Nintendo Wii Bundle: Is It a Good Deal? (Winter 2008 UPDATE)

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35 responses to “Nintendo Wii Bundle: Is It a Good Deal? (Winter 2008 UPDATE)

  1. this breakdown of Wii bundles was most helpful. I’m still unable to find a Wii in stock – hopefully I can find one soon.

  2. shiko

    so do i get the wii sensor with the pack, and do i get the nunchuk, please right back

    (METROXING: Yes, in the US, you get the (1) nunchuk along with (1) Wii controller (aka wiimote) and you get (1) wired sensor bar. You can buy a wireless version.)

  3. Across the pond i noticed the same. you can only pre-order one at a time as they’re still selling for twenty – fifty pound more than walmart/tescos do on ebay. I orderd a wii bundle that arrived after a few days. When i first tried to get one the wait was indefinate

  4. rebecca

    did you hear they risen the prices of the wii from $250 to $699…..what a rip off. It started last thursday
    hopefully they lower the prices by after Christmas
    then ill have a new years gift….:)

    (METROXING: Yeah, unfortunately, sales are still great – I updated the post to reflect your new buying options).

  5. rebecca

    oh yeah and can anyone tell me if the wii comes with the nunchucks? and thank you

    (METROXING: Yes, you get 1 WII CONTROLLER & 1 NUNCHUCK. Though honestly, it’s not much fun with 1 of each so you pretty much have to spend $39 for a controller and $19 for a nunchuck – and no, they do not go on sale though if Wii accessories are not excluded, some places have gift cards if you buy X amount … now not every game needs the nunchuck controller but it’s pretty hard to play with the ones that do …)

  6. Drew

    I just purchased the Wii bundle from TJ-Maxx, it has the Wii game console, game bag, sport kit, stylin cooling stand, litegun gaming blaster, play ‘n charge, component cable, racing wheel, jeli grip, console wrap, nunchuck, controller and sensor bar, and sandisk 1GB gaming card. This also has the sports disc. The price was 399.99, do you think this was an OK deal. Of course, making the kids happy is almost pricless!

    (METROXING: That’s interesting, our TJ Maxx only seems to have toys that look slightly more worn than what you’d find at the Salvation Army … I presume you only got 1 controller & 1 nunchuck? If so, still a pretty decent deal … the charger & wheel would cost you $$35-$40 and the 1 GB card would be around $20 so you’re not paying too much extra for the rest of the stuff – the lightgun is nice if you’ll be playing FPSers … a good solid deal and hey, having one in hand is nice – the kids and your family will love it).

  7. dre

    this site helped me..
    gave me so much hope that i will figure out the madness with finding a Wii for my husband this year. Thank you!

    good luck to all of you, as we continue our searches for the Wii

    (METROXING: Good luck!)

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  9. Chris

    Thanks so much for the info!!! Very helpful! Your price and product breakdown was just what I needed as I don’t feel like I got riped off paying $494.94 at Sam’s Club. I now realize I was just lucky to get one at all…

    (METROXING: Nice work getting one!)

  10. GS

    Thanks. Yours is the only post that explains Wii so well. I want to buy some thing for the family. what do you think about Nintendo Wii Music & Party Bundle. It is not available now however I don’t mind waiting and want to clearly understand if this is a good deal.

    (METROXING: The GameStop deal is not a bad deal. The math would go something like this:

    What you would buy anyway:
    Console: $249
    Nunchuck $20


    What you might buy if the kids play everyday (rechargable batteries cheaper & better)
    Charger: $25


    Games You’d Probably Buy Anyway.

    Wii Play (comes with 1 extra controller): $50
    Mario Party 8: $50

    So, you’d probably spend $394.00 Anyway.

