the Curio set being re-released? And if you had the set and your kid hardly played with it. Would you sell it?

    On a side note. After missing a bunch of the new cars again at WM. I had to go tonight to pick up a gift for my daughter. Decided to take a quick glance and was surprised to see Dale Jr, Bob Cutlass and Mario Andretti. πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Well, the Curio Shop is the ONLY one not readily available right now (the others are all available at one retailer) and so the eBay price reflects that … it’s unlikely to be re-released but Flo’s being re-released was a minor miracle (in toy collecting-dom, it’s a major miracle) … so unless you are really attached to it or you have the others and don’t want to break up a set – as long as you have the box, you should be able to fetch a profit – if you don’t have the box, you can still probably still make a profit since if someone wants a complete town set, they’ll need the Curio Shop … on the other hand, you could pack it up to wait and see … if mattel released more town sets, that would only make Curio Shop more valuable as it drives some collectors insane not to be say ‘it’s compete, I have everything,’ πŸ™‚ So my answer is a definite ‘maybe.’ Remember Flo got up to $180 … and good day collecting!)

  170. Pingback: Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist Buying Info & News : All Our Posts « TWO A DAY

  171. Steve

    I am in Ontario so I am not to far from you. I wish I could go to WM every morn. The only one i pass never has anything new like others I have been so. I have gone a few times on the way to work but it just bummed me out. I am just tired of seeing the same things all the time. You are lucky you found what you did. I have not seen those at any WM around here.

  172. Harry B

    I’ve heard a few rumours that there is going to be a Tar McQueen, Mini and Van, the minivan that overtook Mack when he was pulling in to the service station, a Flash McQueen with a determined face (apparently only avalible in Thialand?) and the Screamin’ Banshee.
    Are these rumours true?

    (METROXING: If you follow our main link page, you’ll see everything coming out in 2008 that’s sceheduled for now including: Tar McQueen, Mini & Van. Have not heard anything about a “flash” McQueen or any exclusive just for Thailand – honestly, that seems unlikely Thailand would get an exclusive – perhaps it’s something along the lines that Fillmore is “Bully” in some parts of Europe though the CAR is the same … Screaming Banshee is just too much metal (see our post on 2008 & 2009 & Beyond) from link above – not just for Mattel but retailers wouldn’t want to carry it in scale. Anything is possible but not likely right now since the regular sized are selling so well …).

  173. Noel

    I would love to see the minivan and the Screamin Banshee, I’m a little tired of the McQueen variations as a lot of them are from the same cast.

    The Ramone variations have finally been exhausted (I think).

    I did see a 1:24 scale DJ that is supposed to be coming in 2008. I have the Mater and LM 1:24’s already. I bought those at Value City right when the movie came out. I hope it’s not plastic like the helicopter and Lightning Storm McQueen.

    Here is the link:

    (METROXING: I would buy a 1:24 DJ if I could plug in my iPod, the mini CD on DJ would spin, and the car would pulse to the beat of my MP3’s … BTW, have you missed our listing of 2008 releases along with photos?)

  174. Harry B

    Thanks Noel.
    Yes the McQueens are makin’ me go nuts!
    I’m pretty sure that if theres going to be a Tar McQueen that it will look like cactus McQueen with the cactus’s painted black

  175. Noel

    That link I posted shows pretty much everything that is currently avalable and a lot of the future Piston Cup Cars. I came across that site months ago and bookmarked it.

    At first I thought it was a bunch of custom made cars, then I realized it was Mattel showing off the future releases. The Andretti has red rims in those pictures, the store version has brown-gold ones.

    I think some of those were one-offs that would be submitted for production. By far the best glimpse of what’s coming though.

  176. charley new zealand

    i like the ramone repaints, simply cos he is a car painter, and his own best customer, lol. im big into custom paint jobs, so thats why i like ramone so much. mcqueen… yeh, thats getting old now.

  177. Todd

    Good news for those still looking for Mario, Cartrip, etc. I was in WM again and they got more boxes of the cars. And they had a few of the above plus Jr and Cutlass. I think the the stores are finally getting the post-lead scare shipments back in. Still haven’t seen the WM exclusive wave 2 and the newer 2-packs (Rusty & Dusty). But, I think everyone will start seeing the cars more frequently.

  178. Kristen

    I found 2 helicopters yesterday at TRU! The kids already opened them and I took a look at it! I Love THIS one. I think it is the best one yet. Very well done. If you aren’t able to get anything else, find the helicopter! It is well worth the search!

  179. Mara

    I checked Walmart today, nothing new. I went to TRU and saw two guys each holding a Bob Cutlass. So I searched all over and didn’t find another Bob or Dale. Then I asked an employee who had the back room person check for me. They had the T case, brought the whole thing out, it had at least 2 Dales in it and at least one Bob. So I got my Dale and Bob today. They are finally in NorCal. Target had the Dinaco 400 set but that was it, all of the other cars were mostly Mater. Still need to find Mario and Darrell as well as the latest Walmart exclusives & latest Movie Moments. But I think they will be arriving soon.

  180. Alexis

    I talked to a WM emp today and he said he was going to start holding boxes back since all of the collectors completely buy out everything in the mornings…if what he says is true, then I may have a chance to get Mario, Bob or Cartrip! This is the first WM emp I have encountered here in so cal who has gone out of his way to check for me, so maybe I will have some luck! But I will probably continue going in every morning on my way to work, just in case he forgets!

    An emp at a local ToysRUs said that if you call on the day after they get a new shipment in and IF they have any cars you need, then they can hold the cars until the store closes that day…I wonder if this is true? I guess I’ll try it and let you guys know!

    Steve– Since you are so close, I will let you know as soon as my WMs start carrying the new 4…I can try to pick up extras if you haven’t found them by then…let me know!

  181. tina

    I am a Wal-mart employee near Kansas City, Mo. I am an ICS team member. First, I am trying to collect the diecast cars for my two year old grandson and I have problems getting them.
    Second, we have collectors that come in every day to our store and we are not allowed to do any “favors” for them, most of the time we want them to go away. We have even asked some of them to leave. Info for all: If a WM employee gets caught hiding or holding back merchandise for anyone they can be fired on the spot. This is a WM policy. If you know of a employee that is holding for collectors- report them! Besides myself there are others at my store (including mgrs) that collect various toys and we have to wait and watch for them like everyone else. If I had the UPCs for upcoming cars I would look them up for a customer but the handhelds can only tell if the item is on order, in the warehouse, or on the way. It can not tell you when it will arrive in the store, if an employee tells you a certain day-they are only guessing. They can do an item locator for other stores and tell you what stores are suppost to have the item (they can only do this if they have the program under their name, not all employees can or know how) this might help you find another store to go to -they will need the UPC for the item. I want you all to know that there are WM employees that would love to help the regular customer out but many times are hands are tied- help a customer or loose our jobs and most of us need our jobs. We know many of the collectors but new ones come in every day. So, this grandma is working daily with the freight at WM but waiting and searching just like you. Thanks for all the info I have received from your comments.
    PS… displays maybe gone but watch the shelves for the latest cars, they are there.

  182. Todd

    I go to a local WM. Me and this other woman go almost daily looking for the new cars. We have met a nice WM employee who works in the toy dept. She is very nice about everything. She will go in the back and see if any boxes came in. She goes out of her way to help. She appreciates that we are nice to her. She told us their is one collector/scalper who comes in all the time and is nasty to her…”Where are the new cars?!?” And even if she knows they have more in the back. Won’t bring them out for him because he is mean and a scalper.

  183. Steve

    Alexis– forsure! Let me know and I will get to that WM asap.
    As for me getting or seeing anything new I have just been waitting and popping in stores when I am near one. Still need bob and the 2nd WM EX.

  184. Having collected my six code numbers, I can’t find the websight where I can input them to claim my free car (Nitroade).
    Carstoys appears five times in my search but not have this promotion. Can you help?

    (METROXING: Website is towards end of this post on the cardbacks).

  185. Harry B

    When are any of the stores near me going to restock?
    I’ve been to TRU 7 days in a row, and they haven’t restocked once!
    Why torture me lord?

    I just went on a website advertising cars, and everycar is 12.95. I looked at the FHH, and FHH white rims is 12.95, but Red rimmed is 18.95, whats up with that?

  186. Harry B

    Hamm, my brother managed to stick a 5c piece into it. Do you reckon i should,
    A) Somehow figure out a way to get it out
    B) Try the traditional piggy bank open trick, smash it on the table or
    C) buy a new one
    If i don’t get it out it would never be the same

    If you like a) please post a way to help

    (METROXING: You might try shaking it vigorously? Since there’s not much space, the odds are not too shabby, you might hit it just right? I hope your brother is younger than 5 – if not, he owns ouy a new HAMM. Charge him a $4.99 service fee just like a real bank πŸ™‚ )

  187. mike

    Has anyone seen the WM cars display that is nothing more than a iron cage filled with Cars? I live near 4 WM’s and 2 of them have these cages filled with what has to be 200-400 cars. Very difficult to look through unless you want to take empty shopping carts and just start dumping them in to see what is at bottom.

    They are full of all newer release; yeti, tongue, bug mouth and the WM Exclusives wave 1. I found 7 Bob cutlass yesterday, but no Dale, Mario or Cartips. Guessing they were there though as they are in U Case with Cutlass.

    Ha sanyone else seen this at any other WM’s. Kids and I about fell over when we saw this and dug in them like it was an Easter egg hunt!!

    (METROXING: They fill them with DVD’s here – hope you’re not collecting MINT ON CARD πŸ™‚ )

  188. Harry B

    Have you heard of a mack which is like the mack transporter, but has little compartments. I’ll send you the link

    (METROXING: The Disney Store had two CAR lines, a 1:64 line that was not very detailed and a 1:50ish “figurine” line. I think the one holds the Disney 1:64 line and it’s been out a a while but it’s definitely not part of the Mattel line).

  189. Harry B

    I live nowhere near a Walm-mart, so no, sorry.

  190. Bill

    I hope this cage thing does not catch on with WM. It makes it hard on those of us trying to find Mint condition Cars. The factory makes it hard enough! Oh well, I guess thats part of the “fun” of it all. And if you do the EBay thing be careful! Some EBay sellers have NO IDEA what Mint Condition means

  191. Mike

    I live in MN and just picked up my final 2 of the first 4 Walmart Exclusives. No sign here of the 2nd set yet, but it looked like they just re-stocked today. Plenty of Cactus McQueens, Ghostlight Ramones to choose from. A few T.J.s and I think I grabbed the last Al Loft from a Walmart near my work.

    Like many here, I’m an obsessive parent who’s only child’s first Theater experience was Cars. Who knew what we we’re getting ourselves into when my wife and I decided to try and collect ALL the cars for him! We refuse to pay extra online for the cars and praise Mattel for not making these things limited run. Patience and a few lunchtime trips to Walmart and Target have served us well.

    Anyway, no sign yet of Jr., Cutlas, Cartrip, Mia & Tia, Mr. & Mrs. King, the Rusteze Bros or Fred here in fly over country. Please post if you have seen otherwise.

  192. Todd

    Fred won’t be out until Nov. You can tell this because no one has them on Ebay yet. Rusty & Dusty are out. And they are getting more plentiful on Ebay. So we can assume they will start becoming more widespread.

  193. Mara

    I checked my local WMs in Norcal today. The first one had one Kori so I knew they had the other three in, I just couldn’t find any more. They must have gotten them in yesterday. I keep missing them by a day. I asked an employee if they have anymore in the back and she said they put them right out and that there weren’t anymore back there. At the other WM, still no signs of the 2nd exclusives and I got the same response there as well regarding Cars in the back. I can’t get any help from a WM employee. The TRU ones last week were much more helpful and actually looked in the back for me. Also no signs of the new movie moments, just all the old ones. I will be looking again Thurs in case they are getting ready for Christmas that day and again on Sunday since that seems to be the day the WM is stocking them.

  194. Alexis

    I’m here in so cal and apparently my three local WMs put out the new ones this morning…but unlike the last wave, they had very limited numbers of each. The woman I asked this morning said that there were like only 6 barneys and 8 or 10 each of the other 3! What happened? I was hoping for another big cardboard display so the collectors wouldn’t buy them all!

    Fortunately, when I called my 3rd WM to check if they had received any, an emp from sporting goods said she found the Pace car and Kori and could hold them for me for one hour. When I got there, she had managed to find a complete set of all four for me, plus another set minus barney. YAY!!!!

    Steve, if you are interested in the second set (without Barney), maybe Metroxing can send me your email and I will hold onto them for you or they can go ahead and send you my email! Still working on the extra Barney and CANNOT find Mario, Cartrip or Bob yet…maybe we will get those wire cages here soon?

  195. galaia2004

    I just wanted to let you all know (particularly UK buyers) that there should be more Cars due out in the UK soon.

    The UK website now lists all the single Cars including released in the US (prior to World of Cars) including Yeti, Dale, Cartrip, Bug-Mouth, Fred and Dinoco Helicopter – it is actually quite a nice website for the kids! One thing I did notice was that Darrell Cartrip is simply referred to as Cartrip – not sure if there is any reason for this.

    I have also spoken to Mattel today who have confirmed that there will be new ‘waves’ that continue to come out in the UK. So if like me you were searching eBay for some of these start checking the local stores again soon and pay the usual retail prices!

    The actual reason for the call to Mattel was to ask when the ‘collector’s car’ (ordered from the six stickers) would be delivered and I was told these are still being processed and we should get it soon. They did confirm what has already been mentioned (I think on these pages) that the car would indeed be Vinyl Toupee.

    I’ve also just ordered the second set of Wal-Mart cars from a seller on eBay. I paid $18.50+$11 postage which works out at Β£3.70 per car (including postage). If anyone in the UK is looking to get these on eBay my advice is set a price you want to pay (mine was $32 including postage) and keep looking and bidding!

  196. Todd

    Are people crazy?!? I was just on ebay. And some people have bids from $40 to $60 for the Rusty & Dusty 2-pack. In a few weeks these will be in the stores or at least be much less. It’s not like these are limited releases. It’s people like that who are making it harder to find new releases because the scalpers know people will pay them. And I have no problem buying off of ebay. I actually got the WM wave 2 from someone. But, only paid $20 after shipping. A few weeks ago they were selling the wave 2 for over $50. Yikes!!!

  197. Noel

    I saw the Rusty and Dusty pricing as well. I’m not that crazy, this time around I’ll check the local Wal Mart and Target.

    I also need the Luigi and Ferrari F430 MM set but anyone would be smart to wait until after Christmas to buy them on eBay if you can’t find them in stores.

  198. tina

    Hi got the second wave of Wal Mart car’s today in Hickory NC!!!! Barney is so cool mostly plastic but still cool!!!!!

  199. Mara

    FYI, KB Toys has the Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater set on sale for $14.99 on its website and it says they are still in stock.

  200. Steve


    Yeah! I would love those ones even if its missing Barney. my email is email me and we can work something out. I have Dale, cartrip, and mario. I am working on getting Bob.

  201. Steve

    Well I picked up Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater today and the RR Hudson. Needless to say I am feelin’ pretty dang good today.

  202. Michael


    I noticed in your post, about the collectors car in which you recieve after sending in the stickers? Is that just a UK release? I don’t recall seeing those on packages here in the US, unless I missed it?

    (METROXING: Yes, UK only. The CAR is Vinyl Toupee – it comes in a plastic bag and a poster).

  203. Kristen

    Hey there everyone! I picked up the pit crew hudson hornet, and the fillmore! And the Rusty Dusty!!!!! Keep looking they are coming!!!!

    (METROXING: Out in the open like a normal customer – on a store shelf? Wow, freaky! πŸ™‚ )

  204. kalvin1703

    I think i’ll just buy another 3 cars I’ve alreday got to get the rest of the codes I need! πŸ™‚ Is it really Vinyl Toupee?

    (METROXING: I’m not in the UK but others seem to have confirmed it and I think there are some eBay auctions up).

  205. Jay

    yes it is Vinyl Toupee & you get a poster as well.
    I got my one a couple of days ago.
    I don’t know why they did not put it on a card??

    (METROXING: Much, much cheaper … at least you got a poster. Many ‘mail aways” just come in plastic bag).

  206. Patrick

    What is the best way to protect/preserve the cars on card (unopened)? I have been placing them in 1 Gallon Ziploc freezer bags. I know it is best to keep them in a cool, dry climate, out of sunlight. Will the freezer bags help or hurt?

    (METROXING: Well, it depends on how long you plan on holding to them. I would say 1-3 years is not a problem but I would imagine both plastics will start to give off particles/vapors and eventually they might meld together since the ziploc is not really menat to last for more than a few months or even more than 1 use. Of course, the plastic blister card will eventually yellow also – most long term collectors prefer the plastic cases where the plastic is harder. Of course, no one is quite certain as most people have not really saved toys as real archival things until the mid 1980’s. If you live in a humid place or where temperatures will change greatly from season to season, make sure you store it in a place that is mostly constant … for instance, humidity will shorten the lifespan of the cardboard card … I think as long as you keep it in a reasonable protected state, my collectors 10-20 years from now will understand some degredation as it’s just plastic & cardboard … and that you’re not going to build a nitrogen or argon chamber for these … though what a fun experiment! πŸ™‚ ).

  207. Todd


    Where did you find the new cars? And what state are you in?

  208. Chris

    Hi Guys,

    I am from the UK but working in VA until the 9th Nov. Anybody got any ideas on where I can get my hands on the newest cars. I have been doing the rounds of Walmart, Target TRU. Are Walmart supercentres better bets…I am near the Reston area but am willing to travel around a bit if it means I am successful……

    (METROXING: And the answer is yes … and no … and sometimes … as you noticed in your search, it’s hard to tell … there will be some stores with hundreds of them and another store 5 miles with nothing. Be sure to go online and use their store locator feature. It also doesn’t hurt to call though since each WM is a representation of each individual communities, you really should visit each one to marvel at the diversity in design, local motifs and fauna … and okay, I’m lying. Though they are apparently switching from MCDONALD’S TO SUBWAY restaurants so it some WM’s will seem less greasy when you walk in … otherwise, enjoy your American tour of WM and TRU!)

  209. Harry B

    I noticed that the carstoy uk website hasn’t posted snot rod, flo, new mater and other cars

  210. Kristen

    I found all the new cars at TRU and I am in Southern California. Ventura County area. I will go again today and check for others!

  211. Andrea

    I love this site. I can’t believe it took me this long to find it.

    I happened to go into my local WM in SE Pennsylvania today and bought Ghostlight Ramone, Kori, Pace Car, Barney, Bruiser, Al Oft, Mia/Tia, and Mr./Mrs. The King. I am definitely feeling good!

    My dad also bought Kori, Pace Car, and Leak Less and trashed the receipt. I already have those, so if anyone wants to pay the postage I am more than willing to part with them. He paid $3 each for them. Considering the cost of gas these days I would be happy to put them on the market (not the auction block!)

    (METROXING: Welcome to the site – don’t forget to check our other posts so you know what’s coming … good luck with selling the others …).

  212. Bill

    That was a great find to get Mia & Tia and Mr. & Mrs The King at WM. I need 2 each of those but all of our area WM are so overstocked with the “Old” Movie Moments they are not getting any of the new ones.

  213. Harry B

    I got tounge McQueen today. It’s a bit wierd though, ‘coz the only difference is they’ve added a different mouth part, litteratly. It’s the same mould with another thing added on.
    I also bought the Mega Mack playset, but when i opened it, Bessie was Gone. GRRRRR!
    Does anyone have a picture of the Wal mart truck in the Wal mart Commercial for cars, or does anyone know where i can watch it.

  214. Harry B

    Does anyone know a good place to find the yeti? I’ve been searching for ages. I got my friend that lives in Sydney searching, one in WA searching, 1 in Tas searching but none can find it. Plz help

  215. lawrence

    Hi, can anyone help I live in the U.K and my sons have asked me for pit crew hudson hornet, fillmore, Rusty Dusty and most of all fred for chrismas but they are asking far too much money on ebay and I cant afford them. If anyone lives anywhere where these are a sensible price and wouldn’t mind sending me them, I’d greatly appreciate it. I will pay for postage and any other cost that you maybe out in doing so. I do have paypal. Any Santa’s helpers out there???

  216. Andrea

    My son and I are going to make my “Cars rounds” today. I will keep my eye out for you both, Lawrence and Harry B.

    I will post again today with all my findings.

  217. Andrea

    I just returned from 4 different stores. No new cars. Sorry, guys. I will certainly keep looking for myself, so it is no trouble to be a “Santa’s Helper” for someone else.

    But, for anyone near Upper Chichester, PA, the Rt. 322 Wal Mart is absolutely loaded with Kori, TJ, Barnel, Al Oft, Pace Car, GL Ramone, Cactus, and Bruiser, which I think are all WM exclusives. Either no scalpers here or they took the week off. Those cars have been there all week according to a store emp.

  218. lawrence

    Andrea thank you for taking the time to look for me you have been a great helper much appreciate

  219. Greg


    shoot me an email at I can help you out with a yeti. I’ve seen quite a few at our KB Toys here in TX.


  220. Brush

    TRU had the new World of Cars set in today in OR. Had an extra dinoco mcqueen rather than an extra helicopter though, so I’ll be hiding that from the kids until I have one for each πŸ™‚

    I’m still in search of the mario and cartrip supercharged, no U cases in the area yet. Anyone know a way to get the old original dessert cards other than ebay?

    TRU online now lists Cartrip as well, but it’s under Darnell. Of course, it’s ‘temporarily unavailable online’. 😦

    (METROXING: There are some reports small stores in dusty towns on Route 66 still have the desert backs but I still doubt you can complete a collection – eBay looks like the only way to go. Depending on where you live, you can also check out collector shows but will pricing be cheaper than eBay? – hard to say …).

  221. Harry B

    thank you for searching.

    Ok, I’ll send you an email soon, but my Email is down at the moment.

  222. Harry B

    I made a custom Govenertoday. It looks awsome

  223. Harry B

    I’ve been seeing quite a few desert bckgrounds now.
    Found one of Dinoco McQueen, one of Sally and one Lizzy

    (METROXING: There is an ART OF CARS book …)

  224. galaia2004

    I noticed in Disney Store today (UK) that they now have a Programmable Mack available. This is similar in size to the Bachelor Pad Mack and allows Mack to be programmed to move about.

    The item is clearly labelled as a Disney Store exclusive and I would assume this is also available in the US but I’ve not seen anyone mention it here.

    The item details from the UK site are here:

    (METROXING: Is this Mack with 15 CARS with Mattel CARS or the Disney Store 1:64 CARS? Might require an actual in-store visit?).

  225. tina


    Oh no that is so not here yet if it is I’ve not seen it I look on the uk web site we also dont have Radio-Controlled Red!!! My son would be so happy to have these they are like his favorite!!!!! I looked on ebay I didn’t see them there!!!!

    (METROXING: There is a Red with lights and sounds in the US but I don’t see any RC controls. The UK looks “wired” – last year there were some CARS “RC” like CARS that were “wired” so it might be the UK is still selling out year’s stock? I’m only guessing though …).

  226. Chrissy

    Anyone know what store are getting the helicopters and stuff like that. I finally scored the walmart exclusives for my little ones now I am onto the other ones.

    They really want the twins.

  227. Megan

    Anyone know where i can get a picture online of the Dinoco McQueen Mack. I am trying to get a custom one since that isn’t on the upcoming lists. But I want to make sure it is ‘authentic’ looking. Thanks.

  228. I have found this on ebay, and it is real. P.T. Flea and Flik are now out. I wanted to share this picture show you can update this checklist with the picture.

    (METROXING: Thanks, but that’s just the UK release – in the US, we are only getting it on the WORLD OF CARS cards but good to know it’s available in some form anyway – thanks).

