American Idol: The Show For the Millennial Generation


People seemed puzzled by the massive hit that is AI. From 2003 to today, it is a ratings juggernaut – why? I think there are several key reasons.

We live in an era where parents respect, encourage and want kids as small as possible to form opinions – sure there are some lines draw involving knives, trans fat and racing across the freeway but AI is perfect for the family – everyone can have a valid opinion from 2 to 122. It’s just about singing.

It’s also like the 21st century of a sea monkey or tamagotchi’s – you can watch them grow from the wretched pulled off the streets and epsiodes later are transformed into glittering, glistening pop stars – better than any RPG or Second Life.


They also stumbled upon the perfect trioka of judges – sort of like that old game show where people dressed in red, yellow or blue t-shirts and cheered only the contestants playing for them. I cannot explain Ryan Seacrest.

Of course, now that it’s huge. many people sneer at it because it is huge or mock the talent – it is aptly named – AMERICAN IDOL, not pop star or rock star – it is only who we idolize and Fox ahs stumbled upon the perfect format in the perfect time and place … and when we say stumble, we mean it – read the full details at the NYTimes.

(BTW, I’m completely objective, I’ve watched 15 minutes of it – just too much of a commitment – thought the last Kelly Clarkson CD was brilliant pop-rock).

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