Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes (Holiday Season 2007 UPDATE)

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  2. Shayne Platt

    Please give me a list of all of the single package die cast that are made or will be made. The list above seems to be repeated in different Box numbers.
    Best Regards;
    Shayne Platt

    (COMMENT: For that you have to go to the main checklist – I think that’s what you’re asking for? If you want an actual checklist, we have put up three that you can use or modify at EditGrid.)

  3. croukie

    Have seen Doc Hudson in the movie with red rims as well.

    (METROXING COMMENT: Yes, all shipments now of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet have red rims – car name hasn’t changed).

  4. croukie

    I know this about Fabulous Hudson Hornet, but you can see Doc Hudson (without the FHH design) with red rims as well!!!

    (METROXING: Yes, you’re right, there are a couple scenes with Doc (not as the FHH) sporting red rims – we’ll see if Mattel also releases a “red rim” Doc Hudson – I bet they will – presumably they will re-name it since while Doc Hudson appears in both regular and red rims in the film, however, the FHH never appear without red rims so the first versions were “incorrect.”)

  5. Jan T

    Hi, this webpage is unreal – thanks for all the info. All I need now is for someone to recommend a decent seller over there that I can order some of them off and who will post to australia (without getting ripped off on the postage which, has happened to me alot lately when ordering from the USA)….Can Anyone Help?

  6. mike

    So all the new FHH released from this point will have the red rims? Does that make the white rimmed ones more valuable since they are no longer making them? I saw one on ebay that was an error and had sally’s porsch rims on FHH.

    (METROXING COMMENT – Yes, it looks like all the FHH will be red rims from here on out but as to value of the ‘incorrect’ one, that’s difficult to say – you might be right, the incorrect ones might be more valuable MINT on card as most people opened them up to play with them (or I’ve rumors, kids even playing with them 😉 ) versus the RHH which most are probably tucked safe in its packaging but ultimately, it’s all supply AND demand – just like Hot Wheels from 1968 are always hot sellers but others like Johnny Lightning (the original) or Matchbox cars from the same year are hit & miss just because there are not that many JL or MB collectors so even though Hot Wheels probably sold more cars, those redline Hot Wheels just hold their value.

    As for general error cars, there are collectors and on eBay now, it’s easier to sell & buy than before so the market is more transparent but again, the value – that’s your call. Some people see them as anomolies and “one of a kind” while others see them as production error and like a shirt that needs to marked way down and sold at an outlet store … personally, my opinion is if it’s a cool error, I might buy it at regular retail but personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a manufacturing error but again, that’s just me. Good luck with your collection!)

  7. michael darnell

    can anyone tell be if frank and/or bessie will ever be produced? and if so, when would they be released?

    METROXING: Technically, Bessie is being produced with the new Mack Playset but in the pre-production photos, she was all plastic and not to scale – as for a metal one, it’s possible as a two-fer set since in scale, she’s twice/three times as large as regular CARS).

    Frank, the Combine – eBay Warning & Buying Info.

  8. Mike

    Is Mack out? I know they have one that is a playset, but it is plastic and not to scale. I thought I saw it on ebay once but may have been mistaken.

    I work at Target stocking overnights, so I get first peek at all the new cases we get in about once every 2 to 3 days, but all we are getting are the M cases. Is the distribution based on geography as far as what cases go where? The Wal-Mart in my area seems to get the more rare cars ie tounge mcqueen, FHH and so on.

    One last question. I was looking at the 3 pack “cow tipping” set that has Mater, Mcqueen, and the cow and compared the Mater in there with a single pack Mater and am certain they are different. The one in the 3 pack is much darker and has some differences else where in the paint design.

    (METROXING: You’re right, Mack is only out in plastic, I guess even the cab in mostly metal would cost Mattel $10 bucks in metal alone – the cab/front part of the truck is pretty much in scale so it can be displayed with the rest of the CARS but the trailer portion is defintely way out of scale.

    AS for distribution, that’s one of those wild card things that no one knows. Mattel might be offering a special deal to get rid of old CARS and Target is taking them up on it, it might be Mattel is filling orders from last November? It’s tough to say – just like Mattel is selling Y & Z CARS that are 2006 CARS but stores seem to be ordering them – price? Mattel might be offering them as part of a bundle deal with Hot Wheels or something else … and yes, Walmart seems to be the only consistent place ordering and stocking just the current boxes …)

  9. Tommy

    Does anyone have a list of suppliers so I could purchase full sealed boxes, at resonable prices! please

    METROXING: Define reasonable 🙂 The problem is that sales are going strong so there’s not much of a need to discount it. is a solid place to buy but not necessarily the cheapest, unless you have a resale license to buy from a wholesaler or from Mattel (I think $5,000 is the minimum order), then eBay is the only consistent place where costs sometimes are lower – but it will vary. I’ve seen boxes that sell normally for $69-80 go for $100 or more on eBay so good luck!)

  10. charley

    great list!

    i was searching amazon the other day for cars, and one came up listed as “elvis”. there was no picture, but it sounds promising! id love to see bessie and frank on the shelves…. and maybe multi-packs of the cows, since there was a whole herd in the movie.

    i recently located ramones paint and casa della tires in a store… searches for the other two proved fruitless.
    i have a mack playset [the smaller one, that opens out] that i removed the box for display, and found the side sticker to be a waste of time. full of bubbles and really dull looking. i wish theyd painted/printed it on like the diecasts.

    good to see more of the parody pixar characters being done in car form. i love how they did that…very clever!

    keep up the good work… this list rocks!!

    (METROXING: Thanks. The Elvis RV seems to have been listed and all indications were/are that it’s coming out but I’m guessing the licensing cost is the holdup but it would definitely sell. Yes, Ramone & Casa are possible to find but Flo’s is definitely impossible to randomly find).

  11. Mike

    Thanks for the reply above. Wondered if you ever saw the Mater I was talking about in the 3 pack cow tipping and noticed the paint differences.

    Do you think Mattell is milking things a bit? The cars are nice to collect, but when they start bringing out cars that are in the movie for about 2 seconds it seems a bit much. The scene in which Mcqueen had the bugs in his mouth was less than 2 seconds, and yet the demand is there as these seem to be the rare ones that all the people are after. I guess if we keep buying them, they will keep coming up with new ones. I’m waiting for the “Looking Left” Mcqueen and the “Looking right” Macqueen” top be coming out shortly.

    Cruising Ramone: Where is this in the Movie? I have watched the movie again and can not ever see Ramone in the movie with this design.

    (METROXING: Are you refering to this set? If so, no, I have not. I’ll have to look closer. Yes, you’re right – Mattel is stretching their budget with the Bug McQueen – it’s a cheap looking re-paint but am I surprised? No. And would it surprise if they came up with looking right and looking right? No (though they would call it, Action McQueen and Scrambling For the Lead McQueen 🙂 ) If I recall Crusin’ Ramone appears in the flashback to Radiator Springs in its heyday … the scene where Wave 17 cars might come from 😉 … of course, we’ll get more Sheriff’s in that case … )

  12. Odie

    I have found 7 of the 11 available new CARS at 3 different Stores in the Dallas area. I actually went to 14 different stores yesterday. This week I have visited 27 stores.

    I found a ERROR Tex Dinaco Car, but we opened it before we realized the error.
    1 – The Stear Horns (mustache) is Upside Down
    Should be pointing UP
    2 – The Drivers Mirror is Wrong
    It is a Passengers Mirror Upside Down

    Oh Well the Boys dont care, they were playing with it anyways


    (METROXING: Now, that’s a dedicated parent! 🙂 )

  13. Tommy

    Thanks! for your reply regarding suppliers of full cases.

    The reson I asked is I am working on my two boys xmas wish list (both cars crazy), top of the list is simply ALL THE NEW CARS!
    I have looked in to purchasing cases as the new cars are not available in the UK & you can pay up to £30 + p&p just for the yeti? as you explained I could purchase a case, some containg the yeti + additional 17 cars some new (18 per case) at around $69 = (£35) seems reasonable the problem is the cost of shipping a case is high!.
    I wil keep shopping around the internet & hope to tick all the boxes on the wish list.

    Another question my 5 year old asked if he could have BLUE Ramone? I explained you cannot get a blue Ramon, his reply, Well he is blue in “Mater & the ghostlight” so you must be able to get it.
    Is he correct?



    (METROXING: Yea, there’s not much getting around the cost of shipping plus the possibility of customs since it’s a new box. If it’s any consolation, it’s not that much easier finding them in the US … yes, your son is right and eagle eyes 🙂 , there is a blue Ramone in the short and yesterday at Comic Con 2007, Blue/Ghostlight Ramone has been announced BUT he’s an exclusive at Walmart only so the hunt will probably not be much fun for you from the UK).

  14. Mike

    Why are there so darn many Sally’s and Sheriffs? Is it b/c of the 3 pack that includes Doc, Sally, and Sheriff? My kids and I joke when we go to see if we can find some rare cars. When looking at the shelf, we usually say….”Sally Sally, Sally…Sheriff, Sheriff, Sheriff……”

  15. jools

    we here in the uk we can get ferrari,hydraulic ramone and dinoco chick from disney store,waiting for the rest soon.has anyone else found errors,we bought our son dirt track mcqueen but on opening him up only one side had been painted

  16. Nick

    Mike, I hear you about the Sallys and Sheriffs! It’s also the same way with Boost! I joked with a guy at Walmart about putting all of the Sallys and Sheriffs back in the boxes and shipping them back to Mattel saying “no more!!”

  17. Mike

    Yeah, I don’t know how they do things, but if I were the manager, I would see that people are not buying the Sally and Sheriff and send them back. Did earlier cases have lots of these two in them or what? Can’t understand why it is the same everywhere I go it’s: …SallySallySally…SheriffSheriffSheriff

  18. John

    I saw on eBay the folowing CARS characters being sold as
    “customized version of diecast car of a similar scale to a Disney Cars car but is not affiliated with or produced by Mattel or Disney/Pixar”

    “The Governator” – Hummer
    “Doreen” – Mater’s girlfriend -pink truck
    “Mrs. The King” – station wagon
    “TV News Anchorgirl” -in a Manga/Pokemon
    “Apple Piston Cup racer ” No.84 -white

    and other known cars painted different colors.

    They look real but who knows……

    Are these fakes , or maybe leaked prototypes to be released in the future? Some of these cars are shown in standard packaging.

    Will we ever know how many characters will be produced?

    (METROXING: Most popular lines will inspire people to create ‘customs.’ They usually take a similiar body shape car and paint over it or add sculpty to it (and then repaint). If done right and in some cases, masterfully, it’s a one-of-a-kind item to add to your collection and a fun addition. Most of the ‘customizers’ on eBay are pretty good as people rarely bid on poor customs. Now, we know The Mrs. King is coming so you might not want to pay extra for that as a custom and I wouldn’t be surprised if the TV News Anchorgirl was made sometime down the line but the others, hard to say so this might be your only opportunity to get one – basically if it looks cool and you want, go for it. I can’t say whether it’s a wise financial investment but it might be a fun one to have only one of 5 or 10 made.)

  19. charley

    ive just spotted a pre-sale of the blimp on ebay. looks interesting. the dinoco chopper has just been released in new zealand [at $50NZD]

    i saw a neat custom the other night of mcqueen done up like the car from grease! looked awesome. i like some of the customs, but dont consider them part of the real set, so trying to avoid buying them. may only buy the ones that catch my eye. i wont buy customs of cars that are likely to be released by mattel [ie, dale earnhardt jr]

    we have heaps of the mike/sulley and buzz/woody twin packs, as well as hamm. ones i thought id never find here, lol. even the ferrari guido/luigi is considered as common.

  20. Hollie

    Thanks 4 the information, i have been collecting the cars since last year when they came out, thankfully i have been quite lucky in getting most of them. But the other day the disney store just got a delivery that had a ferrari, dinoco chick and a few old ones that i couldent find anywhere. i just wondered if Lizzie is really rare as i havent been able 2 find her anywhere?

    (METROXING: Lizzie was rare in the beginning in the US but now is pretty common – though not as many on the shelf as Sheriff or Sally. Lizzie is included in the upcoming shipments and boxes, so you should be able to get a Lizzie. If you just want an opener, TRU has a new “Townies” box with 5 cars (all old 2006 cars) along with Lizzie.

  21. Fred

    Is there any reason why Flo hasn’t been released as a single? Every other car has.

    (METROXING: If I had to guess, I would say three reasons: 1) She’s a lot of metal so she probably costs a few pennies more to make, a 2-pack costs more per car at wholesale so I think Mattel just decided to go that way; 2) She probably has the fewest scenes/lines of any of the town characters and; 3) She’s a “girl.” As with action figures, girl characters do not sell as well since a boy might not want to be seen as playing with a Supergirl doll versus a Superman action figure. The “girl” character is usually “short-packed.” I’m not saying it’s right or wrong – just a fact of life. I would say #2 is probably the over-riding reason).

  22. Rob

    Is it possible that major cities are shipped the newest releases while smaller areas are scheduled later? Reason I ask, in my area, I’ve never seen Red Ramone, Hydraulic Ramone, Bling Bling McQueen, Tex Dinaco, Ferrari F430, Dinoco Chick Hicks, Young Mater and both red rim Hudsons. Then, two weeks ago, seven hours away in a suburb of Detroit, we picked up a Tongue McQueen. (In fact, it was on that package that we learned that there are multiple sets.) It led me to wonder if we aren’t on the front line, so to speak, for new releases. Of course, I suppose other customers are beating us to ’em but we’ve shopped so much for these, hitting virtually every store (3 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 Walgreens) in town that carries them with no luck on the aforementioned group. What do you think?

    (METROXING: Unfortunately, there are no hard & fast rules. Most times, if you live near a major port city, your odds are better but there’s no set rules since some larger stores might get a direct ship from the dock while other stores/companies prefer everything go to their distributor. With this line, there seems to be no apparent pattern. I’m in the SF East Bay and in most of the stores I routinely visit, I don’t think they’ve gotten anything in the last 2 months – whether that’s Mattel or the stores ordering process is hard to say – maybe because they have 45 Sally’s and 55 Sheriff’s along with 40 packs of Buzz & Woody (never though they’d be pegwarmers) that they think the line sales are slowing … and amybe Mattel should finally stop shipping Sally’s & the Sheriff … while it doesn’t seem to be as bad as my area, many other areas don’t seem to report many shipments either … though Walamrt seems to get more stock … maybe the back to school season will improve the shelving situation but right now, the only constant seems to be eBay or buying a sealed case so don’t feel bad … I think most collectors have not seen the recent wave 3 on the shelves … mainly because I think people pick through them and leave the wave 2 behind so it looks like nothing has changed.)

  23. charley

    i recently found a fillmore in a single pack. cant recall the number on the box, but it had two nitroades in it. my local walmart type store had 4 boxes sitting up top, so i asked to have a nosey through. the single fillmore is the latest new release ive seen [including tongue mcqueen etc] am still waiting on bug face mcqueen/yeti etc.

    (METROXING: That seems to be the only way – to find something – in a new box in overstock 🙂 Bug Face McQueen has been out a while (couple months) but Yeti is pretty much just hitting the shelf – hence the $30-$50 listing on eBay).

  24. Tommy

    Thanks! For the e-mail regarding Blue Ramone & all the info about other new cars soon to be released.

    Looks like that Xmas list is getting longer & my bank balance is going to get shorter.

    Here is a list of cars I have managed to get the boys since my last e-mail, all off
    eBay from the US & Canada.
    Red Remone
    Crusin Ramone (red, white)
    Tex Dinoco
    Chick Hicks Dinoco
    Ferrari F430
    Bling Bling McQueen
    Tongue McQueen
    Bug Face McQueen
    Fab H.H Red Rims

    I also managed to get Mattel Cars Scott Riggs!

    Again Thanks for sending the information much appreciated keep up the good work!!!!!


    (METROXING: so, you’re the one driving up prices 🙂 … yea, I think all our wallets will be hurting a bit though in a good way … time to clear another shelf).

  25. Mike

    Found 2 S cases still on pallet last night at Wal-Mart. Sad when you feel so much pleasure out of taking 2 Yeti’s right out of the box. My question is about the Flo’s V8 Cafe. Are they still making this item? I about fell off my chair when I saw them on Amazon for 249.99!! Ebay was at 79.99 and still had 7 days to go on auction.

    All the toy outlets said they were not available for online order. With the Yeti score last night, our collection is complete but would like to start getting all the RS town buildings so the kids can have a great addition to play with all the Cars. Seems like all the other buildings are not too hard to find and not much above what they would sell for at the store. But Flo’s V8 Cafe…..Wow. You would think it came with a set of 20 Cars to go with it.

