iphone call plans announced by AT&T

So, you wanna juice up dat phat new iphone?  She’s gonna hoover yer wallet for at least $60 bones per month people.

The plan includes voice, unlimited ‘data’ (I’d like to know what they classify as ‘data’), and some new feature which allows users to scroll through their email just like ye olde regular inbox email!

From the venerable WSJ today:  “AT&T is offering new plans specifically for the iPhone, such as $60 for 450 minutes of cellular talk time a month, $80 for 900 minutes a month, and $100 for 1,350 minutes a month. All those plans include access to email and mobile Web services, the visual voicemail service, and the ability to send 200 text messages.”

Want unlimited texting their boychik?  Gonna cost ya another $20 clams a month.

Ready to stand in line this Friday?  Well, here’s a little ditty to keep you company.  Sung to the tune of Roll Out the Barrel (aka the Beer Barrel Polka):

“Roll out the iphones.  We’ll have a barrel of cash.

Roll out the iphones, we’ve got Nokia on the run.

Zing Boom Wifi-ya

Join in a cell plan right here

Now its time to roll out the iphones

For the horde’s all here! (Spoken: Take my wallet away boys)”

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One response to “iphone call plans announced by AT&T

  1. metroxing

    Hey, where’s the mp3 link to your 21st century version of the roll barrel song?

    ACTIVATION VIDEO GUIDE from Apple is also up.

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