Now, That’s An Airfare! $10 From Columbus to SF Bay Area …


Startup airline SKYBUS is offering 10 seats for $10 dollars on all their flights – they are launching May 22 with Columbus to Oakland, CA as their only service so far – planning to add 9 cities in the near future.


A quick check shows that surprise, there are no actual $10 tickets left but there are $100 round trip tickets and plenty of their max price – $200 round trip.

Like SOUTHWEST, the website is nice in that you get a listing of all airfares so you can pick and choose.

This is the vendo-matic way to travel. You pay for only what you want:

“Pay a little extra to get on the plane early. Have your flight status sent automatically to your cell phone, e-mail, or pager. Buy food and beverages on board. Purchase a brand new blanket—yours to keep. Or check bags in addition to your free carry-ons.”

$10 buys you early boarding (after the disabled and kids).

You pay extra for checked bags (2 pieces) – though a reasonable $5 per bag – other luggage/larger/odd sized bags cost more.

I should point it might only cost you $10 to get from Columbus to SF/Oakland but don’t count on getting a cup for a lot less once you arrive though 🙂

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