  229. Harry B

    Try looking up ‘Custom Pixar cars” on ebay, they usualy sell for around $50 (australian)

    YAY! thanks for the pic. I think it’s strange that in the pic, Flik is bigger than PT Flea, yet the cars are the same size

  230. John F.

    I picked up Barney Stormin, Pace car and Kori last week at WM. The gentlemen who was stocking them told me that they had about 20 cases of WM exclusives and will continue to stock those on a nightly basis. I saw the WOC (World of Cars) Multipacks this morning at WM. There was McQ and sally, Ferrari and Guido. Now I’m looking for the WOC singles! Has anyone seen these on the shelves yet?

    Still in the hunt,


    (METROXING: Our What’s on Store Shelves post tries to keep track of what’s in stock on store shelves right now).

  231. Mike

    Checked into a Target here in Minnesota and found the Dinoco 400 box with the 3 new cars. I couldn’t justify $30 for 3 cars and a bunch more we already have. No sign of any of the recent releases like Cutlas, Cartrip, Mario, Jr. or the new 2 packs.

    To all, please include your area when you tell about finding cars. It seems that the U.S. coasts are well ahead of the middle of the country when it comes to releases.

  232. Brush

    TRU has had the new WOC singles. I haven’t seen any movie moments yet though, but it sounds like they are out there. WM just ran a promo on their exclusives, so I’d expect those to phase out and we should start seeing WOC cars there too very soon. Good luck, scalpers are foaming at the mouth on the new pit crew and helicopter. They are selling for a rediculous price on ebay.

  233. Kristen

    I have seen TONS of the WOC singles. In all 3 TRU in my area. Which one are you looking for? The new ones, or any of them for the card backing?

  234. Andrea

    Mia & Tia and Mr. & Mrs. The King were stocked today at KB Toys in Wilmington, DE (Concord Mall to be exact).

    TRU had some of the WOC series as well as some of the new movie moments. I check every week for new cars at all the local Target, WM, TRU, KB, and anywhere else I can think of.

    I live right on the border of PA and DE, and NJ, so I have a lot of stores on the rounds.

    Does anyone else feel like they are going to scream whenever they see Buzz & Woody Movie Moments?

  235. Kristen

    YES! I feel exactly the same way! Buzz and Woody, and Mike and Sulley… and lately Crusin’ McQueen and Sally! UGH!

    I also spotted the Target Christmas cars today… like the ones they had out for Halloween and Easter… they are in clear ornament shaped cases… but same ole’ ones, Ramone, Mater, Mcqueen… and I think Sally.

  236. charley new zealand

    my local main cars stockist was restocked over night… millions of buzz/woody and mike/sulley, along with snotrod and boost [singles] and the usual pegwarmers. sadly, it seems even cruisin/whitewall mcqueen and nitroade have joined the pegwarmer crowd. BORING.

    (Metroxing: WE have more Buzz & Woody’s still – let’s send another boatload over! πŸ™‚ )

  237. galaia2004

    With reference to the Flea/Flick and Rusty/Dusty packs mentioned by a couple of people I just wondered if anyone would agree that these are in international packaging – I am guessing this mainly from the the names on the packs as it looks as though there is more text than you would expect to see (indicating it includes translated versions).

    This may also suggest that with World Of Cars packaging now appearing in the US that the Supercharged versions of these may not appear in the US, and may only be available in internationsl Supercharged packs.

    (METROXING: yes, it looks like Mia/Tia & King/Mrs King shipped as SC and will also ship as WOC but everything else is coming out in the US as WOC only).

  238. Mara

    I checked WM’s today in Norcal and still no new exclusives, though one admitted to having them before. Also evidence of WOC at TRU today. I saw a new Mater and a Cruisin’ McQ in the WOC packaging, but no help today. They said they didn’t have any more in the back. I then headed to Best Buy to get Ratatouille but was a few minutes early. So I decided to walk over to Target next door. As I was looking on the shelves an employee came down the aisle and started restocking the Movie Moments. She started with Mr and Mrs the King. So I grabbed that one and she let me look through the box and I got Mia and Tia as well. I think this was box N. There were two Mr and Mrs the Kings and only one Mia and Tia. The rest were the same old ones. But finally got two new MMs.

    (METROXING: Nice! I was out in PITTS (NorCal) – nothing of wave 2 …)

  239. Mara

    In looking at the lists of what is coming out next year, what is the “Foose” or “Old School” Ramone mean? Is it a new Ramone, or is it another name for Cruisin’ Ramone?

    (METROXING: Yes, it looks like it’s CRUSIN’ RAMONE).

  240. Megaheat2008

    No disrespect here -“i love this site” I have on hand if i can help anyone,i am not charging EVIL-BAY prices only $3.00+s-h, I can be reached or if you would prefer to phone arrangement by e-mail the list is -1doc hudson 2 leakless 1 sally 1 dinoco mcqueen 2 green chick hicks 1 bling bling mcquenn 2 rpm #64 1 dirt track mcqueen 1 green ramone 1 sheriff 2 fillmore 2 tongue mcqueen 1 brand new mater 3 yeti 2 barney stormin 2 piston cup pace cars 2 kori turbowitz 2 bruisers 2 al oft the blimp 2 cactus mcqueen 2 tj 2 ghostlight ramone are their any takers? I have been putting 2 sets together for my kids these are extras..”I too am looking for the newest releases helicopter ,fred ,pt flea flik pit crew fillmore pit crew doc hudson etc… the cacitore (hunt) goes on…..thankyou metroxing

  241. Megaheat2008

    walmart here in reading penn. has 8 cases on hand barney kori bruiser pace car etc info you wont see new ones till the old ones sell first inside store ordering info

  242. Mara

    I forgot to mention that I got the MMs for $4.99 each. They weren’t marked on sale, but when they rang them up that is what they came up as. So Target either forgot to change the computer or they are still on sale.

    (METROXING: Sale until mid November).

  243. startug

    Now, this weekend, I am bring my cash to Pennsylvania, because I am going on a trip, and I am going to get what I have wanted probably if I am in the right area! πŸ™‚

  244. Harry B

    Every store near me only has Hamm, Buzz and Woody and Mike and Sullet. It annoys me so much. I’m also going to toyworld on Sunday. This Toyworld has sooooooo many cars. Last time I went I managed to get my mum to nuy 6 cars. YAY!

  245. Harry B

    Our friends our heading to America in a few days and said they’d pick some cars up for me. Anyone know where to get any good ones?

    (METROXING: You can check our post: WHERE TO BUY).

  246. Kristen

    Going to Disneyland on Monday. If anyone needs any cars from there let me know. They are more expensive though. The singles are 6.

  247. John F.


    I was recently there and saw a lot of the older Supercharged cars. Be sure to check out the World of Disney store in Downtown disney and the toy store that sits off to the right just past the restrooms when entering Disney’s California Adventure. I had good luck there last spring.

  248. John F.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I was in Walgreens last night picking up a humidifier for my kids and walked down the toy aisle and found RPM 64 and Dale Jr! (supercharged) I talked to the woman who stocks the shelves and they have 1 peg dedicated to Pixar cars. They sell about 1 case a week. Am I on to something good?

    (METROXING: You can check our post: WHERE TO BUY which does list Walgreen’s as a choice but it all depends on the size of the store – my closest Walgreen’s has exactly room for 2 CARS on its peg (sally & Boost if anyone is interested πŸ™‚ ).

  249. Chris H.

    does anyone know if they are still making HH with the white rims. I have the red rims but had a brain fart one day and put the white rim HH back on the peg and now I cant find it in any store. Please tell me the evilbay is not my only option. I love this site it is so nice to hear when someone has found something they were looking for the old fashion way in a store on the peg. It gives me hope.

  250. Kristen

    Yes and I have found tons of them. Keep looking or let me know if you want me to pick you up one.

  251. Ok THESE ARE SO CUTE I didn’t know you could pre order them thought I would share!!!!

    (METROXING: Here is our post on them. While BBTS is listing a January ship date, retail stores should get them beforehand and of course, WM & Target will discount them).

  252. Harry B

    Like Kristen, I have seen heaps of White Rimmed HH.
    In fact, I actually need a RR now.

  253. startug

    I have a RR now, when I went to WM for it.

  254. Chris H.

    thanks for the info. i’ll just keep at it.

  255. Alexis

    I was at Disneyland this past weekend and many of the store employees told me they haven’t even seen any of the newer singles like Mario, Cartrip, Dale or Bob…is this true? I figured Disneyland would have the newest ones…when I was looking for RPM and the Yeti that is where I lucked into them!

    I am in Texas visiting my family until Tuesday, so I am hoping I will get lucky out here as opposed to back home in So Cal! I figure my odds are better with all of these 24 hour Walmarts and Super Targets!!

  256. Twin Cities, MN – TRU today had a Movie Moments with Luigi & Ferrari. The Card back showed the other new MM sets but they were not to be found. Also, Walmart had an end cap display of their exclusives with TONS of set 1 in stock, but none of the 2nd set to be found. At least we know they’re restocking in flyoverland. I’ll be hitting other stores this weekend and I’ll report if I find anything.

  257. Jay

    sorry I know that you have info up but how do I get the 2006 Factory Sealed set.

    (METROXING: I’ll update in the next couple days on all the new info).

  258. lawrence

    Hi, can anyone help I live in the U.K and my sons have asked me for pit crew hudson hornet, fillmore, Rusty Dusty and most of all fred for chrismas but they are asking far too much money on ebay and I cant afford them. If anyone lives anywhere where these are a sensible price and wouldn’t mind sending me them, I’d greatly appreciate it. I will pay for postage and any other cost that you maybe out in doing so. I do have paypal. Any Santa’s helpers out there???

  259. Rich

    Kohl’s is no longer selling the Casa Della Tires Playset.

    I ordered it 16 days ago and just now got my email stating that the order was cancelled. I emailed them back letting them know that I thought it was somewhat unacceptable to allow that much time between confirming my order and cancelling it, but the response I got was, “Sorry, check back and if we get a restock we’ll give you the sale price if you order it again.”

    I don’t have high hopes that they’ll be getting more of them in.

    Also, here in Pittsburgh, PA, TRU had a few WOC movie moments, but no Rusty and Dusty.

    (METROXING: Some people have reported seeing displays of it in their store aisles, our closest Kohl’s is pretty tiny so toys make up like 2 shelves literally but in other places?)

  260. Harry B

    Nice update. Now, that New Lightning McQueen, Is it just a metalic Dinoco one or is it different?

    (METROXING: I’m pretty sure it’s just like the regular McQueen – from the same mold, only applying the special “shiny” chrome paint).

  261. I have managed to get all but the flea and flick and the rusty and dusty movie moments. I also need darrel cartrip and the dinoco helicopter. I was in KB toys and found two sets of mia and tia and one set of mr and mrs king. I bought one of each for my son. If anyone is in need of the three new race cars including the vinyl toupee etc… here in Kentucky they are selling the target exclusive for 19.99 the day after thanksgiving. I luckily got that one already as well.

  262. Mara

    With the new MM coming out, it looks like Rusty & Dusty should be out in Nov. along with Guido (whitewall tires, what does this mean by the way, another Guido to collect? And does he have whitewall tires or is he holding them?), Luigi & Ferrari. Anyone have pictures of these new MM? Then the Dinaco Mia & Tia, then Flea & Flik, Gasprin & Gascap. I found this on the website where you can order them by the cases. There are a bunch more like Fillmore and McQueen w/whitewall tires, is this supposed to be before his paint job with Ramone? They are throwing in a lot of the McQueen variations in the MM. As well as the Crashed King, Tumbleweed McQueen, Andretti’s wife Patti, etc. Lots of new cars appear to be coming out in MM next year.

    (METROXING: If you check our post on what’s coming for 2008, you can see the listings and some screenshots (scroll down to multi-packs shipments) … if fact, we predicted some of them in our what’s coming in 2008 and beyond post … yes, it’s pretty much Lightning McQueen with Crusin’ McQueen whitewalls … no shock there, probably the cheapest extra version Mattel can slap together … as for Guido with whitewalls, he already has whitewalls so I think it’s just some random Mattel stock description … personally, I think that’s nothing – not a new Guido).

  263. Rich,

    When I was in Kohl’s in Burlington, VT the other day I noticed they had two of the tires playset ON THE FLOOR under an end display. Now, this Kohl’s only has at most 2 rows of toys, and I have never seen them sell any of the diecast cars, just some pullbacks and such. So maybe try your luck in person?

    Unfortunately, I am done with my Christmas shopping and won’t be going to Burlington again until after Christmas and the associated traffic is all over. Otherwise I could try to get one.

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  265. Patrick

    I just noticed that Supercharged versions of Fred and Helicopter are selling on Ebay out of Canada. Any idea if these items will be available in US on a Supercharged card, not the World of Cars card?

    (METROXING: Canada gets their own card – with French as part of it … like UK/Euro – Supercharged is still the design motif – the US has switched to WORLD OF CARS unless there’s a surprise Fred or Dinoco that escaped with Supercharged?).

  266. Rich


    Thanks for the offer.

    We have one Kohl’s in our area, I’ll check when I can get there.

    I had my mom check the Kohl’s near her in Philadelphia right before I ordered it online and she said that the Kohl’s looked like it was getting rid of its toy section.

  267. Noel

    Did anyone notice the Mia & Tia car hops at the end when Radiator Springs was back on the map? You have to look closely but they are wating on cars at Flo’s. By my count, there can be at least 5 Mia/Tia MM sets alone if you count all the dream sequences.

  268. Chrissy

    It is frustrating that they keep coming out with so many new cars when you cannot find half of them. I see the same MM and singles out there and it is frustrating. I just happened to get lucky going to Wal Mart one day to get the limited ones there when they were stocking. They said the collectors come when they get the boxes in and load up their carts. My poor 4 year olds just wants to smash the cars into each other. I think once we get the twins and Mrs The King we are going to stop the search.

  269. Harry B

    If you look at this link,
    It tells u all u wanna no about M and T

    Does anyone know anything about cars in Australia. It seems every shop I know ONLY sell Hamm. I’ve checked every day for the past 6 weeks and havn’t seen any new cars. HELP!

  270. Bill

    Does anyone know whats up with some of the World Of Cars cards having the New sign on the card and some don’t. I saw some in WM today and they all did not have it, but all of them at Target did. Also, I noticed that all of the Mia & Tia on EBay are on the Supercharged cards. I have seen the other new MM on the World Of Cars cards but not Mia & Tia. I was wondering if Mia & Tia would be coming on the new cards. I have the list of all the Singles cases for 2008. Is there a list of the Movie Moments cases that are to be released?

    (METROXING: For complete completist, this might be the dividing line … will some or ALL of the WOC CARS come in two versions? Is it just an abberation in the first few? No one is positive just yet? We’ll probably have an answer in the next few weeks when shipments B & C start shipping … Yes, Mia/Tia & Rusty/Dusty are available on BOTH cards but nothing else new (Luigi/Ferrari, etc … are only WOC cards. You can check our 2008 complete list – scroll to bottom for the multi-pack info).

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  273. Harry B

    I finished my collection today by buying Bling McQueen and RPM 64!

  274. 1 Walmart near my home in MN yesterday had 2 of the 4 new exclusives for me and a TON of the first 4. I hit up another WM today and while they had plenty of the 1st set, they told me they hadn’t received in the 2nd 4 yet. I’ve also checked out 2 Targets and a TRU today and while I’ve seen World of Cars edition cars, I still haven’t seen any of the newest singles or the new MM sets. I think that they’re out in this area, I just haven’t been quick enough.

    Anyone looking for the WM exclusives, I’d say be patient. Based on the quantity I’ve seen, there will be plenty to go around before the Holidays. I have an off topic question for anyone out there. The 1st set of WM cars were also released with short stories featuring the new cars. Has anyone seen the books for the 2nd set of cars? My 3 year old loves these books and I figure it’s a great way to encourage him reading.

    (METROXING: Sorry, there are only ‘matching’ books for the first release of the WM Cars).

  275. Kristen

    As of today, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us has the new world of cars in. Didnt see the helicopter or any of those but at least they are starting to get the new card backs in at places like Target!

  276. startug

    I went to Uniontown, Pennyslvania, and I found a few world of Cars, so even though I already have Dinoco Mcqueen, I bought him to sell. Next day, they were all gone, with WM exclusives left as peg-warmers.

  277. doug

    i have a question do you know if they are going to make the movie on hd dvd or only for blue ray let me know thanks..

    (METROXING: Disney is Blu-Ray HD only).

  278. Todd S.

    I was at Target this morning and noticed that you can get a special “blu-ray Lightning McQueen” if you buy the Cars blu-ray disc. Is this Target only….Or is it anyplace you buy it?


    (METROXING: YES, any retailer in the US & most of Canada will work – only the Blu-Ray version of CARS though … details here).

  279. Amanda

    I was fairly ambivilant to the CARS collecting phenomenom until I just recently noticed all the new ones coming out besides the standard main characters of the movie. Your site has helped me greatly since I’m now trying to collect them. My question though is that on your list there’s a Texaxs Tea as an exlusive. Is that a joke? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on your site yet it has a link to your address on it. Thanks for all your thorough information!

    (METROXING: I’ve noticed that people would just randomly copy our checklist as their own. Now, we provide the checklist for free and have no problem if people want to make copies and modify on their own but just copying it and slapping their name on it was just wrong … so we decided to make it a little harder by adding a few “errors” – most people can figure out and delete the line but most people who copy are too inept or lazy to figure out what’s not right πŸ™‚ … shhh, don’t tell anyone πŸ™‚ )

  280. Amanda

    Thanks for the quick reply; it was bugging me to no end! (and I also thought another Hummer would be really cool) I now know what to look out for, lol.

  281. Brush

    I saw a few Kori’s in the store last night and one had the straight sticker while the other had the crooked one. I’m thinking this may be a legit variant.

    Does anyone actually own one of those Blue-ray players? πŸ™‚

  282. John F.

    Just an observation

    Cactus Mcqueen, Ghostlight Ramone and the Lightyear Blimp are looking more and more like peg warmers in my neck of the woods. Is anyone seeing the same trend here? Still no sign of the WOC singles.

    Happy hunting!

    (METROXING: Mattel actually ships (re)stock to the WM stores in batches of 18 – I think pretty evenly split between the new 4 and the old 4 so I think the newer ones are still flying off the shelves leaving the older ones).

  283. Kyle

    Did some CARS hunting today and did pretty good. Wal-Mart in Avon Mass had a TON of the Exclusive’s. All 8 in stock. I already had the first 4 and today was able to pick up 2 of each of the 2nd 4. TrU in Brockton, MA also had some of the new ones, though not many. I picked up 2 RPM #64’s and 1 each of Pit Crew Doc, Pit Crew Fillmore, Darrell CarTrip and Bob Cutlass.

    Ferrari F430 seems to be a peg-warmer at most TrU and KB Toy’s I’ve been to thus far. Same for Cactus McQueen at Brockton WM and a few TrU.

    I saw the Dinoco 400 8 car set at Target in Woburn, but for $30, not worth it for 3 new cars and 5 repeats.

    Haven’t been able to locate any of the new twin packs. I’ll head to KB Toys in Burlington Ma tomorrow and I need to check out a few stores in Nashua and Salem NH.

    I’m trying to keep up, but stock at the stores is so hit or miss and you never know what will be around. I have about 4 different TrU, 2 KB Toys, and 12 or so WM’s. Target almost always has nothing. Just my take.

    Any info on Texas Tea (Blue Hummer) and where to get him?

    (METROXING: Dinoco 400 will be $19.99 on Black Friday. Texas Tea is a ‘fake’ to catch all those who just copy our FREE checklist and then either post it under their own name or who even sell it on eBay – so shhhh πŸ™‚ ).

  284. charley new zealand

    had a friend in the states pick up the TRU and first 4 walmart exclusives… they arrived this week. so great to see some new diecasts! cant stop looking at them. i love the tru ones with the moving pictures, very clever.

    what were the walmart books like? how many pages? i will look on ebay for them, but dont want to spend more than they are actually worth. who were they about?

    (METROXING: They’re for kids – kind of square – simplistic drawings – I guess about 16-20 pages? Cute but basically a simplistic retelling of that character’s storyline in the movie – I did not flip through each one – if I recall, they were around $3? Was busy searching for the CARS – they do seem to have sold very rapidly …).

  285. tina

    Lucked up on Pit Crew Doc, Pit Crew Fillmore and Dinoco Helicopter today at walmart Near Hickory NC so cool my Son called the Dinoco Helicopter the baby one because he has the big one with mater!!!

  286. Sergio

    I was playing with my son’s boost (he has two)and I noticed that both of his car’s tires did not have a red trim on the rims. Mine are still in the blister card and do have the red trim on the tires. Did he wear out the red or are there two versions of boost in circulation?

    (METROXING: It sounds like a mistake if it did not rub off … some people collect ‘error” CARS but it’s not a huge market … my Boost has a really bad grey overspray …).

  287. Kristen

    I found the WOC Mario Andretti and on the back of the card, it shows Fred!

    Then I saw a Yellow Ramone on the new WOC card back and flipped it over out of curiosity and found that the back of that one showed Pit Crew Guido and Tom Race Official! Does that mean they are out too, or will be out sooner than expected?

    (METROXING: Fred should ship by next week and Pit Crew Guido & Tom Race Official will be out in December. Our WHAT’S IN STORES post is updated when new info arrives).

  288. Got my last 2 WM exclusives. Went back to the same location that had the other 2 new ones earlier in the week. They appeared to be putting out a few each day. That’s another tip for everyone. If a location seems to have gotten re-stocked but they’re missing the hottest cars, go back over lunch the next day, or Monday morning and see if they’re holding them back to counter the Ebay crowd.

    As for the books, they were very short stories with great illustrations about the Walmart exclusives. T.J.’s was about when he first came to town. Blue Ramone was about how he tried to stay 1 color for a whole week, but couldn’t. Al Loft was about how he helped find Tractors who were lost in the hills. And Cactus McQueen was about him practicing to race Doc. All pretty fun and great for young readers. Initially, they were on the pallet display when the first 4 exclusives came out. I haven’t see n the new books for the second 4 yet, though.

    The last singles I found anywhere were Yeti and RPM#64 about 3 weeks ago. Still no new MMs or WOC hot new singles found in Minnesota yet.

  289. Noel

    I just finished ordering the Blu-Ray exclusive car from

    My order was #7412, I’ll keep you all posted when it shows up. I would love to make a custom blister pack to store it in, so if I do, I’ll post pics for you guys to see.

  290. Noel

    One more thing, the first pre-orders / pre-sell for the Blu-Ray McQueen have already made it to eBay. It will be interesting to see what happens with pricing once the 15,000 are gone.

    I couldn’t see someone paying 30+ dollars for a die cast right now that you can get with a $30 movie + $3.50 & SH. I think they jumped the gun and should have waited until they are actually gone before auctioning one off.

    (METROXING: As we point out in the Blu McQueen post, if you don’t want the hassle of buying a Blu-Ray disc, getting a code from eBay (if it’s under $15) is not a bad way to go as I can almost guarantee you, you will be not be able to buy a Blu-Ray McQueen for $15 once it’s in hand – certainly not in the next 6 months … but that’s pretty typical – the code is worth less than the Pixar CAR in hand 4-8 weeks later … but you know, there are probably hundreds of CARS collectors who haven’t a clue about how to get the Blu-Ray CAR and depend on the info from eBay – and as you know, some sellers are honest and truthful and other auctions bend the truth and some others just plain mislead …).

  291. charley new zealand

    thanks for that… sounds like the books are worth trying to hunt down.

  292. Kyle

    Forgot to add on my post the other day….. Thank you very much for doing the work you do. Though in the end my wife will probably hate you because I will end up spending more money on CARS cars than I really would care to say. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, got another hit today on some newer releases. Sears. Yep Sears. Each year they set up a toy department in what is typically the BBQ area or thier seasonal area. Over the years I’ve gotten some decent stuff there that have been harder to find in other stores. Today I got 1 copy of each, Tex Dinoco, Crusin’ Ramone, Bling Bling Dinoco McQueen and Dinoco Chick Hicks. So to all those people out there, add Sears to your potential hit list of stores.

