There’s a New BBQ Grill In Town – Infrared Heat Grills


“For a quarter century, chefs at pricey steakhouses have been searing meat on burners that cook with infrared energy. Now the high-temperature technology may be coming to a backyard barbecue near you.

With the expiration of a key patent, major gas grill manufacturers, including market leader Char-Broil, which is based in Columbus, have scrambled to bring infrared cooking to the masses with models in the $500 to $1,000 range. Previously, such grills cost as much as $5,000.”

“When you are up in the 900-to-1,000-degree range you get a surface charring that is very akin to a steakhouse-steak kind of experience,” says Steven Raichlen, author of “The Barbeque Bible” and “How to Grill.”

More from ABCNEWS.

Anyone else hungry and ready for a New York Strip?

Most are still in the $1,000 plus range, except for the portable you see above from Solaire.


But there are a slew in the $1k range that would look great in any backyard. The search results from


And of course, you’re not gonna throw $3 meat on that thing, you want the best of the best like Lobel’s or Grassland Beef.

Or something more exotic? Buffalo? Antelope? Kangaroo or Alligator? All available at Broadleaf Exotic Meats.

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