Internet 2.0: Becoming Useful, Yea Baby …


Sure that ZINK inkless printing is nice – if those guys aren’t beaten to death accidentially with HP, Canon & Epson cartridges and left behind the alley of CARTRIDGE WORLD … on a more pleasant note, finally, the internet are like hands that reach across the ocean to pull you out of the doldrums and buys you a drink.

Better than waiting a month to get wine, cigars or bacon … how about BUY YOUR FRIEND A DRINK.COM? Yep, log in, buy your friend a drink – they get a secret number, they go to the bar and hand it over – finally SMS that’s civilized.


It’s only mostly in NYC and it’s just a handful of bars but no more empty promises, “Hey great work guys, I’ll buy you all a round next time I’m in town.”

Slink into town 11 months later? … No more. Two clicks and you’re paid up!

Hey 676G028T19902398 … Drink Up!

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  1. HelloWorld

    Peace people

    We love you

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