Sopranos: You Soundtrack the Final End Scene


What is the time limit on SPOILER ALERT statute of limitations? A week?

Will you get beat up if you wear this spoiler t-shirt?

A lot of online fury been directed at creator David Chase and I’ll bet 85% of the people who shouted for head as their first reaction now realize how perfect the final 10 seconds were.

It’s an ending for everyone – for the optimist of you out there, it’s a continuation of the daily life of a suburban mobster, always having to watch his back – that everyone – recognized or not is a hitter – meanwhile his life is as banal as most of ours, going to Home Depot, wondering if his kid is a moron and hanging out at the strip club (okay, maybe not the last thing though the cash flow is better than a REIT).

For the rest of you, do you always see or hear it coming?

Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica has a take from a creator/producer POV.

David Chase interview in Tony’s driveway paper of choice – the Star Ledger.

Or a film school like analysis from Bob Harris (or Pauline Kael-like if you prefer).

“Members-Only Jacket” actor interview.

Anyway, if you want to score the last scene with something other than Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” – STEREOGUM has done all the hard work for you.

Find an MP3 online. Cue it up. Play and launch the last scene.

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