    (METROXING: It’s discussed in the other post but we’re at a point where it’s probably best to say NEVER SAY NEVER. It’s normally very unlikely that they remake/re-release playets because mostly because retailers are not that crazy about them. They usually only sell to a small portion of the audience and when they don’t sell, they REALLY don’t sell and retailers are saddled with a box that takes up valuable space that gets more and more beat up. But 99.5% of toy lines pretty much peter out after the big event (movie release usually) and then whither away – retailers like to switch to the next blockbuster because it makes them look hip and they get a buzz from the massive marketing hype but CARS is in unknown territory here … You’d be hard pressed to name ANY other car based line of this depth and variety going strong after an entire year with no end in sight – the closest might be James Bond but a lot of repeats and not really comparable … going by previous patterns, playsets returning is virtually nil but with CARS, maybe Mattel will realize there’s still money to be made and yea, Flo’s is crazy pricing – that $79 is probably right at the 50% mark of where it will end … Apparently, it was priced about $5 higher and Mattel probably decided to make less since it used more plastic – and ultimately, the one everyone wanted. I saw it once and foolishly thought, I’ll buy it next week – never saw another one and by the time I started to think about adding it, it was at about $80 on eBay – now it’s about $150 … so, now you get to decide if its’ worth it to you … the beauty and beast of eBay 🙂 )

  26. James

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this information, it’s solid gold and exactly the breakdown I’ve been hoping to find. I’m in the LA area and the S box is definitely hitting shelves, I haven’t found Tongue McQueen or the Yeti, but the remaining new ones (RPM, Ferrari, Tex, Red Ramone, etc) are getting more common.

  27. Rob

    For those of us that don’t have access to the boxes in which the cars are shipped, is there another way to determine from which set a car is included? Is the code on the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the package helpful?

    (METROXING: No, those UPC & internal Mattel product codes are static across box codes & box shipments – and while they may have changed, no one that I’m aware of has noted any linking of the two codes – more importantly, these codes have not affected the Pixar Mattel CARS market so far (For Starwars collectors, they are keen to note if it’s a first or later edition by the code even if by all other packaging marks and artwork, they are exactly the same). So, while I have not kept track of the UPC or Mattel codes and changes, I have not heard much of this on two levels. I have not heard of anyone pointing out that a Supercharged Sally that shipped last October and one shipping just last week has a different code. More importantly this has no affected the value or interest – most of it is based on the obvious packaging changes or errors (Desert artwork changing to Supercharged, etc, etc …).

  28. charley

    in your top photo of the comic con, who is the black car in front of mack? and who is the flame paint car by dinoco mcqueen, and the car next to that one? [numbers 17 and 11 i think]

    (METROXING: The flame 17 car is Darrell “Cartrip.” (Waltrip). The black car – I think ultimately, it will be really dark gray is Bob “Cultlass” (Costas). 11 is Andretti. All three should be out within the next month or so.)

  29. Dash

    Thank you for saving my sanity! My head was spinning at the shear number of CARS. Your checklist saved me. I do have one tiny question though. Are Young Mater and New Mater two different CARS or just the same car with different descriptions?

    (METROXING: Technically, there are three – the “Rusty” Mater featured throughout the movie called MATER by Mattel. There is the pale blue Mater featured in the flashback portions of CARS – he is called BRAND NEW MATER by Mattel. Until recently, there was a another Mater featured in the BJ set and in the Bowling game set that most people called blue Mater – now we know from Comic Con that Mattel calls him ROLLIN’ BOWLIN’ MATER. He was not shown in the movie but since Mattel is counting him as a “CAR,” he should now be included. I’ll try and add a photo later.)

  30. Hannah

    I see pictures of the race cars, but I did not notice them on a list. Is there a projected date that those are going to come out? Are they a Walmart exclusive like I saw for some of the other cars that are coming out like Hummer?

    (METROXING: Well, there’s an unofficial compete list (see above) but no word as to which CARS will appear in which box yet. The Piston Cup racers were not listed as exclusives as some of the CARS shown at Comic Con (see separate list above) but that does not mean the boxes won’t be exclusives. Frankly, that wouldn’t surprise me as retailers prefer to sell a toy in the $25 range that they can claim exclusivity to and most nearly every CARS boxed set from the beginning has been an exclusive … so that might be a discussion Mattel is holding right now. Hopefully, we’ll get word soon.)

  31. Gaynor

    Please, please , please, can someone tell me if Frank is going to be made as I have already bought a cheap plastic one off ebay but my son would love a metal one?

    (METROXING: It doesn’t look likely for 2007 but I have seen a couple customs on eBay that are nice – part of the problem is if you want it in scale, it’s a lot of metal and Mattel might be reluctant to commit that much metal for a character without any speaking parts. I feel pretty safe in saying it’s not coming out in 2007 but 2008? Hard to say – check out the metal customs on eBay – there were around $45-$50 last I looked.)

    Frank, the Combine – eBay Warning & Buying Info.

  32. Rob

    If I may, I don’t believe Mattel is reluctant to create Frank based on the fact that he doesn’t speak. Consider all of the other products currently or soon to be on the shelves that don’t speak (at least I don’t believe they do) – chopper, blimp, plane, most of the race cars and others. Rather, I wonder if it’s because Frank scares younger kids, which would obviously hurt sales. Yet, I still couldn’t see as many Franks on the shelves as I do Sallys. Of course, I’d buy the argument that too much metal is required before all of the others.

  33. Tommy

    Hi, Have you seen the news reports regarding Mattel recalling up to 18 million toys due to the company who produce the toys having used paint with a high concentration of lead paint, (COULD BE HARMFUL TO CHILDREN).
    The report I saw showed some examples of toys to be recalled one of which was Sarge so I am assuming all the Disney Cars have the same paint used in their manufacture!
    Mattel have set up A web site so you can check all toys to be recalled not sure what the site address is at the moment.
    All that hard work put in to purchasing the Cars could have been time wasted not to mention the upset it will cause the kids not being able to play with the Cars, could this also put a hold on the manufacture of the new Cars yet to be released!!!!!!
    It’s worrying to think the toys could be harmful to kids, but you have to give Mattel some credit for standing up & admitting this error as this will cost the company a vast amount of money some companies would have just brushed it under the carpet & said nothing, being a major company they understand children’s safety is paramount.
    Why the toys in question were not quality checked at the beginning of manufacture is beyond me! Heads will roll for this error within the company Health & Safety Department.



    (METROXING: Our blog post has been updated – the last line points you to our blog post and link to recall page).

  34. charley

    how do we know what letters relate to the boxes? theres about 10 cases at my local version of walmart, they start with H, followed by a bunch of numbers, with another letter at the end [i think S, R, and another i cant remember.]
    checking your list, there should be one with bug face mcqueen, and one with yeti, if im reading it right.
    the pegs for cars are filled with luigi pullbax, its so annoying having 10 cases sitting on the overheads and not being sold. whats the point?

    (METROXING: Yes, you got it – it’s the letter at the END that matches up with the list here. The S box has Yeti. Yes, you are at a pretty lazy WM – maybe you can find someone who is willing to pull it down or maybe late at night at a 24 hour store, you can just help yourself – after all, you are a customer and you’re ready to buy. Keep in mind though during this recall phase, some stores have not only pulled the inventory but since they are the same sku, they might not sell it to you when you get to the regsiter.)

  35. charley

    thanks. i went in and hassled the guys, lol. had a lovely young man help me out. i found a single pack filmore, which i bought, but there were no yetis or anything like that.
    maybe the new zealand cases are different to yours?
    the third case was M.
    most had spaces where either sarges have been removed, or other shoppers had pulled them out.

    (METROXING: Oh, didn’t know you were overseas – yes, the int’l boxes are packed differently. Since most of the US information “leaks” out from small indie retailers (and not Mattel), it’s near impossible to get accurate info from int’l since most places selling it overseas are large retailers. So, sorry – most of the information on case lots won’t be of too much value to you. I just got a T-case in case you’re wondering where shipping schedules are – they’re pretty much on schedule even with a slight stoppage and recall).

  36. Mike

    Has Mattell stopped shipping all cases since the recall? I work at Target and they were always getting the M case which has the Sarge. Was hoping we would start gettting other newer cases instead, but has it has been 4 days now and every peg is bare with re-order stickers on them, but we are getting no cases at all.

    Also, at our Wal Mart, they have got no new cases in over a week now. This WM was always getting the latest cases once every 2-3 days.

    Did they put a stop to all shipments until they get all tis worked out?

    (METROXING: Mattel did put a couple day halt to the last shipment T but then cleared them … so hopefully, you should get it back on the shelf soon – maybe you can clear up something, did your store’s CARS just get pulled to the back room or shipped back to Mattel?)

  37. Rich

    Great website, my son has been staring at the pictures from the comic-con for the last couple of days.

    I wanted to let people know that if they (or someone they know) are going to Disney World (or probably Disneyland) the hotels and stores at the park sell the toys. I was in Orlando the week of July 11-18 and I was able to get Tongue McQueen, Tex Dinoco, Bling Bling McQueen, Ferrari F430, RPM #64, and Hydraulic Ramone. It cost almost double the retail price, but considering what they were going for on ebay at the time I didn’t mind paying to know that I would have the toys before Christmas.

    A question I have is regarding Hydraulic Ramone. It seems that even though the back of the packaging calls him Red Ramone, your site refers to that name as correct and Hydraulic as incorrect. I’m pretty sure the toy I bought was called “Hydraulic Ramone” not Red.

    Just wondering.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the tip on Disneyland/World – heard they’re working on a CARS ride but not for another couple years. There are two “red” colored Ramone’s released nearly together so it’s kind of confusing. Crusin’ Ramone has a white lower half – sort of like Cruisin’ McQueen’s oval white area. Red Ramone is like the other Ramone’s with elaborate pin striping and flames but all red with red pinstriping & flames … of course to add to the confusion, they called it incorrectly at first. See our blog post on card backs.)

  38. Hollie

    In the UK the packaging has Hydraulic ramone on the card underneath the car die-cast and no names on the back, but im not sure if this is different in the US and other countries. I think it must be the correct name as the colours and patterns on the car are what ramone had in the scene where he goes low and scrapes the new road.

    (METROXING: You can view the US card backs here with links to larger scans. If you want toscan in UK backs, I’d be happy to credit you & put them up.)

  39. Mike

    Any idea on my above post METROXING?

    (METROXING: I just posted a reply – the problem is it’s hard to tell if Mattel realized retailers would pull everything (claiming they are all the same SKU though technically they are not – or I think the retailers are just trying to make a point) so while Mattel seems to be shipping T but enough to cover all the pegs? Hard to say. Though in defense of the retailers, the last thing they want to do is re-load the shelves and have Mattel come back nad maybe say, “oops, we need to recall LIZZIE … then everyone will be mad so hopefully, it wold all pass soon. So, what about your Target? old ones in back room?)

  40. Dan

    Hi I work at a Wal-Mart in Ga. Today a Mattel rep came in and did a merchandise swap on Cars. I had heard of this before with Hasbro and thier Star Wars line but not with Mattel. The rep showed me a letter from Mattel to do the swap on Sally and Sheriff Cars. She was allowed to pull up to 18 and replace them with a new case of cars that she brought with her. I did not see a letter on the box but some of the Cars in the box were: RPM64,Bug McQueen,Tex,Yeti & Cruise Ramon, along with others. The rep also pulled 5 of the Buzz & Woody 2packs and replaced them with McQueen & Sally 2 packs. Thought I would pass this info along since a lot of people have talked about the overstock of old Cars on the shelf. Looks like Mattel is helping us out.
    Thanks Dan

    (METROXING: Dan, thanks for the update! Good to know they’re working to put them back. Those empty pegs are pretty sad looking …).

  41. charley

    all good. ill just continue to wait and hope for bug mcqueen and those after him to follow. funny thing is, i found a tongue mcqueen without any trouble, but it seems that one is hard to find in the states?

    (METROXING: Yea, Tongue is not easy to find but he part of the next shipments so … BTW, Bug McQueen is in the words of Bart Simpson, craptacular … it is the laziest CAR ever – they basically added like 5 misshaped factory filing to the front of regular McQueen, painted it silver and called it a day. Of course, to have a collection, we have to have it but it’s the shoddiest so far. While the Ramone color changes are mostly un-exciting (though red is cool) – at least he’s entirely different colors …).

  42. M. Parker

    Looking 4 tongue mcqueen go to coach ps website 9.99.

  43. Kalvin Wood

    Hi I was wondering when all of those new cars are being released in the UK? (all the race cars, mia & tia ect.)

    (METROXING: Mia & Tia is schedule to ship in September in the US – are most CARS a few month behind overseas?)

  44. Mike

    Not sure what they did with the cars on the Pegs at the Target I work at. They are not in the back room. I know we also had one M Case on the back shelf, and it is no longer there. Guessing they were already shipped back.

    On another note: Great to see the re-release of Flo’s V8 cafe. Still will be hard to get as it is a TRU Exclusive. Got lucky last night and found one. Ebay’rs were probably not to happy though. Before re-release it was going for nearly $200.00 and up. Now….. $60.00-$80.00.

    last thing: Your are so right with the bug mouth mcqueen….Very lame indeed.

  45. Hollie

    Hi i will shortly scan the different variations of the uk and european cars packaging, shall i just make a link for them so you could put them up? only im not sure how i would do it.

    (METROXING: If you’d like, you can email them to us at metroxing (at) – and I can put them up on our site and credit you however you’d like … or you can post them and I can link them with credit to you – either way, thanks!).

  46. Hollie

    I have sent the e-mail containing the photos, if i have not attached the photos correctly please send me an e-mail and i will re-send it. thank u

  47. Charley

    I work at Target and I start work before the store opens so I get to see if the new cars have come in before we open. We haven’t gotten any new shipments yet, and I have been checking every morning, even on my off days. We only had the old ones. One morning last week, every car was pulled. The stockroom manager said that Sarge was recalled due to lead, but Target sent all of the diecast cars back because Target is more stringent and didn’t want to take any chances. I went to the two Walmarts nearby and they only had the old ones, however pulled Sarge and left the notice about him up. I wasn’t aware that certain retaliers have different standards? He said it would be a couple weeks but promised me when they come in he will get me. I just hate waiting though!!! I don’t know if anyone else’s Target is doing this too?

    (METROXING: On one hand, it’s a good thing as 90% of the stores only seem to have Sally, Sheriff and about 3 other CARS so it will be nice to see a better assortment and this way Target can be absolutely certain they are okay).

  48. Charley

    Just saw you post Mike! My Target has pulled everything too! ): Hopefully it will be soon, I had to buy a lot of the old ones on E-bay, and this time I am buying them at retail – with my discount! I am tired of checking with the stockroom manager every morning!!!! I also did not know they re-released Flo’s Cafe. I don’t even know who would sell those, I know Target doesn’t. I bought one of the playsets but I thought they were very cheaply made and fell apart easily so I got rid of it. My son is happy with the Car rug and all of his cars.

    (METROXING: Flo’s is a TRU Exclusive this time around. Thanks for the update on Target.)

  49. charley

    hey, kool! another charley! LOL. might have to resort to my main nickname to save confusion.

  50. Danny

    The Quebec (Canada) Summary
    Here’s a summary on (our) Int’l cases. There are 30 cars in a case, usually the same models as the US cases, but some (older) cars were doubled-up.
    The Q-case was a goldmine for us. It had 6 new cars (Bling and Tongue McQueen, RPM 64, Sarge, Snot Rod & Tex) as well as the hard-to-find-here King and Lizzie.
    Since the R-cases, the actual cars have deviated from the on-line US lists. The only new cars in the R-case were the same ones that premiered in the Q-case.
    The S-cases contained only 1 new car: Fillmore (in a single pack). Thus, we have yet to see Cruisin’ Ramone, Yeti, or Bug-Faced McQueen.
    We have yet to receive the T-cases.
    Are you able to provide us with an updated int’l case list?

    (METROXING: You’ve pretty much given us the best int’l info I’ve ever read 🙂 or 😦 … it’s been tough to find reliable int’l info … I suppose if I had the time to specifically search other country domains, I might be able to unearth something … but I have no come across any easy to find int’l lists).

  51. charley

    danny, thats awesome! you are pretty much up to where i am in new zealand.
    i found a flood of Q-case cars at the start of june. i found all the new cars from that case in less than a week. im not 100% sure that the cars came from that numbered case, as i never saw the box.
    fillmore [single] is currently making his way around… ive found two so far. im pretty sure he was from an S case. the shop i hassled last week has R, S and M cases up above the shelves, instead of on the pegs. i might try and get some pics this week.

    (METROXING: WE have a “card back” post for some of us fanatics … just curious – does your NZ card backs match the US ones?)

  52. Hi i am a big cars colecter i was so happy becuase two weeks ago toysrus opened down the road could shops try to make the Dinoco helicopter Red light and sound cheaper for like
    £ 2.99 send in the post evry singe and m ovie moment cars out on a sheet to 14 curley road Newry Northern

  53. charley

    hiya! yep, they look the same.

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  55. Danny

    International T-cases
    Here is my guess as to what the international T-case will contain (in stores mid-September?).
    I am almost certain there will be at least 3 new cars (Cruisin’ Ramone, Bug-Faced McQueen and Yeti) because these cars were released in American cases with earlier letters. It should also contain the “unleaded” Sarge.
    If we are LUCKY, it may contain 2 other new cars (Bob Cutlass and Dale Earnhardt JR.), which were in the American T-case (already in stores).
    If we are REALLY LUCKY, then it will also contain another 2 new cars (Darrell Cartrip and Mario Andretti), which are slated for the American U-case. The American U-case will have more-or-less the same shipment date.
    Let me know if you think / know otherwise.
    NOTE: American cases should be modified to include “unleaded” Sarge because off-the-net lists do not show him in any of the future cases.

  56. Frank

    Hi, Congratulations for your website 🙂
    I’m from Montreal, Canada.. international case
    The T-cases (has it TRU, August 28) contained only Fillmore again. Thus, we have yet to see Cruisin’ Ramone, Yeti, or Bug-Faced McQueen.
    Mattel doesn’t understand how to keep International collectors… To get all the new release we might have to wait until case IQUIT… It’s been 2x time almost the same boxes with 2 different letters since we got the latest new one TONGUE.

