Airport Security Bin Advertising

Just when you thought you have been bombarded just about everywhere by advertising, along comes another new form of advertising ‘vehicle’ just in time for all of you travelers out there…airport security bin advertising!

At least in one example, they lined up a great contextual fit:

zappos bin

The culprit, er… innovator, of this endeavor is one SecureTray Systems. The Transportation Security Administration-approved bins created by SecurityPoint Media, can be seen at checkpoints within the Reno-Tahoe and Chattanooga airports. Ad dollars are shared presumably with the venue.

Additional advertisers for the bins include Rolodex (?) and Evangeline Downs (a racetrack)….odd choices but getting early adopters for any enterprise is not easy.

And your message is guaranteed to be seen by 100% of people that fly out of the airport.  At least you might learn something while waiting in that line at Hartsfield…

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One response to “Airport Security Bin Advertising

  1. metroxing

    You didn’t get wrestled to the ground for taking a photo?

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