AT&T Has 20 iPhone Questions On How You Like Them (& Apple) or Not So Much …

Email survey via your iTunes account email (presumably – I also activated the AT& “wireless account” using that email so it might’ve been from there). Pretty comprehensive – asking everything from the beginning to end how you liked the buying experience, why you decided to buy, how you bought, how did activation go, did you like it, and your iphone – what you like, what you don’t and they asked about WiFi & EDGE, what is your opinion on the speed and service … and several areas where you can fill out your suggestions and thoughts on what you like about the iphone and what you don’t. I have a feeling the research company will be busy as Apple users are not shy about giving their opinion.

It’s good to know they’ll soon know about what to fix or what they can fix in the software.

“Dear Valued AT&T Customer,
At AT&T we value your opinion and would like your feedback to improve our products to better meet your needs. By taking about 12-15 minutes to complete an online survey, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard. We are specifically interested in talking to you about your new iPhone. Just click this link to start the survey: Click here to begin…

Or paste this link into your Browser’s address field:

I did not include the url as I’m guessing it’s me/customer specific.

Some questions as follows (not complete):









Just for the record, I recommend the iPhone but I would like the following software upgrades:

Horizontal typing in all places you can type.
Tabbed browsing in Safari.
Align Google Maps interface with all other iPhone apps (the double tap?)
More advanced sync options in iTunes. (I understand in trying to make it simple for 80% of users but the rest of us want to be able to drag files in directly without loading them into our iTunes MAIN LIBRARY (we know where to find it again) – along those lines, select Safari bookmark sync would be nice instead of ALL as the only choice).
Easier email setup.

And instead of 3G upping costs and killing battery life, how about more WiFi HotSpots especially at airports and major metro areas?

All minor things – but that’s the nice thing about the iPhone, presumably a software upgrade is just a sync and mini OSX SOFTWARE UPDATE menu-choice away.


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6 responses to “AT&T Has 20 iPhone Questions On How You Like Them (& Apple) or Not So Much …

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  2. Horizontal keyboard would be a big plus!

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  4. I’m trying to find my account on the web

    (METROXING: iPhone account? Go go to and click on wireless).

  5. Evelyn Rodrigues

    I am trying to get the phone number of the
    AT&T store close to where I live . I have had
    lots of problems trying to make calls to AT&T
    It took me nearly 1/2 and hout to get through to
    someone and still didn’t get what I needed.
    I am extremely frustrated. This was my third call and I still have not got what I need. Please help!

    (MET: They have a store locator feature on their main website … but I’m not sure how much info the local store employees can give you … try the email – maybe they can give a more thoughtful response but yea, the few times I had to call them, it was pointless …Good luck! If it’s an iPhone feature problem, I can try and help …).

  6. Monica

    Yes, AT&T customer service generally sucks, particularly in the wireless area. When I have to call them with a question or to resolve a problem, I typically get rerouted an average of three times, spending AT LEAST 1/2 hour, just to get to the right place, much less have my question answered/problem addressed. Even after that, there is no guarantee that they will actually do what you requested on the call, requiring an additional round (or two) of call nonsense. To add insult to injury, you are not allowed to have “My account” service on their website for commercial accounts. I have wasted many hours on the phone with AT&T.

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