    Now, if your kids love karoke AND High School Musical, it’s normally $60 as it comes with a microphone so now you’re at $454.00

    The other two games, Simpsons & Mario/Sega Olympics are not bad but not great games – they’re probably better for slightly older kids but if your family love games, you’ll probably spend as much renting them so why not own them – $50 each or now, you’re at $554.00

    The final DIFFERENCE is $50 – the Wii SD card you can find for less than $10 bucks but my guess is they are charging you around $25 and then in theory, the charger which you would normally find for around $25 – they are charging you $50 for it – that’s where they are making the money … it’s not a terrible deal but more limiting … however, you are getting something of value versus paying $450 on eBay for just the console … plus, you can try returning the items you don’t want – they should be willing to give you store credit or with a little effort, you should get 80% of the value for the games as long as you leave them sealed by selling them on eBay. So depending on the effort you might want to/need to expend and the age of your kids, it’s not a bad deal and it can be a better deal if you don’t mind trying to return some items or selling them on eBay. (you won’t get much as much for the charger or the memory card – maybe 30-40% of the price GameStop is charging you) … I would bet it’s 50-50 you get it before the 25th but they want to have the leeway so you don’t march on them – so if you don’t mind it might be a week late and you want a Wii … it might be worth a shot … and yea, the tough part is when do you commit? Do you try and wait one more week and keep checking the stores and hoping they are hoarding some for this weekend to release? Or shoudl you take the sure thing and buy it – tough call …)

  11. Great Info Breakdown on the Wii!! My boyfriend got a wii bundle for me at Sam’s Club on Black Friday and I was wondering if it was a good deal or not for the ~$500 it cost. The bundle came with Brunswick Bowling, Mario Party 8 and Mario Universe(?) or something like that. As my son is a Mario fanatic, I was impressed to see two Mario games included (also 3 remotes and 3 numchucks).

    Now I know I was extremely lucky to have gotten one at all let alone such a good deal. Now my boyfriend’s kids want one so we’re still on the look out.

    Thanks again for the info. It really helps.

    (METROXING: Have fun! Mario Party 8 is great – the Mario at the Olympics is more fun for older kids but still pretty good).

  12. GucciGirl

    I just got a wii yesterday at Walmart. I paid $250 for the wii , $50 for the Wii Play Sports with remote, $20 for the extra nunchuck, $50 for Mario and Sonic Olimpics. That made my total $370 before tax.

    (METROXING YES! See, it can be done – you just have to be at the right store at the right time! Have fun!)

  13. Judy

    I referred to your site many times today as I was trying to find a bundle online. I got lucky and logged on to Walmart just in time! I got their bundle for $677.
    My question is this: does the basic unit come with the 5 sports that I keep seeing online (tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, boxing)?

  14. Yes the basic bundle comes with the 5 sports games, every wii console comes with the sports disc as it’s included inside the box at the factory. I bought a few consoles at zellers here when we ran out of stock, sold a couple on ebay, and now have the rest in stock at the store. But they are flying.

  15. Andy

    We purchased the Wii bundle from TJ Maxx.

    The 4-in-1 cooling/charging stand that is mentioned on the outside of the box is not what is in the box. The stand that is included does cool the Wii but only holds the remotes. it doesn’t charge them.

    (METROXING: I haven’t heard of the Wii getting overly hot but that might depend on how many kids you have πŸ™‚ … only thing to watch out for cooling fans is if your room is dusty and it doesn’t gave a filter, you’re drawing a lot of dust into the machine so if the machine doesn’t seem overly warm, it might be better leave it off …) And cool you found one there, the TJ Maxx’s here in NorCal look like war zone and then a riot marched through the stores. I think I once saw a headless Talking Elmo …

  16. Allison

    i just bought a wii with the wii play for $500 on ebay. did i get ripped off?

    (METROXING: It’s pretty much the going price and you did get a $50 Wii Play addition which many other people paying $500-$550 for just the Wii do not get that … is it more than retail? Sure but is your time + gas money worth to you? In a perfect world, you’d be ringed by 10 retailers within a 2-minute drive from you and you have time to get up at 8 AM every morning and stand in the door as they open and ask – do you have a Wii for $249? (presuming tax & shipping are about the same out-of-pocket costs) … what is it worth to you to not have to look for it and have it delivered to your doorstep? That’s the bottom line …).

  17. Wisdom

    Thanks for the break down of the Wii console. Today is 12 Dec 2007, and I have not found a Wii console. I have a question for Andy – I am searching for a Wii console. What city and state did you find the Wii at TJ Maxx.

    (METROXING: Remember to buy a Sunday paper on Saturday and then get there early – presuming a store will list a Wii – make sure you get there BEFORE they open and not just their posted hours – ask an employee what time they are really opening on Sunday – then good luck!).

