iPhone: How to Edit (And Not Just Backspace)

In the last days of typing and re-typing my SMTP address, I discovered the iPhone text typing magnifying glass.

If you need to make changes in the middle of a word, when you hold your finger to the touchscreen for a few seconds without moving it, a magnifying glass will appear that lets you move the cursor bar to exactly the letter you wish to delete.

As far as I can tell, this works ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE you have text typing activated and text on screen you can change.

While not as useful but in case you didn’t notice, you can also add other cities to your weather “widget” -afterwards, you access them by pressing one of the “dots” that appear under your “main” weather city – after searching and adding your cities – when you click on the third dot, it will load that 3rd city’s weather.


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3 responses to “iPhone: How to Edit (And Not Just Backspace)

  1. deraven

    If you’re just discovering those items, you may want to take some time to watch the informational/instructional videos on Apple’s site.

    The magnifying glass is a well-known and demonstrated feature. The weather (and other information widgets) are never shown displaying only 1 city/item and the dots aren’t really meant for navigation between screens but rather to simply show which preset out of how many you’re currently viewing. While you can click on either side of the dots to move one city at a time in either direction, the way it’s demonstrated (and the way everyone I know uses it) is by simply flicking each city back and forth.

    There might be a lot of other features you haven’t used yet demonstrated in the videos (I know I picked up a few things even after using the phone for several days), so definitely check them out.

    Enjoy the iPhone! πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Mac users don’t read instructions or view videos – now if it were Brazilian model Gisselle from the ‘I’m a Mac’ ad narrating, that would be different πŸ™‚ … I have yet to figure out the surfing portion – why are some pages stored in the boxes and others are not? Is that in the video too?)

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  3. Eun

    Although we can’t get iPhones in Australia yet we are quite pleased to see that it does blend nicely…


    PS : Great blog πŸ™‚

    TIZMANIAN: You are sick people down under – and I love it! Thanks for the kind words about our blog.

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