    (METROXING: yea, I think back in the old pre-internet days, you could get away with making the int’l customers wait but now … hello, Mattel … it’s the 21st century!)

  57. galaia2004

    I’m expecting the next releases for the international market to include Yeti, Crusin’ Ramone and Bug-Faced McQueen. I think it’s wishful thinking hoping for others as they have just come out in the US. Hopefully as suggested previously these will be out in September.

    I would expect that most of the new cars would be available internationally for November/December to cater for the Christmas market. They may even be holding back on releasing these so there is enough supply for the Christmas demand.

    Personally I think the box-sets of Piston Cup racers are aimed directly at the Christmas market as these will make great gift sets. It will be interesting to see if any of these cars make it to a single pack in 2008 (particularly with certain cars such as the #84 Apple car).

  58. I was thinking if these following disney cars were released I always think they come out in stores. These are some of the cars that I expect you to deliver to me:
    Lightyear Blimp
    Piston cup pace car
    Kori Turbowitz
    Green Hummer
    Thanks for letting me know this website.

  59. Danny


    All the cars you listed are Wal-Mart exclusives (and there are 3 others). They will be available this October in the US….elsewhere, who knows?

    (Metroxing: Haven’t heard anything else but I think most of the managed news has been about the recall. As that is lifting, I’m sure we’ll hear and see more. Other mention an Argo exclusive so keep your eyes open …)

  60. Scott

    I have been unable to find any single-pack cars for a number of weeks. After reviewing your site, I’m still uncertain of what is going on. It appears that the bigger box stores, like Target and Wal-Mart, have pulled all of the single-unit toys. Until this week, the shelf space was still open (but empty), but as of Sunday my local Target had started filling in the space with other toys.

    It doesn’t appear that there is any sort of general recall in force. So, what’s the deal? Are the stores just sitting on the merchandise for a month or more? Will they eventually be released?

    Thanks again for providing this site. You have a lot of great information.

    (METROXING: Keep in mind that this is just a generalization as it doesn’t apply to every store within a chain. Target seems to have pulled EVERYTHING on cards and sent them back to Mattel. This is actually logical since Target only seems to have had Sally’s & Sheriff’s left for the most part so they figure they’ll just start fresh. Target seems to have indicated on their store merchandiscing sheet CARS will be back before 9/30 so if it’s not back, it should be back soon. Wal-mart seems to have pulled them just to the back room – some Wal-marts have returned the old ones to the shelf and others seem to have gotten new product. TRU varies – some stores pulling all – others just pulling Sarge – but they didn’t seem to have mailed anything back as the TRU’s around me seems to have put back all the old cards/CARS back on the shelf in the last day or so – they also seems to have gotten their exclusive 2-Cars packs with the pull tab and I’ve noticed more Flo’s on the shelves. KB seems to have only pulled Sarge. Mervyns and Kohl’s (depending on the size of the store) also carry CARS. Well, hope that helps. I think in the next two weeks, things should return to normal – good luck!).

  61. charley

    while in a shop here in new zealand, i noticed a set of my little pony toys. they all had a sticker on them marking them as a TRU exclusive. [we have no TRU over here]
    the store has most recently been seen as a nz version of walmart [since they got the walmart exclusive cabbage patch kids a few years back] the chain is called “the warehouse” and is very similar to walmart [cheap goods, stocking virtually anything]
    do you think theres much chance of the tab-back twin cars being released here?

    (METROXING: I guess it all depends on how sales are going there – it’s a good repackage on Mattel’s part so if they can re-sell you the same car but packaged differently, Mattel has to make back that recall cost somewhow 😉 )

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  63. Charley 2

    (Sigh) Still no new shipments at my Target or any in the area…(Yet we keep getting in those three pack Tunerz, Courtroom Crew and Tractor Tippin?) Makes no sense….Anyhow Walmart got a shipment in last night, I feel bad because I nearly tackled the stock boy, only got what they had, Ferrari, RPM, Tex, Bling, Red Ramone….Is anyone else’s Target not have any single card cars? Also, does anyone know when the race car packs are coming out? Any estimated dates?

  64. Charley 2

    Forgot…I have a question on Blue Mater. I am confused, I keep seeing “Young Mater” listings on checklists and E-Bay listings. Is this the same Blue (Brand New Mater) that was released a long time ago?

    (METROXING: Yes, Young Mater is the official name on the cards and the ones you see in the stores. The other blue one now has an official name – Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater).

  65. charley

    thanks for that… i will hold out hope! LOL. the shop i mentioned has had nothing new for about a month. theres some 8 boxes on top that ive scavenged already, but are yet to go on the pegs. sucks big time. none got pulled here, either, with the recall. last new thing i found was the mack layout set.
    there is a “talking” red at one store, but dont think hes worth the $50 they want for him.
    so hard seeing whats on ebay that isnt avaliable here yet.

  66. Tony

    I was looking for some new releases in Target today and found a purple Ramone in a plastic see-through pumpkin. I turned it over and it had Doc and Cruisin McQueen on the back. This was on a peg in the Hot Wheels aisle. I guessed it had been put on a peg by mistake as Target does not appear to have any pegs for the singles or doubles. I asked the person working in the Halloween section if he knew where I could find some more. He pointed to an end cap. I found the other two and bought them for about $5.00 apiece. If you want to see what they look like you can go to eBay and type in Disney Pixar Cars Halloween and you will get some hits. This is kind of what they did earlier this year when they put Sally, McQueen, and Chick in eggs during Easter.

    By the way I also found some Toys R Us exclusives last week. They had double packs of McQueen & Tongue McQueen, Old & New Mater, Purple and Red Ramone, and Doc Hudson & Red Rimmed Fabulous Hudson Hornet. These are really cool because they have a yellow pull tab that switches the picture from one to another. I also picked up Mia & Tia and Mr. & Mrs. the King. The only thing I found that tells you which one is Mia or Tia is on their tail license plates. The plate has their own name on it.

  67. charley

    tony, thank you for that. im glad the twins have their names on them, as i was wondering you could tell them apart! LOL.

  68. Charley 2

    I rang up a couple of the see-through pumpkins with cars in them today, and we still had a lot left when I checked. There is a Doc Hudson one, Purple Ramone and a Cruisin McQueen. We sell ours for $4.99. We still don’t have any of the new releases yet, I still need half of them. I had to find them at Walmart. I am grateful I start work before Target opens because I check every single day before the doors open……and see empty pegs. I can’t wait to see full pegs so I can finally get my hands on all of the harder to find cars! (: I refuse to buy any on E-bay this time and so far, I am doing good! It makes me mad that dealers out there clean out the stores and sell them at grossly inflated prices to people that are desperate for them.

  69. Hannah

    I have been to target too….nothing! Someone I talked to that stocks the toy department says that they have even taken down the signs so he doesn’t think that they will get them back in soon. My question is, where do the people on ebay find all the new cars? I look at walmart religiously but I can never get anyone to help and see if they have more. Target is the only place that I have been able to get some out of the back room so if that is not an option….well I am at a loss.

  70. Pino

    Hi everyone,
    Can anybody tell me when the latest release ie Mia & Tia, Mr & Mrs King etc will be released in Australia?

    (METROXING: They are just hitting the stores in the US. The next batch of MM sets are not due to ship until October so whether that’s worldwide or not …)

  71. charley

    hey pino, im in new zealand. the latest MM sets will likely be several months away. tongue mcqueen is out over here, but thats the most recent. i picked up yesterday a supercharged set of guido/luigi/tractor which ive been hunting for for ages, and was the last i needed to bring things up to date.

  72. Frank

    So collectors we’re not near the end! Cars will be release all year around again in 2008!. Thanks

    (METROXING: Thanks, Frank – official update here on its way – have to eat dinner first 🙂 )

  73. sharon

    hi all. Been reading this site for months but never posted. I’m going to quote Charley …”Is anyone else’s Target not have any single card cars?” What are single card cars? Do some of the new cars come with a card underneath? If so, which ones? Thanks!

    (METROXING: Target internal memos seem to indicate everything will be back on the shelves on 9/30 but our Targets around here are always late so hopefully, 9/30 is a real date. Yes, new CARS are shipping with a mini poster (two I’ve seen so far). If you look carefully, you can see it, it’s folded into about a 1.5″ size. Underneath each CAR is a paper “roadway” and if you look at it from the top, there is a little hole near the back of the CAR and you might spot the poster folded under that paper “roadway.” Or if you look at it from the front or back very closely through the plastic, you can spot a thick thing under the CAR – you can even squeeze some of them and notice that it is loose underneath (no poster) or un-moving (poster) underneath. Yes, I think I just spent more time analyzing a mini poster under a $3 car than most have on the Presidential elections 🙂 …)

  74. charley

    i think the single card cars are simply the diecasts that are packed singley [sp?] so also came with posters, but doesnt have any affect of the term given.

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  76. Jay

    can anyone tell me the newest disney pixar cars in the U.K please

    (METROXING: No one has been able to figure out the int’l patttern exept it seems to be a couple months behind the US – the problem is the recall may have thrown everything off a bit more …)

  77. Peter

    Hi, does anybody know how to get hold of these packs of 18 cars, we got some real collectors within our family here in germany. That would make a nifty Christmas present for them and myself.

    (METROXING: Most places selling sealed boxes will ship to Germany but unfortunately, shipping rates have got up drastically (though with the Euro exchange rate, it might be okay), I think shipping is around $50 USD. You might be able to save some money and have a relative/friend reship it for you (shipping to a US address is usually $10 to $15). If you want the shipment as pristine as possible, you do want to make sure it’s double-boxed so that will add to the cost as the Mattel box by itself is acceptable but not particularly strong and not likely to survive a trip by itself to Europe in very good condition. If you want some links, drop me an email at metroxing (at)

  78. Mandy

    after about a 4 month SLUMP my Wal marts have FINALLY gotten steady new shipments!
    I have finally been able to buy RPM,Cruisin Ramone,2 Yetis, Bling McQueen, Bug mouth etc. (With posters:))
    The best news is, is when they run low they get a new shipment a week later. i think they may have finally got it together. However, my Targets are empty, as well as TRU.

  79. Charley 2

    Yay! Today I scored all 4 new releases (Blue Ghostlight, TJ Hummer, Lightyear Blimp and Cactus McQueen.) They had TONS of them out. I am thinking that these aren’t going to be very hard to get since they were just released and this Walmart had about 6 each on each peg? Either that or they just put them out, which I find hard to believe because I never have that kind of luck. Anyways, has anyone else come across any Walmart Exclusives? This was in the New York area. And they have rolled prices on the cars back to $2.97 each? How are they making any money off of them? Also, are the other four Walmart Exclusives coming out yet? (like the Bi-Plane, etc.) Because I’m sure if they put those out, those would have been up also. I have read that they are out, but I haven’t seen them yet.

  80. Charley 2

    Sorry, by Single card, I met the single-pack ones. My Target STILL does not have them and I mentioned the 9/30 date to him and he looked confused. They put other product where the cars do go. We have collectors sitting outside every morning at 8am seeing what we have. One bought just regular hotwheels cars and I asked him if he collected the new cars, he said he did but he was an older gentlemen and he didn’t even know Yeti was out yet. lol. Yet, tommorow morning at 7:45am, I will make my daily walk back to the toy department…..

  81. Charley 2

    To Hannah: I feel the same way! My walmart never has anything. I still don’t have Yeti, Tongue, Cruisin Ramone, Mario A, Dale, CarTrip , Dinoco Chick or Cutlass. I only got about half of the new ones out now. One of the perks about my job at Target when I applied was that I would be able to get all of the new releases right away for $3 a piece with my discount. Now I am mad that we don’t have them. My walmart score earlier today was the only luck I have had all month.

  82. Rob

    I understand that some of you have higher expectations for the releases in the U.S. However, my local Wal-Mart stocked Ferrari and Cruisin’ Ramone for the first time this week. I don’t expect to see Cutlass, RPM #64, Earnhardt, Cactus McQueen, Ghostlight Ramone, Blimp or TJ Hummer for months. I could hit the road for 30 minutes one-way and “hope” but that gets old fast.

    It’s all relative, of course, and this forum exists for all to speak out so I don’t mean to be abrasive. And if you ever “miss” your chance at whatever, the odds are good that I’ll see it come by me six months after!

    (located in the corn in northern Illinois)

  83. charley new zealand

    found a red rim hudson hornet today. and, joy of joys, that store had them on sale! so he was $8 instead of the normal $10. going to another of the same store tomorrow, to see if they have any different. im also not expecting to see yeti etc for several months now.

  84. Gervais

    The only new cars to hit UK soon will be Yeti as it will be released in the next few weeks.
    If you want Tex, Rpm, Tongue and bling you can get them if you call your local Disney store around 08:00 on a wednesday morning or a saturday morning as they get the deliveries the night before. We will not get cutlass, cartrip or any of the others for another 3 months.

  85. Rob

    Gervais, not sure where you are but my local Disney Store doesn’t carry the diecast. And since the Sarge recall, Target doesn’t either. And I don’t know what TRU is. Fortunately, Toys-R-Us is always stocked but with all of the original releases. Basically, I can’t remember how my son even got introduced to these anyway!

    Oh, the Cruisin’ Ramone we picked up a few days ago had that little poster inside. Great item for the kids. Poster on one side, checklist on the other. But then again, I suppose I’m the last American to see one so I’m not scooping anyone on that!

  86. Hollie

    To rob- Gervais was talking about disney store in the Uk and just to let you know TRU means Toys r us but its shortened to make it easier to talk about, hope this helps. The posters are really cool wish we had them in the UK!

  87. mary

    I have been collecting since the first wave. I’m confused a little about which Cars to collect. Is everyone getting each car depending on the wave and normal vs.supercharged set? Ie do I collect all the same cars with each wave. This is getting to be a very expensive colection for DS but I’m addicted ..and broke.

    Do how many Cars are you calculating for 2006/2007?

    I have a 23 car set of first wavers (no chick or mcqueen), should I keep it in addition to my other wave 1 complete set or sell it on ebay?


    (METROXING: Your answer is our lastest blog post 🙂 Thank YOU! )

  88. Rob

    Hollie, Gervais et al. –

    Thanks for the clarification on TRU. I never pieced it together and I rarely abbreviate. And, I thought you might be referring to/misspelling True Value Hardware stores, which carried toys where I lived when I was a kid. It’s all crystal clear now though. Again, much appreciated.

  89. Ty

    Hey! For anyone in the Tampa Bay area of Florida just found the 4 new walmart exclusives at the Land O Lakes (in Toy Dept.) & the Bruce B Downs Walmart (up front). Good Luck!

  90. Mandy

    Be ready! Some Walmarts are not putting out any of the WM Exclusives until the 30th! For no apparent reason, certain ones are holding them in the back until midnight! Time to become friends with the nightstock guys!

  91. Nick

    We’re still waiting for the “T” and “U” boxes to hit Arizona. The last box with the newest Car was the “S” box, which had Yeti. A couple weeks ago Walmart got some boxes of Cars in, but it had a wierd number on the side and had all of the previous Cars..i.e. Doc Hudson, Lizzy, Sally, Boost, Sherriff, Snot Rod…etc., but none of the newer Cars. Maybe Mattell was trying to get rid of excess inventory. We found the new Wal-Mart exclusives (Lightyear Blimp, Cactus McQueen, T.J., and Ghostlight Ramone) but just aren’t sure when we’ll actually see Dale, Darrell Cartrip, Mario, or Bob Cutlass. Maybe after the 30th when Target’s supposed to get theirs….Arizona seems to get things last, even though we’re the next state over from where they make the dang things!!!

  92. Mike

    I am in Massachusetts and having trouble finding Dale, Bob, Mario and Darrell. Anyone who can find them care to trade? I have found plenty of Blimp, Ghostlight Ramone, Cactus McQueen and TJ at Walmarts here and would trade 4 for 4.

    If willing to trade, please email me at


  93. Joao

    how can I get a couple of sealed boxes

    (METROXING: Drop me an email at metroxing (at) and I’ll give you some suggestions).

  94. Joe

    the only place I have seen for boxes are ebay. U boxes range from 59 to 79 (figure 12 bucks shipping)

    I’m in Southern CT and we haven’t had any U boxes here, mostly the boxes with Bling Bling, Yeti, Ferrari, Tex and Dinoco Chick. I haven’t seen a Mario, Dale, Bob nor Cartrip. Plenty of the Walmart exclusives, however only the 1st round (blimp, cactus,GL Ramone and TJ). Also I cannot find the Mrs King or Mia Tia anywhere. Way too many old buzz & woody, Flo & Ramone and Cruising Mcqueen & Sally.

    (METROXING: The Wal Mart 2nd round is supposed to go up by this weekend though like the first 4, my guess is it will not be consistent).

  95. Rob

    My local Wal-Mart is a 24/7 shop and all of you had me wondering if an early visit this weekend would be shrewd. Sure enough, I rolled in there at about 6:15am today, I was able to pick up Tex, Bling and RPM #64. Clearly, this store isn’t on the front lines of recipients that many of you have reported but it’s nice to know that it hasn’t been skipped over to catch up. If any of you are in a similar situation, you can appreciate this. Thanks for the heads-up on the new releases, folks!

