Apple iPhone: Day 1 Online Orders Shipping July 6th

From Apple’ email:

“We’re happy to let you know your iPhone will ship by July 6th, 2007. Visit Order Status for the most current information on your order. iPhone orders will ship in the order they were placed. We’re working hard to ship your iPhone as soon as possible. Thank you again for shopping on the online Apple Store.”

I was on about 6:00:02 PM and clicked YES on about 6:01 PM and including the 8 minute “bounceback” page draw from Apple/Akamai, I was pretty much done by 6:10 so I imagine I was in the first group of people to complete an order (since I also had my credit card on file via iTunes).

ADD’L UPDATE: Got mine on the 5th even though the follow up email said it was shipping on the 6th – again, nice way to over-deliver (literally). I didn’t pay for 2-day shipping since most of my Apple orders come from Sacramento – about 75 miles away, regular shipping normally takes two days anyway. Anyway, smooth process – as expected.


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2 responses to “Apple iPhone: Day 1 Online Orders Shipping July 6th

  1. Yep, I got that message on my two phones earlier today.

  2. Fastest Finger

    Actually, you were definetly not in the first group. My order confirmation time was 6:01 PDT and my iPhone has already arrived. If you didn’t get yours by 7/3 — you will be waiting for the next shipment.

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