Web Surfing from the Bahamas

I am in the Bahamas at a conference and my cell phone doesn’t work…at all. I guess I should have taken notes about Metroxing’s post of SIM cards, eh?

One thing that is saving me is that I brought along the laptop and am using Skype to make calls to the States for about 2 cents per minute! Wild, man.

While surfing I noticed some odd things happening (you gotta love cookies enabling sites to geolocate content for you):


Note that the title bar reads “Google Bahamas”. The url reads “http://www.google.bs/” which I thought was some hacker joke until I remembered where I was surfing from (gotta get out to the pool and stop working for a while it seems).

I think I could use some more of these:


Kalik is one of the local beers of the Bahamas…it is a better tasting Corona and doesn’t need a lime.Ā  Seeing this photo worried me though…isn’t that a guy drinking a beer in the cockpit?Ā  Life rules certainly work differently down here.


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2 responses to “Web Surfing from the Bahamas

  1. metroxing

    Now, that’s dedication – don’t get dehydrated – keep ’em coming …

  2. Tom

    What a great discovery:
    google exist in other countries too šŸ˜‰

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