    (METROXING: Wal Mart’s that close stock at night, I presume the 24/7 ones do also so it might not hurt to swing by late, late or of course, early, early – most “Comic Book eBayer Scalpers” tend not to get up at the crack of dawn 🙂 )

  96. Tony

    I ran into someone today at TRU. He said he found a T.J. Hummer without a license plate on it. The plate is on the rear bumper on the left side. So it looks like another variant to collect.

    (METROXING: It depends on if we hear or see others with this – otherwise, it’s just an error – still might be worth more on eBay …)

  97. Jedicarnut

    Hi could you tell me what the collector cars will be on the Mattel UK website. On the UK carded versions. There is a sticker on the front, inside contains a alpha and numercial code. If you enter this onto the website. For every 6 you get a Exclusive Collectors Car, which is not being released in the shops. For every 12 you get a Car Carry Case. Just wondered if you knew what the cars maybe. As Mattel UK are not giving anything away.

    (METROXING: We’re all anxiously waiting to hear in the US – if you’re getting soem secret CAR or if you’re getting a Sally or Sheriff … so be sure and let us ASAP 🙂 )

  98. Danny

    International U-cases
    It appears we non-Americans got screwed again. Earlier today at Sears in Montreal, I found 2 U-cases waiting to be shelved and opened them. Nothing new….only special mention was red-rimmed FHH and Sally (which of late has been hard to find, believe it or not)!
    Essentially, since case Q, all we’ve had to spend on was (single-pack) Fillmore and red-rimmed FHH.
    What is wrong with Mattel and when will we (International fans) ever see a new car again????

  99. kris

    Will they make the VW beetle bug again? Saw it on e-bay and it sold for over $30.00. I bought the Valvoline #10 Scott Riggs car on e-bay and was disapointed to find out that it was not a character car.Are the new(?) Sally’s the only car with the list of all the cars in it? Thank you for this great site.

    (METROXING: VW Beetle? You mean Flik with the antenna? It’s not out yet … unless you saw a custom – there might be a few trickling out but it’s not shipping until October. It comes with “Flea” from Bug’s Life. If you live overseas, you can check our cardback post (scroll down) to see that int’l cards have a checklist to save on translation of names space but what the other reader might be refering to is the poster that is tucked into most CARS now. It’s not always obvious it’s underneath the CAR between the paper “road” and the CAR in the plastic window but if you look hard enough, you can see it).

  100. kris

    The VW Beetle bug was blue with in the movie when the bug flew into the movie screen. It had wings and had a cardbacked plastic case just like all the others from the first release. The wings worked when the car was rolled back and released. I do not know of any other CAR that has been made with moving parts so, maybe it was a custom job… if so, it was a darn good one. In any case I hope the bug will be put into production. Thank you for the information on the poster.

    (METROXING: It does sound like a custom, maybe from using a car from the PULLBACK SERIES? While about 8 of the CARS have been released as pullbacks, I don’t think Flik was one of them – I could be wrong. But in either case, the pullbacks are larger in scale than the “regular” 1:55 line … here’s what the prototypes looks like from Comic Con – though they look pretty finalized so I’m going to say the final should exactly like these – they are the “Flik & Flea” Movie Moments 2-pack scheduled for October. You can do a search on eBay by just adding the word – custom – to your normal Disney Pixar CARS search or some variant of those words).

  101. alisha

    hi, im from australia
    i must express my disappointment with the release of the new cars toys, yesterday i finally found a dinocco chick hicks in store, which i had already purchased off ebay months ago…
    it seems to me that they are releasing this toys in other countries , selling out, then oz get the left overs months later. or we have to buy off ebay for up to 4 times the original price.
    my son misses out them as they are far too expensive to be a toy.

    IS there anyone out there who would be willing to collect a set of the new releases for me , and i will pay them for their time and efforts, but this will save me on postage costs, as it is from one person rather than 10. ??????????????

    thanks for listing all the cars, but by the way you are missing the new tru duo packs, with 2 ramones , 2 maters, 2 mcqueen, etc.

    thanks… a desperate oz mother.

    (METROXING: The 2-packs are listed in this post). I keep the checklist mostly for individual “blister” cards – though if you’re an opener, there are certainly a lot of box sets that will fill in the older ones you might be missing … I’m not keeping track of the box sets in a checklist form since most of them are simply re-packaged repeats (the new Dinoco 400 is an exception) – and if your someone with enough bank to collect EVERY single release of every assortment, you know what’s what already 🙂 …

    There does not seem to be an easy resolution to int’l collectors since shipping costs have gone up so much … and frankly, the problem is that supply has not met demand here in the US other than for Sally, the Sheriff & Buzz/Woody because even at stores with a few other CARS – I notice that when I go back the next week, the pegs with Boost, Snot Rod or CARS from 2006 continue to sell at a steady rate and eBay is a pretty accurate gauge of supply at the stores. The Sarge recall doesn’t help as everything seems to have been pushed back a few months and then the first CARS to really arrive in a long time are the Wal Mart CARS … starting a new frenzy. In a world – crazy – Mattel hasn’t had to deal with this kind of success in a long time).

  102. Rob

    So my local Wal-Mart distributed an ad featuring the sale for the four exclusive items. I was pleasantly surprised considering it hasn’t been keeping up to speed with the releases elsewhere. I went there this morning only to learn that the store hasn’t even received the product yet despite the fact that it was supposed to be on display at 12:01 a.m. The rep said he didn’t know if/when it would arrive. And after I was told that Wal-Mart doesn’t give rainchecks, I found myself SOL. Am I alone?

    (METROXING: I went down to my Wal Mart – same deal – pallet is there with other three sides but no CARS. I would say try again on Tuesday when they are suppose to stock the DVD but I wouldn’t be surprised if the backroom clerk bought them all …)

  103. Bill

    Dear Metroxing,
    I have tried twice to communicate via this site with no success. What is the problem I am having?

    (METROXING: Sorry, maybe it got listed as ‘spam?’ Maybe it was a question I had no answer to – feel free to write me at metroxing (at)

  104. Bill

    Does anyone know why WM is not getting the cases with Junior, Bob Cutlass, Darrell Cartrip, Mario Andretti? Our WM has plenty of the exclusives but none on the hangers. Are the 2008 cases listed on this site accurate as to all the new releases or is this speculation? Great info on this site. Thanks

    (METROXING: Mattel has canceled BOX V – waiting to hear the status of shipment W. Mattel may have just decide to close the books on 2007 and start with 2008 shipments (which actually starts this month – October). Does that mean the above 4 will be in short supply under later next year? As of right now, yes BUT Mattel’s shipments listings are only a guideline and they can ADD a shipment (for instance, there is no “B” shipment right now) at any time or start a concurrent numbering shipment without affecting A, C, D, etc for 2008 … in other words – yes, no, maybe … and yes, the shipments for 2008 are accurate as of right now – I would bet the A, C & D shipments are mostly accurate as they’ve most likley are packed and are in transit (by ship – much cheaper shipping) but beyond, things can and will change).

  105. Martin

    Hi, I’m in the UK and am just wondering if the Walmart exclusives are in short supply? I will be in the US in December so could buy then – but don’t want to miss out, so am thinking about having to buy through ebay. Any thoughts/advice
    Many Thanks

    (METROXING: It would be pretty safe to say they’d be long gone by then. While there are a couple thousand Wal Marts and in certain cities & states where there is Wal Mart every 7 miles, you might be able to pick them up in the next couple weeks, i would almost bet my entire collection they’d be long gone in three weeks unless they order another massive shipment for all 8 again but that’s pretty rare. The stores I have visted on the west coast pretty much get stripped down to Cactus McQueen by days end and a day later, pretty much nothing. Hopefully, you know someone in the US well enough that you order it from eBay and mail it to them in the next couple weeks – the prices for the first four are falling to a quasi reasonable @$25 or so with shipping – double what you might pay in stores but for instance on the West Coast, very hard to find since we don’t have that many Wal Marts AND with conversion from the £ or € – practically free 🙂 Also keep in mind, they are all schedule to be re-released as NON-EXCLUSIVES next year and while, the odds are very slim right now the line will get canceled in the near future, there are no guarantees … though honestly, I would be STUNNED if this line ended before 2008 and my bet is it looks more like 2009 or 2010 before it begins to peter out and who knows, the sequel (if rumors are true) might be out in 2011 … so 2010 might be a lull but then, right back at ya!)

  106. Mike

    Went to Walmart today and found 2 drop boxes that were cleaned out. I asked a clerk and she said they were gone in an hour, but didn’t know if it was the first 4 exclusives, or the newest 4.

    I would guess it was the first 4 (Cactus, Ghoslight, Blimp, TJ) since upon looking at ebay I only see 4 or 5 of the new 4 listed.

    Anyone know if this is true, or were Pace Car, Kori, Barney and Bruiser supposed to come out today?

    (METROXING: I heard they were coming out tomorrow but that’s not real logical – especially since it’s clear now WM backrooms are about as secure as a sieve and managers have the reading comprehension of a 2-year old (box? op-en) so since the only evidence is a small trickle on eBay, I would conclude that 98% of stores have not received shipments yet).

  107. Mike

    I stopped by two Walmarts this morning and still nothing…. same with eBay.

  108. Joe

    Looks like my local WM is sold out of Exclusives (saw 3 Cactus), they replaced the exclusives with what looks like to be S boxes (Bling Bling, Yeti, RPM, Tex). The Saturday advert looks to have raised the flag.. However not one Yeti or Dinoco Chick was left or the S box display.
    So it looks like Round 2 is on hold, but they could have sold out this weekend, but I don’t think they have them yet. As for the U case guys (Cartrip, Jr, Cutlass, Mario) I haven’t seen anywhere yet. U Case prices on Ebay are going up. Same Ol’ Movie Moments everywhere, no Mia/Tia or Mrs King to be found.

  109. Mike

    Still nothing at my WM and eBay has a few of them trickling in but not enough to think these have been released yet. In other news, I found a Mia and Tia at TRU on the way home, woo hoo. I have also been having luck at K-Mart. I didn’t even know they had a toy dept, but I got a few Dales and Bob Cutlass the other day. Other than these 4 new WM exclusives, the only ones I can’t seem to find is Mario and Darrell.

  110. Hannah

    I looked at Walmart this morning too. Didn’t see anything. I want to know if anyone elses Target is carrying cars yet? I thought I read that they were suppose to be back by the 30th. Any insight as to when Target will carry them again? or are they gone for good?

    (METROXING: I actually saw some CARS on the shelves – nothing new but the cards look fairly new so my guess is it’s not pulled from the backroom – and this Target is pretty much the last to stock so I’m guessing they’re beginning to reappear – no Dinoco 400’s which apparently are on some shelves in the West Coast).

  111. Mike

    The new WM ones are popping up on eBay a bit more now. Most of them tend to be from Georgia, is that near WM’s Headquarters?

    (METROXING: WM is in Bentonville, AR but there’s no real pattern – for instance the two eBay auctions with the 4 new CARS are in Tennessee & SouthernCal).

  112. Rob

    Reporting again from the back of the line …

    I moseyed back into my local Wal-Mart, which, since Sunday, has generously stocked singles and doubles in the usual location in the toys department. Additionally, there are two new separate stands with singles and doubles in the main aisles. However, none contain Hummer, G. Ramone, Blimp or Cactus. Of course, there is now an ample supply of Ferrari, Tex, Bling, C. Ramone and RPM #64. Oh, and it also had one Bug-Face McQueen – the first I’ve ever seen!!! That, my friends, is news around here, unfortunately.

    Determined to understand the business direction of the store, I probed a rep much like many of you already have. Despite my specific questions, she offered nothing I didn’t already know, which is nothing. I let her off the hook after she stood there repeating herself with arms firmly crossed. (I wonder about her non-verbals if I had been visibly upset!)

    When I explained that the four pictured in the ad comprised the first Wal-Mart exclusive release thereby projecting that distribution and marketing are on the same page, the rep said that they have been well-stocked in advance for DVD releases and video game releases like PS2 (or 3 or whatever the latest is) but every manufacturer is different. As I said, nothing I didn’t already know. I also let her off the hook for dodging that question.

    At the end of the day, I’m growing to feel like I’m expecting too much from that place. It doesn’t offer rainchecks but it also doesn’t offer clear-cut explanations and answers so I can make an intelligent decision about what to do. I never threatened or demanded anything (and never really thought about that either) but the rep was quite defensive. This is what I get for offering my loyalty and patience.

    So it goes. If I could just ignore my OCD, this wouldn’t be as aggravating!

    (METROXING: Well, at least you had sort of a conversation 🙂 – out here on the West Coast where WM’s are far & few between and plenty of other employment options, nearly every employee there seems to really hate us “infecting” their clean stores so I have never actually even see a toy dept employee – and since they have no real input into the position (all buying is done in HQ), basically all they do is manage the stocking of their dept and if anything, their job is a lot easier if it just sells out so if some “fool” wants to come in and buy all 144 on the pallet and they can take it down – hey whatever – they know you’re not there for the ambiance or the customer service :-/ … but thanks for the update – sounds vaguely like the T box arrived).

  113. Sef

    Hi, I live in the U.K and have only been collecting since mid June when i went in to a woolworths and picked up a few that i had seen the day before. I then went in to TRU that weekend and picked up another 6 or 7. I am now realising what the hell i have got myself into and that i was REAL lucky to get my hands on any of them back then.

    We seem to have only just got Boost, DJ, Leakless etc… over here, but i gather they are in a different wave to what you guys in the states are getting.

    I did manage to get a Dinaco Mcqueen and Ferrari in the Disney store, but thats as far as it goes. The rest i have had to get of Ebay (Lucky for me, the guy i get them off is great and has real cheap shipping)

    Now, what gets me is what Mattel are doing. This really puzzles me that they are not selling them worlwide at the same time and getting maximum profit from doing it. This kinda reminds me when Star Wars the Phantom meanace came out. We had it late (as usual) over here. BUT, due to the internet, nearly everyone i know had seen it two days after it was out over there (including myself, but i did still go to the cinema to watch it)

    Now, the clever guys must have thought, Hang on, people are seeing it before it came out and we are not getting as much money as we should be.
    So with the next two (I think, well defo 3) they released it worlwide so no one could post it on the net.

    Now if Mattel did this and sent all there cars out, there would not be so many on Ebay, people would be able to buy them in stores and therefore Mattel would be getting the money instead of the Ebay sellers, and therefore maximising profit.

    Does that make sense? It does in my head 🙂

    I gotta say this is a qulity site, and these damn cars are taking over mylife. I am even thinking of selling some hockey jerseys or some Mcfarlane hockey figures (the wife thinks i am VERY ill)

    (METROXING: Good points and good questions that can only be answered with an entire post 🙂 )

  114. Bill

    As of Oct. 1 our local Target has Cars again. It looked like about 3 of the S cases. Also our WM restocked last night what appears to be 5 or 6 S cases. The box display is empty. None of the second 4 exclusives yet. None of the new Movie Moments yet.

  115. is there anywhere online to be able to go purchase the cars, other then ebay? I would like to know so when im deployed to iraq, I can keep up on the cars.

  116. Hannah

    Bill- Thanks for the Target info. I will have to go and look. I am hoping to get mario, dale, darrell, and bob. Wish me luck.

  117. Bill

    Our WM was putting out stock this morning. All 4 of the first WM exclusives were being put on the hangers. They probably had 8 to 10 cases only containing the first 4 WM excl. except they did not have the “New” on the package. I wish Mattel would wise up and do this with Junior, Mario, Bob , and Cartrip to help catch up.

  118. Kalvin Wood

    Sorry I didn’t answer your question… I didn’t know you wrote it lol. anyway, well they are a bit behind because some of the wave 3 cars you can get out the shops eg. tounge mcqueen, dinoco chick ect. (But they’re still a bit rare. I got my Wave 3 cars when I was on Holiday to Spain and I got them in a car model shop.) But some of them I’ve never seen in the shops (Cruisin’ Ramone, Tex Dinoco, Bug mouth Mcqueen & Yeti).

    I went to my local Toys ‘R’ Us (In Edinburgh) & I was really dissapointed that they weren’t selling any single card cars! They were only selling the following Movie Moments: Cruisin’ Mcqueen & Sally, Buzz & Woody, Sulley & Mike). They were also selling the Lightning fast speedway but had none of the Radiator Springs town playsets. The only RS town playsets I can find in Scotland is Ramones house of body art which I’ve already got!

  119. Rob

    In this life I lead, I’ve learned that it pays to:

    1. Read this forum daily.
    2. Live within one mile of a 24/7 Wal-Mart.
    3. Remain patient.
    4. Have faith.

    After two unsuccessful visits since Sunday, today’s pop-in was a winner. Picked up a G. Ramone and Hummer. I bypassed Cactus for the same reasons I’m guessing most other mainstreamers will. And there were zero blimps on the pegs. But, geez, I could have purchased half a dozen of the two I bought. Now I feel bad that I walked away from the items about which a few of you are disgruntled for failing to find in your area.

    Oh, and I apologize (finally) for failing to realize (until today) that this forum is intended for anecdotes on full boxes. My one-man crusade pales in comparison to what I’m sure more than a handful of you might call a part-time job.

    But thanks for humoring me. I’ll shut up now.