  18. Rosemarie

    Hi, I purchased a Wii bundle from for $649. Check out their website to see everything included. After reading the info on this site, I think I got a fair deal. Good Luck.

  19. RML

    I love your name! I am a Rosemarie as well, not many of us around.

  20. Pam

    I have been looking for a wii for about 4 months. I had family looking in every state they reside as well as friends. I did the early morning lines and everything. Finally, I ended up with one more than I needed. Now I’m trying to determine which one to return. So be persistent and use all your resources. I can’t wait to see the expression on my kids face Christmas morning.

    (METROXING: Well, if you have the inclination, you have pretty much gotten a “free” Wii – you can sell your extra for over $500 dollars without too much trouble. Shipping with insurance is around $30 so factor that in and most everywhere in the US can still get in the next week so you are holding something worth $450-$600 easily … Good luck and congrats – it’s great fun!)

  21. Hi All, interesting to hear that TJ Maxx was selling the bundled Wii for $399, I’m from Toronto and their sister store Winners just received a shipment of same and were selling them for $449. They had 40 at 9:30 this morning and by the time I cashed out with mine, there were only 10 left. I can’t imagine I really need all the stuff that were included in the box (console wrap protector, cooling stand, game bag) but hey, this is our first gaming system for the kids so why not get as much of the accessories as possible.

  22. Skips

    Anyone who’s done any research knows that a video game console does not return much (if any) profit for the manufacturer in the first year or so of it’s debut, largely due to R&D. Where they make their money is through exclusive titles and overpriced accessories. This is why you see so many Wii bundles. Nintendo can afford to lose money on the console, because they’re securing profits by forcing these, often, unwanted titles and needless accessories. No one can convince me that the largest and longest standing company in gaming history cannot meet demand, it’s absurd. Furthermore, we have these vultures buying up entire inventories online, then selling units for ridiculous premiums on eBay. My advice to you, if you’re wanting to buy a Wii (in time for Xmas or not), don’t get suckered. Pay MSRP for what you really want, and nothing more.

    (METROXING: Just to note, in the case of the Wii, it is already profitable for Nintendo and unlike the other two companies, Nintendo does not price at a loss to build up marketshare as part of their strategy from the get go. Of course, as a manufacturer, you always have R&D and overhead to recoup in any “startup” venture but the Wii turned to black very quickly. As noted also, however, retailers only make $10-$15 per Wii at $249 – not really profitable for the retailer so it’s understandable they want to bundle. It’s fine if it’s controllers or Mario games but less so when it’s a “duplicate” stand or oddball choices like a cooling device … if anything, Nintendo FROWNS UPON bundling as from this recent Reuters interview. If you follow the link to our other post, I do point that Nintendo should have gotten their act together but at least unlike the other two, Nintendo is continung to ship – in fact, last weekend, two retailers had Wii at the no bundle price of $249 but of course, quantites were limited and you had to be there early but you still have a shot – albiet, not necessarily easy).

  23. Lara

    I hate the bundles…it’s just ripping off the little guy. this article is so on track….Nintendo hates it and they should stop the retailers. Even if the Walmart bundle is a good deal, it only works if you can afford $700. If you saved up $350 to buy the Wii and maybe a game that is not going to happen!

    (METROXING: Yes, I’m not saying bundles are the best way to do business – the best way is that any customers who wants to walk into a store can buy one – but for many people who are unable to get to stores at 8 AM, it’s not necessarily a bad way to go – especially back in November or October when it can just be mailed to you … the intention of our post was not to advocate bundles but merely to help people sort out their options and that some bundles are better than other bundles. Even if you don’t want any of the Mario games, sealed, they retain value – you can sell them for close to list price and/or even exchange them at a store for full value – conversely if the bundle includes a memory card, you know they paid $5 for it but are pricing it at $25-$30 and in reality, no one will pay you more than $7 to $10 for a 1GB SD card – that is not as good of a bundle deal as when Mario Galaxy is $49 sealed and you can get pretty much full value whether you sell it or exchange it SEALED).

