AT&T iPhone “Service”: Opt-Out Only $36 Roadside Assistance?

Not sure if this is Opt-In or Opt-Out because I cannot reach AT&T to ask …

Because email is really a complicated setup that can break?

This is what you get after you click on CONTACT US:


I guess I can call the 800-number (which is listed as Cingular Customer Service). Guess they sent an email to them that there was a name change and never received it?

First call got dropped. Please insert your own joke here.

Next call:

“Due to high volume, we are experiencing call delays.”

Gee, I wonder why …

This is the brochure I got in the mail thanking me for selecting “roadside assistance.”


Do I have to opt-out? As it turns out, I do. I finally reached them after 4 tries and they actually asked if I wanted to cancel that on both phones …


Who decided it would be a good idea to annoy new customers by trying to trick them into spending $36 a year? If I didn’t have to waste 30-minutes of life tracking them down to say no, way do I want this, the terms & conditions on the back (not scanned) are hilarious:

Must have your phone with AT&T service with you to get roadside assistance.

You get 4 calls a year.

Anything above $50 is your responsibility.

Your car must be attended (ie: if you call & pass out, you’re out of luck) and if it’s an accident, they won’t tow you.

The guy with the machete on the side of the road will offer you more help than these guys at Asurion which convenient rhymes with “more-ron.”


I guess they figure we’re idiots?

And they wonder why people think they’re morons.

Is it even legal to randomly enroll you in something and then just add $2.99 to your bill every month? Of course, it’s the worst kind of “customer service” anyone can think of – even when the banks try to sell you a credit report, they actually ask you if you want it. But hey, AT&T – thanks for annoying the holy hell out of me. You have won me over as a customer for exactly 23 months (left on my sentence). So, I’m not sure if everyone will be “lucky” enough to be auto enrolled and be forced to spend 30 minutes trying to quit this thing but look at your junk mail from AT&T carefully (it came as a separate fold out brichure).

If email ever works, I’ll complain to AT&T but in the meanwhile, I complained to Apple and the Attorney General’s Office (CA link only).


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5 responses to “AT&T iPhone “Service”: Opt-Out Only $36 Roadside Assistance?

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  2. G

    Hasn’t Asurion already been sued and settled for unfair business practices?

  3. Apparently, there are appealing alternatives (with questionable legality) to AT&T for the highly tech savvy:


  4. Jon Sheldon

    I tried to opt-out through the website, which stated: F999: Due to temporary technical issues, you can view your current features as an iPhone customer, but you are not able to add or remove features online at this time. If you would like to add or remove a feature, please call Customer Care at (800) 331-0500. When I called, I was disconnected after holding for several minutes. I called a second time and was disconnected again before speaking with anyone!

    (METROXING: Yea, it took me three tries … of course, does anything think OPT-OUT roadside service should even part of the deal? I’m planning on filing a complaint with the FCC).

  5. Akash

    Seriously its a scam. Does anyone unsubscribed it here?

    (MET: You have to call yo unsubscribe).

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