    (METROXING: No, feel free to keep writing – right now, every scrap of info helps 🙂 )

  120. Hannah

    I am sure the majority of people are passing up the cactus mcqueen because it looks like fungus and not cactus. Also does anyone else think that the hummer seems really light and that maybe Mattel has decided to be a little more frugal? Plus, the only thing that is die cast on the blimp is the little guy at the bottom that pops off….who thought him coming off would be a good idea anyways?

  121. Mike

    Yeah, TJ does feel really cheap. My wife noticed it the other night when putting it away. It must be hollow or something.

    Also, the new 4 WM exclusives are filtering in more now on eBay, but don’t appear to have reached me yet in the Northeast.

    (METROXING: I think it’s some sort of plastic-metal mix … or the equivilent of ‘pleather’ to real leather).

  122. Jacques

    I was in WM yesterday morning, out west, and found TJ, Cact. McQ, Lightyear (blimp), and Ghost Ramon. Then went back this morning and it was stocked to the gills with all of them. But no Rusty, Cartrip, or Tia & Mia, or Earnhardt. I was able to get Earnhardt at Target along with Cutless, all the others there were gone.

    (METROXING: Which out west? 🙂 )

  123. Ole

    I live in Sweden and my son have been collecting them sins they came to the shops here in Sweden.

    My problem is that all the new ones (yeti, andretti, TJ, mrs kind and so on) does’t come to Sweden untill next year. And they are all on the top of his x-mas wishlist….

    Is Ebay my only option or is there any WEB-shop in USA (that shipps to sweden) who have them?
    I have found some shops, but they only have one or two of them. And when I’m going to order from USA I need to order more then 10 for it to be any idea at all becuse of the shipping cost!

    (METROXING: For the WM ones, eBay is your only sure bet unless you have friends or relatives on the East Coast but again, no guarantee as my friends on the East Coast didn’t find any but then they have are not obsessed like we are 🙂 … buying them is not bad as they are in the $20-$25 range with shipping now. Then you have to make the big decision. If the CARDS getting bent and damaged do not matter to you, then you can use that @$9 flat rate priority mail int’l envelope (I’m presuming Sweden is a choice – you can check at and you should be able to get about 4-6 CARS in there. If the cards staying perfect is more important to you, then – a normal shipping box is the only way to go. As for Mia & Tia & Mrs. The King – while they are in short supply now, I think in another month or so, they should be everywhere (as they are included in the next 10 movie moments sealed cases).

  124. charley new zealand

    kalvin, keep writing. there are many here who wouldnt have a clue what case is what. mainly people like myself who are intl collectors, and dont get to the stores at times of stocking, so dont see what comes out of each case.

    the intl case assortments differ to the american ones.
    i do wish they were the same, as there about 5 each of s, m and r cases, but no new releases like yeti etc.

  125. luna

    Hi ole in sweden, why dont you try

    Now for my question. I can se that the dinoco 400 set is on ebay now, i would shure like the 3 new racecars but have no need for the old cars. i have seen the single cards release for 2008. Will there be some new movie moments release in 2008 and if there will, could it be that all the piston cup racers will be released as double packs/movie moments???

    (METROXING: While no one knows for 100% certain, I believe we are at 100% where every CAR from 2006 have been available as a single and in multi-packs but not everything from 2007 so it’s just a guess. I can point out OCTANE GAIN (from the Dinoco 400 set) will be available separately as a “Pit Stop launcher” CAR so there are only 2 out of 7 without a definite other release BUT that is NOT to say the next set of Piston Cup racer sets may or may not include NO STALL & VINYL TOUPEE (the other two new ones) … about 11 months ago, people were convinced that Crusin’ Ramone would never appear again and paid up to $150 to get him on a card … and of course, 3 months later, he returmed and eBay prices dropped to $2 … And Flo’s dropped from $250 to no bids (especially since it’s $19.99 this week at TRU) … so I would say that you should not pay too much for the set but as a collector, I know it can take 3 seconds to convince myself I will never see this set EVER in my life and I’m sure there were some people during the $250 Flo’s Cafe era lamenting the time they were in TRU and did not buy it for $24.99 … so that is a plausible scenario … that it’s only available in the Dinoco 400 until 6-7 months later where Mattel can crank out a two-pack or include it a racetrack or as a single just like the WM Cars – unlike most nearly other line, where once an exclusive ends, that’s pretty much it – in this case, we know that by next summer, the 8 WM vehicles will be available to everyone … now, it will not be on WM card – clearly if you are opening it, no biggie but as a completist collector, of course, you want both … so based on the heresay evidence that Mattel has said there will be no treasure hunts, I would lean towards these CARS being available in some other (cheaper) formation … the question is can you wait? Or rather that is Mattel’s (evil) 🙂 question?)

  126. Steve

    Thanks for this blog. It’s good to know that there are others out there that are going nuts over the CARS like I am. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a WM this past week with no luck except the Cactus Mc Queen I have seen a few places. I am out here in So, CA. The most luck I have had is when I went to Disneyland last month. I go once a week not just to see if anything new and it’s all the old stuff. I just want to hit my head against a wall! I just want to have that awesome feeling of finding something new. I have gotten so tired of driving around making myself sick I just went and got CARS off E bay express. Getting them on E bay is just not the same as pulling them off the little hook and driving it home. Anyway sorry for the ramble.

    (METROXING: No, it’s always nice to hear about others who think, “Maybe I will drive 5 miles out of my way and hey, while, I’m passing it by, why not stop at WM? 🙂 Keep writing!)

  127. I have an extra TJ, Cactus, G Ramone and the Lightyear blimp, all new at the retail cost I paid ($2.97 + Tax (8.13) + shipping cost.)

    Who wants them?

  128. luna

    Hejsan Ole i sverige, jeg har her i danmark bob cutlass, mario andretti, yeti, tongue mcqueen, bug mouth mcqueen, tj hummer, ghostlight ramone, cactus mcqueeen och lightyear blimp liggende. Jeg tager med familien på semester i sverige næste vecka vi kører fra helsingborg til Unnaryd ved halmstad lørdag den 13 oktober. skriv hvis du er interesseret.
    TIZMANIAN: I am going to take a stab that this is Danish. An online translation of this text follows for our English only readers: “Hejsan Ole to sweden , i’ve here to denmark bob cutlass mario others yeti tongue mcqueen , belly mouth mcqueen tj lobster ghostlight ramone cactus mcqueeen och lightyear blimp prone. I handles by the family at semester to sweden next vecka vi runs from helsingborg to Unnaryd known straw saturday the 13 october. write of which you are interested.” Obviously, online translators are pretty good but not perfect. Welcome to our readers from Denmark!

  129. luna

    Just a comment on the octaine gain launcher, i have seen the picture of the launcher. To me octaine gain looks made of plastic and not a diecast.

    (METROXING: I hope it’s just a bad photo 😦 )

  130. faith

    Just to let a note –
    KB Toy Stores : you can go into and fill out a card with your info and exactly what you are looking for they will call you when they get your list completed- for eg. I went in was asking for Yeti, Bug Face, Tounge, Rpm, Bling Bling.
    You make the list they do all the work
    P.S. Ventura County, California

    (METROXING: Nice customer service!)



  132. faith

    Does anyone have an idea of when the next 4 WM exclusives are scheduled to be out?

    (METROXING: Heard the 14th but surprise, some WM in the Southwest already are selling them).

  133. Rob

    At the certainty of exposing my naïveté about how major retailers operate on a grand scale, I think it’s interesting how the various stores are passing around availability like a hot potato. This forum of x-number of contributors could collectively argue for Wal-Mart, TRU, Disney, Target and other more regional spots at any one period in time. Where I live on the WI-IL border, Target remains empty since the Sarge recall, replacing all facings with other product. Disney has never carried the diecasts. TRU has been valuable but isn’t as resourceful here as it seems to be for many of you right now. The Wal-Mart 1000 yards down the road has a stock of 200-plus singles but has yet to display the second wave of four. I happened to be near another Wal-Mart about 15 miles away tonight that had a plethora of all four of the first wave and that’s ALL it had on the pegs. It was my first hands-on look at Blimp. Looks cheap.

    Anyway, I have yet to see Cutlass or Cartrip. Same goes for Yeti, Dinoco Chick and either Red Rim Hudson in a single. I did pick up a single Lizzie tonight though at TRU. It was there two weeks ago but I told her I’d be back!

    I suppose my situation isn’t too far off what most of you are in but it feels that way.

  134. Mike


    I must be one of the lucky few because up here in the Northeast, Boston area to be exact, the only ones I have not laid eyes on to date are the 4 newest WM ones, Cartrip and Andretti. All of the others ones I have seen fairly often. When I got Cutlass and Earnhardt, they had 3 each of them at a KMart. It seems that different stores are “good” for different things.

    For example, TRU seems get the 2 packs regularly especially Tia and Mia and the Kings, WM just has their exclusives, KMart has the singles and Target is pretty random.

    Hopefully they find their way to you soon.

  135. Bill

    Lightyear Blimp is cheap. $ 2.97 to be exact. Mattel can only do so much for $ 2.97 retail.

    Also, I keep hearing about good finds at KMart. You all are lucky. We have a local KMart that has 3 singles pegs. Always empty! Our local TRU has an employee poacher, according to other employees, picking out all the new stuff selling it in Japan. Everyone just be patient. Scalpers only make good $ on new releases for a short time then you will find what you want! Patience will prevail!

  136. Rob

    On July 29, (above), I alluded that I was checking Walgreens for singles. Since then, no one else in this forum has mentioned Walgreens as a resource. I found Tongue there and continue to check the one peg near me for what’s in stock. I’m curious if anyone else has had success at Walgreens. I don’t have a K-Mart nearby but I’ll take the advice to check one when I’m near it.

    Also, probably a dumb question here but why don’t retailers have a rule prohibiting employees from sniping product?

    (METROXING: We have added a sort of buying guide here. Yes, I have seen them in Walgreen’s and Long’s though long after they arrived at Target/TRU and in most cases, no more than a couple CARS but in larger stores, they might get more … and while stores might have quasi policies against hoarding/sniping … as long as the employee is not mailing them out of the back room, most stores have more important things to worry about – unlike working at Ticketmaster where you can turn a $75 ticket to $4,000, in retail – as long as you are discreet and try to be subtle (aka: not going up to the counter when the store opens and buying 100 transformers with an employee discount), they know you might make a few bucks here and there but it’s not a “instant” thousand of dollars – most stores try and police it so it’s reasonable but I’m sure there are a few stores where they are very lax or it might even be some dept. manager doing it … but the overall thing is like the recent WM exclusives – when you have nearly 3,800 stores with each getting 144 to 300 of these, you’re talking over 500,000 of something – and if some store sells all 144 to an employee, it’s small potatoes overall).

  137. Tony

    Thanks for all the information on “Cars”. Today I found the last 4 (BOB, Cartrip, Dale, and Andretti) that my son (and I) needed at TRU at Hagerstown, MD. The Walmart in Hagerstown also had a huge supply of their 4 (TJ,Blimp, Cactus, GHR) today, in case anyone lives around here.
    I do have a question on the Buzz car. Is the helmet suppose to stay on? When we bought that car awhile back and opened it, the helmet came instantly and I returned it finally today and got another whose helmet also came off instantly.
    Thanks again for a great info site.

    (METROXING: Yes, the helmet just rests on the back notch. I suppose it’s part of the joke from the original TS gag about how Buzz thought he might be poisoned from deadly gasses when Woody casually flipped the switch to open his visor … that his visor and helmet were not really necessary … some people with smaller kids have taken to gluing it on there but no, it’s not defective, it’s intended just to rest on there).

  138. Hannah

    Hey everyone. I just got the last 4 cars aka: Mario, Dale, Darrel, and Bob at Mervyns of all places. I have religiously been looking at Target, ToysRUs and Kmart just to find the common ones. But a friend of mine found some at Mervyns so I went in and picked them up. Who would of thought it would be so easy. I figured I would have to get them one at a time with months between. I am not sure if other Mervyns would carry them or just ours but it’s worth looking. About the buzz helmet, we superglued ours and you can’t tell and it doesn’t come off. No lost parts that is how I like it.

  139. Kevin

    Hey Tony,

    Did the TRU in Hagerstown have any more of those 4 or did you get the only ones?


  140. Tony

    There were at least 2 more Andretti’s and 1 Bob left. That was at around noon.

  141. Hi, Everybody.

    I went to Mervyns this afternoon after I read the Hannah’s coments and gues what, I found Mario, Bob, Dale Earnhart Jr. & Darrell Cartrip.

    I just waiting for the 2nds WM exclusives.

    By the way I have an extra brand new TJ, Mc Q Cactus, Ghost Ramone & blimp. Each one for $2.97 + Tax(8.13) + shipping… If nobody wants them, tomorrow I will go to WM to return it.

  142. Hannah

    Mariano- Glad I could help! Where are you at? I am in Las Vegas, so I wonder if they have them at all Mervyns.

  143. Hannah,

    You were a great helper!!!! 1000 thanks.

    I am in San Antonio, Texas.

    How manny cars do you have?

  144. Hannah

    I have all the cars now. With the exception of the 4 new walmart exclusives and king and mrs. king. But I will keep looking.

  145. Kevin

    Tony–Thanks for the Hagerstown heads-up.

    I got there at open today and immediately found 2 Mario’s and one CarTrip. I gave the 2nd Mario to a mother who was looking for her son. While there I struck up a conversation with another guy who was looking for his family. He found a Bob by the front door which I missed, but he needed a Tex which I had an extra in my car so we worked out a trade. On the way to the register I stopped at the front again and found a Jr! So clean sweep for me!

    thanks again.


  146. Coach BJ

    This website has been a great help… But I have a question – Looking at the itemized list, is there a difference bewteen “Young Mater” and “Brand New Mater”…? and “Hydraulic Ramone” and “Red Ramone”…?

    (METROXING: Oops – thanks for pointing out the errors. I fixed it on the spreadsheets/checklists – Young Mater has been deleted. BRAND NEW MATER is the proper name for the “light blue” Mater. And yes, Red Ramone is what most people were calling Hydraulic Ramone since it was unclear at the time – so, yes, they are the same CAR even though there’s not much “hydraulic” about this red Ramone. Official name for red Ramone – HYDRAULIC RAMONE. Thanks!)

  147. Frank

    Hi all you lucky cars finder. Would need your help to get the 4 new cars U case. Back here in Canada nothing is showed up since, July – Tongue McQueen. Doesn’t want to pay EVILEBAY price…just a reasonnable price… if anyone could help my son. Will pay for 4 cars +paypal fees +shipping to Canada.
    Email-me your offer :

  148. Bill

    Just curious here in the Southeast. What is Mervyns?

    (METROXING: Looks like Mervyn’s is only in the Southwest area).

  149. Tony

    I found a site that is selling a lot of the pixar cars for a very cheap price. Some like Bling Bling are $3 and some are only $1. Some of the newer ones are outrageous. This might be a good site for some of you international buyers.

    (METROXING: Since the newer ones are outrageous, I do not wish to give them any links – unlike the other one(s) we listed, while everyone is entitled to sell any merchandise for what they want, but a store who buys something for about $3 wholesale and turns it around for $25 to $35 can continue to do business without my help. That’s just the way I feel – hope you understand – thanks for trying to be helpful).

  150. Kristen

    Just wanted to say thanks for the info on Mervyns! I didn’t have any clue on that! I went early this morning and they had plenty. Looked through everything and found some of the new ones but I needed Mario, Dale, etc…
    Asked some SUPER SPECIAL store employee and she said she would look in the back and she came out with an entire box and let me dig! I found all four of the ones I needed and in pairs (which is awesome because I have two kids that I collect for) So I got 2 of each Bob, Dale, Darell and Mario! Amazing!

    Does anyone out there have an extra blimp, ghostlight, and 2 TJ Hummers that they would be willing to help me out with? I missed the first release and am so bummed! I found the cactus but the lady I talked to at Walmart said that first customer bought 94 of them right off so I never even had a chance.
    Thanks again for the wonderful useful information!
    (Ventura County, CA)

  151. Jay

    I have some new cars but can anyone help me get some more of them
    Reasonnable price please
    if anyone can help happy to pay for cars + paypal fees + shipping to U.K.
    any offers:

  152. Megaheat2008

    super awesome info – i do have my fair share of the horrors of collecting – also i do have on hand cars 4 sale anyone can answer questions as 2 what i have will be glad to help if i can- contact Megaheat2008 (JOE), to go into some detail since the beggining i started only one set 2 collect now its turned into 2 one for my 2yr.old one for my fouryr.old ( 2 sets ) lol… : ) 2 start search everywhere leave no store unturned you will be successful-even if its in their back stockroom my list of success wal-mart the cheapest target- toysrus-ebay also flea markets-for sale items local newspapers-search search u 2 will succeed most of all patience!!!!

  153. Megaheat2008

    4 sale – 1 brand new mater, 2 fillmore,1 sheriff ,1 doc hudson ,1 sally ,1 green ramone ,1 hydraulic ramone (red) ,1 bling bling mcqueen , 1 dirt track mcqueen ,1 bug mouth mcqueen , 2 tounge mcqueen, 1 dinoco mcqueen , 2 leakless ,2 chick hicks (GREEN) ,4 yeti’s , 2 t.j.(OFFROAD)hummers ,2cactus mcqueens ,1 al oft (BLIMP) ,1ghostlight ramone(BLUE) “Ok any takers?”

