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Is Maxim worth $80 Million?

What do private equity firms see in the print magazine model?  Quadrangle Capital Partners II is rumored to have bought Maxim, Blender, and Stuff for $240 Million U.S.  While that includes their web sites (about 4 million uniques collectively each month), the magazines (which collectively earn about 400 ad pages monthly) the deal also includes the Maxim channel on Sirius and several Maxim themed restaurants.

That would average about $80 Million per mag so the valuations for the other properties must be rather high cuz you have to have deep pockets to want to play in the consumer mag market.

Don’t forget that back in April the Quadrangle group bought up some 1.4 million subscribers from Comcast and Charter which makes them a top ten cable co now.

What are they lining up one wonders…?


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Sopranos: You Soundtrack the Final End Scene


What is the time limit on SPOILER ALERT statute of limitations? A week?

Will you get beat up if you wear this spoiler t-shirt?

A lot of online fury been directed at creator David Chase and I’ll bet 85% of the people who shouted for head as their first reaction now realize how perfect the final 10 seconds were.

It’s an ending for everyone – for the optimist of you out there, it’s a continuation of the daily life of a suburban mobster, always having to watch his back – that everyone – recognized or not is a hitter – meanwhile his life is as banal as most of ours, going to Home Depot, wondering if his kid is a moron and hanging out at the strip club (okay, maybe not the last thing though the cash flow is better than a REIT).

For the rest of you, do you always see or hear it coming?

Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica has a take from a creator/producer POV.

David Chase interview in Tony’s driveway paper of choice – the Star Ledger.

Or a film school like analysis from Bob Harris (or Pauline Kael-like if you prefer).

“Members-Only Jacket” actor interview.

Anyway, if you want to score the last scene with something other than Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” – STEREOGUM has done all the hard work for you.

Find an MP3 online. Cue it up. Play and launch the last scene.

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Mac Video Guide: Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip & All The Rest

We have covered Handbrake and MPEG Streamclip in some details so now it’s time to recap briefly what you want to do and what you need for Mac video (apps recommended are generally in ALL CAPS with LINKS are at the end):

I want to have my DVD movies on my Mac so I don’t need to carry my DVD’s everywhere?

If you have the room on your hard drive and you don’t need a lot of movies on there, you can simply use MAC THE RIPPER to copy YOUR store purchased DVD’s to your Mac. It’s very fast and takes just a few minutes. Then play then using VLC or with DVD ASSIST, play them through FRONT ROW and APPLETV.

(DVD Assist is a helper app that fools FRONT ROW into thinking VOB files are the actual DVD’s).

MEDIACENTRAL is another choice (@$30) that is FRONT ROW-like, I found it too Windows like for my taste but it might be the easiest solution for many people who just want to “see” and play VOB files.

Sure, Mac the Ripper is nice but the files are HUGE (5GB or more), can I have something smaller that offers me the same or nearly the same resolution?

Instead of MAC THE RIPPER, convert using HANDBRAKE. It will take much longer but you end up with a MPEG4 H.264 file that you can open & watch using ITUNES, QUICKTIME, FRONT ROW, APPLETV or MPEG STREAMCLIP.

Most of my movies convert fine using HANDBRAKE but a few are giving me problems, what’s up?

Mostly the problems stem from some studios (mostly Sony/Columbia, I believe) who purposely introduce errors. It’s all rather pointless as real counterfeiters who makes duplicates to sell are certainly not slowed this by but consumers who want to back up their own DVD’s are the ones most annoyed … well, at least it’s not more computer crippling spyware.

There are some things to try. Use MAC THE RIPPER and try ARC COS (in MODE). Unlike most normal conversions which take a few minutes, this may take up an hour or longer with MAC THE RIPPER stopping to tell you there are errors and if you want to keep going. Hopefully it will eventually work. Now that the VOB file is now on your Mac, you can play via VLC or use MPEG STREAMCLIP to convert to H264 MPEG-4. Then you can view using QUICKTIME. If you want to view using ITUNES, FRONT ROW, IPOD or APPLETV, you might need to use LOSTIFY to change the “metadata” so they can “see” it.

Alternatively, sometimes, you can just copy the VOB files off from the DVD disc. Open and look for the largest set of VOB files. Drag a VOB file off (something like VTS_01_1.vob) – if you don’t get the “You Don’t Have Permission” error message, it will start to copy. Once you have the entire movie off on your hard drive, again, for viewing, all you need is VLC or MPEG STREAMCLIP. Or look through the first two answers above on converting to play in QUICKTIME, or FRONT ROW.

Is there a way to combine “TS” files?

If you feel up to it, try NULL PACKET STRIPPER. It’s a java app and really intended for more advanced users but no time like now to become an advanced user 🙂

What if I just want to make a backup of a retail DVD?

Use MAC THE RIPPER to make a copy onto your Mac, presuming you don’t have any problems, then buy a copy of ROXIO’s POPCORN – easiest way to get it back onto a DVD. If you prefer to back up movies on your blank DVD-R’s, POPCORN is well worth the money as it is by far the easiest way.

I want to put it back on a DVD but I want to do it myself without buying POPCORN?

There are some other ways but the simplest solution is if you have it as an MPEG-4 (H.264) file, you can import into iMovie and then send to iDVD. Depending on the quality of your source, you will lose some resolution but it might be acceptable.

I have copied the movie onto my Mac using MAC THE RIPPER – I would like to edit it.

