The iPhone Doesn’t Cost Money, It Saves Money

Are you ever standing in a store looking at the sale price and wondering – is this a good deal? Well, with the iPhone, wonder no more.

I ws staring at a DVD set that was on sale but the line was long, how much was I really saving? Flip out the iPhone, checked out Amazon – hey, it’s a real sale, it is worth getting in line for.

There’s $11 dollars right there.

Was looking at BBQ Grill close out – wondered if it was a real closeout so off to to Pronto & The Find to check (with photos to be absolutely certain). It was a real close out sale. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have the pickup truck with me … but as the old saying goes …

“The iPhone doesn’t cost money, it saves money …”

okay, it might not be that old of a saying ;-0


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10 responses to “The iPhone Doesn’t Cost Money, It Saves Money

  1. Bill

    I am still impressed with the savings on the plans. As you probably know, a similar Verizon plan costs $20/month more, which is $480 over 2 years, and you must add a smartphone which is more than $100. Yep, the iPhone wins, especially since the Verizon plan does not include text messaging. Also, I have yet to find a provider that will sell extended warranties on smartphones, but Apple does. Palm, Verizon and ATT do not. I do not know other provider but the ATT service claim that others do not. I believed her since she replaced my 11.5 month old Treo and gave me 90days more warranty. The call took less than 10 minutes. That’s what I call service!

  2. david

    I agree Bill 100%. My Treo 650 costs be over $90 per month for the same package I could get on the iPhone for $60/month. So its more like not having the iPhone costs me $30/month :).

    Also, check out the dataplans for the BB on ATT. They are more expensive than that for the iPhone. $39/month for unlimited data – so thats also $480 over 2 years. The iPhone $200 more at time of purchase but cheaper over 2 years.

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  7. I couldn’t agree more! The data plans are cheaper on an iPhone than with other phones (like my Nokia N75) on AT&T wireless. 😦

  8. Cool idea on using the iPhone as an instant price checker. 🙂

  9. Brandon

    You’re a bad economist if you think that’s “saving money.” You fail to compare the price of your iPhone to cheaper alternatives that could have yieled the same “saving” results. For exaple, I could have text my brother and asked him to check amazon, avoiding the 600 hardware cost of the iPhone and the years of overpriced monthly payments.

    Your $11 example doesn’t even work. You were in front of the product and seemed well on your way to buying it. All your iPhone did was give you access to a site that gave you some peace of mind about the price.

    But I suppose, yes. The iPhone, with no other point of reference, “saved” you money. I just hope for your sake you don’t rationalize all of your economic decisions this way. Maybe investing in a microeconomics text book could “save” you more money?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d love an iPhone. I think they’re amazing. It’s your justification of the price that isn’t so spectacular.

  10. Sovereign John

    You never ‘save’ money when you spend money. Geeze. Marketing is working on you big time. This could be why most US Sovereigns have so little saved in the bank, they all think they ‘save’ when they spend. Brandon is telling it like it is.

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