  154. Megaheat2008

    ooop’s 4 got on hand loose luigi and guido 7 of each in hand ok so its getting late please 4 give lol… : )

  155. Megaheat2008

    metroxing – u rock : )

  156. Hannah

    Bill- just so you know Mervyns is a clothing store. Kinda like a Nordstroms but the cheap version. It’s one of the department stores in the mall.

  157. Steve

    Well I won the lottery I went to a few stores and got some car I have been looking for. Mervyns rocks! I picked up a Dale. I need to go check back again!

    (METROXING …”Well I won the lottery …” I think that’s what we all need to stay in the CARS collecting game 😉 )

  158. Diego

    I purchased a Target exclusive, Dinoco 400 box set with the Dinoco Piston Cup Racers (King,Lightning McQueen,Chick Hicks,Leak Less, Nitroade, Vinyl Toupee,Octane Gain, & No Stall and it has an oops in it. Lightning Mcqueen is missing the right headlight.

  159. Hannah

    I have a question, Does anyone know if they are going to sell Vinyl Toupee, Octane Gain, and No Stall seperate from the big Target exclusive? I don’t really need the other Cars that are in the pack. Then again….I don’t REALLY need any of these cars. I just have no self control. (It’s even worse when I admit it.)

    (METROXING: Octane Gain will be available as a “launcher,” (see photo in our main post … no one knows if they will be available separately – if I had to bet money, I would say yes – every CAR seems to have been re-packaged and re-packaged and uh, re-packaged … but are you willing to wait? It’s you against Mattel & Target in a wallet staring contest … who will break? If it’s 25% off the set, will you buy? Will you be like me – swear, I am not will not succumb … that only a darn fool would pay a retail store $10 per ‘new’ CAR (not even eBay!) plus tax … but then I/you stand in Target to see there is one pristine box left … will you never, ever see it again and curse and rue the day you saw it for $29.99 and did not buy only to NEVER again see No Stall & Vinyl Toupee except on eBay for $80 dollars … and out of the corner of your eye, you see a mom and a 6-year old boy headed your way. She is carrying a $1,000 Chanel purse … what’s $29.99 to her? … I/you have a job, we can afford $29.99! … of course, at this point, I pass out from the 10 Target lattes I drank on the way in … and when I came to, I’m in the stock room strapped to a gurney being led out by EMS … I pass a 20-foot stack of Mattel boxes marked Mattel CARS-OPEN TODAY. I try to cry out but they think the foam from my lattes is me foaming at the mouth so my voice is silenced … um, what was your question again?).

  160. charley new zealand

    hannah, im almost certain one of the new racers will be released with a lauhcher [its here somewhere i think?] but not sure on the other two.

  161. Bill

    To the question asked by Hannah. The Target exclusive on the 3 New Piston Cup Racers seems to be part of a deal for Target to purchase a bunch of sent back Cars, which is what you see on the pegs. Thats why alot of them are not on the best of cards. There is talk of a possible multiple set of Piston Cup Racers containing all new releases, no repeats. Target won’t be able to corner the market on these. This should happen when they realize most people won’t pay $29.99 for three new cars packaged with a bunch they already have but no definate plans have been made yet. As to the new Piston Cup Cars, these should be released on single cards sometime in 08, along with other new Piston Cup Cars. The plan seems to be to keep the new stuff flowing without overwhelming the market. The next wave should be the second 4 WM exclusives which has already been delivered to some stores so watch the EBay prices on these start down very soon. Be patient. Mattel will make plenty of the Cars for everyone to have. At retail prices! They just needed to work through the recall which has taken time.

  162. Hi all Car-mania fans…

    This morning I have been to several Wal Marts here in San Antonio Texas. Must of them carry the last 4 WM exclusives cars TJ, Ghostlight Blue Ramone, Blimp and Cactus Mc Queen…

    Also Marvyn’s as Hannah said are carry the other new ones, Mario, Dale E. Jr., Darrel and Bob…

    I am waiting for the 2nd WM Exclusive and I am pretty sure, all the new Piston Cup cars will be able as a single pack sooner or later, be patien and do not buy anything higher than the regular retail price, just be patient, let all the ” Car’s scalpers” keep their stocks…

    TIP: Today a WM manager told me they are expecting to receive new replenishment from their DC’s because the instructions from Home Office is are they be ready for Christmas season by 11/01.

    So, just wait….

  163. Frank

    Once again here’s another request from Canada… If anyone can get my son, the 4 new cars from U case at Marvyn’s; Cartrip, Andretti, Dale, Cutlass. Doesn’t want to pay EVILEBAY price…just a reasonnable price… if anyone could help my son. Will pay for 4 cars +paypal fees +shipping to Canada.
    Email-me your offer :

  164. Frank,

    Let me check tomorrow if I can get these cars for you, and I will send it for the same price I will pay + Taxes + any Paypal fee + shipping… just let me check and I will advise.

  165. Steve

    Well if i had saw this post awhile back I would have got Andretti and Cartrip for you. I just saw those two today.I have been looking for the last one, Bob Cutlass for the last week. They say they are getting truck loads in cause of x-mass coming. The WM here in So, Cal got the 1st 4 WM EX in this week. They got some of the 2nd ones too but not many. I got it in good with one of the toy peeps @ WM so I should be getting the hook ups on the last 4 EX maybe tomorrow. Wish me luck on finding BOB I think this one will take time.

  166. Brian

    Hello Steve. I am in SoCal too. I picked up an extra Bob last week when it was buy 2 get one free at TRU. I will sell it to you at cost if you can help me get the second WM wave or the Andretti. Those are the ones I am looking for the most. If you are interested give me your email and maybe we can help each other out.

  167. Frank

    Ok Mariano! Thanks!
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Wish you a nice day!

  168. Greg

    Greetings all! This is my first post, but I’ve appreciated following all of the great information over the last few months. I’m not sure if anyone is in the Dallas area, but today was a lucky day for me. I was near an outlet mall for a conference yesterday and decided to go into the KB Toys Outlet to see if they had any of the newer characters and found a single Bob Cutlass. That got me thinking, because I actually live near another outlet which is only 8 miles away and decided to try the KB Toys there this morning and to my surprise, they had just received a new shipment of cars and hadn’t opened the box yet but they employee believed some of the newer characters where inside. I took an early lunch, and happily, I came home with a couple Dale Earnhardt Jr’s, a couple more Bob Cutlass’s, a couple Movie Moments of Mia and Tia, and a couple Movie Moments of The King and Mrs. King. What a great day!!!! I’m also anti-evilbay prices, so for those in So. Cali and near Mervyns, if you don’t mind picking up an extra Andretti and Carltrip, I definitely would be willing to trade a Movie Moments, Bob Cutlass, 1st wave of WM EX’s or an Earnhardt Jr in return. I also have lots of Walmart’s near me so I’ll keep looking for the 2nd wave of WM EX’s too. Not sure if all KB Toys do it, but I called a few more in the Dallas area and they will actually take your name/number, put it on a waitlist and call you when more of the newer characters come in. They all told me they get a shipment once a week. Who knew 🙂


    (METROXING: Wow, that is a pretty impressive day! Here in NorCal, they pretty much closed most of the KB Toys and YES, thanks for everyone’s great tips!).

  169. CHRIS


    (METROXING: No real date on Piston Cup Racers though Mattel seemed to imply it would out before year’s end but that was before the recall – so either they are behind or they want to make up lost revenue … The next 4 WM are out but in no discernable pattern and clearly not country wide yet …).

  170. Ty

    Just went to K-Mart last night and they actually had the Cars up on the shelves. I could nto believe since K-mart never has anything (atleast my local K-mart does’nt).
    Anyways I got lucky and found Dale Jr. and Bob Cutlass. Very excited. Still need 1 more each of them for my collection, but these were for my daughter. Anyone in Tampa Bay finding Mario or Darrel or the 2nd wave of the WM exclusives?

  171. Steve

    Brian…. I will sooooo help you out if you do the same. I read your post and I laughed cause I just saw a Andretti in Chino the other day. The guy was looking in the back for me and he said he had a few of them. I was trying to get Bob when he saw the Andretti. So hit me up and we tag team to see what we can do. I have been around to most places around where I am so I can tell you what’s a good place to look.

    email is

  172. Frank,

    Today Sunday, I will go to Mervyn’s to find yours.

    If I find it I will let you know ASAP.

    Also I got al 2nd’s 4 WM’s EX (at WM) and the 400’s in Target…

    Let me check…

    The 3 new ones come in the Target 8 pack are cool…

  173. Bill

    Is there any info as to whether Mattel is going to release an “unleaded” Sarge and Fillmore & Sarge Movie Moments?

  174. luna

    Hi Bill.

    i have preordered a movie moment case, it should contain, a fillmore and sarge package. it shoul be shipped to me in the next 2 weeks.

  175. Kristen

    Greg, I will go look at Mervyns today and trade you a Mario and Darrell for a Mr. Mrs. King?! I cannot find that one anywhere. I already have an extra Mario but I will look for the other Darrell…
    email is:

  176. Megaheat2008

    just adding what i know from pennsylvania-wal mart has boxes of the 4 of eight with excitement the clerk let me pull the four new exclusives right out of the box(18)in case – i got stormin barney – kori – piston pace car – bruiser,also to kristen and the guy from dublin ohio-i still have cars available-i may be able to help if need?(

  177. Frank

    Hi Mariano, any luck with your last hunt for my son?

  178. No, I am sorry…

    Tomorrow, I will be in last Marvyn’s and the only one KB Toys we have here, suppose one of them will have something… Please check here tomorrow night (10:00 PM CT).

  179. Greg

    Thanks Kristen, that would be great!!! Just let me know what you find.

  180. Scott

    I stopped by a Toys R Us in Brandon, FL today and they had tons Darrell, Dale E, Yeti, and Cruisin’ Ramone cars. It’s the first time I’ve seen them around here.

  181. Hannah

    I have finally got the last 4 Walmart Exclusives. They were the only 4 left which leads me to believe they were left there just for me. 🙂 This means that I finally have all of the cars. I realize however that just as a sense of relief hits me so does the obsession to find more. I was looking on ebay today and realized that they are about to come out with filmore, and doc pit crew and the dinoco helicopter. So it really is like the insanity never ends. I tell myself that I am collecting these for my son but lets be honest….I am obsessed and I just continue to feed the beast.

    (METROXING: Congrats! It’s fun when you can actually find them on the shelf … I’ve forgotten that feeling …).

  182. Bill

    I finally got to go through a B Case this AM. The entire case was all 8 of the WM exclusives. Also Target had 6 of the Piston 400 for those willing to pay $29.99. Target also had a price reduction on the Movie Moments. $4.99. Probably trying to clear all the ones that have hung there for months to make room for the new cases that have the new Movie Moments. Please pray for the folks in the Cal. fires areas.

  183. Scott

    Will the ‘new’ cars from the Piston 400 Target set be sold as single-units as well? I’d love to get them for my son, but I can’t justify spending $29.99 to buy five cars he already has and three new ones.

    (METROXING: My opinion is that none of the box sets are very exclusive and that eventually the three Piston Racers will appear in another form or another box – hopefully with fewer repeats – but as to when? Mattel seems to have announced what the shipments will be through September 2008 – of course, things could change and they can add to it but my feeling is the racers will just be available in sets – perhaps a 3-pack?).

  184. Hannah

    Scott- I wondered the same thing look at the response on Oct. 16. Hope that helps.

  185. Gervais

    For anybody wanting to know what the exclusive collectors car in the UK is (once obtaining 6 codes) the car is Vinyll touppe 😦 what a let down.
    Also over here in UK we will not have mario andretti or darell cartrip for another 3 months and it seems they have become quite common so if anybody manages to find one of each could you contact me?
    that would be great

    one other thing, i just checked out ebay and it seems the collection continues as the new rusty rust eze and dusty rus eze are avaiable. averaging at around $60 😦
    not long now for the tom race official and fred!

    (METROXING: For the next shipments through April, EVERY shipment of the Movie Moments includes RUSTY/DUSTY so unless you absolutely need a pack to have and own right now, there’s no real point in paying something that is on Sale at Target for $4.99 … yes $4.99 if you can find it or later at its regular price of $7.99. Remember, people paid $20 for Buzz & Woody – now what are they worth?

    The collector CAR is not bad – here in the US for now, it will cost you $30+ something to buy it in the Dinoco set with 4 CARS most everyone has … let us know if it comes on a card or a cardboard box or if you already have it – mind scanning it in and emailing it to us to post? Even if you don’t want it, it’ll fetch you a nice trade or sale in the US). Our email is: metroxing (at) – um, I’m just interested in a scan of the front & back but if you really want to trade for a Cartrip/Andretti, drop me a line. I’ll look to see what I have extras of 🙂 )

  186. Gervais

    huge box of cars arrived just now i got from ebay. any1 need bob cutlass, dale jr and yeti for swap with mario andretti and cartrip? woopwoop

  187. Nick

    Anybody know the full number on the box that carries the 2nd set of Walmart Exclusives?

  188. Bill

    Case HWM1054-B should have multiples of all 8 Exclusives.

  189. Jay

    can you put up a picture of the car and card up

  190. I am here in Vermont. Talked to the toy manager at WM today and he isn’t expecting the second round of exclusives til mid-November! I keep worrying I have missed them or something. Our first round came before the last week of September so I don’t know why this one is soooo late.

  191. One thing I forgot to mention. Our local KBtoys has the BJ’s exclusive Rollin’ Bowlin Mater set for ten dollars (at least they did a couple of weeks ago) on clearance.

  192. Bill

    Don’t worry. There are plenty coming between now and Christmas. Although they may not be in the big boxed display. Our stores are getting them in a regular case(18) with multiples of all 8.

  193. Jay

    not sure if you can but can you help me get the Rollin’ Bowlin Mater I am in the U.K if you can’t it’s O.K

  194. Brian

    anyone need new walmart exclusives……bruiser, kori, barney, piston cup pace car, or….cartrip,earnhardt,andretti, cutlass?????

    just let me know, i have these available

  195. frank

    Hi, Karen are you talking about WM and KbToys in Plattsburgh?

  196. The Rollin Bowlin Mater games are at the KB toys in Burlington, VT. I might be able to get there this next Saturday. I can buy what they have (last time I was there there was maybe 5 or 6) left. I’ll keep you posted, as it sounds like I would have no problem finding them good homes (I would only sell them at cost, by the way).

  197. Joy


    I would be interested in all of them as here in sunny GA we dont get any new cars at all, e mail me at: I have paypal…..

    anyone need new walmart exclusives……bruiser, kori, barney, piston cup pace car, or….cartrip,earnhardt,andretti, cutlass

  198. Jacques

    I am looking for 1 Earnhardt jr, 1 cutless, 2 cartrips, 2 marios, 2 rusty/dusty, 2 freds, 2 Flea & Flik, 2 Dinoco Helicopter, 2 Pit Crew Fillmore, 2 Pit Crew Hornet.
    I have many originals which i can trade: Lizzie, Sarge, Nitroade, etc…

    please let me know if anyone will trade with me. Thanks

  199. Greg


    I’ll also check for the Rollin Bowlin Mater game at our KB Toys here in Dallas. I remember seeing quite a few on clearance as well. Let you know what I find tomorrow.

  200. Nick

    Thanks Bill! Just found the last 4 WM exclusives this morning! I’m glad I stopped off this morning! to find those new “World of Cars” sets…

  201. Greg


    send me an email at if you’re still interested in the Rollin Bowlin Mater game.

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  203. Steve

    WHATS THE DEAL!?!? I opened a “U” Box today and their was not one Bob in the box. Maybe it was just a bad box… kinda weird though.

    (METROXING: That’s one reason Mattel doesn’t doesn’t guarantee what will actually be in the box to cover themselves – they may have removed him to repackage him on a WOC card … or if you were just at a store while it was being opened, maybe someone in the back did the first opening?)

  204. Steve

    I was the first to open this box so I am thinking the first thing you said might me right.

  205. Jay

    Thanx but Greg has found one for me
    Thanx again

  206. Bill

    Nick asked on Oct. 26 about the full case number that includes multiples of all 8 WM exclusives. I gave him the wrong case number. The actual case number is M2949-999-B. I was able to take a closer look as WM was putting 12 cases out on an end cap. The dept. mgr. was frustrated that they can’t get rid of all the old Movie Moments so the orders for the new MM cases can be shipped. They are also still getting regular shipments of the U cases. About the U case question, there seems to be no method to the madness. The other day I saw several U cases that had 2 Bobs and 1 Junior, and then another had 2 Juniors and 1 Bob.

  207. Darren

    I just completed the latest Walmart exclusives with Barney Stormin, Bruiser Buko., Kori T., and the Pace Car this morning for less the 13.00. Haven’t seen Bob Cutlass, Dale Jr., or the Twins anywhere, but I refuse to buy them off Ebay for 2-3 times the cost. Invariably whenever I do resort to Ebay, they show up locally. As collectorss, you just have to be patient I guess. Some luck is involved though, because I picked up Yeti at Walmart and haven’t seen it anywhere since! Good hunting.

  208. Kristen

    Does anyone know of a list or article that tells which cars characters were fashioned after what real model of car… Like Sally is a porche… etc.

  209. renee

    I don’t know if you have a K B Toys near you,but I couldn’t find Mia & Tia either. I walked in there one day and saw two sets just hanging there. I bought them both, one for my son and one for my nephew. You might try there. I am having a hard time finding the darrell cartrip. Also looking for the new dinoco helicopter, pit crew hudson hornet and pit crew fillmore. If anyone has ideas let me know.

