Hold Off Installing Safari 3.0 Beta

A slew of problems, error messages and just plain sobbing …

“big problem with safari 3 beta”

“Same problem here. Installer crashed, can’t launch any Cocoa app. iTunes, Coda, Adium, etc… all fail to launch …”

“Safari 3 Beta for Windows – app text not showing”

“I dont meet the requirements?”

10.49 is the only listed requirement for Mac users but I couldn’t get the installer to work on mind … maybe that’s a good thing … 😦

Apple Discussion Forum Link.


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26 responses to “Hold Off Installing Safari 3.0 Beta

  1. Dan

    No issues here so far running Safari on XP with latest updates.

  2. John

    The Safari OS X beta crashed multiple times on me when trying to view the Apple.com Leopard demo. Guess I’ll wait until it’s out of beta before trying again

  3. Bradley Dichter

    Seems OK here and iTunes launches as well. Dual 2GHz PowerMac G5 with ATI X800 video card, Mac OS 10.4.9, 3.5GB RAM

  4. MonkeyT

    No trouble here. I’ve been running webkit nightlies for months. The nightlies introduced lots of fun improvements to CSS support that have now been rolled into Safari 3.


  5. MonkeyT

    Also, new UI trick: try command-f on pages and source code.

  6. Mike

    Safari Beta on XP, when connecting to a Proxy Server crashes every time it tried to authenticate. Already a slew of reports on this at Apple’s Discussion Boards.

  7. No issues here. I’m making this post on Windows Safari (XP).

    First impressions – much better font rendering; does seem fast; I like the movable tabs (ala Firefox); the implementation of the “find” command is much improved – like Firefox, but much more visual.

    (METROXING: That’s cool. Glad to hear it’s working for some – there seems to be no set pattern for what is working and what is not but glad to hear others are on their way …)

  8. Duane Martin

    I, too, like the added function of the Find, and have not had any problems with installation or iTunes. However, I do miss the Undo function. Anyone else finding that Undo is a bit hit-and-miss in the Beta?

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  10. Nunuvyer Bizniz

    No problems here. Installed easily & running fine.

  11. Billiam

    No Problem with Safari 3.0b.
    I’m using it now!

  12. Working fine (MORE than fine!) on a MacBook 1.83 / 2 gig / 10.4.9

  13. Since you said I shouldn’t I had to go ahead and try it. Got as far as the screen that says I have to restart after installing. I have over 20 apps running at the moment and don’t want to quit and reopen them all. Will set aside some time later to try it out. Thanks for the heads-up.

  14. TimS

    Mac user at home, WinXP at work. Installed the beta at work and crashed when I tried to access Yahoo mail. Seems awfully counter productive to release a beta this unstable to the Windows people.

  15. You aren’t missing anything. I have installed this on Windows XP and to be honest I wish it hadn’t installed. It is without a doubt the most pig-slow, crash-prone browser I have ever encountered (yes, that includes the infamous IE6). Apple’s dubious claims that it is ‘twice as fast as Firefox 2’ make the situation even more laughable.

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  17. N/A

    damn, i even can’t read this blog properly. sorry apple, but safari sucks!

  18. Larry Old

    Everything fine here! Seems faster, more responsive than before. Can’t understand the issues some people seem to have, probably conflicting with unsupported third party apps.

  19. Larry: ‘unsupported third party apps’? Like what? Safari has humungous page loading times, and even stalls, when I try to load simple, text and image, third-party-plugin free pages like the BBC News homepage. Plus the fact that other browsers (IE7, Firefox 2, Opera, KMeleon, et al work on my computer without any problems.

    If this is what Apple considers ‘beta’ standard software (bear in mind that without being able to perform its basic function – web browsing – it shouldn’t have got past Alpha stage) then I think they just gave their potential Leopard sales a big shot in the foot, instead of in the arm.

  20. MCS

    Can’t even install this software. I have 2 iMacs I’ve tried to install it on, a G5 model and a 24” Intel Dual Core Duo, both of which are running 10.4.9, and the installer refuses to install stating: “You cannot install Safari 3 Beta on this volume. This volume does not meet the requirements for this update.” Weird for 3 reasons: 1) that it’s happening at all on these machines, 2) it’s happening on both machines, and 3) nobody else is reporting it. I have a G4 Powerbook; I’ll see if I can install it on that… Anyone else notice this issue?

    (METROXING: I think you might be where I stood yesterday morning – by moving Safari out of APPLICATION, the installer is/was too dumb to find it – hence the non-sensical mis-leading error message … see today’s post 😉 )

  21. John J

    If you get the ‘Drive Does not qualify’ problem, then put the original Safari back in the Applications folder.

    If you have moved it, then the installer will refuse to install 3.0 beta.

  22. CopyChief

    Of course it’s not going to work perfectly. It’s beta software. The early betas of Apple’s first Safari release were the same way. Worked great for some, not for others. Read the disclaimer. “Hold off on installing beta”? Well, sure, hold off, if you can’t stomach the inherent risks in installing beta software.

    I installed it on my G4 iMac at work and it’s fabulous… and then installed it on my old G4 PowerBook at home. It’s faster than any Mac browser I’ve used. Works as promised. Absolutely no crashes.

  23. Why the hell are you Early Friggin Adopters bitching and bellyaching!? Frigtards! Did you bitch and moan this much when Steve “Balm on your butt” Ballmer unloaded a half cooked Vista beta?
    You know what? Probably better you’re NOT going to become Apple Inc. customers… bunch of whiny primates.
    (TIZMANIAN: Lighten up, Francis. The reason Apple geeks get fired up about beta releases is that they expect more than the shovelware that tends to roll out of MSFT for most of their first iterations.)

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  25. Gync

    hmmmm…very interesting!

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