    I hadn’t realized that there are actually 2 different Red Ramone’s, Hydraulic and Cruisin’. So far I’ve only found Hydraulic in the Stunt Double 2 pack. Of all the new releases I’m only missing 5 I think. A friend said he has a Yeti for me, so that brings me to 4. (I’m not inclusing the 3 new Piston Cup cars in the Target 8 pack). Monday I’ll start looking for Fred!

    Thanks again.

    (METROXING: Thanks … don’t tell your wife we might be at 200 after 2008 … shhhh).

  293. megaheat2008

    “There must be a “god” of ENGINES in the Sky!” SING WITH ME EVERYBODY “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY”,Lucky Lucky ME YEAHH !!! Today I get the phone call “we have them” pit crew HUDSON HORNET,pit crew FILLMORE,DINOCO HELICOPTER,and i got’em with the exception of one helicopter but again lucky lucky me tomorrow i will have in hand extras i am traveling to one of my pennsylvania secret loations K-B toys SHHH it’s a secret and i will have them in hand by 2:00pm-MARIO andretti,BOB cutlass, DARYL cartrip,PIT CREW hudson hornet,PIT CREW fillmore,DINOCO helicopter,Once again THANKS 4 A GREAT WEBSITE “THIS PLACE REVS !”(METROXING KEEP ROCKING-“YOU THE MAN)”

    (METROXING: Thanks – only a few more to go and the year is over πŸ™‚ )

  294. Patrick


    If you decide to make a custom blu-ray mcqueen blister pack, I would be interested in purchasing one. I can’t believe how creative people have gotten, and how much money the custom cars are selling for.

    Have you designed any custom Pixar Cars?

  295. I jsut wanted you all to know that case a of world of cars is out now at Toys r us they have the pit crew filmore and the pit crew hornet expect case b only when the shelves are empty. I am a firm believer that they will hold true to that. I just got my ass chewed at walmart for opening a case of moviemoments at walmart and got my hands on mia and tia, rusty dusty, mrs and mr the king. It is truely about being the first person there. Good luck hunting all.

  296. startug

    Rusty and Dusty and Mia And Tia are my big hunt for!

  297. Bill

    Everyone should not get overly hyper about the new Movie Moments. There will be plenty to be had soon. Just chill out!

  298. Blake

    I just got my hands on pit crew boys at a target so they have their product!

  299. megaheat2008

    YOU “R” VERY WELCOME! Hey Metroxing ,and all, I GOT’em WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Metroxing i listed my first item for sale on ebay no big deal just thomas the tank,but i have come across various sellers selling lists of “CARS” i may wonder if they are chintzing off your site i am crossed about that i dont think its fair for those if they are chintzing off your site they should duly get what they deserve . BUT I want to thankyou again for providing this wonderful website,AND MANY MORE YEARS of IT!!!Also For the commenters i do have extras here i can be reached at i am sorry i have been busy plumber by day dad by night IF i can help anyone with collecting feel free to contact me via email.

    (METROXING: I’ve seen people selling lists – they are definitely just pulled from our site and others who provide all the info for free – there was some guy who also just copied the checklist online and saved it as his own – not realizing we embedded our url within the spreadsheet. I thought eBay had rules against selling “info,” so feel free to report them if you see it. Thanks for reading!).

  300. Noel

    I just completed my blister card singles collection (once again), I know you guys frown on eBay but they were only a couple bucks more than store prices. The person who did the auction used a strange combination of keywords in the item title and there were only a few visitors. I ended up paying $16 for all four cars (with AuctionSniper).

    I needed both pit crew cars, the helicopter, and Fred. I am still looking for the 3 new MM sets with Rusty and Dusty, Ferrari / Guido, and Tex / LM.

    I will also be posting a 300 printable, actual size version of the Dinoco Mcqueen which I modified to look like the Blu-Ray McQueen for anyone who wants to print up a custom blister card for themselves. I am trying to get the car to look more like blue chrome so it looks authentic.

    When my Blu-Ray McQueen shows up, I will have a custom acrylic case with white LED lighting and some unique accents to display it in. If you guys are interested, I will post some pics when it’s done. If I really want to get crazy, I may incorporate an extra 4″ LCD screen I have laying around. All of my projects start out simple and end up being ghastly over budget.

    (METROXING: That would be great – we’d love to see it!)

  301. Noel

    The above post was supposed to read “300 dpi printable”

  302. megaheat2008


  303. Clyde

    Metrox, do you know if Mattel or a another party is making or plans to car keepers for ‘Cars’?

    (METROXING: Other than the “track” carrying case and the “wheel” carrying case example from Comic Con? That is it. I think the main problem is that most of the CARS are pretty solid and how many CARS can a kid really carry? I think adults prefer something nicer – while some people are customizing tackle boxes, I think a glass case is a much nicer way to go – check our HOW TO COLLECT post at the end for some options … hope that helps).

  304. Noel

    I just joined the Red Line Club over at HWC, the good news is I work from home and will be there when the counter hits zero for the 2006 Sealed Factory Cars set. I hope I get my hands on one.

    (METROXING: Good luck!)

  305. Midwest Targets have partially reloaded. I found Dinoco Helicopter, Pit Crew Fillmore & Pit Crew Hornet today and there were multiples of each on the pegs. MMs were old but few, so I would think they’ll be reloading those soon. I also stopped by a nearby TRU and they had all of their cars singles piled up in a cart after being on an end display. I’m going to check back tomorrow figuring they’ll rebuild the display and hopefully add new cars. Question: Is the Pit Crew Guido a single similar to the Chick Hicks Pit Crew that was a Walmart exclusive? I just want to know what to look for.

    (METROXING: Pit Crew Guido is Guido with 4 tires attached to him + a red toolkit … I’m presuming the tires are molded to him so the kids don’t eat it … all and all, it should be readily apparent. Official preview from Mattel here.)

  306. Noel

    I guess the 15,00 Blu-Ray exclusives must be all spoken for by now, pricing for the first one to appear on eBay has jumped to 80+ dollars. Yipes.

    It will be interesting to see the final auction price on this item, I have no intention of selling mine or the Factory Sealed Case from HWC if I get one. I would imagine those will be showing up for pre-sale just hours after they are available too.

    (METROXING: I think you’re still okay – last I checked, it was around #8,500-#9,000 so you have a few days left but I wouldn’t wait much longer. If the Factory Case is a sell-out on Day 1 and even if it’s not, I’m sure can turn it around for a quick profit – especially since it’s Christmas time …).

  307. Jay

    can you help me get the Blu-Ray exclusives

    (METROXING: Jay is in the UK – that’s why he’s asking for help. If you can find a US address to mail it to – you can buy a code on EBay …).

  308. Jeff

    I saw on one of the posts where you mentioned that the Curio Shop was coming back as a TRU exclusive. Any more info on this?

    (METROXING: No, probably not until after the holidays – but we’ll know for certain in the next two weeks as after the big Black Friday sales, the stores shold be mostly stocked for the holidays).

  309. Clyde

    Metrox, What I was refering to in my earlier post regarding the Kar Keepers, are individual clear plastic snap cases like they make for Hot Wheels.

    (METROXING: I guess I have seen them in magazines but haven’t actually sen this in stores on the west coast – are they slightly over-sized? I presume something SALLY might fit in one but SHERIFF? Definitely not MATER? I think Mattel might leave that up to a third-party though if Mattel really has an evergreen line going into 2009, I’m sure they will start adding additional accessories …).

  310. Clyde

    World of Cars sightings in KB Deptford & KB Voorhees New Jersey, I was down there for business today and spotted Copter, Cartrip, Cutlass, Pit Fillmore, Pit HH and a slew of previously released on the WOC cards.
    It looked like about 8-10 cases worth at Deptford. 2-3 cases at Voorhees. This was at 6pm Monday.

  311. Brush

    Does anyone by chance have an extra blu ray code? We don’t have a blu ray player and we’d like to get the exclusive car. I know it’s a long shot but I thought I’d test the waters. It is for me and my kids’ collection, not to resale. I’d be happy to help find other cars or something in return. My fear is that I’ll buy one off Ebay and find it already redeemed or something.

    Waiting on Case B here in the Portland, OR area. Found everything else so far. Our Target stores are still lagging behind, but WM and TRU are loading up pretty regularly with new cars. Good luck everyone!

  312. startug

    I am going to my local Walmart today to check it out at, maybe 10:00 AM, or 12:00 PM. Hopefully I can get Case B cars at this time.

  313. JPKHERD

    Stopped in to the local Target (Lombard, IL) last night and picked up the 3 Christmas “Ornament” cars.
    This gets added to my 3 Pumpkin cars and my 3 Easter Egg cars from last year.

    Kind of a good way to unload pegwarmers. Do they send the slow stock back to Asia for repackaging?

    An interesting note: these three sets have the Mattel logo featured on the front of the package – unlike all the other blister packs.

  314. Bill

    I was in our local Target around noon and asked when the singles would be restocked. The toy dept. person said that they would not restock on these until overnight Thurs. to be stocked up for the 6 AM opening on Friday. They also had about a dozen Dinoco 400 sets, just waiting to be marked down. A local WM , who always gives me very accurate info., told me today that they only have 126 single Cars (7 cases) on order. She said the total of this order was 56 cases. Wow! and its not even Thanksgiving yet. Hopefully these are A or B cases and not more exclusives. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and happy hunting!

  315. Wally

    I’m a relativly new CARS collector(Supercharged cards). I had a real collectors “experience” today and wanted to share it with you, not to make you envious but to let you know that anything is possible.

    I went into a busy Walmart in North Jersey today. I had been in it a week before and there were only a few singles left on hooks at which time the toy gal said new stock should be in any day. I thought it would be nice to see actual new stock for once.
    As I turned in the head of the asle I saw only one or two singles dangling and thought it a waist of time to take the few extra steps to take a better look. I did though and saw just ole Hamm hanging there being kept company by……………sARGE! My adrenal gland blew a gasket as my arm reached up to touch my un-holy grail.
    At the checkout another gal swiped my find a few times and was getting a funny tone rather then the normal beep and evidently the word “recalled” flashed on her screen. I mentioned that the toy went for $2.97. Every inch of my quaking flesh silently begged her not to call the gal from up front to handle this.
    She took it upon herself to inspect the package and say,” there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this.” then entered in a rogue toy code and the $2.97 price. I felt like a very bad boy but… eureka- I found it!
    This Supercharged packaging didn’t have the stick-on, upc assortment code .
    Anyway, I would be just as happy with the replacement Sarge that will no doubt be on shelves in the near future and you will be too.
    Thanks for the comradery and chance to share. Wally

  316. Matt

    Took your advice from the postings above about looking for the unused Rewards Code for the BluRay limited edition car on EvilBay…. (Have no need for a BluRay DVD… just the car)
    Was able to get the code for $21.00 (a little higher than I wanted), and it was sent to me immediately through email. Code worked, and I got my confirmation number from Disney without any problems. Unsure of how many cars they have remaining, but I agree you want to get your order in before they run out b/c there is no telling how high the price will be on Evilbay, once the 15,000 are released.
    Would recommend those looking for the code only to try E-Bay, and limit your bid to the $30.00 cost of the movie for the time being. Otherwise, try to find the movie at Targets. Last I checked in the midwest, the Targets still had quite a few copies on the shelves.
    Also starting to see WOC on the shelves here in Nebraska, and tons of the WM releases… Unfortunately, I do not think case U made it to the midwest prior to the changeover, so must look to complete Supercharged Set (Mario and Cartrip) from other places. Good luck all…
    Metroxing – any updated numbers on the BluRay limited edition?

    (METROXING: At the last page where they “confirmed” your info – at the top, it should say what # you are. I presume you’re around @8,500 leaving @6,500? You could also buy the movie and try and sell it. I’m not sure what a local used CD/DVD store might give you? $8? $10? Of course, there’s EBay but it can be a hassle trying to list it if you don’t normally do it. Good luck!)

  317. cbcgang

    I’m confused, I see an Old School Ramone on eBay, but i donot see it on any of these list.

  318. John F.


    Old school Ramone is AKA Cruisin’ Ramone. Right Metro?

    (METROXING: Yes, that’s his new name).

  319. Noel

    Just FYI, I joined the RLC to get a shot at the 2006 Factory Sealed Pixar Set just 2 days ago, they already sent me my card, the exclusive purple VW drag vehicle and a poster. They are lightning quick with shipping.

  320. John F.

    Hey Wally,

    Glad you were able to find Sarge. Does anyone know if they are coming out with an (un)leaded version? I should be safe with mine provided that I don’t sand it down and snort the dust particulate. Happy hunting everyone. I just might make a “run” tonight.

    (METROXING: I think that’s good advice applicable to everything and anything – never sand it down and snort the dust particulate … for anything πŸ™‚ )

  321. RML

    I found Mr & Mrs the King at the Wal Mart in Walpole, Ma today. All the other MM were the same ones. They singles were almost empty, so I will check them tomorrow for the others I am missing.
    Hope this is helpful.

  322. startug

    I found a few Crusin` Ramones at my place, and I was going to grab one to put on ebay, but it was too high up!!!

  323. Todd

    Just a suggestion for those who want the blu-ray McQueen. A website called is having their bi-annual sale. You normally get the dvd’s for 30% off with NO shipping. But, with this sale you get an additional 20% off. Just use the code dvdtalk. I got the Cars blu-ray disc for $21. I am getting a blu-ray machine. But, even if I don’t. I can always trade-in or ebay the disc and probably get almost the $20 back. But, hurry the sale ends soon.

    (METROXING: I highly recommend – lots of interesting stuff, great prices, free shipping & the 20% off is great).

  324. RML

    Okay was back at the Walpole WM and they had all WOC cars singles up now. I got Bob, Mario, Cartrip and the helicopter.
    I am still short a Jr.
    The peg were full and there were pit crew ones as well.
    If anyone is in the area and knows where to find Jr please post.
    Thanks and happy shopping this weekend!

  325. As I suspected, the TRU near my office did rebuild their display and add some new cars. I picked up Cutlass & Cartrip but the collector ahead of me had 2 Andrettis in his grubby hands. There were also several Pit Crew Filmores & Hornets, plus Dinoco Helicopters to be found. There was one World of Cars MM with Flo & Ramone which led me to believe that a single case of the new MM were put out. I would suspect another batch would be put out Friday morning, but I can’t stand the crowds. I’ll keep checking weekday mornings during my lunch. I’m down to 5 singles and the 4 new MM before the holidays to make the ultimate display under the tree.

    Happy Thanksgiving, All. I’m certainly thankful for this entirely pathetic obsession of collecting on behalf of my son who has no idea what completing his collection puts me through.

    (METROXING: When he rips them all open joyfully, that will be your thanks … it’s like when I realized – to kids, ALL stickers are FREE πŸ™‚ )

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  327. Kyle

    Wish I knew about the Walpole WM. To late for me to head there now. I did pretty good in Nashua, NH over the last week gettting Yeti, 2 Dinoco Helo’s, Tex, Bling Bling McQueen, Crusin Ramone, Mario Andretti and a few others. Also got Mia & Tia and The King & Mrs The King at WM in Quincy. The had tons of the first 4 WM exclusives.

    I’m pretty cought up, only need a Dale Jr, Darrell CarTrip and 1 or 2 others. Haven’t seen Fred yet either.

    I also came across 2 other 5 packs at BJ’s, one was a Speedway set… I think that was the name?? Dinoco McQueen, Ferarri, King, RPM #64 and Nitroaid (I believe that was the 5th). Selling for $16.99 I think. I almost got one for an x-mas gift for a younger cousin, but decided to pass for now. The other set was I believe a crusin set with Doc, Mater, Sally, Crusin McQueen and 1 other.

  328. galaia2004

    Finally!! It’s been a long wait but the new release of Cars has finally on the shelves in the UK.

    I popped into my local TRU earlier this evening and although I seems I missed a lot of the single cars (they must have been put out in the past few days), I managed to pick up all the new twin packs.

    Of the singles I found a Fred and Bug-Mouth (and I’m guessing these may have been left because people thought they were Mater/McQueen at a glance). They also had Old School (Cruisin’) Ramone, but again this is similar to Hydraulic Ramone from a quick look.

    Of the doubles I managed to pick up Flea/Flik, Rusty/Dusty, Mia & Tia and King/Mrs King. They also had another Flea/Flik and Mia & Tia in the store but I left those (hopefully for some lucky kid!).

    A box of doubles appears to contain one each of the new cars, along with two of some of the older ones: Ramone/Flo, Cruisin/Sally, Luigi/Guido, Buzz/Woody and Red/Stanley. I didn’t see Boost/Snotrod, Luigi/Guido/Tractor, or Mike/Sulley in the boxes though.

    I’m going to continue to look out for the singles now they seem to be out, but at least some of the Christmas shopping has been done and I should have one happy boy! πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Quite a haul!)

  329. Hollie

    WOW, we seem to have more new releases than the US now that really makes a change!!!

  330. galaia2004

    Hope this is of interest to you all. I was looking for some decent pictures of the various Cars recently and have stumbled upon the following picture pages on

    Hope you don’t mind me posting these here to share. If anyone knows of any other pages with similar good quality photos please let me know!

    (METROXING: They seem to be from the Disney & Disney UK DVD sites but still nice to have it all together).

  331. Alexis

    Not sure if anybody is interested, but when I was in Texas a few weeks back I lucked into a guy returning 2 packs of the WOC MM Luigi and Ferrari at a TRU, so of course I had to buy both, even though I only needed 1! Also, managed to pick up an extra set of the 2nd wave of WM exclusives if anyone still needs them (not sure if these are going to be very plentiful after Thanksgiving or not?) And thanks to my many personal shoppers, I also have an extra set of Supercharged King and Mrs King and Mia/Tia and Dale! But of course I am still trying to find Mario, Bob, CarTrip, Helicopter, both PitCrews and the newer MM…so if anyone out there still needs any of these or have any of the ones I need, I am willing to trade or sell (at cost of course…am not looking to make money :), just want to complete my set!). Just send me an email!

    Of course I am still going to try my luck at the stores tomorrow, but I won’t be holding my breath! Happy hunting everyone!

  332. Mike

    Is Luigi’s tire shop back at Kohl’s? My sister thought she saw it today on Black Friday. It also says it is in stock on Kohls web site.

    Disappointing day for the diecast. Thought all the stores would have been stocked with cars, and MM’s. Still same old ones as the day before.

  333. sdfd57

    I went to Kohl’s this morning in San Diego, and they had 3 of the Casa della Tires sets there. One with a messed up box. I know those have been at those Kohl’s for quite a while since I have seen them there before. Does someone need one?? I’m sure I could try to head back.

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  335. Hollie

    Thanks galaia2004 for the info on toys r us, i havent searched there for ages because there was never anything new. I went in and was really happy when i turned the corner to see the shelves fully stocked but there was only the old doubles, so i figured the others had gone. They only had ferrari and tex in singles but on the floor of the pegs i found a bug mouth mqueen hidden away which was excellent. So thanks again for the heads up hopefully i will get lucky one day with the others.

  336. RML

    Okay I hit the Walpole, Ma Walmart again and found Mia & Tia this time.
    The singles are very low, I would think they will fill again tonight or tomorrow. They have all WOC now for anyone looking in the area. I have not seen a Fred or Jr yet and am missing Flea and Flick and Rusty & Dusty.
    Please post if you see any in the area.

  337. Ringo

    I have seen about 10 of the Dale Jr’s in the area. I saw a few at the Bellingham/Milford , MA Walmart earlier in the week. Good luck, I’ll pick up an extra if I find one. I live near Emerald Square mall.

  338. RML

    I am new to the area and am unsure where either of these places are. can you give me an idea?
    I would love to find one.

    (METROXING: You can read the post on WHERE TO BUY – that should give you some leads – good luck!)

  339. galaia2004

    Hi Hollie,

    I’m glad you managed to find at least one new car on your trip. I visited a different TRU when we were out on Sunday and they also had signs of a new delivery as they had a Bug-Mouth and Old School (Cruisin’) Ramone. I’m guessing that most TRU in the UK had a delivery last week, either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    When I’ve spoken to staff at TRU in the past they have always said that deliveries are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I’m going to check again at lunchtime today (not sure how I got lucky on a Thursday last week though). I figure that with any delivery the new cars will have gone within about a day so there is little hope of finding anything new at the weekend.

    I was also fairly lucky last week as although I found Flea/Flick and Mia/Tia on the hook I had to ask one of the staff if they had any others, and although she insisted they probably didn’t have any she came back with with a new box of doubles. She seemed quite grumpy at the fact she had to go out to the stock room, but this seems to the normal behaviour from TRU staff recently (They are so much more helpful in John Lewis!)

    It would be nice to know what is included in the newest release, but I can only assume it does include, Darrel, Bob, Mario, Dale, Yeti etc until we know for sure. As I mentioned previously so far I’ve seen Bug-Mouth, Old School Ramone, and Fred (as well as all the doubles).

    Hopefully METROXING can pass my e-mail address onto you, or pass yours onto me if that’s okay and I can let you know directly when I see any new releases next.

  340. startug

    How did you get Flea/Flick? Or are you in the UK?

  341. galaia2004

    startug – yes, I am in the UK.

  342. lawrence

    hi galaia i live in belfast NI and was at my toyrus
    store today and got Darrel, Bob, Mario, Dale, Fred
    and over the week end got rusty dusty flea flik mr&mrs king and someone just in front of me got mia & tia oh and the helicopter i was like a big kid to find these in my store

  343. CHRIS


  344. tina

    Hot Wheels Disney Pixar’s Cars The Movie: Flo’s V8 Cafe $17.99

    (METROXING: Thanks for the heads up!)

  345. Matt

    Hey All;

    Just as a heads up.. I will call today, the day after Black Weekend, as re-stock Monday. Made the run to all of the usual spots TRU, Super Target, and Walmarts, and found that all the stores re-stocked their supply of cars from the busy holiday shopping. Needless to say, it looks as though the Midwest has gotten Case B in finally. Was able to pick up Fred, Mario, Cartrip, Dale Jr., Old School, and Rusty and Dusty. Still hard to find new Movie Moments as Sully and Woody still sit on the shelves. Best day yet collecting, and somehow beat the ebayers to the shelves to find all of these on the pegs… Happy Hunting everyone.

  346. Hollie

    Hi galaia2004, i have info on the box containing fred, mario, etc. I went into my local sainsburys this evening and they had 4 boxes i asked the ladie if i could open them and she said yes, i am not sure what number the box was but it had 2 freds, 2 mario, 2 dale jr, 1 bob and 1 darrell. I got fred and dale but a sainsburys staff person came over and took the last one i needed which was darrell saying she was wanting them all too even though she took the whole box full and hid them behind her desk!!! Hopefully metroxing could give me your e-mail and give you mine to keep updated and maybe help out if theres any you need i could try and get them. Thank-you

    (METROXING: Sent you email – can’t believe clerk took the box – hope you complained πŸ˜‰ )

  347. Hollie

    Sorry galaia2004 also forgot to say the box also had 1 dinoco helicopter in it aswell.

  348. Hollie

    Thank-you, thats great, im 16 so i felt a bit silly complaining but if my mum was there she definately would have complained, thanks again.

  349. John F.

    The Kori T. Variant


    I was just in WM and saw the two variants of KT. One sticker was straight and the other was at an upward angle. Is this the only variant? The one with the straight sticker looks a lot better in my opinion.

    Back to the hunt!