  210. Mary

    We’ve been collecting these cars for our son since they came out. We live in Ohio so it seems like we’re the last to get the new shippments, then we have the problem with greedy people buying them to re-sell on e-bay. we just want to get them for our son to play with. If you are patient and wait for the demand to go down…it will within a few weeks…you can find almost any one you need. Good luck!!

  211. Megaheat2008

    Ok – i admit to buying evilbay,paying the price : ( “but it’s priceless to see your children smile : )” thankyou Disney/Pixar,Metroxing, for a ,if not the best website i found Joe

    (METROXING: Thanks for the nice words – you are right, it’s all worth it … sometimes! Nothing wrong with eBay as long as you are clear about what you’re doing … there’s no point in paying 10 times retail if all you intend to do is put it in a box 🙂 )

  212. Steve

    I got the Dino-400 today!

  213. Coby

    Hi there.. can anyone advise me the best place to get wholesale boxes of cars. I am Adelaide South Australia..
    Thanks all

    (METROXING: You can check our post: WHERE TO BUY – most sealed box sellers ship overseas but check shipping …).

  214. Rich

    I have just spotted 3 seperate Flik and Flea sets for sale and they are all from the UK. They are also in the supercharged packaging.
    I don’t understand how this is possible as Rusty and Dusty are the latest release, from the ‘A’ case and these are in the new ‘world of cars’ packaging.
    Also, there are no Flik and Flea available in the US and as we all know, they are the first to get them.
    Any ideas on how this has happened?

    (METROXING: I take it you spotted them on eBay? In Europe, they seem to be sticking with the SC design for now. I’m sure they will switch over as WORLD OF CARS is easier to translate than SUPERCHARGED but EU has all these rules about how everything has to be in all the official languages, etc, etc … so they had them all ready to go – all you have to do is look at why half the WM shipments say NEW and the other half does not or why there were 9 different card backs for the Desert art releases … it’s all haphzard … when you peer behind the curtain 🙂

  215. Finally got a chance to get to Burlington, VT KB Toys yesterday and couldn’t find any Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater. Also I couldn’t tell if this store is on the list to close; it looked pretty stuffed with toys (none I want, though).

    Got the second round of 4 WM exclusives today. Almost thought no airplane, but it was hidden. I guess he is popular? He is cute! Still no Andretti, Fred or the two pit crews that are to be out. And no sign of the new set of 43 (?) racers.

    Boy are some workers clueless at WM. I asked the girl who was helping me purchase a ladder (and who until that moment didn’t realize they even sold ladders) if she knew when they may get the next round of cars and she told me they were all done with those and wouldn’t be getting ANY more ever. Whatever.

    (METROXING: That’s some funny customer service … Yea, scary when customers know more than the employees … or perhaps she’s hoarding ladders AND cars for eBay 😦 ).

  216. I haven’t seen the dinoco helicopter which my son is dying to get here in Kentucky. I have found the target exclusives though. They are pretty cute. I just finally got Mrs.King too. I would really like to find Fred. I have seen him online,but I am not paying that outragous price for him. What is to come out next does anyone know?

    (METROXING: You can check our WHAT’S IN STORES NOW post to keep track of what’s “new” that’s out there).

  217. frank

    You’ll find all Wm exclusive at WM Plattsburgh they have lots and lots of them.

    You’ll find Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater at K-B Toys Plattsburgh they had 3 left at 9.99$.

    Thanks hope it help.

  218. megaheat2008

    OHHHH SSooooo FURIOUS – ,went out today ENJOYED it all EVEN GETTING THE TIRES CHANGED OF course at WAL-MART searched high and low on the “pegs of wallet or purse destruction” lol….,only just only one GREEN RAMONE “the world of cars” here of all places BERKS COUNTY PA. Still hunting ,I can smell it in the air !!!! Well I , have afeeling since there are 2 helicopters,2 FHH,2Fillmore,etc. I am projecting there will be a plenty of hunt here in my area since “BLACK FRIDAY IS AROUND THE CORNER” My advice – CALL first,if they have it tell’em to hold it you’ll be there asap….. “GOOD LUCK TO ALL”,and “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” And again – THANKYOU much to the ONE and ONLY the “BEST IN THE WEST” METROXING !!!! : )

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  221. Peter Prager

    Hi Metroxing…

    Have you seen these 2 new Mac Trucks?…Peter Prager

    On eBay you can now get two new versions of the Mac Truck. On is a transporter that comes with 15 die cast cars and holds 30. (France and Great Britain):

    And from Australia a Mac Truck with totally different markings:

    (METROXING: Note, they hold 1:64 CARS from Disney stores and NOT Mattel CARS – I’m not sure if they are metal or the “figurines” from the other Disney CARS line but they are NOT part of the Mattel CARS lineup).

  222. Michael

    I thought I was going to hit it big in DisneyWorld this past week with finding some newer CARS. Funny thing, the only cars they had were the sally, lizzie and sheriff cars. Disney was great but the CARS search was a huge letdown. I feel the pain of every parent who is tired of the older kids who run to wal mart in the middle of the night to hoard the new shipments to sale on Ebay. Good Luck to all! Thanks for this website it is a great tool!

  223. Steve

    I picked up the new car from box HWM1054-A today. Race track guys and Dinoco Helicopter.

  224. Pingback: Mattel Pixar Cars: Black Friday CARS Sales 2007 « TWO A DAY

  225. megaheat2008

    Metroxing-question? IS the cruisin ramone and the old school ramone one of the same? Only different name?Or slightly variated? also checked out the “CAAF” WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE METALLIC RED LIGHTNING MCQUEEN AND OR WERE THEY AVAILABLE to the public? And checked on the lists at ebay I swear under oath that this guy has your website all over it !!!!

    (METROXING: Yea, Crusin’ Ramone & Old School Ramone are exactly the same CARS, only now on WOC cards, he’s Old School Ramone … the CAAF Red cars are limited to 49 were given out to CAAF board members at their meeting (1 was included in the auction). At some point, people who were given the CAR might put it up on eBay … I would guess most either value it too much or frankly, don’t care all that much about it – they probably gave it to the grandkids to play with 🙂 … yea, if you notice anything on Ebay we should know about 😦 or 😉 , drop us an email or leave us a comment for us to check out … Thanks!)

  226. jjhII


  227. Hi Metroxing,

    I almost have the complete set including variations, but I need the Texas Tea Blue Hummer. A Google search only pulled up a link to the 2 A Day checklist as an Exclusive from A general search on the site yielded no results. Can you help me get one?

    (METROXING: Texas Tea is a made up CAR … people were borrowing our FREE checklist/spreadsheet to sell on eBay – hard to police that so we resorted to a trick map makers use and add made up cities … so shhhhhhh 🙂 and 😦 … sorry to make you chase but we had no choice left – hope you understand).

  228. pja

    I found an error. Can anyone help determine the value? I don’t see anything like it on eBay. It is a Supercharged Series. The card picture is Hydraulic Ramone. The vehicle and the blue name card is Boost.

    (METROXING: It’s worth a little bit more – there are collectors on eBay who like them – it’s not a huge runup in pricing but someone will want it … just make sure to put the words ERROR or ERROR CARD in your listing …).

  229. megaheat2008

    hello everyone-just noticing on ebay that there are lots of different error cards out there with different cars in packages “just the same old stuff ” !!

  230. luke wells

    i was at the disney store yestarday and my eyes nearly fell out. i saw all the new movie moments and yeti,bug mouth, darrel cartrip,mario,dinoco helicopter,pitcrew fillmore and pit crew doc. i was so excited but then i realised i only had $6s on me so i got bob and yeti. the next day i went back and all they had was the old wons. you would not want to know what i did aftar that

  231. Hannah

    I didn’t know that they even carried the cars at the disney store. I thought that they only had the plastic ones…Is that normal? To have the diecast I mean?

    (METROXING: I think the UK Disney stores carry them but maybe the US store do now also? Since the figurine line never sold that well and I don’t believe there are any new ones, it would make sense to carry the Mattel versions. I think the reason they had not before was they were not price competitive (being in a mall, higher rents, etc ..) but it would not be surprising if during the holiday season, they carried some).

  232. Hannah

    I saw the pictures with the three in a pack. Gold Mia and Tia and McQueen…do you know if those are going to be exclusives?

    (METROXING: As far as we know, the entire 3-pack line is not an exclusive – will ONE 3-pack be an exclusive? That we don’t know yet – my guess is like all the other multi-packs – might be hard to find in the first 3 weeks but after that, should be plenty).

  233. Laura

    Hi, can someone help me? Just seen some-one selling one of the 35 piston cup racers on Ebay. He has all of them and they are official mattel. He claims they are prototype cars from mattel. How the h*** did he get them? Mattel would not let someone sell prototype cars!! Thanks Laura

    (METROXING: Well, it’s nothing new – toys have been slipping out the back door of the factory from HK/Southern China for over 25 years now. Pre-internet days, you simply had to roam around the swap meets of HK and scoop up things – some rejected versions, others scurried out (without packaging) and some just missing the boxes/blister pack. Now of course, with eBay & Yahoo auctions, anyone with an internet connection can join in … unless it’s a limited item like the 2006 Factory Set, Mattel knows policing it is impossible and as long as it’s the occasion set here and there, they have bigger fish to fry. The more interesting thing for us is this probably means the factories are starting to crank on these and we should start seeing them in a few months (normally takes 1-2 months from factory to store) …).

  234. I made an updated Entire Die Cast Collection Checklist that is very accurate and easy to use. This is the original Cars checklist: “The Checklist” by Jeffrey Seda. I have been updating this checklist for more than a year. If someone want to have a copy just email me at jeffrey@*****.com and I’ll send the file.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the offer but we have a free checklist-spreadsheet up already for everyone to access).

  235. Bill

    Does Lauras inquisition really merit profanity?
    It’s toys for Petes sake!!!

  236. Laura

    Hi bill,

    I can see where your coming from they are just toys!!! But my son is mad on it, and I was going to buy them, till I saw that they where going for £86-£100 per car!! I just thought that was crazy money!! Laura

  237. Ty

    This message is for Michael…I just went to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Fl over the weekend. The booth in front of the go karts had the new ones. We got Fred, Helicopter, and Pit crew Filmore and Doc. Also on the back of the cards is shows Pit crew Guido and Tom Race Official. However the guy said he had not seen those 2 yet.

  238. Bill

    Have you noticed on the pictures of the 3 car Gift Packs that the name of Piston Cup Pace Car has been changed to Charlie Checker. And on the one with the gold Mia & Tia and Bling Bling McQueen, the car in the picture is Dinoco McQueen not Bling Bling. Do you think Mattel is going to replace the Movie Moments with the gift sets and have you heard anything about pricing for these? They have to realize there is a gazillion MM peg warmers, even World of Cars MM just hanging around. Keep up the good work Metro.

    (METROXING: That’s an interesting bit about the name, I did see the Charlie Checker addition and will add it to the checklist but didn’t see the Bling Bling, I just thought it was a regular Dinoco – we’ll see if the final US ones get it “corrected.” When I first heard of the three-packs, I thought Mattel was replacing the MM packs with something of better value but it looks like we have another full year of MM packs and yes, at least for now, Crusin’ McQueen & Sally MM are still coming out in in shipments scheduled for summer 2008 … and yea, Mattel can see and gets feedback from retailers on how things are doing. I’m sure somewhere along the way they will issue a rebate so they can do a buy 1 get 1 sale or reduction to $4.99 as a sale Target had earlier).

  239. Michael

    Reply to Ty,
    Im glad you were able to find the new ones. Looks like I just missed out. I was at TRU last Saturday here in Bham, Al and I lifted the flap that covers the top shelves in the toy aisle and to my surprise was a sealed box of the first series of the world of cars. So I did get what I was looking for except Fred. Good Luck in your hunt!

  240. Charley 2

    We got a box of Movie Moments today at Target. First one of the new card design. Had one Mr. Mrs. King, Rustee/Dustee or however it is spelled (I still can’t believe I got that one!) and Luigi/Ferrari, Sally & Crusin, Mike And Sully and Luigi Ferrari Fan ones………..why repeats, especially Mike and Sully? I worked the toy department the other day and I counted the ones we had out – 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention Woody and Buzz. Why is Mattel doing this?

    (METROXING: Yea, why would Mattel bother to ship Crusin’ MCQ & Sally on WOC cards? Just to grub from collectors? Why not put 5 Mia/Tia’s in the box with 5 Rusty/Dusty’s and maybe 2 repeats? Wouldn’t retailers love you customers buy them them all up instad of just buying 2 of out of the 12 and leave yet another 10 pegwarmer MM’s? WTH?)

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  242. RKelly

    I hit the jackpot this weekend. The Toys r Us in Nepean (Ottawa), ON Canada had Fred, Dinocopter, Mario, Cartrip, Yeti, Bugmouth McQueen and Cutlass. Still looking for Dale. I guess I won’t have to make any more trips across the border.

  243. anyone have any cars for sale we need alot please just email me and let me know what you have and how much please please we are going insane trying to find them all.

  244. Bill

    Maby Mattel is finally helping WM with some of the peg warmer problems. I saw 6 unusual size cases this AM which were WM Cars Holiday PDQ. The case number is N3225-9993. All of these had a green cardboard Christmas shelf display with 40 single Cars. Heres the good part. They all had multiples, up to 4 of some, of Helicopter, Mario, Cartrip, PC Hornet, PC Fillmore, Fred, but only 1 Junior in each case. Then the 40 was filled out with some of the more popular ones that came before these. All of these are on World of Cars cards. 2 of the 3 stores that I was in were already putting these out on the shelf. I hope this catches on. Maby Mattel is listening to the cries of the masses. Lets hope so!

  245. Danny


    Sounds like you found a P-case…Dale should have been in there as well as Old School Ramone (formerly Cruisin’ Ramone) and red-rimmed FHH.
    Leave no stone unturned. Good luck.

  246. I really like the information you are providing.
    With you permission I would like to offer this website to my customers. I can be reached at the numbers listed on my website.

  247. Brian

    Has anyone seen the PT Flea & Flick or the Tom Race Official in stores?

    My son’s Christmas will be complete with those cars.

    (METROXING: They are starting to appear around the country … whether you will get an opportunity to grab one before Christmas – that’s a tougher call …)

  248. Bill

    You probably won’t see Flea & Flick anytime soon but keep looking for Tom. These shipments should be showing up anytime. The next new MM you will probably see is Dinoco Mia & Tia.
    Happy hunting. Merry Christmas!

  249. I was really excited, I found the dusty and rusty mm the other day. I couldn’t believe it. I got it at TRUS! The only one my little one needs now is the pt. flea and flick and the pit crew guido and tom pace car. I have been looking,but haven’t seen those yet. I live in Kentucky, I think we get the cars here last as though it seems to me. I am keeping my eyes open though, you never know. If anyone has any ideas for places to check let me know.

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  251. Marvie100

    Any idea when, or what package code that the regular Sarge (not Pit Crew Sarge) will be in? Since the recall, I haven’t found a single one anywhere, and he’s the only one missing of the radiator springs crew from my collection. I would buy one on ESteal, but its for my 2 year old.

    (METROXING: Just a few more months now – we should have plenty as he re-appears with Fillmore in a twin-pack and I sense he’ll re-appear in one of the 3-packs).

  252. Is this a 1:55 scale diecast sarge/Doc like the original blister packs??

    (METROXING: No, these are the British 1:64 CARS – slightly different)

  253. GourmetAnarchy

    I found Dale Jr and Yeti at my local WM with like 2000 other cars. There were 3 different displays. 1 was a middle aisle rack and all 4 sides had cars. There was the normal shelf display that has been there since the beginning and then in the next aisle there were 3 shelfs worth of cars about half the aisle long. Lots of Fred’s and Dinoco Helicopter’s, and about 5 each of Mario, Cartrip, Bob Cutlass and then the rest were all the others. None of the 8 WM exclusives.

    (METROXING: People have been reporting that – you are lucky – our WM doesn’t have room – arrgghhh).

  254. GourmetAnarchy

    (METROXING: People have been reporting that – you are lucky – our WM doesn’t have room – arrgghhh).

    So far, these are what my son needs:

    Barney Stormin (never seen him around here)
    Pace Car (never seen him around here)
    Bruiser (never seen him around here)
    Race Official Tom (on back of Dale Jr card, never seen)
    PC Hornet
    PC Fillmore
    PC Guido
    Sheriff (yea, I know old car, but no where around here)
    Cruisin, Green & Yellow Ramone (they are at WM, just waiting on payday)
    Mia & Tia MM
    Mike and Sully MM (@ WM, Payday, blah blah)
    PT & Flik MM
    Luigi, Guido & Tractor MM

    Tried to get the Special Disney Blu-Ray McQueen, but not paying upwards of $85 for something my kids are gonna play with and mess up. Besides that, I don’t have a Blu-Ray player

    (METROXING: You live on the West Coast like me? Not enough WM’s for CARS shopping? It doesn’t appear the WM CARS will return but later in 2008, all of the WM CARS will return as “regular” CARS – the Pace Car is already back as part of the 3-packs. The PC except for Guido should be available or available soon … Guido will be in short supply for a few more weeks. PT & Flik are not out yet unless you live in Canada. MIa & Tia is hard to find but the rest shouldn’t be too hard. If you definitely want to avoid eBay, you might even try your local flea market – haggle if you’re buying more than 1 since most are not worth much more than what they paid on eBay. Good luck!)