  24. rokerlund

    You mentioned the Wii giftcard. I got one for my nieces at Gamestop, expecting the Wii to come in some time in January, like they told me. Well, I got a call on Christmas eve morning. The Wii was waiting for me at the store! I picked it up, snuck it under the tree, and had 2 thrilled nieces on Christmas morning for only $270 (inc. tax). Gamestop sure came through for me! They were as surprised at the store as I was.

    (METROXING: Very nice!)

  25. kool indian

    hey does anybody know where to get a wii right now.
    And what will you get for a $275.00 bundle

    (METROXING: The Wii is priced at $249 in the US – I’m guessing it’s more in Euro/Pounds there (blame it on the VAT?) … or are you asking about the US?)

  26. Mark

    Hi, thanks for all the info!
    Walmart has the bundle in stock now and i was wondering how long do you think it will stay in stock? My parents couldn’t get me a wii for Christmas which I’m fine with since they are so hard to get but should we get the bundle or should we wait and keep trying at stores locally. (We looked on ebay and that just seems like a bad idea all together)

    (METROXING: Did you check out that GameStop offer? You might take a look or of course, just check the circulars on Saturday – now that the New Year is just about over, in a week or so, they should start to be easier to find).

  27. Mark

    Yes, we looked at the game stop offer but for 100 dollars less than the walmart bundle you loose a lot and the games don’t look that good.

    (METROXING: Then just be sure and check out the Sunday circulars on Saturday and be prepared to be there as they open on Sunday … now that the holiday season is jusr about over – theyshould be opening when they say they open).

  28. this site has informed me and helped me out a lot, thanks..

  29. I have been looking for a wii for about 4 months. I had family looking in every state they reside as well as friends. I did the early morning lines and everything. Finally, I ended up with one more than I needed. Now I’m trying to determine which one to return. So be persistent and use all your resources. I can’t wait to see the expression on my kids face Christmas morning.

  30. Tuck

    Very helpful site. Thanks for the Wii low-down.

  31. collectormom

    We finally broke down and bought a Wii. When I saw the commercials for the Wii Fit I just had to have one! Of course they’re impossible to find.

    We went to TRU at opening on Sunday morning (feeling guilty for skipping church) but the Wii Fit was already gone. Still on the hunt.

    We decided not to get a bundle; they seemed to have things we didn’t need or games we wouldn’t play. We got the Wii Play for the controller; the games aren’t too bad. I am not a video gamer so I don’t want to have to remember combinations to perform an action. Wii Play and Wii Sports are fun and easy enough for my 3 y/o to play. With a little help from Daddy my almost 2 y/o loved the boxing. And even though these are not complete games for me the non-gamer it’s helpful to learn how to use the controllers. An employee also suggested renting games before buying them; something I never would have thought of. Very smart.

    I thought it was funny that the TRU employees refer to purchasers as “The Wii People”. That’s not an insult, right?

    (MET: Yea, they’re pretty cool. We have a link to some reviews – the Mario Party games and Mario Kart are great casual fun … and yea, most hardcore gamers do not get the Wii … πŸ˜‰ ).

  32. In my opinion some retail stores are definitely taking advantage of the Wii bundle sale so that they can at least capitalize on the games that are low in demand or games that don’t sell very well. I’ve noticed that most of stores in my area are selling the Wii game system in bundles and not giving their customers the option to purchase just the game system itself. I think that this practice is wrong and Nintendo should do something about it.

    (MET: Of course, it depends on where you live but look closely at the Sunday newspaper ads again – a lot of retailers are listing the Wii and the other at Target, I actually saw ONE in the glass shelf … so in theory, it’s out there …).

  33. Great summary. What do you think og

  34. Jean

    Can you use any rechargeable AA batteries/charger? I am hearing that the Wii recharger is “frying” remotes. Do you have any recommendations?

    (MET: I would think if you stick to known brands, you should be fine … it’s hard to tell from reports – do people try to recharge lithium batteries … part of the problem is that rechargables look like every other battery 😦 )

  35. Meg

    Hey, thank for the detailed info. It was very helpful. I have trying to get the Wii for the longest time with no luck – finally resorted to ebay. Got it for $299 (wii sports) including shipping. Do you think I was ripped off? I will still need to buy the extra wiimote and numchuck.

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