Harry Potter Deathly Hollows SPOILER


It’s another few days of waiting but if you’re the spoiler sort who wants to get a beating by a group of 8-year olds, their parents and Potterheads, here is the link to a SPOILER.


Did I mention that if you click on the link, the VERY FIRST words are the spoilers?

Don’t blame me if you click on the SPOILER LINK.

I’m not kidding – massive SPOILERS!

It’s not too late to order the book from Amazon for $17.99 plus a $5 coupon for future use.

Spoiler site looks legit as if you scroll down, there are chapter summaries and then photos of pages – pretty elaborate ruse if it is one.

So, here ya go. – the SPOILER


If you prefer your spoiler in a more literary form, here is a summary from Wikipedia … though the death of certain characters do not match the other spoliers … humm …

And some JK Rowling spoilers … SPOILER so you are warned.


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2 responses to “Harry Potter Deathly Hollows SPOILER

  1. perhaps purposely done, the link seems to be broken

  2. Actually, no Mark. It was broken for me too until I tried again a bit later. I believe his server was probably getting hammered and he had to up his bandwidth which allowed me in and now he probably butted up against a new ceiling and he might have to pony up some more cash to get more bandwidth. All I can say is keep trying as it is worth the click-thru if you are interested in what that blogger is posting.

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