  255. GourmetAnarchy

    Actually, I live in Youngstown, Ohio.

    The PC Hornet and Fillmore are at WM here. So once I get paid, I will be able to get them.

    Haven’t seen any of the 3 pack except on this site.

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  257. croukie

    Hello, have at home a few 3-packs with Charlie Checker (Pace Car) and he has in stead of red rear lights dark yellow rear lights. Anybody else who noticed that? I live in Belgium.

    (METROXING: Still waiting to get mine so anyone else?)

  258. Rich

    I was just at TRU in Greensburg, PA (about an hour or so from Pittsburgh) and they had three packs. I guess I should say they had the three pack with Cactus McQueen, Dirt Track Doc Hudson, and Sheriff. They had three of them and they were $9.99. Had I known it was a different Doc Hudson, I might’ve picked it up, but I felt that $9.99 was a bit steep for one car (my son doesn’t have Cactus McQueen yet).

  259. You hit a sore point.

  260. Hannah

    Today my sister in law went to Walmart and bought me Tom race official and The pit crew Guido. I didn’t even know that they were out yet so I guess it is good to know people in different places. I thought that I was finally all caught up. I had all of the cars and then out come some more.

  261. n.aaron

    Is… Race Tow Truck, Pit Crew Sarge, Not Chuck Tough Guy and Richard Clayton Kensington Security Van out yet? Anyone seen Ramone Body Art Workshop Playset? My little man and I have been on a roll.

    (METROXING: Hasn’t arrived everywhere yet, just wait – like Flo’s returning, at first, it was jst a few stores but now every store has plenty in stock).

  262. n.aaron

    As I was reading all the comments, I realized that I had passed up Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater. If someone out there can get a hold of one, I can trade for equal value of the game total of 4 cars (Fred, Andretti, Cutlass, Cartrip, Bi-Plane, PC Hudson, or PC Fillmore). I am up to date on my son’s collection except for Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater. Thanks from Ft. Hood.

    (METROXING: Check your local KB – maybe they still have a few left …).

  263. Bill

    The 4 you mentioned are in the E case which was scheduled for Jan. release. They should be shipped soon.

  264. Kfox

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen one of these yet? I found a Dinoco McQueen packaged in an 04 Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen packaging. I found it at a TRU today. Just wondering if it’s worth anything, or do I just let Mattel know?

    (METROXING: If you read our COLLECTORS & COMPLETIST post, we cover the topic. It is most likely worth around $7-$10 but maybe as high as $20 though I would say 90% of eBay error auctions end around $7-$10 unless you have a real weird one or funny one … so if ou regaularly sell things on eBay, it might be worth your time and effort but if you don’t, not generaly worth the extra effort …).

  265. Hannah

    Do you think that they will sell the lightning Ramone seperate from the three pack? Because quite frankly I need another lightning McQueen like I need a hole in the head. (Actually I would probably take the car versus the hole.)

    (METROXING: Yes, Lightning Phase is scheduled as a single later this year – check the 2008 Sealed Boxes, 3-packs post).

  266. Slicepie

    Hi Metroxing,

    I was browsing your checklist for upcoming/not yet released Cars and checking it against my homemade checklist that I’ve accumulated from various sites and it looks like I have quite a few that you don’t have listed. While I realize that some of them may not be scheduled for release until 2009, I would be happy to send my list over for the 2 A Day staff to review and make any additions to your list that you feel necessary. Just shoot me link to download or email the Excel file to and it’s all yours.

    BTW, thanks for the previous info about the Texas Tea pseudo-car as I would have gone crazy trying to find it!!

    I also noticed 2 of the 36 cars from the Hot Wheels set that I have not been able to find names for. Any help would be greatly appreciated! They are:

    #84 – Top Row, far left in your photo (Not Mac iCar, it ‘s the other #84)
    #54 – Middle Row, 2nd from left

    Thanks in advance!!!!

    (METROXING: The other #84 is Re-Volting (aka: Davey Apex) , #54 is Faux Wheel Drive (#54) (aka: Johnny Blamer) – our SPEEDWAY OF THE SOUTH post lists all the CARS and their names … and we’d be happy to get any additional info on what’s coming out – drop us a line at metroxing (at) – thanks!)

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  268. Slicepie

    Hi Metroxing,

    I just sent off that list I mentioned before. I was jsut wondering, have you heard anything about a Doc Hudson with black rims?

    I just made an off-eBay deal for some other cars stuff from a seller and he said he found one, but doesn’t want to sell it because it’s the only one he’s ever seen. I’ll see if he will at least send me a picture of it just to know it’s real.

    (METROXING: Could be an error they forgot to paint? The silver ones might be silver on black? Haven’t scratched mine to see …)

  269. Sherri

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has heard of the MM 2 pack with Mike and Sulley. My Sulley doesn’t have any eyes. Isn’t he supposed to? Or is this some sort of error?

    (METROXING: Error. If you regularly sell stuff on Ebay, you might make a couple bucks, otherwise – return 🙂 )

  270. The 4 you mentioned are in the E case which was scheduled for Jan. release. They should be shipped soon.

    (METROXING: Lots of changes – guess I should point that out for people still reading this old post …)

  271. Bill

    Do you have a complete list of case by case Movie Moments releases for the rest of the year or for how ever long Mattel has announced? Some online toy stores have them listed but your lists seem to be alot more accurate and up to date.

    (METROXING: Okay, I can add a list. The problem is the list is pretty depressing … for instance, while the current case of E contains 2 Gaspirin/Tow Cap, it also contains Boost & Snot Rod AND the shipment after that!)

  272. Mara

    Any idea as to when Mattel is going to update cases K through the end of the singles Cars? I have some cases on order and I will cancel them if they change like case G changed. I had compared all of the cases when the original list was out and decided which would get me all of the Cars with the fewest repeats. Then Mattel screwed that up by changing them. I just want to get a heads up.

    (METROXING: I would have thought we’d by now but Mattel did say they would make more announcements during NY Comic Con (April 18th) (NOT specifically for CARS, just for their product lines) so it might not be until then. Yea, it seemed like a well thought year for 2008 but as I noted, I suspect it’s not Mattel’s doing they had to upend everything but until we get a confirmation on the missing CARS like WM getting exclusives, we will have no firm answers … my advice is you probably want to cancel until they get reconfigured – most dealers are fine with cancellations way prior to shipping).

  273. Mara

    Is Dirt Track Doc Hudson going to appear in a single pack? I didn’t see it listed as a single in the previous lists Mattel had out before they changed it.

    (METROXING: Not listed yet but it would stunning if it was not back in the fall on its own card …).

  274. Bill

    To keep the MM case list from being so “depressing” maby you could do a list of the MM case letters showing only the new (this years stuff) that will be in each case. It just helps us that have a long range “plan” to plan for down the road. Wink Wink! I know you will do it up right. You always do. Thanks!

    (METROXING: I updated the 2008 SEALED CASES post so it lists every Movie Moments case going forward starting with F. It’s not as bad as I first remembered – maybe I was just fixated on seeing Sally & Crusin’ McQueen in more than one box 🙂 )

  275. Mara

    Walmart now has the Gold Mia and Tia online and available with free shipping to the store. I just ordered mine after a few days of it being up there and unavailable, though listed as in stock.

    (METROXING: Here’s the direct link – though OS right now).

  276. Mara

    Well I got an email for Walmart today saying that the Gold Mia and Tia are backordered and they don’t know when they will come in, but that they are trying to fill the order. I am still going to try and keep the order open so hopefully I will get them, someday.

  277. megaheat2008


    (METROXING: Yea, it’s rare these days that no Red Ransburg has slipped onto eBay but perhaps everyone was asked not to sell theirs and who wants to be the one knucklehead though I’ll bet they could raise a couple thousand for CAAF by having an eBay auction – as long as all 50 didn’t come flooding onto the eBay … what’s that about Banshee?)

  278. megaheat2008

    Well i’ve seen the 2008 toyfair pics on you-tube -forgive me,I don’t have a link : ( , The “banshee” as seen in the clip part of the movie “MATER AND THE GHOSTLIGHT” THE screAMING B-A-N-S-H-E-E, is supposively scheduled for release around ’09 as stated “I don’t think so” I think they (mattel)are going to release the banshee on the market a whole lot sooner as speculated for the holiday’08 shopping season it is part of the “DISNEY CARS MINI ADVENTURES “, BUT Hey what another great addition i’m thrilled !!! Let’s all honk loud enough 2-gether “WE WANT FRANK DISNEY -THE COMBINE”, MAYBE HONKING LOUD ENOUGH MATTEL WILL ?Also metro I HAVE NOT SIGNED ON BOARD YET FOR “THE SPEEDWAY OF THE SOUTH SET”having to dodge a few obstacles in my neck of the woods-Hit me back up great to be on the same track as METROXING : )

    (METROXING: Mattel has an 800 number and on their website, there is contact info … while they might not respond individually, they do listen and take note … so if enough people call or write in …)

  279. megaheat2008


    (METROXING: I think someone actually said they saw a lot of the stickers in some Hallmark sticker set … yea, all the ones you mentioned are sponsors somewhere …)

  280. Hi,

    I want to show the real cars website:

    Visit and watch…


  281. Bill

    You need to give this “real cars website” guy the BOOT!

    (METROXING: Well, at least it seems to be a real website and not just selling Viagra … so I’ll be a good guy and I’ll let it slide).

  282. megaheat2008


    (METROXING: Thanks and good luck (no word on the Speedway set) but news on the CARS 2 – so Mattel will try and stretch this to 2012 … by then the kids won’t care, it’ll just be us studying if the eyes are looking right or askew right …)

  283. megaheat2008

    I guess yeah… I know i’m an anxious (big) kid at heart waiting for “cars2” yepper it’ll be awesome i already have my waiting in line chair set up 4 movie tickets lol…. care to park next to my space “tailgate party over here “no need to bring your own oil here” iza gotta plenty…to be cont…

  284. John F.

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been quite awhile since I posted here. I’ve been back in the hunt and had a some great finds at Target over the last few weeks. I picked up Chuki, PT flea and Flik, Tow Cap and Gasprin, Pit Crew Guido, Tom Race official and Lightning Ramone. Nothing like a good find to get you back in the game!

    Happy Hunting!

  285. Chris

    I also found the same ones at Target lately. It seems like Target is the best source for the new stuff right now. I’ve seen Lightning Ramone at Walmart. ToysRus has been the worst for me as of late. It seems like they are not stocking anything.

  286. Slicepie

    Hi Metroxing,

    I was just wondering if there is anywhere one can find some picks of these elusive Thailand Variants or if there is any type of description as to what they exactly are. I have been scouring eBay and although there are thousands of cars on there, none of the sellers are very educated on the variants.

    I have received some replies on requests for the Sally Thailand variant but nobody seems to know if it’s just that the car was manufactured there or if there is some sort of significant difference in the model.

    Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Is there a place (website) where some of us die hard collectors can show off our Disney Cars collections (besides YouTube)?

    P.P.S. I actually have 2 more questions:

    1) Is the Willy’s Butte McQueen that comes exclusively with the Mountain Challenge Playset considered part of the overall set or is it just considered as another name for Dirt Track McQueen?

    2) Has anyone mentioned any Lightning McQueen variants where the front bumper panel is actually a piece of metal separate from the rest of the car? I have one of these but can’t remember where I got it and haven’t found any more like it in stores.

    (MET: My Sally is from Thailand – if anyone wants to send me a closeup of the front and back of their China Sally (& China Boost), I can do a side by side as I did with the King. Basically every 12-back Desert card Sally is from Thailand and I believe most but not all 16-back Desert card also – there is a production date stamp that should read something like XXX6A1. I can almost guarantee that A1 is the factory code for the Thailand factory. There is also an A2 that is probably China. The EA code is definitely China … the problem is of course you cannot say 100% for A2 until you open the CAR & card to verify because the outside printed card was changed to read “Made in Thailand or China” but the CAR itself carries its actual country of origin. And of course, most people open and throw away the card or even if you keep the card, unless you looked as you opened, who remembers exactly? I know my Sally was one of the original 12 that was opened and it says Made in Thailand. I have others all sealed up in their plastic prisons so I cannot say 100% (I did open a Sally from the first 2-pack but gave it away before people realize it was ‘different.’) … in summary, A1-Thailand. A2-probably China. EA – definitely China. So as a collector, you have to own the 12-back Desert art to be absolutely certain. If anyone is opening an A2 card, be sure and let us know China or Thailand …

    The difference is very minimal and unlike other Mattel variants, this one pretty much is a factory production based change and not a variant within a manufacturing line per say … in other words, it’s not like the variant exists within the first month to the second month of production merely because they switched tampo printers … basically, every Thailand Sally (and Boost & King) are different from the China ones so in some senses, easer to collect.

    You did read our variant post?

    2) As for showing off your collection, video – there are probably 50 video uploading places (just for the US) but most people choose YouTube since it’s the most well known but its quality is lower than others … as for still photos – FLICKR & PICASSA are probably the two best known with the fewest restrictions (some places delete photos after a year?) – anyone who posts a collection or video, drop us a line and we’ll link to it.

    3) As for the McQ, that is either an error? Or maybe you stumbled across a Disney store or Japanese 1:64 version that was defective? Other than a an error in production, I have never seen or heard of anyone with a front bumper that dropped off …).

  287. Slicepie

    Hi Metro,

    Thanks for the props on the photos. I just hope I was able to help and not cause too much additional confusion.

    And as far as McQueens go, I shot you an email about that. I found 3 more Tongue McQueens at my local Wal-Mart today, all 3 had the 2-Piece mold. I picked one up so if anyone wants to know what it looks like still in the package let me know and I’ll snap a shot and send it over.

    One last thing, please let me know what you think about the King photo (ie: variant, error, etc.).

    Thanks again!

    (MET: Well, I think as you rightly pointed out originally, all the Tongue McQueens are two piece molds but none of my “regular” McQ’s are two piece molds so you do have something interesting there and I’m waiting to see if anyone has one like that … I will definitely check the stores next time also … as for the King, I think most collectors just consider it part of the manufacturing process … if you have a diecast with a multitude of tampo decals (like McQueen or Chick), there is virtually going to be no two the same so any deviation is considered just normal – it’s like asking to find a perfectly mint card or blister – unless you stand at the factory and use velvet tongs, there is always going to be some minute rub … so because King has a bunch of stickers unlike Kori, unless you find 10 that are backwards, it’s either just an error or a deviation that no collector really counts it as such … and that’s ultimately the factor … it’s like movie posters before 1975 – they were sent folded so that’s just not really factored in – but the 1990’s, nearly all posters were sent in tubes so by then, a folded version is worth much less … hope that helps – thanks again for your photos).

  288. Patrick

    Thank you to the nice gentleman who talked to me at Toys R Us today in Citrus Heights about the Pixar Cars and told me about this website. It was really nice to meet another person on this planet that collects these cars. I sometimes feel like the only one.

    (MET: Welcome to our craziness 🙂 Feel free to ask any questions).

  289. new to collecting Cars (my son only became obsessed with the movie recently) and this site is a Godsend!

    A few questions (take pity on the newbie!): I know the second version of Sarge was recalled due to lead and consequently the first version is rare and $$$$. Why don’t they release a third version?

    Is Mattel still actively releasing Cars diecast cars? I regularly check Target, Wal-Mart, TRU and my grocery store and I see the same cars over and over!!!


    (MET: Welcome to our obsession – congrats you and your son on your great taste 🙂 … thanks for the reminder to update our post on what’s in stores now … look for it in the next day or so. But a quick over-view. Sarge is coming back – when, we’re not sure but hopefully very soon – he was scheduled and then for some reason he did not actually return … but hopefully very soon so if you’re planning on opening, just wait a little while longer. As for the store stock, there was a little lull as Mattel was busy with some other licensed projects (Speed Racer, Kung Fu Panda, Batman, etc …) but CARS are hitting the store shelves. In particular, your local WM should have gotten a giant cube (some WM’s – already come and gone) so start there and read forward or backwards – the store stock post might be up by tomorrow).

  290. Monica

    Hey Michael,

    The Sarge question is much debated around here. We are all waiting for a re-release.

    There has been a drought recently of new Cars, but this promises to be the Summer of Cars Love. Check Metro’s recent post called “The 2008 Summer Release”

    Also, check out Metro’s sweet free checklist of all available Cars or buy his awesome book.

    But most of all, read this site everyday!

    (MET: Thanks for the shout out … though hopefully by this weekend, we’ll be finalizing our move to …)

  291. Barry

    New to this whole thing but my son and I have ‘Cars’ Fever. Have a track and Mario, LM, RPM, Hudson and Sally. Reason for the post is that have been given a rarity I believe – its a MACK truck with 15 vehicles that fit inside in separate compartments. The cars (which are Guido, Luigi, Snot Rod, Sally, Dinoco McQueen, Dinoco Hicks, King, CHick Hicks, Lightning (Regular guise), Sarge, Filmore, Ramone (x2), Mater and Red). These are slightly smaller than the usual ones.
    Would be interested in where it comes from (cant find it via google) and anyone who may be interested in purchasing (condition is used but excellent condition).

  292. Barry

    correction to the above – its not red, its sheriff. Still learning!

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