Dell to install Linux on its pcs but why not OSX?

So Dell must really be feeling the heat. First, Michael Dell comes back as CEO and boots aside his chosen successor and then they lose their top market share spot to HP. What’s next? OSX versions….one can only hope for a player with Dell’s expertise to obtain that license but that has been tried before (oy).

Granted the new version of Ubuntu (7.04) is supposedly all that and a bag of chips but the majority of pc users still want to use MSFT programs like Word, Excel, and IE (*shudder*).

Even though there is a very solid open source program that imitiates Office is available (I personally enjoy the OpenOffice suite of software – check it out), most folks default back to the major suppliers of pcs due to the ease of ordering and configuring systems even if that privilege comes at a price.

Luckily for me, I have two (that’s right suckas), two, Fry’s nearby. Kit-built pc with dual os systems coming up!

I yearn for a Powerbook Pro but I don’t like having to pay a premium for it. Plus, while I also lose out on playing most new pc games for over a year and then after finally being able to install it I find out that most of the online players of said game have moved on to something else.


Good thing I am getting older and am more worried about creating things than wasting time…other than the internet that is…and watching movies…and…uh, you know what I mean.


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6 responses to “Dell to install Linux on its pcs but why not OSX?

  1. Geroge

    Apple will never licence OSX on vanilla PC hardware. Dream on. That was tried once and almost killed the mothership. The only way Dell will ever sell OSX is on Apple Hardware. End of Story. Mr. Dell cannot licence the OSX operating system at any price. Apple is a hardware company, not a software company. Over 90% of it’s income comes from hardware sales. If Apple were to try to licence it’s OS they would die a horrible death. Unlike Microsoft, Apple does not have a cash cow such as office to always fall back on. So please stop this fantasy notion that OSX will be sold on non-apple intel hardware.

  2. Living in the U S of A

    You know Compaq was able to make a go of it when they reversed engineered and developed the first IBM compatible computer. Their success was because of this and then their demise because all they made was a box until the HP merge. Dell had an innovative marketing idea, purchase over the phone which led to purchase over the phone and purchase over the internet. Lots of good ideas in that ordering scheme, but all they really made was a box.
    Dell would love to license OS X from Apple. Michael Dell has made some mistakes a then CEO is paying for now. His stock has been driven down by more than 50% and Dell doesn’t have quite the hype it had some 10 years ago when he made that statement about Apple Computer. The end result is that Apple would not license to Dell and in the end will not license its OS to any other entity. However, the OS for the iPhone may be an entirely new subject!

  3. metroxing

    As the other writer of this blog – I disavow this entry – is he crazy? 🙂

  4. tizmanian

    Ha! I struck a nerve. Your Mac protectionist ways cannot hold against the onslaught poorly designed systems run by deep pocketed megaliths!

  5. enviormental

    Mac will lose money on hardware

  6. Alan Smith

    Macs are making more money than any other computer manufactuer in terms of growth. Plus, Macs are hot now that you can install multiple OSes. HP, Dell, Sony (anybody that sells it comouters with M$ windows is a box maker.
    The result is that Intel was happy to have Apple showcase whhat it can with the Intel chips, plus, it was a PR bonus over AMD to get Apple.

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