    (METROXING: Technically, in the illustration on the card from that particular scene in the film, her sticker is straight & level do if you’re a stickler for being more accurate from the film or scene, then straight is the closest … as for the angled, it’s all over the board from slightly askew to 27 degrees so is it really a variant? Yea sort of … Should you collect or even care … well, that’s your call πŸ™‚ )

  350. galaia2004

    I’ve just been browsing and found some of the new double packs being sold on there. They are more expensive than the other stores at Β£9.99 (regular price is Β£6.99) but spend over Β£15 and delivery can be free:

    I guess it depends how close you live to a Cars stockist, or whether you want to keep looking, as to whether or not you pay the extra for these. But it could would out cheaper than bidding on eBay!

  351. Alexis Stead

    My sister went to a Super Target today in Texas and found both Pit Crews, the helicopter and Fred! When she called I felt like Christmas came early! Is it true? Will all the cars be much easier to get now? Or is it just because the scalpers possibly took a day off?

    (METROXING: I think we are actually entering a “normal” phase where things should be normalized. Mattel is packing better and if most stores are ordering 5-10 boxes, that means 10-20 of the newest CARS per store and usually where there are 3 WM’s, there are 2 Targets, and a TRU … so that means you might find 60-120 of EACH of the newest CARS on the shelves – which is the NORM that Mattel has yet to achieve but I think we may be in that period … and I think eBay prices already reflect that … say hallelujuah someone! πŸ™‚ )

  352. starwatcher

    Great info! Thanks for the heads up on Blu-Ray McQueen. … Just a note — in the last few months I’ve noticed that some of the Cars (in single and multi-packs) are showing up with paint chips/flaws. Not acceptable in my book … not for how much this collection is costing me. Is that part of the “China syndrome”???

    (METROXING: I think they’re just in a rush to get them out so they’re not letting them dry properly … now that the shipmenst are normalized, at least we can look them over before buying them and not feel if we don’t pick up thsi Yeti, we’ll never see him again …).

  353. galaia2004

    Well I checked out our local Toymaster stockist(UK toy supplier) this lunchtime and they had ALL the new single Cars either on the shelf or behind the desk.

    I managed to pick up the five I needed – Darrell, Bob, Dale, Mario and Dinoco Helicopter. They may have only got them in today but there were a LOT of Cars. From what I’ve seen and heard from others over the past week it would seem that the the new releases are everywhere at the moment and seem to be well stocked. Only time will tell if the supplies get restocked in the coming weeks.

    I expect the new double packs to be harder to find, but this is simply because a lot stores don’t stock the doubles, or usually have a very limited amount of them.

    That’s my shopping for Cars finished for Christmas now, and I’m happy knowing that Santa will be able to bring whichever ones our lad has on his Christmas list. πŸ™‚

    Now then… does anyone know when the World Of cars range is going to make it to the UK…??! πŸ˜‰

  354. Todd

    Only thing I am missing is Fred and Flik/PT Flea. What is the “Old school” car?

    (METROXING: Flik & Flea looks like they’ve been moved to Spring – Crusin’ Ramone is now Old School Ramone – same car, new name).

  355. Noel

    Hey all,

    I got up early this morning and logged into to make sure when the 2006 Pixar Factory Sealed Set went on sale that I wouldn’t be waiting for twenty minutes just to get in.

    When the counter hit zero, I hit the “add to cart” button instantly and each screen was white for a few minutes each, but I did manage to place my order and got confirmation that is was placed. I also got my email letting me know the order will be shipped.

    All together with faster shipping, I spent $196.00 (yipes) but the limited number of sets was definitely worth it. I’ll keep you all posted if it actually shows up and the xx of 500 I received.

    (METROXING: Cool, look forward to it! When you get it, take some pictures, even if you only crack open the outside boxes)

  356. Noel

    One more thing, I will keep checking back through the day to see if there are still sets available and let you guys know.

    I will post right before the 24 RLC window closes so if there are still sets by tomorrow and anyone wants to try and snag one, you wont be wasting your time.

    As of right now, they are still showing sets available but I can only order one with my account.

    (METROXING: Thanks!)

  357. Todd

    Any updates about the “Pit Stop Racer” sets? I know it was coming December. But, wondering if any had appeared?

    (METROXING: No word yet. If you/we don’t hear anything in a week or two, maybe they really are coming out in January …)

  358. Noel

    I just went to the RLC at and the 2006 Factory Sealed Set has been sold out :(.

    Although it’s cool they offered them to members first, I think they should have put 100 to the side and sold them to non-members after the 24 hour window.

    I will be buying any special HW sets (like the Treasure Hunt cars) that come along, but those will go on the Bay to finance the expensive Pixar die-cast hobby. Didn’t I read here that the Dinoco racers may be a HWC set?

    Once the 2006 FS set arrives, I will definitely open the outer box and snap some pics, I saw a few people already have thiers (pre-sell) on eBay. *sigh* The quick buck artists will come out of the woodwork, as you may have noticed, Wii’s are going for 600+ with WiiPlay and the extra nunchuck controller.

    You can definitely tell the holiday is coming fast, a month ago you could pick one up for $360 with the same accessories.

    (METROXING: Honestly, I think if you want the set, there will always be one for sale on eBay … right now, the initial price might be high but my feeling is that it might drift down – unless you must have it before the year ends or it’s a gift, I would wait out until December 24th … the prices will be discounted from the “my kids are worth any money …” and yes, Mattel has promised the Speedway of the South set will be a HWC thing only – that is NOT to say most if not ALL the Piston Cup racers will be available elsewhere – right now, 10 of the 35 are already out … from the multu-packs, we know another three will be out – leaving some 22 that there is no word on them yet – my opinion is that most will out in some sort of box … but feel free to pester Mattel to make certain … πŸ™‚ )

  359. Brad

    matt where did you find bob, cartrip, dale, andretti, etc. i am sharing your frustration here in the midwest.

  360. Todd

    “Speedway of the South”??? I know Hot Wheels had the 2006 box set. But, what is this? And how can I sign up for one?


    (METROXING: Read the post above on the Speedway of the South post for all the info).

  361. Noel

    Hey Todd,

    You can sign up for the HWC for free at If they offer it to the Red Line Club first and you really really want them, you should consider signing up for the $25 yearly membership. The car they send you for becoming a member will mostly pay for the membership itself if you sell it to someone as they are limited edition.

    I think I will have to pay again in January for 2008 however because I think thats the month they renew everybody. 46,000+ members times $25 right after Christmas isn’t a bad way to start the first quarter.

    It would only be worth it if they are RLC exclusive sets, I would wait and see until they announce something. I only joined for the Cars 2006 Sealed Factory Set which they were going to offer to anybody who wanted them after the 24 hour window for RLC members only. They were gone in a few hours however. I though it would only take minutes myself as this is a very small number of sets compared to some of Treasure Hunt sets which number from 10-15,000.

    I hope they don’t make X amount of Speedway sets like they did with the 2006 FSS because it’s just another way to feed the scalpers.

  362. John F.

    Well I finally did it. I made my first Ebay purchase. I think I got a pretty good deal. I picked up Dale Jr, Mario, Cutlass, Cartrip, Helicopter, PC Fillmore, PC Hudson, Fred and Bug Mouth McQ for 45.99 which works out to be around $5 a car. Yes, it’s $2 more than I would pay at WM (at the rollback price of 2.97) but I can easily justify the additional cost because I’ve spent about 6 hours of personal time and about a 1/2 tank of gas going from Target, WM and TRU the other day. So if a 1/2 tank of gas for me costs 20.00 so I think I saved money. It kind of took the excitement out of the hunt but it’s worth it. I can finally take a break until after the holidays.

    Happy Holidays to everyone and their families who uses this board!

    Not giving up the hunt,


    (METROXING: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eBay as long as you don’t get carried away … and yea, $5-6 dollars is a very reasonable considering they purchased it and package it to arrive on your doorstep … as I point, on the West coast, there is probably 1 WM per million people while in some towns in the Midwest, I know there are probably 1 WM per 50,000 people (not to mention 4 Targets and a TRU) – quite a difference in being able to find CARS depending on where you live so eBay is actually an interesting re-distribution … I just caution people who paid $40 for Dale Jr or the Rust Eze MM pacakge because it was not long agao, people paid that much Lizzie and at one point, $180 for Crusin’ McQueen … so as long as it’s reasonable, do it – nothing wrong with having personal shoppers πŸ™‚ )

  363. Noel

    Dont feel bad John, only a handful of my collection was actually bought in stores. You can never find anything at ant Target, Wal-Mart, TRU, etc… around here. We have a lot of people who storm the store when they open and buy up all the one that will sell on eBay.

    The best thing to do as METROXING said, is to wait. Rusty and Dusty MM sets went from $50 to $15 in no time, after December they will be a reasonable $8 to $10. Even Fred got cheap very quickly, I paid $16 for four cars and one of them was Fred, so I got him for $4. The others were PC HH, PC Filmore, and the Dinoco helicopter.

    Going from store to store can be fun sometimes but not when you never find a single car you are looking for and you spend more in gas than you would have for the same cars on eBay.

  364. Noel

    Did any of you happen to catch the guy in the UK selling the prototypes for the Speedway of the South set?

    Here’s a link to the Stop Sputter auction. If you scroll down you will see the flash animation that shows all the other with close up pictures.

    I’m wondering what Pixar and Matell think of this?

    (METROXING: Well, I think Mattel & Pixar knows there are always going to be a few that slip out the back door … as long as it’s not constantly going on – unless the guy has a set to sell every 2 weeks, they’ll let it go since once the CARS come out and his is a loose set, it’s not going to mean much other than he has photographic proof he was “first.” We have 10 of the racers out, another 3 are defiitely announced … so that leaves about 22-23 unaccounted for …)

  365. Jay


    how much did the 2006 Factory Sealed Set cost in total?

    have you put up a picture of how you have set up your cars?

  366. Noel

    Hi Jay,

    The total for the 2006 FS set with faster shipping was $172.49 and the RLC membership was $24.95.

    So basically almost $200 but I think if you are a true collector, the RLC membership is worth it, especially if the Speedway of the South collection is RLC exclusive.

    I bought the IKEA glass display that stands around 6 foot tall to display the cars originally but it actually works better if the cars are loose as opposed to still in the blister packs. I simply don’t have enough room to show them all where you can see them. I recently added all the WM exclusives and 14 others I didnt have plus all the TRU MM sets.

    I ended up using the case for movie memorabelia instead. I have a lot of collectibles and a few signed items I wanted to display. For lighting, there is an LED stick on light that shines down on every shelf. The batteries last a long time and I only light it when people are over and for family parties.

    see picture:

    I have a new plan to custom build an on wall, low profile display case where the blister packs could be stepped or I may just open them up and get a second glass case to display them. You can see the Dinoco 400 set in there and some other Cars merchandise, the white item behind it is a signed script of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

    The set is due to arrive today or tomorrow, I will post some pics from all angles and the XX/500 sticker. I hope it’s something really low like #3 :).

  367. Jay

    Hi, Noel

    I am in the U.K, so the RLC membership is no good to me.

    I will try and find a 2006 Factory Sealed Set on ebay I’ll be looking to spend max $250 & that is with posting to the U.K, do you think it can be done?

    I did get IKEA glass display and my cars look great in it!

    (There was a BUY IT NOW one that was listed for $249 – though shipping might be steep … if you can wait, wait another 24 days or so … people stop buying on eBay around 12/20 so prices tend to drop a bit … otherwise, good luck! The alternative is the scenario I outlined in the HOW TO COLLECT post about getting a US address at a “mailbox” place (not the post office) and shipping there because they can drop it another box and mail it off to you overseas).

  368. Brush

    Probably old news by now, but the blu ray counter is up over 10300. I was able to find Fred hanging out on the Fred Meyer pegs (2 of them), so I think I’m all caught up unless someone is seeing flea/flick and the new guido and race official.

    With all of these special sets coming out, are we going to see the cars available individually or are they all going to be member only sets?

    (METROXING: I doubt the racers will be coming out individually since Mattel knows that the bulk are for more rabid collectors (yes, hard to believe but some people are happy with just 20-30 CARS …) and they can get more for them or the better scenario for them, re-package them with repeats and they know we’ll buy them … like the Dinoco 400 … even while people grumbled, still many people bought them … hopefully the next one won’t have a poor ratio of 4 old CARS to 3 new ones but it would not surprise me if LM were in every box … though 4 are scheduled to coe out in multi-packs though only three are “new,” NO STALL is one of the repeats – check the 2008 SEALED post to read about what’s coming as multi-packs for 2008. Also keep in mind the year hasn’t officially started and with Toyfair and HK Toyfair coming up – there will be new announcements soon).

  369. galaia2004

    I’ve just been looking at all the Piston Cup Racers that Noel spotted earlier on eBay (UK).

    It would seem that the original listing for #84 Apple was pulled, and the relisted item states: ‘Relisted after a large toy firm had my last listing pulled without the politeness of an explanation’.

    Maybe someone out there isn’t too happy about these being sold on eBay after all…

    Relisted Item:

  370. startug

    Woah! Do you think that could be real?

    (METROXING: You mean the Apple iMac Car? Yes, it’s legit and so are the other ones scrolling at the bottom – he got them from a connection from a manufacturing plant in HK/GuongDong …).

  371. Noel

    Hey all,

    The 2006 FSS showed up today, the UPS guy put it in my open garage, then the door got closed so I had no clue it was sitting there all day.

    The actual Cars boxes are not sequentially or individually numbered which surprised me, there is no indication of a limited set other than the printed “1 of up to 500” on the back of the box.

    Here are some shots of the delivery packaging and the actual set. There was no white box surrounding the Pixar box like the Treasure Hunt sets are shipped.

    (METROXING: Nice pics! Sent you an email to create separate post – if you didn’t get email, send us one at metroxing (at) – thanks!)

  372. John F.

    Pictures! I like pictures.

  373. startug

    How do I add an icon to myself when I am commenting?

    (METROXING: I think you might need to register at and then log in?)

  374. charley new zealand

    i recently found and put on lay away one of each of the new MM [mr and mrs, mia/tia, flik/flea and rusty/dusty] on intl supercharged packaging. now im just waiting on singles like yeti/bug face/dale/old school ramone etc to show their faces.

    (METROXING: The SC of Flea/Flik Rusty/Dusty without any non-English words on the front are selling at a nice return so if you want to list any of eBay … If you run across a SC Yeti, TAS, drop me a line – maybe we can work out a trade …)

  375. Jay

    Hi, Metroxing

    what do you have to trade?

  376. charley new zealand

    who is TAS? LOL. mine all have multiple languages, so no good to you unfortunatly. ive gotta go and pick em up this week. dunno where on earth they are gonna go… but! where theres a will, theres a way! LOL

    (METROXING: There apparently are Canadian versions that read YETI, The Abominable Snowman on the front on a SUPERCHARGED card – no other languages).

  377. justwe2

    I was getting a little worried that I (and the rest of my family) was going a little overboard picking up Cars characters whenever we came across something we didn’t already have. Now I know it’s okay! My 3 yr. old is a fanatic.

    Had a great shopping day today! Picked up Bob Cutlass, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mario Andretti, Fred, and Yeti.

    It always seems to be a matter of luck whether I find something or not – my luck’s been pretty good so far.

    I have a blog for my son and myself and I’m dedicating a page to ‘Cars’. Would it be okay if I used some of your pictures? I would be happy to provide a link to your blog on that page. Please advise.

    Thank you,


    (METROXING: Sure, that’s fine – just a couple per post though πŸ™‚ and yes, a link please – thanks for asking).

  378. justwe2

    Oh, I almost forgot! Do you know if there is a Frank in the works? We’ve been using a John Deere combine substitute, but a real Frank would be excellent!


    (METROXING: No FRANK scheduled but we should know more after Toyfair … have you read our post on Frank the Combine, link above … there’s a link to a Red Combine that most customizers are using).

  379. startug

    My uncle went to Toys R` us, he said that in the pixar cars isle, he saw a movie moments With TJ hummer and a silver hummer. I wonder what he means? He said that he will give it to me for christmas.

    (METROXING: Humm, haven’t heard or seen such a thing – let us know more when you get it).

  380. startug

    I emailed him. He will tell me soon about it.

  381. charley new zealand

    ok… i will keep an eye out. im yet to see yeti person, and im getting a bit desperate, i must say.

  382. startug

    Yeti is rare. So I would buy him from

  383. justwe2

    Hi startug,

    Not sure where you are, but I saw lots of Yeti’s yesterday at a Zeller’s store here in Ontario, Canada. Picked one up for my munchkin. If you’re in the States and are anywhere close to the border, it might be worth it to partake in a little cross-border shopping!


  384. justwe2

    My apologies, I just realized that it was Charley in New Zealand who was looking for Yeti. Keep the faith Charley, yesterday was the first time I saw a Yeti on our shelves. I’m sure he’ll be along soon.

  385. RML

    I got them all.
    I was once again WM in Walpole, MA and found my last two, Fred and Jr.
    They had very few, but what they did have was all WOC and new ones.

  386. charley new zealand

    cheers. honestly, id love nothing more than to be in ontario right this instant! left my heart there a few years ago, and would give anything to go “home”

    am going to be taking a nosey around this afternoon. my version of walmart had a buy 3 get the 3rd free sale that ended last night… no diecasts, but i did get the gear up and go mcqueen, the small radio controlled sheriff [only tyco rc CAR left] and the disney pixar monopoly.

  387. Chrissy

    Us here in the midwest are stuck with the same old Ramones, Sallys and Lightnings. The ebayers must get up first thing in the morning. My kid is going to have a dull Christmas if this keeps up.

    (METROXING: Depending on what you still need, you might check our post on WHERE TO BUY and the link for “Children’s Toy Closet,” they are having a sale on cases – $48 to $50 for 18 – check our SEALED posts for what’s in each box … then decide if that leaves you with too many extras or not … they also sell individual ones – there are OS on some though. They accept credit cards through paypal).

  388. charley new zealand

    i picked up my layby, and mia/tia rusty/dusty and flik/flea all have english only name plates. mr/mrs king has 3 languages. no new singles, but heres hoping they will appear soon

  389. Matt

    Just a random question…. Now that we have at least eight Ramone’s, any word on if they are ever going to make Flo in a single pack? Food for thought since Mattel is intent on releasing almost every car from the movie in some form or other.

    (METROXING: As odd as it seems, “girl” characters don’t sell as well in mostly boy lineups … of course, girls will play with “girl” lines like Bratz, Disney Princess, Barbie etc … but Wonder Woman, Supergirl doesn’t sell as well – and usually shortpacked for the collectors – so I was surprised Lizzie was released so early and one reason why Lizzie was selling for $40 at the beginning because most collectors just presumed she was shortpacked when they couldn’t find her (lingo for 1 in a box or sometimes, 1 in every two boxes) plus I think because Flo is a heavy CAR (those tailfins!) and that she really only has about 10 lines in the movie, I think Mattel just figures the completists will want her … I’m not saying I agree with them but I think that’s Mattel’s line of reasoning for Flo only in a pack … did you see she makes another pack in the new 3-packs coming? (see SEALED BOXES 2008 post).

  390. startug

    I am looking for Yeti still.

  391. Scott

    Chrissy – check your grocery stores, a lot of them here in St. Louis got shippers with Dale, Mario, BC, Cartrip, tongue plus some oldies.

  392. mike

    Hey Metro: Thought I saw you post something that indicated Lizzie’s Curio shop may be re releases as a TRU Exclusive. Could lightning strike twice when added to Flo’s V8?

    Ebay is still going for 99-120. Any more info on this?

    (METROXING: Someone says they talked to Mattel and they claimed it’s coming back as an exclusive – presumably at TRU but no additional word. Unless you are in an absolute hurry to get it before Xmas, I would wait it – at least until after Christmas …).

  393. charley new zealand

    flo has more lines in the movie than hamm, and i bet she weighs less as well [dont have one open to check] she also has more lines than the back ground racers [leak less etc]

  394. John F.

    Just an observation.

    I was drooling over that autographed display case that featured some of the future cars such as the tow truck, security van and dinoco Mia and Tia. I noticed that the tires attached to Guido’s fork seem a little smaller than what would be on the piston cup racers. Forgive me for picking fly crap out of pepper, but if these cars are to scale, I would hope that guido’s tires would not only be Lightyear tires but would be the same size and diameter and those found on piston cup racer cars.


    (METROXING: Yea, you’re right, if you check out the link above to the “PREVIEW POST,” the tires do look a wee small … though the tires in the Luigi’s playset are MASSIVE … so clearly, there’s not much tire scale quality control … we can always complain to Mattel …)

  395. John F.

    Why complain? after all, it’s only a three dollar toy! I gotta learn to not sweat the small imperfections with these cars. My RPM 64 is chipped and it’s still in the blister pack and my Crusin’ Ramone’s drivers side door has some very small paint imperfections. Again! a three dollar toy.

  396. charley new zealand

    your $3 toys are $10 over here… than almost an hours pay. i hate opening some and finding chips. my open nitroade was chipped all along the back before i even got him out of the blister. was gutted.

    i dont mind buying faulty stuff if i know its got a defect and is reduced to allow for that, but paying full price is a bit rich.

  397. Chrissy

    OK I did finally score a Dinoco helicopter today after going to a walmart on my lunch break and stoping by one on my way home. I am still on the hunt for Mia & Tia (I have twins, so they are dying for these), Rusty and Dusty and Mr and Mrs the King. After those I am slowing down the search and hoping my daughter does not realize there are more out there.

  398. startug

    Yesterday, I was lucky to catch Pit Crew Fillmore, RPM 64 and Bug mouth mcqueen. At my local walmart.

  399. In the American Tundra, I am slowly…finishing… my set of cars. Targets have been better for MMs lately as I’ve found The Kings & Mia/Tia in separate trips this week. That leaves me with only the Rusteze Bros for MM. Still no luck finding these singles: Dale Jr., Andretti, Fred, Pit Crew Guido, & Tom Race Official. Fred & Guido are top priorities. The rest can wait until after the holidays but I remember that last year, the Cars pegs were bare until almost Easter so I’m motivated to try to finish this month. I’m a bit annoyed with the feeling that I need to time my trips for the very morning that new cases are put out but that’s the price we pay for not buying from Ebay.

    (METROXING: I doubt 2008 will be as bad as 2007 – Guido & Tom Race haven’t started shipping yet (anyday now) … but good luck!).

  400. John F.


    Buying from Ebay isn’t that bad provided that you find a good deal and don’t jump at the first powerseller who’s selling these cars for a huge mark up. I’ve been making weekly evening runs to about 5 WM’s in my area for the last 6 months only to come up empty handed. I finally broke down and bought Dale Jr, Mario, Cartrip, Pit Crew Fillmore and Doc on Ebay. I paid just over 5 bucks for each car and felt it was a bargain. I figured that I use a tank of gas during the weeks that I go hunting and the time spent away from the family isn’t worth it. So I pay a little extra and have my cars in a few days. It takes the fun out of the hunt but I’ve been hunting for almost a year and want an easier way. (for now)

    Good luck with your hunts. I’ll be back at it after the holidays.

  401. Noel

    If you can wait even a month after a new *rare* car is released, you can end up picking one up for $5 to $6 on eBay

  402. Steve

    Is there such a thing as a Mack diecast (metal) with a solid-side trailer that holds five vehicles? Amazon has one listed but no one else appears to offer it and it does not appear to be offered new or used for any price. The UPC listed is 093856997440 and the MPN# is 45657. Amazing that the only Macks available are either the town scenes, the transporters, the Bachelor Pad, or the Runaway, but no basic, simple Mack. Is there such a product out or planned? Thanks!

    (METROXING: There is a Mac that’s a CAR carrier that came/comes with 3 CARS – I think the first version was LM. Sally & Doc? The current version is LM, Chick & The King? I’ve seen it at WM but the back end car carrier portion is huge and out of scale so it hasn’t interested me very much. There seems to be a rumor from Mattel that we’ll get more trucks next year … but I would be surprised it they were metal … yes, the UK listed “shooter” one seems to be metal but people are unsure of its scale or even the scale of LM since the Disney Store CARS are either figurines or 1:64 in scale).

