Is Maxim worth $80 Million?

What do private equity firms see in the print magazine model?  Quadrangle Capital Partners II is rumored to have bought Maxim, Blender, and Stuff for $240 Million U.S.  While that includes their web sites (about 4 million uniques collectively each month), the magazines (which collectively earn about 400 ad pages monthly) the deal also includes the Maxim channel on Sirius and several Maxim themed restaurants.

That would average about $80 Million per mag so the valuations for the other properties must be rather high cuz you have to have deep pockets to want to play in the consumer mag market.

Don’t forget that back in April the Quadrangle group bought up some 1.4 million subscribers from Comcast and Charter which makes them a top ten cable co now.

What are they lining up one wonders…?

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One response to “Is Maxim worth $80 Million?

  1. metroxing

    I would think it’s $238 mm for Maxim and $2 mm for the rest – as a mag, it’s not worth much – the website is nice but I think the name is valuable – maybe 2nd or no more than 3rd as a Lad’s/Frat Guy’s marketing brand (Playboy is clearly #1). If you have the money to plow into an IPTV channel – down the line, its value potential is there – whether they succeed or not is another matter but it’s a valuable enough name – would cost you at least that to build up another name..

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