New Google Street View Maps


This is a shot of one of my old haunts called the Mars Bar in San Francisco. It is not too far from the old Eidos headquarters so it made it convenient to slug down some suds after trying to wrangle a deal with the Eidos boys.

Called Street View, Google Maps now allows you to see what a location actually looks like in its real surroundings. Think that apartment looks cool and hip? Now you can look around in 360 degrees such as across the street at the crack lot and decide if that is really where you want to live – or not.

Only available in a handful of locales just yet such as SF, Denver, NY, Miami, and Las Vegas and only certain segments at that but if you live and/or work in one of these places it can be very handy.

I will have to try it out on a handheld and see how my MDA posts this stuff.


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2 responses to “New Google Street View Maps

  1. Ian from

    Yeah, I hate that this great idea is becoming a privacy problem…

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