MPEG STREAMCLIP will open and let you edit VOB files. Then you can export in about 25 formats including H.264 MPEG-4 for viewing with QUICKTIME. If you want to view using ITUNES, FRONT ROW, IPOD or APPLETV, you might need to use LOSTIFY to change the “metadata” so they can “see” it.

I have copied the movie onto my Mac using HANDBRAKE – I would like to edit it.

You have two choices, MPEG STREAMCLIP if the edits are not extensive (like a TV show conversion, how many times do you need to hear the theme song & opening credits?) or IMOVIE if you want more extensive edits (Starwars: Phantom Menace without Jar Jar, or adding your cat into the movie, Sahara which would make it ten times more interesting).

Then you can export in about 25 formats including H.264 MPEG-4 for viewing with QUICKTIME. In IMOVIE, your output choices are more limiting, if too limiting, output to DV (for minimal resolution loss) and then bring into MPEG STREAMCLIP for a wider selection of outputs. But check to see if the resolution loss is acceptable to you.

How do I get files from my own DVD recorder, DVD camcorder disc or a non-store DVD into my Mac?

MPEG STREAMCLIP. Open, edit and convert. From a camcorder, you can of course still use IMOVIE.

How do I use my Mac as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)?

Easiest solution – buy EYETV. They offer you every possible video format out:


Depending on your output format, you are set to watch immediately on your IPOD or MAC or of course, you can bring into MPEG STREAMCLIP or IMOVIE for editing (see EDITING ANSWERS above).

While, it has few extra features, IRECORD is available to you to use as long as you have a cable box with firewire out. The law requires them to give you a digital box with firewire out – though you do need to be a digital customer. It’s outputs aren’t as numerous but MPEG STREAMCLIP comes to your rescue allowing you to edit and/or output to dozens of formats.

If you have a firewire box, you can also use IMOVIE to record – you cannot get rid of the clips pane but if you plan on doing a lot of editing, it’s already there in edit mode with no importing or converting necessary.

Can I save internet videos to my desktop?

Safari is the easiest way to go. Go to the site such as YouTube, then WINDOW>ACTIVITY. You should see a whole bunch of files but the video file should be the LARGEST file there and most likely the one still “increasing” in size as it’s still being sent to temporary cache. When it is completed, if you double click on it, it is usually marked GET_VIDEO and it will start to download. After it has completed downloading, you need to add .flv to the end of the file name. You can now open it in MPEG STREAMCLIP and convert it to a format QUICKTIME can open such as MPEG-4 or H.264.

You can add the FLV component to watch in QUICKTIME. You need to download PERIAN (see end for links).

Sometimes when you double-click, you will get a page of “code” (it takes a couple minutes to load – don’t despair! Wait for it). Just do a SAVE AS (PAGE SOURCE) – add the .flv file tag and again, view in QUICKTIME with the FLV component from PERIAN or view & edit in MPEG STREAMCLIP.

You can also try PODTUBE if the above method is unsuccessful.

If you really, really, really want it and you cannot pull it down – try SNAPZPRO to record exactly what is being played on the screen – it’s commercial software but offers a lot of tools.

Can I set up my Mac as a video server?

Easy answer, locally – with APPLETV, no problem (along with DVD Assist or LOSTIFY) to make all your files readable. Then launch FRONT ROW and move about your house.

Next easiest solution is SLINGBOX and SLINGBOX TO GO – locally (upstairs) or at anywhere you have broadband internet.

If you want a full fledged video remote server … well, as soon as I get mine working, i’ll let you know 🙂


So, there you have it – nearly all the apps are free and most are very reasonably priced for the ease of use, especially POPCORN and EYETV. You can nearly have it all with some work.

Be sure and check out our earlier tutorials on HANDBRAKE and MPEG STREAMCLIP.

For some MPEG-2 advanced services, you probably want to break down and buy the MPEG-2 component for Quicktime, will speed up a lot of decoding and playback.

You might also want to upgrade to QUICKTIME PRO ($29) which gives you more AV controls.

You should also consider adding the EL GATO TURBO.264 USB stick which speeds up H.264 encoding.

And the Mac All Star Video Software LINKS

OPEN SHIIVA (essentially subplanted and far superseded by MPEG STREAMCLIP)
FLIP4MAC (To open Windows AVI/WMA files in QT & other apps)



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Today on Splashcast – Johnny Quest!

[splashcast RMML7140RL]

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Splashcast Audio Fun

You may have noticed the recent addition of the Sonific widget on the right content area of this blog.  Let us know if you like having audio on the blog.  We like it but you may not.

Today’s post is another addition you may see from time to time using an add-on called Splashcast.  Splashcast will allow us/you to upload videos, audio, powerpoints, and possibly a few other media.  The interface isn’t too bad but it took some time to figure out how to post an item on the blog due to scarce documentation on WordPress.

The Splashcast tutorial helped and for free software you can’t beat the ability to link directly to Yahoo video, Google Video/YouTube, and Splashcast.

Stay tuned for more…

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Nintendo Wii Bundle: Is It a Good Deal? (Winter 2008 UPDATE)

We have moved to – we have moved this post over.

just click on the logo to be taken to this archive post.


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Mac MPEG Streamclip: Editor & VOB FLV Converter Extraordinaire

THIS Post has been updated and moved to our new – Simply click on the text link or the logo above. Thanks!


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