  403. Steve

    Thanks, saw that, but I have the same thoughts about those scale issues as you do. That, and the simplicity of the five-car package made it attractive. Maybe it was put on Amazon in anticipation of them issuing that package? Check it out:

    (METROXING: I think this is one of the Disney Store items as sold by a third party retailer … the giveaway is there are no Mattel Mater’s with that dark of a color … if you’re close to a Disney store, maybe they still have one in stock?)

  404. Alright, I conceded and completed my Christmas morning spread via eBay. I got Fred for $7.50 and the Rusteze Bros. for $13 today. Not too bad. How’s this for a spread under the tree?

    2nd Wave Walmart Exclusives – Kori Turbowitz, Barney Stormin, Bruiser Bukowski, Piston Cup Pace Car…Singles – RPM, Yeti, Bob Cutlass, Darrell CarTrip, Dinoco Helicopter, Pit Crew Fillmore, Pit Crew Hornet, Fred… & MM Pairs – Rusty & Dusty Rust-Eze, The King & Mrs. The King, Mia & Tia!

    It’s funny, when I’d only find 1-2 at a time, I lost track of how many we’d purchased over the last 6 weeks or so. We’d given our son the cars as we found them up through the 1st Walmart wave, but then started holding them back for the Holiday. 20 is a good number for an almost 4 year old. I can’t wait to see his face Christmas morning!

    Now I can relax and if I happen upon Jr & Mario, great. If not, no big deal. Merry Christmas to all…

    (METROXING: Very nice … you could get that wheel launcher and shoot the CARS out at him on Christmas Day πŸ™‚ … and yea, I think most of us are guilty of that – I can’t remember what I need, better just buy them all and sort it out later πŸ˜‰ )

  405. Matt

    Regarding the curio shop and TRU exlcusive, my wife and I were at the TRU in Valencia, CA in October, and they had shelves full of all 4 playsets.

    At the time, we were just in the beginning stages of collecting the die-casts for our 3 year old and they had about 15 cars that we hadn’t seen anywhere else. We decided that we would buy the cars and get the playsets later. We were ignorant of the fact that the playsets were no longer being released. If we had known that, we would have bought the playsets rather than the cars.

    Now that we’ve realized that the only playset available at the stores is Flo’s we keep kicking ourselves.

    I’m not sure when they stopped selling the playsets at the store, but from what I can tell, it was way earlier than October. My point: either that TRU had a huge supply of old playsets and they just were not selling, or (more likely) there are plans to re-release them and that store was chosen as a test-market store to see how sales would go. I think it’s the latter, because the

    If someone is near Valencia, CA and looking for the playsets, maybe go check there.

    I think it’s the latter, because if I remember right, the design of the box was a “newer” design, because the design of the boxes on ebay are a much different design. The box design we saw looked like the design of the Flo’s V8 that is being sold at TRU now.

    If someone is near Valencia, CA and looking for the playsets, maybe go check there. I would check there, but we were on vacation there when we saw them.

    (METROXING: I updated the main post & added a history of the playset on the shelves … try Kohls’ for Luigi’s … as for the design, that’s the tricky part – the playsets all had/has the bright dark red design with sparkles as the bulk of the design motif – the difference was the first pictures of the playset was a daytime scene with the desert background and the updated Flo’s Cafe had the night-time neon background (see photo of box above) … unlike every other CAR item where the first release was the mostly tan desert artwork, the playsets were harder to tell becaise the difference was much mre subtle – ONLY that inside “photo” area reflected that motif … obviously I will have to add some photos … so unless you can postively say you saw that the interior artwork was of a night-time scene, the sparkle red design probably made you think the other playsets were updated to “Supercharged” also … does that make sense? Suddenly, I’m CSI over a playset πŸ™‚ … so it’s Occam’s Razor at work – most likely what you saw was maybe Valencia is near the online warehouse and when they are down to 1 or 2 items, they just send it there so avoid problems …)

  406. Jamie C

    Great Site!! Was wondering if you knew anything about Christmas wrapping paper. I bought a roll at toys R us . It has a two toned red checkered background and random pics of the main characters. But there is no Lightning McQueen, instead there is a yellow race car called Lead. Should I keep this??? Or wrap my presents in it as planned???

    (METROXING: That’s odd. I did see a roll at TRU that I thought had LM on it (which would be logical) – I didn’t get it because I thought that might be going overboard – CARS wrapped in CARS wrapping paper in a CARS bags … so I skipped the roll – I’m guessing you might’ve picked up a knockoff … again, I did not pick up the other roll in my hand so I can’t say 100% but I’m almost positive there is official CARS wrapping paper …).

  407. doug

    does anybody know how long disney takes to ship the blue ray mc queen, let me know thank you very much.

    (METROXING: Someone called – said Disney claims they are shipping in a couple weeks).

  408. Jamie C

    Its me again about the wrapping paper. I noticed today that it has c Disney/ Pixar 2006 on it. Also it has the official Cars Logo on the label, it looks official. This is my first attempt at collecting something. So I am not sure what you mean by knockoff. I was thinking (hoping) that maybe I have an officially licensed product w/ a misprint. If that were true would this paper be worth anything? Thanks for your prompt reply earlier.

    (METROXING: Well, if it’s got the CARS logo and copyright, clearly, it’s not a knockoff … does it look anything like this? (only thing I could find that was CARS and gift wrap …) … I would not be able to give you a definitive answer – I would imagine there might be some interest and you might even make a profit, I don’t think you’re going to be able to go to the Cayman Islands on it … but I’m only guessing πŸ™‚ ).

  409. startug

    With the “Lead” car on it, could you possibly take or scan a picture of the wrapping paper?

  410. I finished wrapping Christmas presents a few weeks ago, and everything is at work in hiding, but I know I also had that wrapping paper with Lightening McQueen labeled as Lead. At the time, I remember thinking, “who the heck is lead?” and figuring it was just some car I didn’t know of that would eventually be on the list of cars to buy for my kids.

    The paper was red, with maybe a dozen or so different cars and their names on it. I think I bought it at KBtoys.

  411. tina

    Here is a picture of the paper everyone is talking about I found some today at toys r us of corse I had to get my own!!!

  412. donnie

    what is the Texas Tea Hummer listed on your CARS list?

    (METROXING: Yes, it’s a fake so you know when someone just copies our list and doesn’t even bother to figure out that one is a fake … πŸ™‚ )

  413. startug

    Last night I dreamed that I went to a walmart and I saw a Fillmore and Sarge movie moments and just about bought it, and then some guy swiped it from me so I kept begging and begging for me to have it, and then his wife stole it from him and gave it to me that night. At the walmart, there were so many loose ones, then I saw a movie moments pit crew hudson hornet and LM.

    (METROXING: Okay, too much Christmas shopping for you! πŸ™‚ )

  414. me envie por favor os preços das miniaturas dos cars e mais detales
    e como faço para compra-los
    desde ja obrigado leonardo

    (METROXING: Pesaroso, eu nΓ£o vendo CARROS mas talvez este ajudarΓ‘.)

  415. Midwest Update – When I try to shop during lunch to check the new stock nowadays, the stores are packed with holiday shoppers. Between the housewives and grandparents who have their days free, the working folk who have taken the day off for shopping or are like me and shopping over their lunch, there is simply too much competition out there now. The only new singles I see regularly on the pegs are the Pit Crew Filmore & Hudson Hornet. Unless you can get to a store early in the morning on a weekday, I don’t think anyone can expect to find the 1-2 per case rare cars. I bought the last 2 cars that I “had” to have for the holiday off eBay last week, but if you do that, I’d recommend completing an auction this week to allow for shipping time. There are multiple auctions for most new cars and you can expect to pay $10 for singles and $20 for MMs including the shipping.

  416. Donnie

    Whats your take on the “chaser” BluRay Lightning McQueen? Ive seen pre-sells going for ~$50. Would you consider this a must have car for a complete set?

  417. charley new zealand

    i dont consider that a must have, but thats because theres no way in heck ill ever get one. i also dont class rollin mater as a must have [but i will try and get one just cos i love the design] if bluray was on a cardback, then id maybe consider it, but.

  418. You can feel good about having a complete set with or without the Blue Ray McQueen. It’s not part of the “set” it’s a limited edition extra. The only time this would get questioned is if you wanted to sell the set and I don’t think you’re collecting these to then sell off the set. The Blue Ray car is fun, but it’s not critical. – Just my opinion.

    (METROXING: Yes, a mail away for a character that has no “appearance” basis is always questionable (in this case, this McQ never appears in any form in the movie) – especially when it’s packaged differently than the rest of the line. However, if you’re interested, keep an eye out on the eBay auctions. In a few weeks, most everyone will have gotten the ones they ordered, the gift giving season will be over and since the high benchmark is $50 (Buy It Now), it should start dropping to a price you might find more reasonable and that will be the opportunity to pounce. Whether you decide to keep or sell it later, if the interest in the line in 2008 keeps even close pace to 2007, there should be a couple thousand new SERIOUS buyers coming in and your McQ should always be worth a good return whether in trade or in selling …).

  419. Donnie

    Thanx for the opinions guys….back to the collections! I have got DJ in the supercharged series but i didnt find it on the 2aday spreadsheet? Any feedback on this?

    (METROXING: Oops. we must’ve erased it somewhere along the line by accident – fixed now. Thanks!).

  420. Patrick

    Does anyone know where I might find the Disney Cars Cruise N’ Go Playmat with Sheriff Included? I have purchased this item online twice, both times recieving the Radiator Springs Playmat with McQueen inlcuded. The item descriptions online have not been updated, and calls to customer service have been futile.


  421. Juan

    Great website!! Has anyone seen or know of any Cars Trading cards. I saw one person on ebay is selling (1) pack for like $10. Looks like it has a target logo on it. Another auction I found was for trading cards handed out at Disney stores when the movie was released. I can find trading cards anywhere else. Are there any trading cards avaliable anymore?

    METRO – Do you know?


    (METROXING: I vaguely recall something very early on – I think maybe they were handed out at the theaters? But maybe it was at the Disney stores but since then, I have not heard anything so that is probably logical, they had one set to hand out around the movie opening and that is it. There does not seem to be regular CARS trading cards – I think kids today are not that interested unless it’s part of a game … so that’s pretty much it for CARS trading cards … but who knows, there’s always 2008).

  422. chris

    does anyone know where i can find pictures of the new mini cars? how many are there? my boy really digs’em

    (METROXING: Did you check our blog post on the MINI’s? See above).

  423. Kristen

    I got a pit crew guido today!!!!!

    (METROXING: I think you’re first!)

  424. Chris H.

    chris i found the first 4 two pack of minis at Kmart the other day. they were $5.49 and i think they are really cool. thats the only place i’ve seen them. but i didn’t see any of the playsets. good luck!!!!

  425. Greg

    I found that carrying case / launcher while I was on a trip in Miami. I picked it up for my nephew…looks like fun..It comes with a snot rod.

  426. Noel

    Just FYI, I just ordered a second Blu Ray McQueen from Disney Movie Rewards and the order number was 12534.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update – note the new ‘rebate’ if you have both CARS movies!)

  427. Andrew (UK)

    Got the Whole collection of Mini’s – 5 lost of 2 and bought 2 full sets and Got the Mack Truck Playset with 5 Mini Cars included – Very cool!!!!.
    I also have collected 2 full sets of Series 1, 2 (Supercharged) and working on the World of Cars Series 3.
    Only problem is they are not available here in the UK – yet!!! – Cars price on e-bay is starting to slow so hope to pick them up there.

    (METROXING: Nice! I’ve only seen 4 here in the US – and a Mack with Mini CARS? Haven’t heard of that – if you get a chance to snap some photos – would love to see that! Email them to us at metroxing (at) – thanks!)

  428. Jay


    I am in the U.K. did you get Mini’s for here or did you get them from the US?

    If from the U.K. where did you get them


  429. chris

    what is the new rebate with both cars movies

    (METROXING: If you owned (presumably) the original CARS DVD and you buy the Blu Ray CARS DVD, send in the UPC from the original movie and the UPC from the Blu Ray DVD plus the receipt from the Blu Ray, you get $10 back … uh, yea, US only).

  430. charley new zealand

    had a wicked score day today! found a intl supercharged yeti [with full name] bug face mcqueen and dinoco copter. ive been waiting for the first two for about 6 months, so it seems odd that they turn up the same time as a recent release, that is only just appearing in the states. im picking the lead recall threw all our case assortments out of whack.
    i also noticed some cases had new codes pasted over the old.
    i also picked up 2 damaged dirt track slot car sets… one missing a bit of track and battery pack, the other missing the cars. paid $32 for them both… normally they retail about $70 each.

  431. Hollie

    Hi everyone,
    took a trip into Toys r Us today and was really happy to see the amount of singles they had considering its sunday. They had about 5 of every car:
    darrell cartrip
    Dinoco helicopter
    Bob cutlass
    They did not have any of the new doubles but at least i got the dinoco helicopter which i needed. If anyone is struggling to find these in the UK i would check it out as they seem to be getting easier to find.

  432. Brad

    kristen where did you find pit crew guido?

  433. startug

    I like to do custom cars and sell `em.

  434. donnie

    are all the cars on the excel spreadsheet for W.O.C.’s out yet? I have seen Pit Crew Guido and Tom Race going for !@#$%%^prices on ebay the past day or so so I am assuming they must be in the latest shipments but I am having trouble with a few more. Cant seem to locate anything in above listings that tells whats in what boxes ! HELP!

    (METROXING: PC Guido & TOm Race Official have been spotted in some stores but not many – they shoudl start showing up between now & the end of the year … in addition to the listing in our SEALED BOXES 200-2008 POSt which lists what’s in each shipment (Box D is shipping and contains the two) but on the TAB in our online spreadsheet, a reader friend of 2-a-day has thoughtfully broken out each shipment to list what’s “new.”).

  435. Mikey

    I just scored today. I found all the new minis that are out plus Mia & Tia and Rusty & Dusty at Toys R Us this morning. They also had the launchers and the new car carrying case but did not have enough cash to ball those. The odd part to me was that they had 3 each of Mia & Tia and Rusty & Dusty on the shelves but no sign of Tom Race Official or Pit Crew Guido. Happy car hunting to all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    (METROXING: Nice Score!)

  436. Mikey

    Oops I had a typo! I meant to say I did not have enough cash to “buy” not “ball” the launchers or the car case.:) Oh, and I am in the Los Angeles area!

    (METROXING: That’s what I presumed … that as much as we love the CARS, we shouldn’t *love* the CARS if you know what I mean … though others can feel free to make your own joke here/there πŸ™‚ )

  437. Case E should be shipped first to mid part of January

    Case F should be shipped first to mid part of February.

    Take Care,


  438. Kristen

    I got my pit crew guido at a local toy store in Southern California

  439. Kristen

    Ps. I have pictures for those that want to see them!

  440. Maria

    My mom just picked up a 2 pack of Filmore and Sarge at Wal-Mart today. Is that even possible? I thought everything with Sarge had been recalled so I was surprised when she called me. Anyone know if the 2 packs had the same problem?

    (METROXING: What’s the artwork? Supercharged or World of CARS? Supercharged – yes, should’ve been recalled … WOC – not scheduled for summer so … humm …)

  441. Bill

    If what you found was on the Supercharged card the Sarge was supposed to be recalled. I have even known of people trying to return these for refund and the register alerts the cashier. I don’t know how this could have gotten through if it is Supercharged. I would suggest checking the Mattel website recall info page. Sarge and Fillmore are supposed to be re-released (lead free) but it is scheduled for much later. Hope this helps.

  442. Brush

    Picked up the launchers (McQueen, King, Chick, Leak Less, and Nitroade) fresh out of a box tonight at WM. No Octaine Gain, but they are pretty cool. Cost about the same as movie moments.

  443. Maria

    She said it was on a Supercharged card. I’ll tell her to keep the receipt just in case.

  444. Mikey

    I just received my Blu Ray McQueen!!!

  445. Maria

    Local TRU (KS) had oodles of Mia & Tia, Mr and Mrs. The King and Rusty and Dusty Rusteze today. I only needed Rusty and Dusty, but was surprised to see so many of the others–plus plenty of PCHH and PC Filmore and one Fred. I’m still looking for Earnhardt Jr. They had the launchers (except Octain Gain) and all the Minis and Mini playsets. I wasn’t going to start on the Minis, but they were so cute I couldn’t resist–for my 2 yr old of course! On the prior post re: Sarge and Filmore, when my Mom went to pay at WM, it came up as recalled and she couldn’t buy it–so that solves that question! Anyone in the Midwest seen PC Guido or Tom Race Official yet?

  446. charley new zealand

    picked up a SC fred today, and another yeti to open. also scored the 3 r/c cars i missed last time.

  447. i see the “tru” as a listed place to buy cars, what is that?

    (METROXING: TRU is Toys R Us).

  448. i own
    al oft the lightyear blimp
    brand new mater
    buzz lightyear
    chick hicks
    crusin mqueen
    dinaco mqueen
    dirt track mqueen
    doc hudson
    fabulus hudson hornet
    green ramone
    guido ferrari fan
    kori turbowitz
    hamm the pig
    lightning mqueen
    luigi ferari fan
    pace car
    purple ramone
    snot rod
    the king
    yellow ramone
    in alphebetical order!
    i dont own any buildings,etc.

  449. I see a Maria up there just a few minutes ago that said she found a Fred. My daughtwer wants one and I have looked everywhere here, i live in grand junction colorado.. is it normal to find them where you are?

  450. Scott

    Okay. First off, I’ve been reading and learning alot from this site and I want to thank the people/person responsible for making it happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I felt compelled to write because I haven’t seen anyone mention the Cars being sold at Walgreens. Yes, Walgreens. Here in the upper Midwest, the Cars have been out for a couple of weeks. Most stores have one rack with about 7/8 cars, but there is one store close to me that is using a rack, an end cap, and an aisle bin (probably 50-75 cars) to sell them.

    So there you go. I have posted my first ever “post”.

    (METROXING: That’s a nice WG’s you have there. We do have it listed in our WHERE TO BUY post but on the WEst Coast at least, the most CARS I’ve ever seen in WG’s is 5 on one peg so hardly the first place to look but obviously, you have a great WG’s.)

  451. Danielle

    walgreens?hopefully we have some in michigan.i’ve searched hi & low for mia & tia,and can’t find them any where.also PC guido.& 1/2 the walmart exclusives.

  452. Danielle

    ..and does anyone know why there is only 1 playset in stores?the others are on ebay,but why not in stores?all these cars and only 1 playset,why?

    (METROXING: In our main post CARS: WHAT TO COLLECT, I added some details about how other than Flo’s – no one seems to have cared much about the playsets as they were all essentially available at list until September 2007 when I presume people decided to buy for the holidays?)

  453. For the newbies, welcome. Some tips…

    Retailer abbreviations:
    TRU = Toys R Us
    WM = Walmart
    Tgt = Target
    KB = KB Toys
    MC = Mervyn’s California (not seen lately)

    Version abbreviations:
    SC = Supercharged
    WOC = World of Cars
    Note: Unless you’re a collector and won’t open the cars, the version doesn’t mean much. Once you open them, the cars are the same.

    As for finding the more rare cars like Fred, Mario, Jr., etc. It just takes patience and a little lunchtime effort to get them. You’ll find a post from Dec. 6th where I gave up on finding Fred in time for Christmas and bought him on ebay. I’ve since seen Fred at 2 separate Targets in the past week. The collectors and eBay sellers grab them first, but most shoppers are only buying the cars they recognize from the movie, so while RPM & Yeti were impossible to find most of the Fall, I now see 2-3 of them every time I shop. I fear Jr. will be the exception to this rule due to his popularity beyond the movie. Anyone who is a Jr. racing fan will want his car. The same will likely happen when the #84 Apple car is released next year.

    Head out weekdays during lunch and you’re more likely to find the rares. Also, keep in mind that the newest cases hit the U.S. coasts first and then make their way inland. I know not to even look for Pit Crew Guido for another few weeks in Minnesota now that they’ve he’s been seen in California.

    Merry Christmas All

  454. Hollie

    i finnally found a Rusty and dusty and Flick and flea today in Toys r us, thanks to Galaia2004 for the information on when they get deliverys. Now i just need to find mia & tia and mr and mrs the king.

  455. Patty Jeanne:

    I have a few extra Freds that you can have (for exactly what I paid for it) if you want! Let me know!

    (Just trying to fulfill kids wish lists before Christmas, not trying to make any money!)

  456. startug

    Kristen, did you buy the freds from walmart, TRU or Target?? Because I want to buy one for a good and reasonable price.

  457. I dont mind sending you one if you are willing to pay for the shipping!? You are in the UK right?

    I bought some extra Freds for a group that I belong to that trades cars and everyone has all their Freds already so I have a few extras.

    I bought them all at Target for 2.99 plus 7.25% tax.

  458. startug

    Sadly, i am in the us. I thought that you were in the US. Oh well.

  459. haha! I am in the US too!

  460. what town/state are you guys from?
    im from emporium pa

  461. If you are asking me,
    I am in Southern California

  462. JPKHERD

    For those in the Chicago area, Carson Pirie Scott has a crapload of Cars. I scored a number of needed ones and even netted a few spares listed below. I am pretty much all set looking back, but need the Blu-Ray and the newer issues. I don’t play ebay reindeer games, so if you want to trade, it is a straight up trade. You pay shipping to me and I pay shipping to you. As far as I am concerned 2 singles = 1 Movie Moments. Unfortunately this offer is good for fellow US of Aers (Sorry UK & Aussie friends). If you have a Blu Ray and want to trade then we will have to figure out what is fair.

    Have for trade:
    Mr. & Mrs. The King (Movie Moments World of Cars)
    Rusty & Dusty Rust-Eze (Movie Moments World of Cars)

    Dale Jr. (World of Cars)
    Bug Mouth McQueen (World of Cars)
    Cactus McQueen (Wal-Mart w/”New” marking)
    T.J. (Wal-Mart w/”New” marking)
    Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp (Wal-Mart w/”New” marking)
    Cruisin McQueen (World of Cars)
    Radiator Springs McQueen (World of Cars)
    Dinoco McQueen (World of Cars)
    Bling Bling McQueen (Supercharged)
    Green Ramone (World of Cars)
    RPM #64 (World of Cars)
    Dinoco Chick Hicks (Supercharged)
    Brand New Mater (World of Cars)
    Mario Andretti (World of Cars)
    Darrell Cartrip (World of Cars)
    Ferrari F430 (Supercharged)
    Snot Rod (Supercharged)
    Yeti (Supercharged)

    Flea & Flick (Movie Moments World of Cars)
    Blu Ray McQueen
    Tom Race Official
    Pit Crew Guido
    Pit Crew Sarge
    Race Tow Truck
    Not Chuck
    Richard Clayton (Security Van)
    ….and all future releases!

    If interested, drop me an email

  463. Brad

    jpkherd, have you found mia/tia in the chicago area? if so where?

  464. JPKHERD

    No, I got it from my mother in law. This is out of the area and is bird dogging for my & my son. She ended up getting the Supercharged version from a Kmart by her. Our “inside source” at our local K*B said she has seen them come in a couple of times, but we have not found them. Mia & Tia were actually our last one we needed until all the new stuff. Good luck on the quest!

  465. Brad

    yeah, mia/tia are the only ones i need. i’ve got everything (including blue ray) but mia/tia. let me know if you find them and i will do the same. good luck.

  466. Danielle

    that was great info!i was just curious b/c after xmas my son will have all these cars…the flo playset,and mountain race track.but i mean with like 80 might get a little crowded.

    (METROXING: We’ve only just begun πŸ™‚ or 😦 …).

