Goodbye MTI MDA and Hello Dash

mda phone

So I am kicking my T-mobile MDA to da curb. This thing has worked fairly well (especially after updating the bios which was desperately needed) but the dang thing just couldn’t grab a signal with both hands if it was paid to (and it was – by me.)

So, since I have to stay with my daytime employer’s cell plan provider which is T-not-very-mobile), I am exchanging it for one of these – The Dash:

dash phone

Both are Bluetooth, GPRS, wifi, 1.3 megapixel camera resident, web surfing smartphones. The BIG difference is in their ability to snag signal. For example, there I am slurping away on some choice chowder at The Mooring in Newport, RI trying to multi-task with some email and no dice (very delicious food btw…heartily recommended).

Why? No frigging signal. But wait! Two of my colleagues (Dash carrying folk on the SAME T-mobile plan as me) are both getting three bars or more…sitting right next to and across from me! What the @%$#&*?!

There is a good reason the MDA has the shape and weight of a brick because it came very close to being tested for its non-aerodynamics.

So, on to a Dash. Let me know if you think this think should be skipping waves on the pond…

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