iPhone: Now With 23 Free Magazines


When Texterity announced they created magazines for the iPhone, I thought – that’s nice – not expecting much – thinking maybe they just re-formatted the banner ads and the text so it would fit on one page but instead, they actually made it TOTALLY IPHONE friendly and by offering some very cool choices.

When you arrive at: http://iphone.texterity.com/magazines/

… the iPhone page (you can get a giant preview by visiting with your regular browser – links nolo function with regular browser).


(sorry for the blurry photo, if I only a 2nd iPhone to take photos of my other iPhone 😦 )

Then just click on the title you want to read and you get a couple navigation choices, including jumping to a page from a mini preview (and yes, each is pinch and tap re-sizable).


(pages from ID magazine).

The only real flaw is if you jump into the middle of the magazine, you can only really navigate back and forward from there, you need to back all the way out to the front page but I think that’s part of the more limited navigation on the iPhone browser – but don’t let that deter you from checking it out and hopefully encouraging more publishers to jump onboard.

And you get some great and fun choices: Popular Science, ReadyMade, Make, Craft, Rachael Ray, ID, Elite Traveler plus a dozen more … and a few trade mags – American Lawyer, Oracle Magazine and e (we really, hate the thought of the iPhone in the enterprise) Week.

All and all, a nice selection and nicely done.

Another great thing & feature to showcase the iPhone.


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5 responses to “iPhone: Now With 23 Free Magazines

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  2. I didn’t know iPhone could have that many features, does it have any mags on personal development?

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  4. kellysday

    Awesome! iPhone has mags? Now Apple is going crazy!

  5. coaks

    that is bad-ass. the iPhone is bad-ass


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