  467. Pingback: Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Factory Sealed Cases Boxes « TWO A DAY

  468. sdfd57

    I received my Blu-Ray McQueen yesterday in the mail. Had to check it over (of course) as it came in a plastic bag in a padded envelope. My son thought it was his to play with, so we had to change that!! It’s really a cool color. Do you want a picture? Mine has 2427EA stamped on the bottom. Might that be the limited edition number? Someone had mentioned making a case for it, since I will have to find something. Anyone have any other ideas of how to keep the car safe?

    As far as the rest of my collection, I’m just missing Flea/Flik, and PC Guido. This site is the best. Thanks for all the help and all the great info.

    (METROXING: They are all stamped 2427EA – my guess it’s the factory code for the base so when it’s assembled, it’s the right one. You can check out our HOW TO DISPLAY post for some places that carry plastic cases … or you can cheat like me and use one of the plastic Maisto car cases – though there is a peg so McQ fits but it’s not solidly in there …).

  469. Noel

    Hey guys,

    Blu-Ray McQueen showed up yesterday so I uploaded some pics of the car and the packaging it came in.


    I also saw a post asking about trading cards above. There were 3 ways I know of to get them (for free). 1) You had to attend the opening night showing of Cars in pretty much any theater in the US. They are in a red metallic foil type pacakage with a target logo in the bottom corner. 2) If you stayed at the Grand Floridian at WDW in the Summer of 2006, they gave them away to guests 16 or younger in a clear wrapper.

    Lastly, the projectionists in theaters where the movies were showing were given a special set of trading cards with instructions on how to set up the theater properly according to Pixar and John Lasseter’s specs. (I posted scans of those a while back.)

    Here is a pic of all three with the premier pin you received if you attended the outdoor screening of Cars at Lowes Motor Speedway.

    Last night I was checking eBay for Rusty / Dusty MMs and I came across an auction that had a minute to go and was at $3.00 with $4.50 shipping. I decided to bid at $3.25 with 4 seconds to go and I won. I found Ferrari / Guido and Fred at WM yesterday, they actually had a lot of cars in stock like the pit crew HH and Fillmore, I was surprised.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the photos! Very nice!)

  470. Maria

    My local Wal-Mart (KS) finally stocked their new boxes of Cars. By my count of the number of Yeti on the shelf, at least 8 cases. Unfortunately the Wal-Mart employees (at least that is my guess based on past experience) picked over all the PC Guido and Tom Race Official first, so there were none of those on the shelf. There were a ton of Fred too, which in the past I’ve only seen once. I gave in and bought Dale Jr. on ebay for $9.50 (including shipping). I figured I was saving more than that in gas!

  471. luke wells

    do they sell the rolling bowlling mater just on his own on a diecast figure? i really want it but i dont think yk UK sells the game. if they do sell it on its own would i be abel to get it in the UK?

    (METROXING: Rollin’ Bowling Mater has appeared in 3 boxes – two I know have not made it to the UK: one was the BJ Warehouse holiday pack in 2006, one was the 2006 Mattel Factory set – leaving only the Rollin’ Bowlin’ mater game as the most likely of the three …).

  472. Maria

    Rollin Bowling Mater only comes with the game. It’s actually difficult to find the game in the US too.

    (METROXING: The game did disappear for a while but I found one in September at KB Toys for $9.98 … in CA, not too many KB’s so I have not been back but if you live near a KB, you might take a look … of course, tomorrow beig the 24th, I have a feeling 80% of KB’s inventory is actually on the store floor …).

  473. Danielle

    WM had there holiday crate filled with a ton of cars,a lot of yeti a lot of fred,all the “race cars” & the dinoco helicopter.BUT no Tom or PC guido…of course.but i did get 2 of my first 3 packs today!but again of course they didn’t have the one with charlie checker.

    (METROXING: I believe Tom or PC Guido were not part of the massive WM bin – of course – so yea, we are now flooded with Box A, B & C new cars but D cars are still in short supply – then add in Launchers & 3-packs … arggh).

  474. Hollie

    Hi, for anyone looking for the new movie moments- Mothercare in the Uk has began to stock them, the one local to me says they get their delivery every friday and put them out on that day so if you are there early you have a good chance; managed to pick up mr and mrs the king quite late in the day. Happy christmas *

  475. charley new zealand

    re the numbers on the chassis base, i have read that the first 3 numbers indicate the day of the year it was made, with the 4th number being the year. ea is suspected to be the factory.

  476. charley new zealand

    WOOOHOOOOO! cracked open intl case NO949-956P today and picked out andretti, cutlass, cartrip, old school ramone, a 2nd fred and DALE JR! better yet, they were 20% off, so rang up at $7.19 each.

  477. Juan

    Thanks Noel for the info on the Cars trading cards.

    Metro – I also saw the info about the new rebate for Cars and the Blu Ray Mcqueen. Do you know the status on how many Blu Ray Mcqueen are left?


    (METROXING: The last count was around 14,000 or just under but that was a few days ago – at this point, it’s pretty hard to predict because most people who are CARS collectors probably already knew so you might still be okay in the next couple days …).

  478. Juan

    Just read your other article on the Blu Ray Mcqueen. Sounds like it might be too late.

    (METROXING: The last count was around 14,000 or just under but that was a few days ago – at this point, it’s pretty hard to predict because most people who are CARS collectors probably already knew so you might still be okay in the next couple days …).

  479. startug

    I just got Fred, Dinoco 400 set, Pit crew HH, Bob Cutlass, Tex Dinoco, Dale Jr., Mia/Tia, Rusty/Dusty all in one day!

  480. I have some questions about some of the upcoming cases touted at your sponsor Childrens Toy Closet:

    1) There are some cars in Case E, expected in January that I don’t recall on the checklist, Lightning McQueen Piston Cup Finalist & Ramone Old School Foose Toy Story. Anyone know if these are real and if so, what they’ll look like. Likewise, there is a Lightning Phase Ramone expected in Case H that I’ve not heard of.

    2) Mario Andretti appears in Case A and then looks to disappear for the next 6 months. Are Case “A”s still being shipped to stores? If so, for how long? Obviously, he’s still a need on my list.

    3) Movie Moments cases – Cases D & F list Dinoco Mia & Tia. Are these the same Gold Mia & Tia that are in the 3 packs or a different variant? I don’t recall seeing a Blue set of twins in the movie. (and I just saw it again over the weekend with my son)

    If anyone can bring any clarity to these areas, I would appreciate it.

    Happy New Year!

    (METROXING: Mattel gave the impression that they wanted to create new “re-freshed” cards for older CARS to give the appearance they were new, partially to make them different and partially so they could resell them to completists but then I think they realized that the average collector doesn’t really care what the art looked like and that completists would buy a new series, no point in creating 100% extra work to sell to fantaics when 5% extra work would do so now every car is called WORLD OF CARS – new ones get the NEW designation NEW … so it’s just old Lightning McQueen that you know and have and while Old School Ramone is CRusin’ new name, it’s the same CAR. Lightning Phase is when he is a Pit Crew member for McQueen – it’s actually already out in the 3-packs so you can look at our WHAT’S IN STORES post to see a better picture than the screen grab in the SEALED BOXES 2007-2008 post.

    Mario Andretti will appear in a 2-pack this spring – but with Patti, his assistant but that might not be any easier to find … WM also got a massive pallet of CARS that is not part of the A-Z shipments that includes Mario so you might check there also … as for Box A, that’s completely uncertain because normally – no, once a shipment is sent, Mattel moves onto B but some store may have dropped a couple boxes behind something else by accident and finds in another month or it’s at the retailer warehouse and gets late shipped … or even Mattel might find a extra container mis-marked and offer to a retailer so in theory, Box A should not be making any appearances in stores but should anyone even bet $10 on it – no. It’s toys – anything is possible.

    The Mia Tia’s are different and both make appearances essentially next to each other. They only appear in Blue in McQ’s dream seqiuence(s) where he dreams of being the next Dinoco driver and then his nightmare sequence when he is stuck in RS – that his biggest fans become Chick Dinoco fans – same with them in gold – instead of escorting him in Hollywood, they escort Dinoco Chick Hicks. Pretty complicated for a movie πŸ™‚ )

  481. mike

    This is a great site. I really appreciate having all of this info in one spot. I have 3 boys and 2 of them are car crazy. Santa managed to get everything except Pit Crew Guido and Tom Race Official . . . or so she thought. I was with my son at WM today and he sees Lightening Ramone – I had no clue about him. So of course I bought the 3 pack, gave Flo to my younger son that is a “new” fanatic & doesn’t have the full set yet and now have yet another Lightning McQueen. While I enjoy getting these cars for my boys because they really play with them nearly everyday, I am quite annoyed that Mattel is packaging new cars with old cars. I know they are trying to get as much of my $ as possible (I paid $9.99 for 3 cars when, if possible I would have only purchased Lightning Ramone), but I think it’s a slap in the face to the consumer and it creates waste (I do not need 5 of every car!). With that said, if I hold out, will these cars (Lightening Ramone, Dirt Track Doc, gold & blue Mia/Tia, Charlie Checker , etc.) be sold separately? Another, unrelated, question – is Charlie Checker another name for the Piston Cup Pace Car? From the picture, it looked like the same car, but I haven’t seen him in stores so I can’t tell. Thanks so much!

    (METROXING: Yea, Mattel can be a bit greedy 😦 … feel free to drop them an email and let them know πŸ˜‰ … Lightning Ramone is scheduled for a solo release in 2008 (but not till summer), Blue Mia & Tia will be a 2-pack MM but not the gold ones – again all this is is accurate info as of now, Mattel could decide to add or cancel anything … and yes, CC is the Pace Car, now just with a name).

  482. Scott-StL

    Some will and some won’t according the the future releases lists that I have seen. I did skip the Charlie Checker as I thought it looked exactly like the Pace Car I already had. As for the Blu-Ray car, I ordered mine on Monday afternoon(12/24) and was order number 13569 (if that is the number they go by).

    (METROXING: Yes, CC is Pace Car … thanks for the update on the number!)

  483. Jon


    Earlier up these messages somebody mentioned about the promotion in the UK where you could collect 6 Cars and send off the codes for an exclusive Collector Car, but they didn’t know what you would receive. Well, what you get is Vinyl Toupee and a large poster with a checklist and picture of all the cars available up to that point. This is currently the only way you can get Vinyl Toupee in the UK at the moment, as you cannot buy it in any shape or form (other than by US import)!

    If someone has already pointed that fact out I apologise!

    Anyway, I heard that the Wal-Mart exclusives eg TJ Hummer, are only made of plastic, is this true?

    Also, is the Tom Race Official the car in the film that holds the checkered flag at the races? As although the colours look right, I don’t think the shape of the cars seem to match.

    Thanks a lot, this is a great site!


    (METROXING: I did update the post on the “mystery” car in the UK but thanks. It is a nice “freebie.” The TJ is a some sort of metal-plastic hybrid casing with a plastic base so it is very light. It’s offends me less than some other people since Hummers have a lot of random bumps, grooves and grills so I’m sure Mattel decided to take the easy way … The Tom Race official is not the “flag man.” Tom Race official is the sedan who checks the “photo finish” results so it is correct).

  484. Bill

    I don’t think Tom is the flagstand official. As I remember the flagstand Official is a truck and Tom is a car. I don’t know if the flagstand official has a name. Maby someone else knows. Hope this helps.

  485. Jon

    Well, I hope they release the flagstand official as he’s one of my favourites!


  486. Bill

    Oh I’m sure they will. If they are releasing Anime Chuki, who I assume is the Japanese reporter when Lightning was missing, there is no telling what else they will come out with. You have to listen carefully to the movie audio to see where “Not Chuck” came from. Mattel is taking a risk with the 3 Car packs. Not many want to keep buying the same Cars over and over to get a few new ones. Our local Target had 90+ Dinoco 400 sets the day after Christmas. At regular price. They will have to do better than the current reduced price to move very many of these. You would think they would learn. And why is WM still getting case after case of Buzz & Woody and Mike & Sully?

    (METROXING: Of course, be sure to check the 2007 & 2008 SEALED CASES post to see what will be coming out next. I will add a 2008 only post in the next few days … the line is definitely still selling – every store around me is stripped bare except for a couple specific pegwarmers – like the closest TRU has about 40 Boost’s and about 40 Lizzie’s and yes, you’re absolutely right – why is Mattel shipping Mike & Sulley and Crusin McQ & Sally in the new WOC cards?)

  487. Of the newest cars out, the ones that are mostly plastic are: Al Loft (Blimp), Barney Stormin’, & Yeti. T.J. has a metal shell, but his undercarriage was plastic. This was probably to keep the weight down.

    I would expect that some of the larger upcoming releases to be plastic as well. (Race Tow Truck, Race Official, Security Van)

    (METROXING: On the other hand, Mrs. The King weighs a ton (no offense, Mrs. Strip Weathers) and so does Mario Andretti so while Mattel is saving some money, they do pour it back into odd places. Yea, I suspect the back tow area of the truck is all plastic …).

  488. Brent

    Thank you so much for this treasure trove of info! However, I’d like to point out one small typo I’ve discovered. The “full list so far” near the top of this page has this mistake. The charater “Sulley” from Monster Trucks Inc has a “C” so it spells “Sculley.” I’m only bringing this to your attention to make this site more flawless than it already is and because I have exhausted myself trying to figure out who this “Sculley” character really is. Thank you.

    (METROXING: Yea, you’re right, I have to go through and fix those (I always get Sulley the teal monster confused with Dana Sculley of the X-Files πŸ™‚ … the one good thing is if you see Sculley on another CARS (probably on sale on eBay), you know it’s been stolen from us 😦 ).

  489. Jon

    Hello again. My Mum and Dad are going to Florida in a few weeks and I was wondering if you could help me out. Over here in England single cars cost Β£2.99 (about $6) and Movie Moments cost Β£5.99 (about $12). How much do they generally cost over there?

    Also, i’ve never seen Red/Stanley or Luigi/Guido/Tractor over here, are these ones likely to be hard to get there too, or are they in abundance as everyone’s moved on to something else? (Ive never seen Mario or Cartrip either, but sounds like everyone’s a bit stuck trying to find those).

    Final question(s!) – I’m really intrigued, where does all your information come from?! How do you know in advance what cars will be released? Do you have insider information? I looked on the Mattel website and couldn’t even find a reference to Pixar Cars, just all Hot Wheels, I’m obviously not looking in the right places!

    Thanks a lot.


    (METROXING: You’re not coming along? πŸ™‚ Well, you probably don’t want to know that CARS are generally $2.99 to $3.29 and Movie Moments are $7.99-$8.99 USD. Though if you buy them at DisneyWorld, they are priced as they are in the UK but otherwise, about 50% what you pay in USD at the main retailers: Walmart. Target & ToysRUs. Red/Stanley or Luigi/Guido/Tractor are NOT hard to find but it’s hit or miss – you can go to 4 stores with not much of anything and 1 store with 400 CARS – it’s odd and makes ZERO sense. Mario/Cartrip – personally, I have hardly seen any but others report giant bins of them at WM so again, it all depends. If you’re willing to spend the money, you might actually order sealed boxes and ship them to the hotel where your parents will be – otherwise, do they really want to drive around Florida because they can probably complete your shopping list but it might take one store or it might take 12 stores? As for the info, it is amazing what Mattel doesn’t say, isn’t it – you would think they would have the best info instead of practically nothing … outside of the Sarge recall, there’s hardly ANY info on the movie CARS … so you have not missed anything … just keep reading. Feel free to update us on stock, supply and what’s going on CARS wise in the UK. If you need a checklist, don’t forget the free one we have up on EDITGRID).

  490. donnie

    Hello to all you CARS fans! Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas! My wife had to paw my fingers away from my 2yr olds presents. Man, a few of those would have went well with my collection! At age 37, my wife is wondering who the bigger kid is here! Anyway, metroxing, have another question for you…I am moving along fairly well on my completest sets (one to put away for the 2 yr old and one for me HAHA) and according to the list in the WOC series their are some cars that dont have a number by them. I cant find em not even on the dreaded EBAY! What gives with those? Are they going to come out later? Also while I got ya on the line, in Wave 3 Supercharged Movie Moments Flea and Flik and Rusty/Dusty Rusteze-after more reading and EditGrid lookin I figured out these were canadian releases….is that correct and if so will they still be available there or are those yonna be bank breakers as they are scarce even on EBAY and going for bookoo bucks? Any advice from you or other listeners out there in Radiator Springs land is greatly appreciated!
    P.S. this site is still the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (METROXING: Thanks, glad you’re having as much fun as the 2-year old πŸ™‚ … the WOC without numbers haven’t been assigned numbers yet by Mattel. I only add the numbers after reading them back off the WOC cards so I know they are out or coming in the next batch. Mattel seems to be updating the back of the cards with each box with WOC (as you can see with your collection or you can visit our post on CARD BACKS) so box 4 (D) should be out next week and I’ll add any new numbers then – some will be missing for a while as Lizzie, Nitroade and even Sarge won’t be out on a single card for a while. The SC Rusty/Dusty & Flea/Flik in English ONLY on the front are almost guaranteed to be Canadian only (Mattel could switch back from WOC but it’s highly, highly unlikely). They are interesting because normally Canadian cards come out in English/French or even tri-languages on the front … so technically they are not part of the line for the US but completists might find it fun to add them. Apparently, they’re not all that difficult to find if you are in Canada. Also note, there is a Fred and a Yeti, The Abonimable Snowplow in English only on SC cards so if you’re going to add the Canadian MM, add these to your list. The US SC Yeti only says Yeti – again, making if different and as you kow, completists love “different.” Hope that helps. The WHAT TO COLLECT post outlines some of your choices πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!)

  491. tina

    Ok I couldn’t take it any more I fianally bought the blu-ray disk to get the Blu-die-cast it just looks so cool and my order has been placed yeah I cant wait!!!!!

  492. GUESS WHAT!!!! I ran into Toys R Us today for the daily check and got some of the three packs and…


    It says world of cars on the box! So it was re-released and it does say tru exclusive on the box! I was so excited. They also had the casa de tires one!!!! (19.99 by the way)

    (METROXING: Wow, what city are you in?)

  493. I found it in Woodland Hills, CA (So Cal) but I actually live in Simi Valley (Ventura County)

    (METROXING: Thannks and good to know).

  494. luke wells

    i have the sarge toy on the dessert back ground and it says china on the bottom. will this have the led paint or not? if so if i put it on ebay howmuch will i gat for it? also mater gets in the dinoco helecopter in the film. do you think this will come in a diecast or will that be going too far. my dad says that all these mcqueens that are comeing out. in away i think they should stop selling mcqueens and just cars that have no more ways for mattel to bring them out again. in the two packs they usially put a brand new car with one of the old cars that every one has example king(old) and mrs the king(new). i think it is just so you have to pay a bit more. thx for your time πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: If you follow our SARGE RECALL link to Mattel, they will guide you through whether it’s on the list or not but I’m pretty sure only the SuperCharged ones have problems – if you already have it out, it’s not worth more than a little more than you paid – if it’s still sealed, you might ve able to get $12 to $15 for it. I doubt the Dinoco will come in scale in all metal but it’s possible – it would also cost around $59 like the 1:18 scale Hot Wheels but it’s possible. There are two reasons why Mattel will continue to package new cars with old cars: a) obviously they know we will buy it anyway even if we grumble and b) the line is still selling to newbies so things will continue).

  495. Brad

    My son opened the Tex Dinaco and Lightning McQueen combo today. The Blue Lightning Dinaco car has rear wheels that apear to be the same as The King’s Silver wheels. I saved both cars and package. The rear wheels were not visible from the outside of the package or I would have left it sealed. Is this car of any value or should I just let him play with it?


    (METROXING: Once you open it, even collectors who collect error CARS won’t offer you much more in the theory that you could’ve manually swapped them … I know you have that much free time in an interest to make $2-4 extra on eBay πŸ™‚ … in any case, you might’ve made an extra $2-10 in selling it on eBay unopened but hardly a real compelling reason not for your son to play with it … so have fun with it!)

  496. I went back to a different TRU today and picked up a Ramone’s House of Body Art also 19.99

    So all of the playsets have been officially re-released as TRU exclusives! Whoooo!
    I have upc codes if anyone wants them for the curio and Ramone’s

    (METROXING: If you have the time, that would be great – and the Mattel code, It’s like J,L or K plus 4 numbers. Also, I’m working on this project – maybe you’d like to help out and get credit plus a copy? – would you have an opportunity to scan in the front & back of each box at 300 DPI? I can give you more details – drop me a note at metroxing (at) – thanks! And anyone else reading this who is a competist with playsets or other boxes (individual cars, I’m set on – drop me an email! Thanks!)

  497. luke wells

    when i was in a ordinary shop that sold cars i came accross red and stantly. then i realised that the stantly was a bright yellow colour just like the piston cup pace car coulor. i thaught this would just be an error then i looked on the packaging and the stantly on that was also yellow. this was very strange. do you know if mattel did this on pourpous or they were both errors.

    (METROXING: You’re saying the illustration on the card was also yellow? Did you buy it? That might be worth something if it is – that is weird. I’d have to see – hope you bought it – can you scan it in? Email it to em at metroxing (at) – interesting …).

  498. Jon

    Hi Metro, if there’s any individual Cars box backs you need scanning then let me know what you need. My ones are UK and have multiple languages on the back.


  499. luke wells

    there is a piston cup pace car in the 3 pack and one on it own that is exclusive to wallmart. in the 3 pack it says charlie checker. and on its own it says piston cup pace car. why is this.

    (METROXING: It all depends on what you believe:

    a) Pixar didn’t tell Mattel.
    b) Mattel forgot.
    c) Mattel did on purpose to re-sell the same car (Crusin’ Ramone/Old School Ramone).

    and BTW, Mattel forgot to paint his back tail-lights on the 3-pack version).

  500. my email is if anyone has anyone has any interesting cars info.

  501. spackler

    In response to:
    October 16, 2007 at 3:40 pm
    My Son and I were playing with is Mack Playset and I noticed that his telephone has a phone number listed on it. The number is 626 568 7788

    I found this same number on our Mack’s phone and was as curious too so I called it – it is a number for a company called Tokio Marnine Nichido that seems to provide marine insurance. The number goes to their Pasadena office –

    Very interesting that they would put an actual real working phone number on the toy. Maybe another China blunder – they don’t know to use the 555?

    (METROXING: Yea, I’m sure that company is happy to get calls for people looking to talk to Harv? πŸ™‚ Yea, I think you’re right. It slipped by someone somewhere … if Mattel was smart, it would’ve been some marketing number where they sent out out subliminal messages to buy everything … oh wait, I think it worked … do anyone want to buy a Tokio Marnine Nichido #44 Piston Cup racer? πŸ™‚ )

  502. BMW

    Metroxing, Thanks for explaining about your checklist that shows flea/flik rusty dusty on supercharged wave 3 sets. I understand your reasoning, cause they are there and some collectors want it all, but

    It seems a bit confusing to me since these are Canadian and or International only.

    Is there some way you can annotate this on future checklists for us who are somewhat complete collectors to show that these are non US versions? I thought I was up to date then about went nuts when I saw these on your checklist and checked the prices on ebay! High!
    BTW, traded for a Fred, dinoco copter, Ernhardt, Cartrip, on Canadian (English only) cardbacks. I want to finish collecting all supercharged singles, as far as I know these are all, except now I just read here Yeti with full name on sc. Yuk!

