Oreo Cakester


Yet another line extension.

Have you ever though – man, I like oreos but they really require masticating – if only I could get the essence of an oreo by just gumming them …

Your prayers have been answered.

Oreos that are mini soft cakes that just slide in your mouth and essentially down your gullet.

They are much better than the Hostess 100-calorie abomination of a cupcake.

These are moist and since it doesn’t taste bad, it must not be that good for you (shocking as that seems from something in the Oreo family).

It comes in two flavors – regular Oreo flavor and chocolate creme but frankly, I defy anyone to tell them apart with your eyes closed. You get 6 packets of two inside each box.

It does taste approximately like what a you might imagine an Oreo would taste like as a mini cake – but hardly a cause for shouting with glee, it’s not terrible and way better than the Hostess hockey pucks – so while not exactly the best benchmark, it is something. It was moist without tasting chemical-like so that’s something and it actually tasted fresher than most cupcake made by the supermarkets – again, hardly much praise and for about 18 chemicals, it’s not bad.

The bottom line would be I would buy them again for $2.50 a box – not sure what the non intro price might be.


Not actual size … from BrownPau‘s FLICKR page.


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17 responses to “Oreo Cakester

  1. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed by the Cakester. On the one hand, the name is great. I just like saying it. “Cakester.” But, I found the chocolate component somewhat lacking in the true trademark Oreo flavor; they should have used a stronger cocoa in the cake. The central icing was fine, but I think I prefer real Oreo icing. The bottom line with line extensions: these companies should understand that they should have a basic relationship with the core product. An Oreo ice cream sandwich tastes like an actual Oreo; a Cakester doesn’t. And after a few of them, I basically had my fill for a while.

  2. scholarman

    It’s… a Whoopie Pie.

    I mean… these have been around for forty years. Does Nabisco really think they’ve got something new here?

  3. Emily Miller

    They are just like devil dogs from boston!

  4. The cakesters are good … too good. I think they need a box top warning that if you leave them sitting out Wahine are bound to gnosh them all up. PARTY!

  5. Vicki Vale

    Hee. I doubt that they think they have something new here. It’s probably just that they wanted to stamp the Oreo name on it.

  6. Kelli

    My daughter is allergic to peanuts. We always buy oreo cookies and we now wanted to try the oreo cakester but were surprised when we read the back of the product that there was a peanut warning. Why does the cakesters have the warning but not the cookies? Pls respond. Thankyou

    (METROXING: Unfortunately they’d rather err on the side of caution as while Cakester might not have any peanut products, there is probably something else at the factory with peanuts or nuts that some worker might also be working on …)

  7. tizmanian

    Back in the day, I was mad for Banana Flips.

  8. Susan

    The reason for the peanut warning is most likely it is made on the same manufacturing line or in the same plant as something that contains peanuts. Even though it doesn’t contain peanuts it is on the package as a warning so they will not be held responsible if someone with a peanut allergen has a reaction. There are too many “sue” happy people in the world trying to make a buck

  9. Sara

    do we know the calories/fat content? i never ate them but are they worth whats in them?

    (METROXING: Not low, afraid to look … Had some Trader Joe 100-calorie Graham Chocolate Cookies – pretty good – though I did eat two packs šŸ™‚ )

  10. Jimbo

    The cakesta is aight. But it definately aint all dat. I was talkin to my sista and she was hypin dem joints up, so when I was at Wal Mizzy, I bought 2 boxes. My son like em dough, so its all good. Ya naw mean!

  11. Andrea M

    They are too sweet, in my opinion. But it could also be that I can only eat 3 or 4 oreo cookies, and then I get sick of them..because of the sugar. I encourage people to try them. They are pretty inexpensive. There are packs of 3, and you can try those. šŸ™‚

  12. Karen W.

    Cakesters and Baconators RULE!!

  13. Karen W.

    Kelly Girl and MEY rule too!!

  14. Kelly Girl

    I have yet to get over the unexpected joy of the improved “Spicey”Baconator to truely be ready to experience the Oreo Cakster. When the time is right for me to do so I will not keep you in the dark. Stay tuned…

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  16. Athena

    Oh man did people just include the words ‘cakester’ and ‘baconator’ in the same sentence? Those words are on my list of Names for Products That I’m Embarassed to Say Out Loud.

    That said, they are delicious.

  17. Paul

    Cakesters are nothing new – unless you call a smaller version of devil dogs “new”.

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