Fractional Money Buys You: Jets, Ferraris, Fendi, Yachts … You Know, Happiness

Back in the day, I had to really work exploiting the under-privileged – quite often past 6 O’Clock! And for what? Just for an opportunity to buy my own private jet, yacht, Ferrari or my own barrel of Jack Daniel’s


But now, you don’t even need to own your own island to be appear rich. You can live like a king with fractional ownership.

For a percentage of what you would pay to buy, why not just own a portion of it? Depending on the item and the program, you get a set number of hours/days of usage or you buy points to spread around … and in most cases, you get to switch around cars, jets, yachts, etc …

Who doesn’t need to get away … by sea?


By air?


By land but only very, very fast?

But it isn’t just the obvious things … for instance, that Van Gogh you bought for $90 million, after 3 months, who isn’t bored of it? Why not just fractionally own Art?


Or a winery? Racehorse? Nightclub?

Or how about something more practical? Why own a $15,000 Bridal Gown? When you really only need it for a couple days? Or a dress worn to the Oscars? Or a handbag to go with it?


Of course, you can alsways take over a Maserati lease from some schlub who just lost his shirt when he shorted APPL.

Of course, I don’t need all that to live the perfect life, after all, I have this now.

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