Pricing for goods and services in the Bahamas

So staying at the Atlantis is not a bad gig.

What is a killer is realizing that you need a fatter wallet to enjoy the posh scenery.  The following pricing is all in US dollars as the Bahamian dollar is roughly 1-1.  For example:

One copy of a daily issue of the New York Times:  $3.50

One candy bar: $1.50

One copy of the June issue of Esquire:  $10.00

One mixed drink:  $10.00

One 6 fl oz bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Sport sunblock: $19.45 (that one hurt but since we are just about on the Tropic of Cancer {who would have known about its modern connotations?}, you apply this stuff liberally or start smoking in under one hour).  One of the reasons of its high price is that one of its key ingredients is Parsol 1789 which according to my dermatologist is a MUST HAVE for sun protection…it ain’t cheap even in the States.)

One breakfast buffet: $28

One dinner buffet: $55

Want to work out at the Atlantis facilities (called Mandara Spa)?  $17 per day ($40 for a three day pass)

Winning at the Roulette tables after a day of schmoozing with clients?  Priceless…

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