    Is that it for sc? Please advise…

    Thanks for explaining about texas tea, wondered about him…

    (METROXING: I did add the Canadian tag but I will add a note at the bottom. Yes, the only real reason they are of more than casual interest is that they do not contain French or the tri-language though the back has the tri-languages so Flea & Flik & Rusty/Dusty who do NOT (nor likely will) appear on SuperCharged cards in the US are offered in Canada on SC cards with English ONLY on the front. In addition, the individual card releases in totality surrounding this issue is:

    Yeti (Supercharged card – US)
    Yeti, the Abominable Snowplow (Supercharged card – Canada)
    Yeti, the Abominable Snowplow (World of Cars card – US)

    Fred (World of Cars card – US)
    Fred (Supercharged card – Canada)

    (Fred never appeared in the US on a SC card).

  503. BMW

    can you annotate your checklist to show which are International cardbacks? Just downloaded it and about went nuts finding flea Flik Rusty dusty as supercharged, til I read your explanation.

    Trying to finish all supercharged, and since I am in the US I don’t feel compelled to get these now.

    I did get the SC singles from canada (English only) for Fred and copter, Ernhardt, Cartrip, in a trade.

    Now I read here Yeti is in english also on sc. will this ever end….:)

    Please advise if there are any other SC card singles
    English only.

    (METROXING: The only copter I’ve seen comes in tri-languages. Are you saying there’s an English version on a SC card? Well, Earnhardt & Cartrip are of less interest since there was a SC version in the US, it’s only because the others are in English-only and on a card design no longer issued in the US that the collectors want to add them – For individual cards, as far as I know, it’s only SC Yeti, TAS and SC Fred but let me know if you have anything different – thanks).

  504. GourmetAnarchy

    The front of the Yeti that I just passed on through the dreaded eBay says on the front and the back:

    The Abominable Snowplow

    I know there are more of them at my local WM so I could always check that out.

  505. luke wells

    hi metroxing.
    continuing from that red and stantly situation the illustration is also gold on stantly like the figure. i did buy it so how much is it worth aprox?

    i will not be abele to email it to you as my email has been cancled. i found this item in a shop called BELLAS and it was a small corner shop. they also had all the new cars like yeti,bob,dale,darrel and fred. i would also like to know if there would only be one of these gold stantley’s. thanx

    (METROXING: Well, I can’t say for certain but if you actually have a yellow Red and it’s illustrated in yellow, that’s pretty are defintely worth more than the average error. You will need a nice photograph of it though in your auction. Be sure and put the words error in your auction title – good luck!)

  506. luke wells

    that 7 pack that includes radiator mcqueen,lizzie,sally,flow,sherrif,dock and gold ramone is not a wal-mart exclusive because i have seen it in lots of shops. and that 1st radiator springs gift pack that includes sherrif,dock,lizzie,mater and sally when i went in toys r us it had the fabulous hudson hornet and not dock. do you think this is just an error?

    (METROXING: Honestly, after the 10th box set, I sort of lost track especially since they are all about the first 10 CARS and they have un-distincative names like Townies, Radiator Springs Town, etc … so most likely the mistake is mine but they may have also made a production change along the way).

  507. luke wells

    do you know if the wal-mart exclusives will ever come to the uk if so when? and ASDA in the uk is the same company as wal-mart so do you think they wil come in ASDA. πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Didn’t someone claim that the WM CARS are on the shelves at ASDA now?)

  508. Jon

    Hello, I thought it was interesting to know that in your US version of Cars, Harv is played by Jeremy Piven, but in our UK version he is played by Jeremy Clarkson, one of the presenters of our car-based TV programme Top Gear. I expect in other countries he is played by other local celebrities!


    PS managed to find Red/Stanley at last – yesssssssssss!

  509. Movie Voices – In one of the extras on the DVD, they show how they used famous voices for international versions of the movie. In several non-English language tracks, actual Formula-1 drivers were used for McQueen. I thought it was pretty interesting. As for replacing Harv in the UK sound track, the UK must not have Entourage on HBO because I thought Piven as Harv was an obvious “Adult Only” joke that’s fun to see in these movies.

    BTW, I’m a big fan of Top Gear on BBCA having just discovered it in the last month. Not sure if the US gets old episodes or not. One of the last ones I saw they had Sub-compact Fords and Toyotas playing Soccer with stuntdrivers and an oversized ball. The most recent one had the hosts attempt RVing and failing miserably having burned the trailer to a charred frame. Pretty funny.

    Yet another excellent programming exchange across the pond. (Sorry for continuing to hijack the post, but I haven’t found any new cars lately. ;0)

    (METROXING: No problem πŸ™‚ Entourage is on satelitte in the UK but it’s not as well known … of course, one of the reasons for using local talent is that it’s easier PR for publicizing the film).

  510. i once met someone who was related to someone who talks in the movie cars!

  511. i have 50 bored someone talk to me.

    (METROXING: Get back to us when you pass 200 …. just kidding! πŸ™‚ )

  512. scolieri

    just wondering….

    can anyone tell me if canada (toronto area) is behind in getting certain cars such as…
    stanley with big red
    mr. mrs. king

    and any single cars such as guido and luigi?

    any help would be great….

    (METROXING: Have you tried SEARS?)

  513. Jon

    Went to Tesco’s yesterday and found a stack of unopened cardboard boxes in the aisle. I asked if we could open the Cars delivery, then I pulled the Mario, Cartrip and Dinoco helicopter straight from the case! It was very exciting!

    However, since then it seems everyone has had a delivery, as I have seen all the previously hard-to-get ones several times, Dale, Bob, Yeti, Helicopter, Fred. Even the almost elusive Mario and Cartrip have been spotted twice now.

    So I am still looking for Luigi/Guido/Tractor, but other than that I’m just waiting for when the Pit Crew Member Cars and all the new ones get released over here – any ideas when that might be?

    Also, does Pit Crew Guido have the extra stack of tyres stuck onto him, or are they just loose accessories?



    (METROXING: The “tyres” are stacked together but separate from Guido).

  514. Jon

    Sorry, should have said ‘tires’ – can’t keep up with the different spellings! So basically it’s the same Guido from the Luigi/Guido/Tractor set, but it comes with accessories? The actual car is the same one?


    (METROXING: I will receive mine this week but from the paint guide by Mattel, it looks like the lug nut gun is attached to his right arm so this different …)

  515. looking for a wed site that we can use to keep track of the cars we already have

    (METROXING: Checklist & spreadsheet acceptable? Check our current top post).

  516. Bill

    Just curious. Where do you get most of your Cars from?

    (METROXING: While I do shop most all the main stores, I live in NorCal where we have way too few stores for the amount of CARS interest here so I usually just buy the cases or in the case of WM, have to resort to eBay … For the regular CARS, if I had the patience of a saint, I suppose I could eventually find everything but I’m pretty sure I’d still be waiting for a Dale Jr. and I have not seen all 4 of part II of the WM CARS on the shelves at one time here in NoCal …).

  517. Bill

    A couple more questions. Are you usually satisfied when buying by the case as to the condition of the Cars? I try to get my collections as close to “Mint” condition (not that I’ve had anyone define exactly what “Mint” is) as I can find. I see so many in the stores that have pretty bad flaws so I guess I’ve been a little hesitant to buy by the case. I think sometimes maby my standards are a bit to lofty. And I know that there are some vastly differing opinions on Ebay of what “Mint” means. And if it’s not classified Info. what do you do with all the extras from the cases? There are some pretty good case prices out there. Thanks!

    (METROXING: Well, I open one and save one – while I do look, unless it’s a giant paint gloop on the windshield, it’s not that big of a deal to me so out of a box, one should pass muster to save and sure everyone once in a while, it’s pretty obvious but then sometimes, you buy something you study in the stores, open it up and the wheels don’t roll correctly or the backside has a paint glitch, right? It happens. If I paid $200 like some of the 1:24 scale cars are – I would be more discerning but for $1 (Hot Wheels, Matchbox) to $4 (JL or CARS), I’ll live – if I really hate it – I throw in the ‘cars for kids to play with box’ and go buy another one but really, out of the 80 or so CARS I have open, I have maybe replaced two … One flaw I can think of is that my Chick Hicks “mustache” is not painted all the way to the bottom but I presume probably a lot are like that (I have not replaced). Though, I might not be as picky as you πŸ™‚ … one other advantage to the box is that most of the back j-hooks are down but not all … I save an extra un-opened set so that fills most of the collection – and if I don’t give away extras, I sell or trade them … I have maybe 5 extras after 18 months right now not counting the WM4 extra sets which I somehow ended up with πŸ™‚ so I haven’t sat down and done the math but since I don’t have the time nor the stores around me where I can just show up and buy … it works okay for me).

  518. Jamie C

    Any word on the release of the VW “bug” cars?

  519. Jon

    Hello again! For all those who own Mia / Tia – as the cars are supposed to be twins do you get two identical cars? Or are there slight differences between the two?



  520. Bill

    The only difference on all of my Mia & Tia are the rear license plates. One reads Mia and one reads Tia. Other than that I don’t see any difference. I haven’t seen the Dinoco M & T yet.

  521. Dinoco Mia and Tia are the same… just blue! But awfully cute!

  522. BMW

    Update on my previous post about having a SC Copter English only card and thanks for the info.
    I was mistaken.

    I rechecked it and it is tri language on the front label. French, English, Spanish. I traded for it and thought it was English only (because the Fred I got with it in trade was.) So you are most likely correct about SC Copter being International only. (You stated you haven’t seen a Copter on SC that is English only.)

    I also traded for 2 Cartrips from Canada, but these SC are two languages not three on the front. (English and Portuguese). The card front label says Darrell Cartrip and Darrell de Passeio. (which I translate to Darrell the Driver). Passeio in Portuguese, means (cartrip), as in drive, ride, outing.

    The other trade was for SC Dale, and he is English only on front, but the cardback is 4 languages. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. So can this be a Canada only?

    Fred on SC is the same, english only on front and 4 languages on back.

  523. Debbie


    Can you help? I purchased a Mack from the shop at the Davy Crockett Disneyland Paris shop in June 2007, and it came with two diecast cars (Lighting McQueen and Sally) and has a side access with big section and then a two level section. It also has a rear door too to access the split level. Unfortunately I have no idea of model number etc, but would like to purchase another. Any idea of the information I require to try and purchase another?

    Thanks for your help

    (METROXING: I think it was listed on the UK Disney store site – you might check there first).

  524. The Minis, Launchers and 3 Packs have arrived in the upper midwest and it appears that singles are continuing to be restocked, unlike last year. I admit I have been lax in my shopping since the holiday and so have missed out so far on the Gold Mia & Tia in the 3 packs. I did see Lightning Ramone and noticed that the McQueen in with Sheriff and Red Wheel Hudson is Cactus McQueen. I did make another observation. While TRU has the Minis and the Lightyear Launcher case, they do not have the 3 Packs or Launchers. I have also seen the 3 Packs and Launchers at area Target stores, but not together. Either the Target store has the Launchers or they have the 3 Packs, not both.

  525. Debbie


    Thanks for response – had already checked the UK Disney store – and they do the Mack transporter with 15 die cast cars, but it is 3 storey, and doesn’t have the tail lift like the one we have.

  526. Bill

    Our area TRU stores here in the SE have the Gift Packs, Minis, and Launchers. Targets have all three also. The Gift packs and Launchers are not selling very well. The Minis seem to be selling but there are always some on the pegs. Of the three, the Gift Packs seem to be the slowest movers. My opinion, people are tired of buying duplicates. I choose to wait for Lightning Ramone, Dirt Track Doc Hudson, and Gold Mia & Tia all of which I hear will be coming out in the future.

  527. mike

    I think that the line is getting annoying to say it bluntly. The new 3 packs: Having to buy 2 duplicate cars in order to get the new ones is a joke. Target Only Dinoco 400: 3 new ones for 30 dollars is what it comes out to when you figure you have to buy 5 old ones with the 3 new ones.

    Talk about blatant milking of the cow. They better get Cars 2 rolling so they have something new to release. How many other ways can you give us a Sherrif and one of the 20 Ramones?

    (METROXING: Every toy company always has to see how far they can push it and I think they pretty are right at the wall. I know people who are skipping the launchers and we’ll see how the 3-packs with “old” CARS sell … the Gold Dinoco Twins will fly off the shelves … Target apparently is sell the Dinoco 400 at $17.99 which is really for 3 CARs plus a decent enough display stand so to me, $17.99 is a good enough price but you can still argue it’s steep).

  528. Bill

    Is this $17.99 on the Dinoco 400 a national Target thing? I have been looking for a better deal than $29.99 to pick up a couple of these for my collections. I was in the store yesterday and they still had about 75 of them still priced at $29.99.

    (METROXING: It’s online but you do have to pay taxes & shipping … it does offer to find in stores so maybe you have to ask customer service?)

  529. Bill

    I just talked to the Toy dept. mgr at our closest TGT. He said the Dinoco 400 set was on clearance for $24.99. I would like to know if it’s cheaper in other areas.

  530. Brad

    Our Toys-R-Us in Central TX have the 3-packs, minis, and launchers. One way I have “stomached” the 3 pack pricing ($9.99+tax) is with a coupon that was in a 2008 TRU/Disney Calendar that was given away with purchase over the holidays. One of the January coupons is for $5 off a $15 CARS purchase. Every $$ helps. Maybe your TRU has some under the counter still.

    I ordered/purchased my Blu-Ray McQueen on Jan 1. My confirmation number was 15,800 (the 00 is not the exact number). Does that mean more than 15K were produced? I think I remember that there is a cutoff date in Jan or is it while supplies last? BTW, I just received confirmation that my car has shipped. Last than a week later. My first, ordered in Oct, arrived in 8 weeks.

    FYI – Looks like the Gold Mia/Tia/Bling x2 McQueens are just shipping to dealers, not retailers yet, as well as the Dinoco Mia/Tia Movie Moments.

    (METROXING: It turns out the conformation number is for all current redemption so we now have no way to telling when will hot 15,000 until that unlucky tries 😦 … Yea, I’ve got mt TRU coupon in hand but haven’t found anything to buy at our TRU … of course, 90% of the inventory seems to be sitting on the floor … thanks for the update on the HOT, HOT CARS items of late January).

  531. Brad

    What is the difference in the Wave 1 China/Thailand King variants? Is the rear of the car a different mold from each location? Decals? License plate?

    Also, how are the Wave 2 Sally decals different? Does she have the back tattoo in one version?

    Pictures of the differences would be nice!

    I have a variation that I have not heard anyone mention. I have a Nitroade car on desert card, in which the portion of the decal/paint on the roof and trunk that is normally orange, is fusia or dark pink. Definitely not orange. At the time I had 12 Nitroades in my possession and noticed the different color (fusia) on 2 of the 12. I continued to look for the variation in stores, toy shows, and even ebay, but never have come across the color variation again. Does anyone else have one?

    (METROXING: The two Thailand/China Kings and Sally’s are very, very, very subtle – almost too subtle. The wheel wells on the two King’s are different. I got out a ruler and measured and it is literally 1mm difference. The China ones are “normal,” the spacing from the wheel well is even through the half circle that “half” encircles the rear tires … the Thailand wheel well is literally (not figurately) 1mm further away from the tire but then closes the gap so then becomes a more true half circle. I have to dig up a photo but until you hold them side by side … the Thailand ones also seem slightly lighter in color but since EVERY King was made like this until the early days of the Supercharged card, it’s not exactly a rarity since anyone collecting the desert cards has one and if you buy ANY King after that design, you get the China one so again, not much of a treasure hunt is required. The Sally difference to me is even duller – the China ones have a darker front tampo decal and the words Carerra are slightly darker … so if you have a desert art back Sally and then happen to stumble upon a Sally on a Supercharged card (humm, where-ever will you find one? :-0 ), your collection is complete … it’s not even as hard as the TJ or Fred error variants where you at least have to pick it up to look since they are all on the same card design – with King & Sally, all cards from the two different eras are all the same so not much of a hunt required … Interesting on Nitorade … maybe a photo? Drop it to us at metroxing (at) and I’ll take a look at mine).

  532. Made some interesting findings yesterday at some area Walmarts in Minnesota. I found Andretti at one store that had been notorious for getting their shipments late. This location was getting their first wave of exclusive cars when most area WMs were getting wave 2. My conclusion is that stores are being allocated at least 1 of each case type (since Andrettis were only in Cases A & B) and they are shipped out only when their inventory can handle the stock. So if anyone out there still needs Andretti or Jr., there is still hope even though Cases C & D are scheduled for January shipping.

    Meanwhile, in the same day at a different WM, one where I had the most success finding all of my exclusives quickly, I found Pit Crew Guido and Race Official Tom, which are only found in Case D.

    It appears I’m caught up on singles again. Now I’m only in search of the new MMs and the 3 Pack with the Gold Twins.

  533. Bill

    Thanks for the good Info. on the Dinoco 400 sets. I have several on the way at $17.99. Thanks for hooking me up. I talked to Toy Mgrs. in 3 WM all of which said that they have been told that they will no longer carry the MM. One was setting the MM shelf space for Minis with all MM in the clearance isle for $7.00 and said that when those were gone thats it for MM. TRU yesterday did have multiples of all of the newest MM except Dinoco Mia & Tia. They were in the middle of inventory and everything was a mess. Thanks again!

  534. Michael

    I’m down here in the Souteast (NW Florida to be exact) and trying to find any of the “newer” releases is like an exercise in futility…..Only 1 out of 5 local WM have even stocked ANY of the exclusives…2 of those WM do NOT even have a “Cars” area on the shelf..go figure. Needless to say I am still looking for several releases and refuse to go the e-bay way…I still need Earnhardt, Andretti, Cartrip, Dinoco Helicopter, Fred, Pit Road Guido, Race Official Tom, and Rusty and Dusty. Have not seen the launchers yet or the 3 packs, and I make almost daily trips to WM, Target and TRU. Add the fact that I’m trying to find 2 of each…ARGH!!!!!!

    (METROXING: Surprisingly you haven’t seen the Launchers, they’re just selling so-so here … well, the D shipment (arriving this week) has more of some of what you’re looking for …

  535. Bill

    Different WM stores have different venders which can make a huge difference from one store to the next. I live in the middle of about 8 or 9 stores and there is a huge difference in when they receive new items. Some of our area stores have orders on hold for inventory (Feb) while the ones who have already done it are doing a pretty good job of stocking. It sounds like some of your area stores are way, way, way behind which sounds like a vender problem. We were in FL this past summer and found many WM we went in way behind our stores here (NC) as far as new Cars. It may be time for you to complain, in a nice way, to the WM powers that be in your area. This line is not going away for a long, long time so they might as well get with the program. Good luck.

  536. Noel

    I came across this one on eBay, the price made me laugh. I would have to guess this guy is driving the price up himself. I couldn’t see someone paying that kind of money just for a Blu Ray McQueen on a custom card, but I could be wrong.

    I was in Wal-Mart (Chicago area) today and went by the Cars section. They had a great selection of all the new cars so I picked up a PC Guido and Tom while I was there. No MM sets except for one Mike / Sulley.

    I don’t think I’ll be buying any more cars on eBay as it looks like they are cranking out the new ones very quickly. There was a old lady there who looked like she hadn’t bathed in a week going through them and leaving them all over right after I grabbed my two, which were the last ones. She was mad because I stood there holding them while she was going nuts looking for the last ones that I grabbed, I think she tried to hide them earlier and came back because they were both as far back as you could reach.

    Scalpers, you have to love driving them crazy. She had a bunch of other duplicate items as well so I knew she was just going to sell them for a profit.

    If anyone is interested in a Blu Ray McQueen, my second one has shipped and I really don’t need two. It should be here within a couple of days.

    Metro, If you want dibs, let me know.

    (METROXING: We covered the Blu Ray card in our newest post but thanks πŸ™‚ … as for the Blu Ray CAR, I’m set but I’m sure one of our UK or South of the equator readers might be interested …).

  537. brent

    Noel, I would love to talk about the blu-ray mcqueen….if yiu still have it. thanx

  538. brent

    Has anyone in the denver, co. area been able to find pc guido or tom race offical? Metro great site, very helpful

  539. Jay

    I would like that Blu Ray McQueen if you still have it I am in the U.K. you would be a great help

    can you get back to me on my email


  540. Jay

    I was asking



  541. brent

    hey noel, send me a e-mail if you still have the blu-ray mcqueen.

  542. Avg Joe

    I have a challenge for you guys. I recently have been caught up in the Cars craze because I am lucky enough to have a great girlfriend who gets every car for her 5 year old. He pretty much has a complete set (well loved and played with!) Whenever I find something new I snag it and I am getting some of those action figure collecting cravings of old. I think I would like to start a complete openers set of my own for display. Now here’s the challenge – I have several great sources, 4 WM, TRU, 2 Targets etc. at my disposal. I’d like to combine multiple packs (Dinoco 400, 3 packs, launchers, etc.) and WOC/on shelves now to create the lowest price/least duplicates possible.

    As a side note I want to say how well I think Mattel does with this line compared to He-Man. I was very annoyed with pegwarmers in that line. While this line does have it’s share of them, the ability for new collectors to jump in and start rolling is astounding. And the fact that they put out multiples of the new stuff per case is pretty cool. Not perfect, but it does seem like they have made a few improvements.

    (METROXING: Yea, for once, Mattel has not decided to be annoying which is great – in fact, you have given me an idea for a new post … look for it in the next day or so – thanks! πŸ˜‰ )

  543. Bill

    Well, the three WM that told me yesterday that they would no longer carry MM all today received a revised layout sheet that included a place for MM. I guess they only know so much from day to day. All three stores got in a few D cases the first of last week but last night got in a bunch of B cases. A lot of Juniors, Darrells, Marios, Helicopters, Freds on the pegs today. They also had a few of all of the second 4 WM exclusives. It’s hard to figure sometimes whats coming next. Happy Hunting!

  544. Chrissy

    So my mom does not even have a blue ray player and bought the cars blue ray when I told her there was an exclusive. She wanted to get it for my daughter to give it to her when she was older. I told her our obsession to get my daughter every car has now gotten out of hand. I thought getting the minis would be hard but we found those no problem, with all the buildings.

  545. donnie

    hello again! Just wanted to chime in on some of the comments being thrown out there at the guy on ebay with the bluray McQueen. I consider myself a pretty serious collector myself, I have used @aday press releases religiously and am well on my way to have complete sets (x2) of almost everything out. I have searched south texas to the bone and probably burned up enough gas to pay a ridiculous price for the whole set. Anyways, my friend ( I call him this because I have bought a few items at really really good fair prices) Husker_crazy sold that bluray for 250.00. I say good for him….he sells, people buy…people come up with some incredible stuff and others want it so they pay ridiculous for it. We have already beat the horse(see earlier posts in Dec.)and decided that bluray shouldnt be part of the set…just think you should ease up on the guy! By the way WM TGT and TRU seem to all be on Christmas break still. Havent seen anything new on the shelves within 100 miles since Christmas eve!

  546. Lisa B

    Hello. Im so glad I ran into this website and thank you for the list. My 3 year old son loves this movie. We just recently been getting the different cars. The main thing he’s asking for now is white #84 (as he calls it). Also, I wanted to ask if you have a list of everything “Cars” toy/playset. For example, Disney store had a tire changing mcqueen. And after christmas I ran into a 14″ DJ with lights and plays different songs. It’s an awesome toy. My son plays with it in the dark as you can see the lights, just like from the movie.
    Again thank you for the list.

    (METROXING: Well, we just decided to stick with the 1:55 scale since that’s the one we collect … plus, there is just way too much stuff … but the good thing is other than the 1:55 diecast line, the others are stocked like regular merchandise and you shouldn’t hav any trouble finding it … I’m waiting for the DJ I can plug my iPod into πŸ™‚ )

  547. Noel

    Still no BR McQueen yet. I received an email saying it was shipped almost a week ago, then again I have been waiting for two other items shipped via USPS which havent arrived as well.

  548. Connor

    Is it me or does the wingo look retarted im mean whats wrong with the paint job and the eyes???

