Is “Apple Fanboy” Even An Insult?

Sure, you can call me an Apple fanboy – is it even an insult?

What other ‘horrible’ insulting thing are you going to call me?

Ferrari fanboy.

Adriana Lima fanboy.

Chocolate chip cookie fanboy.

Humphrey Bogart fanboy.

Angus Burger Medium Rare with Fries fanboy.

Island Vacation fanboy.

Fireworks on the 4th fanboy.

Coca Cola from an ice bucket fanboy.

Heaving a football on a crisp autumn day fanboy.

Yea, that’s quite an insult to be called ‘Apple fanboy.’

What else ya got?

I can’t really hear or understand you over the pie, ice cream & Eva Cassidy on the iPod.

So, hey, please continue to insult my yacht, my computer & my phone.

I’m not really sure why you are riding a unicycle, dressed in lederhosen and carrying the flag of the Novgorod Feudal Republic but hey, to each his own.


(In case you need some Adriana Lima pics … not all SFW šŸ™‚ )


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10 responses to “Is “Apple Fanboy” Even An Insult?

  1. Robert Lloyd

    It’s totally an insult and if someone called me that I’d smack the prick upside the head and I don’t care how long I spent in jail.

  2. Shane

    I can’t stand “MacHead” either

  3. Macensee Alicia

    Robert – You have anger management issues; seek help.

    Shane – Too bad you can’t stand “MacHead”… I give great MacHead. : 0

  4. Sam

    Heh, people call me iLover, Apple Fanboy (duh), iDdicted, and Tux/Waddle (I love Linux too).

    I take this stuff as a compliment and laugh at how they’re paying $50 or more a year for antivirus and I browse free from system slowdown or mandatory scanning!

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  6. Colorado Bill


    The people who call us these names are the same lemmings who feel threatened when anyone suggests that THEIR choices are based on anything more than following the crowd.

    The idea that some people make decisions on their own, based on considering the facts rather than letting other people tell them what’s smart, IS a threat to their perceptions of self-worth.

    Tough noogies.

  7. Jesus. You don’t have to write some public letter saying that you’re pissed. The key word is APPLE not FANBOY. Everyone likes Ferraris. Well, the most devastating part is the combination of the two words. It’s a way for people to vent and express their observation to your obvios bias. You bought a Mac, it comes with the package.

  8. don’t equate apple with ferrari please.. or even adriana lima šŸ™‚ that’s an insult.. bwahaha!

  9. courtofmiracles

    “Fireworks on the 4th fanboy.

    Coca Cola from an ice bucket fanboy.”


  10. How about “iTard”? šŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Okay, iTARD might be an insult šŸ˜‰ )

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