MySpace and politics


Clearly, the sheer mass of eyeballs that is collected via Myspace is a force to be reckoned with. Politicians, ever apt to sniff out dollars and votes, have listened to their millenial generation staffers and have got in the ‘game’.

Is there a way to forecast the ‘young’ vote (even though the young voters are not the majority on myspace anymore…) for the 2008 U.S. presidential election? Let’s take a look at some of the candidates total number of friends. As of today, the candidates friends counts are:

Obama has 33,530 friends (and with Oprah’s recent support that number is destined to climb — fast)

Billary’s got 54,103 (she’s got access to power, money, and lots ‘o friends here…but can she get elected?)

Edwards is up to 30,980 (all of which would fit in at a sleepover at his new house).

McCain has 25,649 signed up for his straight talk express…

Romney’s count is slugging along at 14,696 (don’t count out a Mormon…talk about an extended family of friends)

Duncan Hunter is stuck at 3,632 (who the heck is Duncan Hunter anyway? When you must use both a person’s Christian name and their last name you have a brand identity problem)

Giuliani is showing his Big Brother streak…you need to be his friend before you can see his profile…say it ain’t so, Rudy!

And so on…look up your poison, er, I mean, your candidate.

Without being able to see Rudy’s list (shame on you again, dude), it looks like the Dems are outgunning the Republicans among the myspace crowd. There are those that might suggest that is a good thing.

Let’s keep track of the candidates and see what transpires.

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