    (METROXING: That is the original photo released by Mattel – it might be a prototype …)

  549. Connor

    The Ebay prices are stupid im anoyed with them theres a loose guido on there not a pit crew one just a normal guido it was $15 au and $5 postage.
    In my area which is Australia im finding heaps on Tex, Wingo, Hydrulic Ramone, Green Ramone.
    I can’t find anymore Nitroade i have two but i want more of them that nitroade was the hardest to get and i nearly payed ebay price’s and i have two i also have 4 Leak less and 3 RPM and 5 Ferrari which i got extra because i wanted the Luigi in the movie moments pack.

  550. Jay


    can you get back to me about the Blu Ray McQueen



  551. Jon

    Hello! UK news – it appears that Woolworths have now started doing Movie Moments (my local one never used to sell them anyhow!) Today I managed to find Mia & Tia, Mr & Mrs The King, and Rusty & Dusty. They also had Flik & Flea, but I left those for someone else to find.

    Still no sign of Luigi / Guido / Tractor though!

    Also, do you think they will make any of the Cars from the Cars video game “Mater-National”? There are quite a few good characters there, eg Otto, Giovanni etc.



    (METROXING: While I think there are definitely a % of people who want the video game characters, right now, Mattel can sell every CAR from the actual movie so …)

  552. John F.

    Happy New Year everyone. I sure hope to expand my collection this year. It looks as if there’s a lot of cool cars coming out this year. I’m a little irritated about the three packs. Hopefully Mattel re-releases the newer cars as single packs. After all, they are known to release and re-release and re-release again and again! Arrgghh!!! I’m back in the hunt .

    Many happy returns to you and yours Metro!


    (METROXING: Other than the Dinoco Twins, the other should be all be available in some other packaging … thanks and good luck to you!)

  553. Avg Joe

    I found Cars Radiator Springs Curio Shop and Luigi’s Casa Della Tires at Toys R Us in Fort Wayne, IN today is Ramone’s House of Body Art out?

    If someone can snag an opener Mia Tia or Flea Flik for a young enthusiast, let me know.

  554. Connor

    Ahhh thank you Metro i been wanting to know what was wrong with that wingo when i first saw it lol you have made my day i reckon thats one stupid looking wingo though. When will the new cars be in Austrailia??? i really want Dale.jr, Darell Cartrip, Bob Cutlass, Richard Clayton ect…
    Have a good day.

  555. startug

    Also if anyone gets a Dinoco Mia and tia, Flea and Flik, Pit Crew Guido or Tom Race official, can I have one?

  556. Jamie C

    Two questions I didnt see any info on. Forgive me if its in here already. Are they still selling Sarge? Since the recall I have not seen a one. Plus any word as to if they r going to release the VW “bugs” anytime?

    (METROXING: Yes, it’s odd that Sarge is only available on eBay – even the Pit Crew Sarge was postponed … odd … he’s scheduled to return in early summer along with the two-pack Movie Moments … but until then, only eBay. Flea & Flik are just hitting the shelves).

  557. tina

    I finnally have my BR mcqueen they sent me a shipment conformation on 1/9 and I got it on the 14th my son and I were so happy love it worth the wait!!!!

  558. After hitting the stores hard again this week, I have another upper midwest report. The Walmart that I’ve had my most success at is continuing to put out Case D with Pit Crew Guido and Tom. The Walmarts that have been slower in getting the newest cars are all in the middle of a reset in the toy department but have not been re-stocked yet. The TRU I visit regularly has plenty of stock, but hasn’t recieved anything new in several weeks. Once the first wave of 3 Packs disappeared, they haven’t been re-stocked anywhere. Finally, you can find the Launchers at Target, unless you want Octain Gain, because he’s always the first to be sold.

    I’ve also made several attempts to get my local Targets to honor the $17.99 online price for the Dinoco400 set, but to no avail. The best explanation has been that the Clearance price is an Amazon price that shows due to their partnership. I was all set to buy it alone, but with Tax and shipping, it was almost $30 anyway. Luckily, I needed another item from Amazon for a B-Day gift and the combo got me free shipping, so it’s on it’s way for my son who loves “the purple car” (Vinyl Toupe) and since he’s not listed as a single peg anytime this year, this was our best option.

    Lastly, I need some info from our So-Cal friends. I’m headed to San Diego this weekend and want to know where to go besides TRU, WM & Tgt to get what we need. Specifically, I’m looking for the Gold Mia & Tia 3-Pack, MMs needed are the Dinoco Twins & PT/Flick. I’m also in need of the Case E new cars (Not Chuck & Tow) as that Case hasn’t made it to the Midwest yet. I know you don’t need more competition out there, but any help would be great. California, here we come!

  559. Carslogic

    Does anyone have a Bruiser Burkowski,Barney Storming, and a Pace Car? I have some extra cars too if you need them.

  560. Bill

    The report that Mike gave on the WM in the mid west is pretty much the same here in the southeast. All of our area WM are doing the twice a year major reset of the toy dept. which means they are not restocking, just moving current stock around. TRU is in the middle of inventory. The shelves are almost as bare of Cars as they were during the recall. TGT is not getting anything in the Cars line in. What a boring Jan. I did receive my $17.99 Dinoco 400 sets. Shipping was not that bad. It’s the best deal out there on them as the area stores sit there with piles of them at $29.99. Also got word that my E cases have been shipped. If anyone finds out how the changed assortment in E effects the future case assortments please post it. I think I’m going to wait a little longer to order the next case. I also don’t particularly like the “Supercharged flashback” in some cases. One thing about Mattel, they always keep you guessing!

    (METROXING: Don’t forget to read our post on Box E and our separate post on CARS for 2008).

  561. Jon


    So we had cars, trucks, planes and helicopters in the film – were there any motorbikes? I can’t recall seeing any.

    I was wondering if everyone has a favourite car? I don’t know if I could name a favourite model, there are too many! They’re just made too well and the designs are too good!

    What are people’s views on the playsets. Are they worth getting? Or are they a bit of a disappointment after you open them?


    (METROXING: No motorcycles … the closest to seeing the “exposed” inner workings/brains of each sentient being in the CARS world would be Barney Stormin’ – while he is wearing a flight cap, he looks like a giant raisin … my opinion is that the playsets are nice but the “extras” that come with the playsets are oddly non-canon – like the “launcher” for Flo’s or the ramp for Luigi’s … Mattel seemed desperate to create some “play-value” for kids they just randomly threw in a bunch of features. As a display, the scale aspects and lights are very nice but overall, I think a compromise. Instead of adding on the “fake” play-value (non-matching to the movie) features, collectors would’ve prefered a tradeoff to more detailing inside (or more accessories from the movie) but it’s understandable as Mattel thought kids would the ones playing with these …).

  562. No Bikes in Cars to be found. We’ll see about Cars2.

    My favorite has to be Cruisin’ McQueen. I’m a sucker for that 56-58 Corvette inspired paint job and I love the metallic paint effects in that night scene.

    As for playsets, we haven’t bothered with them. We bought the Playmat rug and the Figure 8 race track for our 4 yr old. (Be warned, 3 cars racing = crash & chipped paint but hey, they’re toys)

    OK, now I need to vent. I went out at lunch yesterday and found that Targets had put out multiple Case C Movie Moments per store and there were NO Dinoco Mia & Tia packs to be found! I hit every Target between work and home and couldn’t find 1! If they are indeed packed 2 per case, I’m very angry at the scalpers. There was at least 1 Rusteze Bros & Mr & Mrs King to be found almost everywhere so I know the cases were just put out as those are only 1 per case. Very Frustrating!

    (METROXING: Might be the employees … and yes, 2 to the case).

  563. Bill

    All of our area TGT stores have employee Cars poachers(probably Ebay scalpers) so we have the same problem getting the new stuff at TGT. Apparently TGT doesn’t care if the employees poach the stock.

  564. Bill

    I just checked the Cars for 2008 post and there are 19 Cars listed in the F case.

    (METROXING: Thanks – corrected. It’s almsot certain Mattel will change the case but nothing firm yet).

  565. Jay

    To all the collecters in U.K.

    Here is some info on some new cars they are on “the world of cars cards” all of these items can be found in Argos

    Cars Mini Dragstrip Playset price Β£16.99

    Cars Mini 2 Pack Assortment price Β£3.99

    Cars Launcher Β£7.99

    hope that helps everyone


  566. I have a “Thj World of Cars” Movie Moments two pack with Mr. The King and Mrs. The King. The names on the package has the wrong names associated to the cars in the package. Is this an error? It doesn’t seem to go along with the rest of the packages. I only have this one package so I don’t know if it was corrected.

    (METROXING: Yea, that happens. If you sell on eBay regularly, it’s of some interest to collectors but at best, you’ll make enough to get a free MM pack πŸ™‚ )

  567. sam

    I am looking for a complete up to date list of of all the cars out there. I am trying to collect all of them and need a list cananyone give me one or a web site to get one.

    (METROXING: You mean like this one? As LINKED above?)

  568. Jon

    Hi there!

    Just got back from Hungary, and the only Car I could find was one pull back and go yellow Ramone! Obviously the craze hasn’t reached that far.

    Anyway, what actually is the deal with Rollin Bowlin? It looks just like a case of sending Mater down a track to knock over some pins – is that right?! Is it quite hard to find now? And how much did it cost?

    The promotion where you could buy 6 cars and send in the codes for a Vinyl Toupee has now expired. However, on the claim website it now says “look out for 2008’s promotion”. Wonder what this could be! I’m in 2 minds, on the one hand it could be good, maybe we will be able to claim a Blu-Ray McQueen or something similar. On the other hand, I only need the newest releases, so the chances of me finding enough Cars I actually need that have coupons on will be very slim! Of course I could always buy some ones I already have just to get the coupons, but I don’t want all those doubles! Curse you Mattel!


    (METROXING: Yea, that’s exactly how the Rollin’ Bowlin’ game works. It was around $10-$15 USD at regular prices. It was not hard to find but may be sold out now. Of course, Mattel could bring it back at any time. Yea, let us know about the new promotions when you hear of it … the Blu Ray McQ promotion should make sense – after all, making 25,000 or 15,000 is all in a couple days work …).

  569. mike

    What’s the word on the new mini cars? I understand that people could make an argument that the diecast are for kids, but they are also collectable for many adults. The mini line however…they seem like something I would buy for a 2-6 year old. Are these things actually selling? I have often wondered how far they would take this line, (I joked about them making a tire McQueen, and lo and behold, I see that on the upcoming releases) I would have never saw the mini line coming. What are your thoughts Metro on this line of mini’s, and the launchers as well. Also, are the 3 pack new cars going to be released as singles soon? ( DT Doc, Lightning Ramone etc..)

    (METROXING: Well, just speaking for myself – I saw the photo’s of the Mini’s and thought – me’h … then I saw them in the stores and bought them all. πŸ™‚ So, what do I know? πŸ˜‰ They seem to be selling fine – most of the playsets seem not to be really selling so I think the Mini line has some life but I have the playsets will end pretty quickly. The dragstrip is kind of cool thought … and yea, bought that but I will resist the other mini playsets – thought if they were reduced to $5 … WM seems to have them listed on floor plan so we’ll definitely have more Mini’s. As for your other questions, they are so good it gives me an idea for a post so thanks, Mike – look for a new CARS post! πŸ™‚ )

  570. Thanks to us all, Mattel posted a 15% gain in 4th quarter profit even after the negative pub over the lead paint recalls. Keep up the buying, I’m sure they appreciate it.

  571. How does Australia rate getting that before anyone else?

  572. Iceman

    Is Canada and the uk getting cars that the usa isn’t ? I think I have every Supercharged card out in the us but I keep finding new ones that are in the uk on Supercharged cards does anyone know…Thanks
    All on Supercharged cards on ebay:


    SC – US
    Dinoco – No
    Fred – No
    Rusty Dusty – Yes
    Flea/Flik – No

    SC-Canada* – FRONT OF CARD ONLY (back of card – multi languages).

    Dinoco – Yes (English only)
    Dinoco – Yes (Tri-language)
    Fred – Yes (English only)
    Rusty/Dusty – Yes
    Flea/Flik – Yes (English only)

    *Presume all provinces for English only except Quebec.


    I have seen the normal multi-language front cards but not English only.

    If anyone has a Canadian English only Dinoco Heli, drop me a line!

  573. Iceman

    Thanks for the reply…Is Canada/uk going to get more that you know of on Supercharged cards? Just when I thought the set was done the international search go’s on…lol πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: I think the reports from Canada are that WOC designs are here now … confirm?)

  574. charley new zealand

    reports are in that WOC are showing in new zealand.

  575. Clyde

    Just got back from Walmart.
    All Movie Moments, including, Red, Tex & Mcqueen, Kings, MiaTia, all MM are clearanced to $3.00, this is in all Walmarts in Southern NJ. My contact there said that Walmart will not be ordering the Movie Moments any longer. They take too long to turn over. Just an FYI. Check your WM’s, they be reduced there as well.

  576. startug

    That is what happened to my closet WM.

  577. I’ve seen Targets in my area put out new MM packs and sell them out quickly. The issue is that there are too many Mike & Sulley and other MM peg warmers at WM that don’t sell. I’ve also seen the same Targets not getting in any new singles because their pegs are full of Green & Yellow Ramones and Boosts.

    Mattel is paying for their bad case allotment. Unfortunately, it looks like they haven’t learned their lesson with the pullback of new cars in the upcoming cases. I’m getting a bit disgruntled about this collection. When I go to a TRU and see 36 3-packs and there is not one Gold Mia&Tia to be found, yet there is an endless supply of them for $25 on ebay, it just makes me ill.

  578. Patrick

    Wow, no postings for 10 days! Has everyone lost interest? Has everyone gone broke trying to keep up with this insane collection? It’s amazing what I see available online, yet have never seen them in a store…mia&tia (any version), rusty&dusty, pit crew guido, 2nd set of Wal-Mart exclusives, flik&flea, cutlass&cartrip and the list goes on. My son has finally grown tired of getting a “new car” when I return from road trips…very sad. I will continue to collect for myself, and eventually hand down to him when he is older.

    (METROXING: Yea, those jaded kids these days πŸ™‚ … yea, unfortunately, you have to shop quick … we had a decent situation for about a month but now things are back to MIA-normal …).

  579. Nancy

    I, personally, haven’t lost interest–just haven’t got anything to say that hasn’t already been said better than I could. Tired of going to my one little WM and finding the same old, same old. Still looking for Dale Jr and the Mia and Tia’s but won’t pay eBay prices plus shipping. Glad I’m collecting for myself–would sure hate disappointing a child like I’ve been disappointed. What is Mattel thinking? Certainly not about kids!!

    Are you attending Toy Fair?

    (METROXING: No, won’t going to NY this year – hope one of our readers can make it).

  580. Chrissy

    I am losing interest of driving around everywhere for my kid. I am getting sick of paying poacher prices on ebay. My husband took my daughter to the World of Wheels here to see Mater and the dealers were selling the cars for $10 each. It is really hard to tell your 5 year old no when they see the cars we have been going to the stores to find yet there is the person here with a ton of them for $10 and up each… So we are giving up our hunt for awhile. I went to Target the other day and they had about 12 Yellow Ramones on the pegs and Mike and Sully MM and that is about it.

    So we are cooling our hunt for awhile and we will give it acouple months and hopefully give us a new crop to find.

  581. charley new zealand

    im still looking… but theres nothing new. WOC hasnt made it as far as me yet, and until it does, theres nothing to buy. my nearest walmart type store has only just put out cases containing the last INTL SC back, and they have about a dozen cases on the overheads. grrrr. so yeh, my heels and gas tank are both cooling for now. i have nothing new to add until the WOC arrives in my town.

    (METROXING: You’re much too polite in New Zealand – here in the US, someone would’ve sent their kid to start a fire in the yarn section and pull all those CARS down … not encouraging you to be an arsonist … just saying it out loud πŸ™‚

  582. CarsMama

    We had a good weekend. We found My Name is Chuck & Tow on the new pallet displays at WM. The Gold Mia & Tia were missing of course. But, the next day we went to TRU and found about 5 sets of Gold Mia & Tia on the pegs. I was shocked. And no, we didn’t buy them all. We stopped at TRU again today and believe it or not we found a Dale Jr. We were so excited. Someone generously had offered to give us one of theirs but we luckily got to tell them to keep it for someone else since we had finally found one!!! It’s not all bad. I do agree that Target has been pretty useless for about two months. They only have a few cars at the most everytime we go. What a waste! So, we’re going to keep looking for red & Dinoco Mia & Tia (which I think are just a myth) now and anyone else new. It’s going to be a long road.

    (METROXING: That’s pretty amazing … there’s another red Mia & Tia comig in the next MM case – perhaps everyone will be so intent on grabbing Gasparin/Tow Cap they won’t notice the red twins …)

  583. Mark

    We have been driving around for a couple weeks and finding nothing new. My wife however, found some new ones yesterday. She found my name is not chuck and Octane gain Launcher. We are desperatly looking for Dale Jr for a couple of months to no avail. Has anyone else seen it other than Cars mama? Our boys still want this one really bad.

    (METROXING: Mattel added him to another shipment but I have a feeling he’ll always be tough especially since it seems to be the last “red” Jr. merchandise being made).

  584. charley new zealand

    lol, starting a fire and pulling the cases down would be pointless, as the pegs are jammed full… mostly of freakin pullbax. majorly annoying. but at least, i know theres nothing in those cases i need anymore, so am not so frantic in checking every day. im sure both that and my version of target will have to clearance left over SC to make room for WOC.

  585. Mikey

    I finally found something new my son and I needed!!I went car hunting this weekend at TRU, and Target here in LA and the shelves were stocked with Dinoco Mia & Tia, and Rusty and Dusty.They had atleast 5 of each sets. I went Saturday morning and was surprised to see so many of those two on the shelves. I went again Sunday morning and they had just as many if not more. Either Mattel shipped a bunch of those or the stores were holding onto them and finally decided to put them out. I needed Dinoco Mia & Tia so i bought one for my son to play with and one to collect. I also went to WM and nothing new. Target only had MM’s fully stocked but not one “single” car on the pegs. This was my first find since Tom Race Official came out. Good luck to all!

  586. Jon

    Hello American friends! Does anyone want to make a deal?

    We can’t get Flo’s Cafe over here in England, and it costs a fortune on eBay. It seems like some of you are having trouble finding Dale Jr over there in USA. Well here he’s not that hard to get. If somebody could get me a Flo’s I could get you a Dale and I would pay you the extra so it would make a fair deal. I could pay using Paypal if you like. No one would make any profit, but we’d both get something we wanted. If Flo’s Cafe is hard to get then I am open to suggestions – perhaps the Easter Holiday Sarge/Fillmore Mini set? Or a Bruiser Bukowski?

    If anyone has any ideas or wants to suggest a deal then write here or email me

    Thanks! hope to hear from you!


  587. charley new zealand

    finally found something new at my local store! found the WOC 3 packs and also some minis. i picked up the gold mia/tia and the lightning ramone. the other 2 giftpacks werent there. for minis, ive got doc/red [fire] and mcqueen/mater [fire and mcqueens team]

  588. chris

    i think they wm only minis 4 new packs with new colors

  589. Chrissy

    We finally found gold mia and tia, no luck on the dinoco ones yet. Absolutly no luck on much else yet. We still look every once in awhile but our wal marts usually have nothing. Targets seem to be who has the most here.

  590. Terri

    I was at my local Wal-Mart today. The guy who works in toys told me that Wal-Mart and Target are not going to carry the Movie Moments anymore. He said as far as he knows only TRU was going to continue to carry them. Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not true? My Wal-Mart no longer has a place for them. This will certainly make thing hard to find and could explain why they are nowhere to be found. TRU still has the same Supercharged on the pegs they had around Christmas time.

    (METROXING: I would not be surprised though MM are listed on the last plan-o-gram at WM so who really knows. Perhaps if Mattel didn’t insist on shoving more Buzz & Woody’s still … but it could be true, it seemed possible that Mattel would transition to Gift Packs since Mattel could sell you 1-2 new CARS at a slightly higher margin (and forcing you to buy a re-release. My TRU is undergoing renovation so nothing new here also).

  591. CaseStalker

    New variation? RPM is in two different paint tones. I have refrained form buying them but one is very light and crisp the other lookes like a light yellow/orange overspray. Anyone noticed this?
    It should be added to the variation list in my opinion.

    (METROXING: I’ll have to look – it’s an error until a bunch of others are cited πŸ™‚ )

  592. Brush

    FINALLY got something new around here in the northwest. Found Dudley and Octane Gain launcher. No new movie moments since Christmas though.

  593. CaseStalker

    re: RPM error/variation. I have seen a bunch both ways. SO I’m pretty sure Mattel either changed the paint scheme or it was a production error that affected many cars.

    (METROXING: My open RPM is definitely yellow – not as bright as Charlie Checker. I’ll have to check my WOC card tomorrow and see what it looks like – photos anyone?)

  594. Bill

    Here in the SE TGT is still stocking the MM. WM has shelf space but is not restocking, because of all of the Supercharged MM still piled up. TRU definitely is stocking the most. WM may be into something with Mattel over the case assortment choices they are making on MM. I hope!

  595. CaseStalker

    ok I’ll go take a photo….

  596. Steve AKA: Poppa

    My local K-Mart (Tacoma, WA) had a stock of Movie Moments to include Dinoco Mia/Dinoco Tia (red), Mia & Tia (blue), Rusty Rust-Eze/Dusty Rust-Eze, Mr. & Mrs. King plus the easier combo to get. I still have not seen P.T. Flea & Flik. So, you may want to take a trip to your local K-Mart. Each was priced a $7.99.

    (METROXING: That’s a pretty impressive selection. I can raise you 15 Frerrari Fans and 8 Mike & Sulleys!)

  597. South Pacific & Midwest Update:

    I was in Hawaii for a couple of weeks and did make sure I stopped by a WM a couple of times while I was there. The first time I found a pallet display with a ton of 3 packs but, of course, no Gold Mia & Tias were to be seen. I dug through the singles but didn’t find anything new. There were also some old MMs dumped on a shelf. When I stopped back later then next week, the pallet was gone and I couldn’t find the stock anywhere on the shelves. I can’t believe the entire pallet was sold through in 1 weeks time so I can only assume that the staff hadn’t put the cars back out yet.

    When I got home over the weekend, the recent posts filled me with optimism about finding the first new cars since December. I made my rounds yesterday at lunch. Target had nothing, but the Dinoco box set had been reduced to $25. TRU was still selling though old stock, but I did find a new Dinoco Blue Boxed Set that had Dinoco McQueen, Chick Hicks, Helecopter, Bling Bling and King. Sorry I didn’t get a photo on that, but I thougth it was just another way to get people to buy duplicate cars to get the 1 they’re missing. Minis are everywhere and don’t seem to be moving.

    Anyway, my big score was at my favorite WM. I got Not Chuck, Tow and the Dudley. And they were on sale! Another WM that’s been slower to get new Cars had plenty of Freds and some other C case rares. I’m still almost desperate enough to go to eBay for the Gold 3 pack, but I’m feeling patient about the rest of the collection and not a driven to get every new car as fast as they come out.

    (METROXING: Good patience. The Gold Mia & Tia while seemingly like a real gold prize πŸ™‚ should actually not be difficult to get get eventually. It’s packed two a Gift Pack case (and most stores seem to get 4-5 cases) plus, more importantly, it’s in the next two-three shipments in te next month or so by logic, it should not be difficult to find … now Flik & PT Flea might be another story. Right now, it’s only in ONE other shipment – of course, Mattel could add it to other shipments but …)

  598. Lisa

    i’m in st. louis, mo and the gold mia and tia and dinoco mia and tia aren’t too hard to find. i bet you will find them soon. i found some at k-mart, target and tru. good luck!

  599. KarenKT

    We just opened the rusty & dusty rust-eze mutli pack. It’s defective. Rusty’s eyes are on the back of his head. I’m wondering if this makes him more valuable.