ESPN PodCenter: iPhone Version

ESPN has updated their podcasts for easy access via your iPhone.


When you go to, click on the PODCENTER link and if you’re visiting from your iPhone, you should be offered the link on the right hand (above).

Tap and instead of having to wade through tiny icons and links, the iPhone page looks like this:


Then just tap on sport you want to hear.



Choose the podcast and hit play.

As an mp3 file begins to play on the iPhone – you can surf away to other sites or other features of your iPhone. You can even go into sleep mode with the iPhone – podcast will continue playing.

So, it’s perfect if you’re on your way to a commute that you load it at home via wifi, after it loads, you have full use of our phone and then just jump back whenever you’re ready to listen.

Bill Simmons – great!


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2 responses to “ESPN PodCenter: iPhone Version

  1. props on the post, can’t wait to try it

  2. larry

    Tried it it does not work…

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