American Idol Boots Melinda Off Their Island


Last night, twitter jockeys across America thumbed down (literally when you consider cell phone key pads) Melinda.


What the…?! Indeed, the strongest performer since this season’s opening provided strong, consistent performances from Melinda. But as the oldest aspirant (at 29 which makes me sad), was she doomed from the beginning?

It is no secret that Millenials love their SMS. And it is that age group (pick your pre-teen year and move on up to early 20’s), that pecks away at their tiny keyboards to log almost 60,000,000 votes over only a few days of voting.

I’d love to know how much the producers get kicked back to them from the cell systems for all of that texting. Great, googly moogly it’s a LOT of money.

Plus, don’t forget that the producers are guaranteed the ability to make money for many years from signing up all of this new talent PLUS cuts of the ad revenue that the most popular show on television for the past several years is grinding out the cash faster than John Edwards can spend it on haircuts (thank you, Mike Huckabee).

However, watch out for House.

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