Tell Apple What Else You Want From Your iPhone …


Whether you want to politely request something, or to use your outside voice, Apple would like your feedback and suggestions about the iPhone.

My only complaint is how come my iPhone doesn’t seem to do everything in this video …

Or yeah, this other guy accidentially broke the screen within a day – somehow it was charging and when he pulled it out to answer a call, the base yoinked it away from and the iPhone landed on the edge of the table* … but Apple may have a customer for life, they actually replaced it


BTW, you’re not restricted to just giving feedback or reporting bugs for the iPhone – feel free to tell them about everything they sell at their Feedback page.

*Also note, unlike your iPod when it’s syncing, you shouldn’t remove, the iPhone is okay to remove to answer a call … or when you really, really need to check the weather.


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5 responses to “Tell Apple What Else You Want From Your iPhone …

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  3. Marty Marmor

    I have an I-phone and I have two major issues with it.
    1) after i have been on a phone call when I go to hang up the screen has gone black and is totally non responsive. After a period of time, usually 30 seconds to a minute it reappears on the home page. Very aggravating.
    2) is this issue over smtp settings that do not work. I can receive my emails with no troubles but I cannot reply without getting a message stating that my SMTP settings are incorrect and will not authenicate the server

    (METROXING: Check out our other post on SMTP settings – hope they help. As for the ther issue, you might try the upgrade to 1.1.1 or try the reset procedure or maybe take it to an Apple store and they can do the reset).

  4. Support for Lotus Notes mail


    Support for SSL SMTP with authentication !!!!

  5. lisa

    can you walk me through the steps of adding the email? i use comcast. also my husbands cheek keeps hitting mute when on the phone, how can we correct this?

    (METROXING: Have you tried this post of ours on iPhone email SMTP settings? … as for the cheek thing, that’s odd since it’s set up to accept only finger inputs … if it’s too sensitive, take it back to an Apple store and they might switch to a new phone for you (not AT&T stores)).

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