Mike Huckabee bursts out of obscurity in new Iowa straw poll for Republicans

While Mitt Romney easily won the recent Iowa straw poll among Republican candidates, it was Mike Huckabee‘s second place finish that is getting all of the ink.

The Romney camp spent millions on their effort in Iowa to earn a ‘must win’ for the dollar drives coming soon to fill up ye olde coffers with campaign ducats.

Huckabee, the Arkansas Governor (which is weird considering that is BJB‘s home turf where Dems rule) has had yet found much of an outlet in the MSM. It will be interesting to see if that changes at all in the coming weeks.

However, many are claiming that this year’s poll in Iowa is a bust for predicting much of anything since Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson were all no shows on the poll for strategic reasons all one can safely assume.

It is getting interesting to see the gloves finally starting to come off the Democratic contenders as they circle Billary for a shot at the title (I don’t see any way for one of the other pretenders to nail the nomination).

But can she win as such a polarizing force? Give it a few months and we shall see.

UPDATE: Tommy Thompson drops out of race due to poor showing in Ames.

UPDATE: Huckabee chats with the talking heads over at Face the Nation.


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4 responses to “Mike Huckabee bursts out of obscurity in new Iowa straw poll for Republicans

  1. chukmaty

    Mike did great in this poll… if simply showing up is the reason for the other big three’s not showing then I think they simply would have shown… I think them opting out shows how they do not have the work ethic or ability to articulate their message to small groups of people in an intimate atmosphere… they seem to prefer the impersonal communication offered by celluloid.

    Huckabee spent amongst the least of anyone and he still cam up big, he has shown that he can connect with people and create momentum. Those showing might be all it takes for a hesitant media to who loves him but is still unsure if he is for real to jump aboard the bandwagon.

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  3. metroxing

    Sorry, doesn’t matter what his stripes are – just can’t vote for dude named Huckabee.

  4. You don’t (heart) Huckabee, Metroxing? Heh.

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